Kansas Supreme Court Removes Democrat from Senate Ballot

He dropped out of race, but battle ensued over removing him from ballot, thereby helping independent candidate


The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Thursday to grant Democrat Chad Taylor's request to be removed from the Kansas Senate ballot, issuing a blow to Sen. Pat Roberts's (R-Kan.) chances for reelection this fall as he faces a surging independent candidate.

"Taylor's petition for writ of mandamus is granted, and [Kansas Secretary of State Kris] Kobach is ordered to comply with his clearly defined duty imposed by K.S.A. 26-306b(b). He shall not include Taylor's name on any ballots for the office of United States Senate for the general election on November 4, 2014," the court wrote in its ruling.

The court's decision now removes an obstacle from self-funding independent Greg Orman's path, making Roberts's path to reelection far more complicated. Polling has shown him vulnerable in a matchup, but still competitive. But with Taylor out of the race, polling has shown Orman surging ahead of Roberts.


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  1. Witnessing the mental gymnastics that the Left is going employ in order to spin this as a Koch-conspiracy should be interesting.

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  4. I’m from Kansas originally, now living in the People’s Republic of California. This guy is a mixed bag, both for the state, and for those of us that care about liberty. On the one hand, he supports a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizen’s United, and while he says he owns 2 hand guns, supports increasing background checks. On the other, he thinks the tax code is hopelessly insane and supports simplifying the tax code for individuals and lowering the corporate tax rate along with implementing “territorial tax system,” similar to what all the other G8 countries do and also thinks we need to reign in government debt.

    Not sure what to tell my relatives back home.

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