For $129, You Too Can Look Like a Victim of State Violence


Clothing chain Urban Outfitters is known for selling $85 versions of the kind of shirts you could find at a thrift store. But a new item offered on the retailer's website may put all previous Urban Outfitters absurdities to shame. The currently sold out, clearly-trolling-us garment? A faux-blood spattered, "vintage" Kent State sweatshirt: 

Yes, folks, for just $129, you can stylishly commemorate representatives of the U.S. government gunning down unarmed college demonstrators. Might we suggest ordering a few extra to ship to friends in Ferguson, Missouri? 

Update: The apparently one-of-a-kind sweatshirt was purchased and is now selling on ebay, with the starting bid set at $550. "Perfect for Halloween or whatever your deal is," the seller writes. "Also; I'm gonna give 50% of the profit to The Southern Poverty Law Center, who protect those who cannot protect themselves, often those who are victims of police brutality."