ISIS Releases Video of Third British Hostage

No beheading--hostage makes a statement about countries that pay ransoms


A British citizen captured in Syria two years ago has resurfaced today in a new ISIS propaganda video released on YouTube. But unlike the previous gruesome beheading videos of three westerners, journalist John Cantlie is seen alive, seated alone at a desk in a darkened room, delivering what he says is the first of a series of "messages" about ISIS.

Cantlie was abducted in November 2012 along with slain American journalist James Foley, who was beheaded by his ISIS captors, according to a former law enforcement official and others familiar with the journalists' kidnapping.


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  1. Reason doesn’t care. Do nothing about it America. So what if they kill him or other people. It’s in a far off land. Worry about America by letting all the children of Central America in. Don’t you want cheap houses?

  2. Lyle,

    How many additional people from the United States do you want IS/ISIS/ISIL to kill?

    Do you care so much that you feel and think that it’s good and proper for the U.S. government to send hundreds of its citizens into combat?

    Is it morally right for the U.S. government to spend billions of the citizenry’s money in this effort, and through inflation decrease the living standards of the country’s children?

    Help me understand you.



    1. Yes, it is totally moral for us to kill and mutilate Islamic State people in Syria, Iraq, or wherever. Our government, since the President is commander-in-chief and Congress can appropriate funds, can of course use our money to kill and mutilate ISIS/ISIL/al Qaeda/violent Salafists all it wants to 24/7.

      Totally moral.

  3. Seems like the obvious solution is for the US/UK governments to cancel their citizenship and work to get them citizenship in one of the appeaser countries.

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