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Child Services to Mom Who Did Nothing Wrong: 'Just Don't Let Your Kids Play Outside'

Cops think letting a kid play outside, within view of the house, is a crime.


Kari Anne Roy
Kari Anne Roy

Children's book author Kari Anne Roy was recently visited by the Austin police and Child Protective Services for allowing her son Isaac, age 6, to do the unthinkable: Play outside, up her street, unsupervised.

He'd been out there for about 10 minutes when Roy's doorbell rang. She opened it to find her son —and a woman she didn't know. As Roy wrote on her blog HaikuMama last week, the mystery woman asked: "Is this your son?"

I nodded, still trying to figure out what was happening.

"He said this was his house. I brought him home." She was wearing dark glasses. I couldn't see her eyes, couldn't gauge her expression.

"You brought…"

"Yes. He was all the way down there, with no adult." She motioned to a park bench about 150 yards from my house. A bench that is visible from my front porch. A bench where he had been playing with my 8-year-old daughter, and where he decided to stay and play when she brought our dog home from the walk they'd gone on.

"You brought him home… from playing outside?" I continued to be baffled.

And then the woman smiled condescendingly, explained that he was OUTSIDE. And he was ALONE. And she was RETURNING HIM SAFELY. To stay INSIDE. With an ADULT. I thanked her for her concern, quickly shut the door and tried to figure out what just happened.

What happened? The usual. A busybody saw that rarest of sights—a child playing outside without a security detail—and wanted to teach his parents a lesson. Roy might not have given the incident a whole lot more thought except that shortly afterward, her doorbell rang again.

This time it was a policewoman. "She wanted to know if my son had been lost and how long he'd been gone," Roy told me by phone. She also took Roy's I.D. and the names of her kids.

That night Isaac cried when he went to bed and couldn't immediately fall asleep. "He thought someone was going to call the police because it was past bedtime and he was still awake."


As it turns out, he was almost right. About a week later, an investigator from Child Protective Services came to the house and interrogated each of Roy's three children separately, without their parents, about their upbringing.

"She asked my 12 year old if he had ever done drugs or alcohol. She asked my 8-year-old daughter if she had ever seen movies with people's private parts, so my daughter, who didn't know that things like that exist, does now," says Roy. "Thank you, CPS."

It was only last week, about a month after it all began, that the case was officially closed. That's when Roy felt safe enough to write about it. But safe is a relative term. In her last conversation with the CPS investigator, who actually seemed to be on her side, Roy asked, "What do I do now?"

Replied the investigator, "You just don't let them play outside."

There you have it. You are free to raise your children as you like, except if you want to actually give them a childhood. Fail to incarcerate your child and you could face incarceration yourself.

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  1. This is a sick, sick country.

    1. This is from the Moscow on the Travis, the Peoples Politically Correct Republic of Austin.

    2. I agree this is crazy what is going on nowadays.

  2. The lesson you all need to be learning from this is don’t try to raise a kid in an area where nobody is able to mind their own fucking business.

    1. Trouble is that that area is diminishing in size quite rapidly.

      1. The portion of the population to whom that applies is diminishing rapidly. I suspect that the area is about stable… but nobody much lives there.

        1. You can probably let you kid play outside unattended in Judith Gap, Montana.

          1. And in most other areas of Montana. One of the reasons I live here.

    2. don’t try to raise a kid in an area where nobody is able to mind their own fucking business.

      IOW, don’t try to raise kids if you have neighbors within a 10 mile radius.

    3. This is why high crime areas are friendlier to liberty. The crime creates a diversion.

    4. I disagree. How are parents to know whether their neighbourhood is free of people who are able to mind their own business? And there are times when a stranger who interferes can do something positive.

      Instead, I would advise parents not to raise children in an area where they don’t or can’t trust their neighbours. Everyone minding and only minding their own business is part of the problem.

    5. And people wonder why folks our moving out of blue state suburbias to red state hinterlands in record numbers

    6. And all you people give me shit for suggesting that we possibly use violence against progressives. They will never stop and they WILL come for your children. One way or another.

      They aren’t going away. And all the bitching in the world won’t change them. Better be be prepared to stand up to them.

      1. We only give you shit because for all we know you’re an agent provocateur on the FBI’s payroll. 😛

        1. Although, the threshold of “violence” for progressives is so low (glares, talking about guns, saying “no” or “I disagree” are all VIOLENT@!!!@!), that even mentioning “progressives” on an evil libertarian website is basically declaring war…

      2. I fail to see why anyone would bother to give you shit; as you are already so full of it.

  3. Turn tables on the busybody. “There are suspicious looking plants growing in so-and-so’s backyard.”

    1. Turn tables on the busybody. “There are suspicious looking plants growing in so-and-so’s backyard.”“GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF MY CHILD!” *beats strange adult into bloody pulp then explains to police department that strange adult was physically abusing and causing distress to child*

      1. I’m kinda surprised the Mom hasn’t trained her kid(s) to do this for her or the kids to do this as well.

        Anyone who wants to bring any of my brood inside from playing down the street is free to do so at their own risk.

        Even if the kids are completely cooperative in the endeavor, I’d still recommend you stay inside until after Halloween season.

        1. I’m kinda surprised the Mom hasn’t trained her kid(s) to do this for her or the kids to do this as well.

          Pretty much this. If I ever have kids, you can bet your ass I’ll be training them in martial arts from a very young age. And I’ll train them to go for weak points of much bigger stronger (adult) attackers such as the knees, groin, and throat.

          1. My son is 6 and highly independent. I tell him if another adult grabs him when he is doing something (going to grab cereal while I am few isles away) to throw a fit and struggle as loud as possible. This is so when I show up I can beat the person down while having an alibi.

            I’m career military, I figure worse case scenario I can handle a few months in jail. Can’t be any worse than sitting on ship.

            1. Good. Thrashing a progressive is always the right call.

              1. Plus, it makes it look like the Proggie is kidnapping. Not many people will think, “oh, look at the brainwashed libertarian child resisting his/her betters trying to save them from sunshine and capitalism.”

                No, most people will think, “oh, the kid’s resisting kidnapping.”

                And, well, it kind of is. The “master’s tools” in a sense here.

            2. Good policy.

      2. That’s what occurred to me, how about calling the cops and reporting the self-righteous bitch as a kidnapper.

    2. And maybe mention the large amount of fertilizer they’ve been stockpiling. Just get as many letters of the Federal Bowl of Alphabet Soup interested in them as possible.

  4. CPS are the modern day’s witch-finders.

    We laugh at the people living in the middle ages for allowing women to be burned at the stake because someone claimed to have seen them consorting with a black dog, wondering what sort of moron could believe such silliness.

    The technology might be better, but human nature remains just the same, just as superstitious, just as prone to dark fears of bogeymen.

    1. To be fair, we’ve had to evade predators (as a species) for a lot longer than we’ve had access to things that make such unnecessary.

    2. Witch hunters used far more scientifically sound methods than CPS.

    3. To be fair, CPS closed the case. CPS, because of a trail of corpses, has to follow up on every complaint. Because if they don’t, the local rag will do 900 stories on how CPS “failed to follow up” after receiving complaints about such and such.

      I actually don’t blame CPS in this scenario. I blame the fucking neighbor. So for the 900th time in a row, the question comes down to “which neighbor turned them in?”

      1. That is a load of horseshit because CPS DOES NOT FOLLOW UP ON EVERY COMPLAINT as evidenced by the trail of corpses that CPS leaves in it’s wake.

        Further the cop should have been able to close the case when he showed up later that night, saw the house nice and tidy in a nice middle to upper class neighborhood, interviewed the mom and determined that she wasn’t evasive or hiding anything and noted the geography of everything (how close the kid was to the house when Busybody interviened)

        1. We’re making some assumptions here. It’s possible that the cop showed up in a separate complaint.

          Given how the neighbor is portrayed, it’s possible she notified the police, and not seeing the mother dragged out in handcuffs, was unhappy with the result so made a second call to CPS.

          It’s entirely possible the cop went home rolling his eyes and never thought another thing of it.

          1. This is where the neighbor needs to be buried deep, in an undisclosed location. Better for all concerned for these nannies to be gone.

            1. I was flipping channels the other day and came across “Over the Hedge”.

              The Home Owner’s Association President woman was a really underappreciated depiction of this type of neighbor.

              If you haven’t seen it, she spends the whole movie measuring people’s grass, warning people on the sidewalk that “Gatherings of over one person require a permit” etc.

      2. That neighbor needs to have and accident.

        1. That neighbor is an accident lookng for a place to happen. Busybodies are, in my experience, so concerned with hiw other people live that they get careless with themselves. It would not surprise me to learn, for example, that the neighbor died in an auto accident because,she was too busy working her rachet-jaw to stop for a red light.

      3. To be fair, there is no trail of corpses. It’s safer than ever to be a kid playing outside. It’s dishonesty about the situation that empowers totalitarian government impeachment of our parenting.

    4. And black dogs are fucking cool!!! You just can’t help but consort with them.

  5. Sounds like a great topic for a children’s book. Teach them early to never trust authority.

  6. File a complaint against the cops and CPS workers with CPS. Describe how they traumatized your children.

    Also, teach your kids that, although the f-word is a very bad word, there is one situation in which they are allowed to use it: when approached by a cop or CPS worker, they are to say “Fuck off, slaver. I want my parents right now.”

    If that doesn’t work, teach them to fall down, and start screaming “Don’t touch me there. Leave me alone. You’re hurting me.”

    1. Also, teach your kids that, although the f-word is a very bad word,

      I never did, nor do I currently, understand why anyone gives a fuck. Kids learn “bad” words. Words are not bad nor can they injure someone. If you don’t like the fact that my kid’s first words will be “fuck off,” it’s your problem.

      1. Maybe HM can back me up on this but I read that every language has swear words and EMGs show that a certain part of your brain lights up when people hear them that doesn’t with polite words. I don’t know what evolutionary use swear words have but they must do something if it is universal.

        1. It’s true. It actually does not matter what they are, or what they refer to, but every language makes some words “taboo.” People have speculated endlessly about why different languages “choose” the words they do, and there are endless theories about why cultures seem to have evolved to “need” curse words (often tied to religious practices and corresponding ideas of “sacredness”). But they are definitely universal to humanity.

          1. I’d like to know when “cussing” was considered “taking the Lord’s name in vain”. I’ve never heard of God’s name being Fuck.

            I myself plan on having the whole “time and a place” discussion with my kids. I’m not saying I want my kids to never cuss, I just don’t want them doing it in my house or in my presence.

            1. This is actually an interesting anthropological piece. The ten commandments include not using the Lord’s name in vain. Turns out, God’s name isn’t “God” or “Lord”, but people like to build rules on top of rules on top of rules so they can feel superior. I have friends who don’t let their kids say “darn” because it is a substitute for “damn”, which is a swear word because people used to say “damn your soul to hell”. Clearly, no one means it that way now, they actually mean, “Ow, slamming that hammer down on my finger was an awful decision.” or something of that ilk.

        2. ‘Tis said that cussin’ was come up as a compromise twixt fightin’ and runnin’ away.

          1. Really? I guess that would be a way to “fight” without risking a life threatening injury, which could help resolve issues without weakening the tribe.

      2. The trick is teaching the kids the nuance of “time and place”. I ran into this teaching highschool years back. Highschooler as you will recall are all perpetually in heat. When this pair were making out in my room between periods and suggested they stop, their (quite proper) reaction was “what are we doing that is wrong?”. Thus the discussion about “time and place”. The problem with the F words, or a suite of others is not about the word, but where and when and to whom you use it.

      3. Anon, you obviously don’t have kids. If you think that having a 5 year-old running around telling everyone ‘fuck off’ is a point of fatherly pride, you have issues.

        1. Depends altogether on who is is telling off, ne?

        2. you think that having a 5 year-old running around telling everyone ‘fuck off’ is a point of fatherly pride, you have issues.

          At least my issues don’t harm anyone else.

          Also, definitely a moment of pride. Having a child with not only the desire but the will to do what he wants when he wants with no fear of retribution? Kid’s going far in life.

      4. I never did, nor do I currently, understand why anyone gives a fuck. Kids learn “bad” words. Words are not bad nor can they injure someone. If you don’t like the fact that my kid’s first words will be “fuck off,” it’s your problem.

        Boys will be boys, right? My boys are of the age that sucker punches to the gut and groin hilarious to them. I didn’t teach them, they learned on their own, but I can’t imagine why anyone would discourage that behavior. They aren’t going to seriously hurt anyone, they don’t even leave bruises when they punch each other. So, as far as I’m concerned, if you get punched, you failed to protect yourself and they really are doing you a favor?

        Now, the word “poop”, OTOH, I had to put a stop to. When you can’t even converse functionally with the kid because they’re speaking a poop-based version of pig latin, it’s time to put the kibosh on “poop”.

      5. Fuckin’ right!!!

    2. Dude,

      That’s terrible advice.

      These people have the power to take your children away and put them in a foster home where they *will* be abused. No judge ever deferred to a cop so thoroughly as probate courts do to the transparently false assertions that CPS salts the reports of their ‘investigations’.

      They are utterly pitiless and so pridefully certain of their righteousness that they will not hesitate to bring down the full might of their powers on the children of anyone who incurs their wrath.

      You cannot beat these people without incurring unimaginable life-altering costs that will be borne by your children. And they will destroy your children, mercilessly, thoroughly and savagely, all in the name of saving them.

      Anyone who loves their children, when confronted by CPS, will strive to be as unremarkable as possible; to slip through the cracks in a file folder forgotten in the bottom of some drawer somewhere.

      1. So the system works 🙁

      2. That’s why you have to kill them. So there’ll be no witnesses.

        I was thinking, though, about what might be a more pragmatic way to handle this. I’d say let the kids outside, and when they’re picked up again, deny they’re yours. Teach them an alibi that they’re someone else’s, and keep switching the someone else.

        1. That’s what I was thinking, this and, I need to go stock up on lye…

      3. As an experienced victim of Texas CPS, I can say tarran’s advice is sound.

        You will get called into an office and interviewed during the work day at their convenience; they get to decide if there is any danger to your child, such that the child may be released back to his/her parents.

        You will get judged, lectured, scolded and presumed guilty of whatever it was implied you did, even if the child is making it most of it up and greatly exaggerating any small transgressions for effect to get back at the parent.

      4. “These people have the power to take your children away and put them in a foster home where they *will* be abused.”

        Sheesh. Now I know what it’s like to be part of a minority that gets all these exaggerated claims thrown at them.

        My wife and I spent three years as certified foster parents. We NEVER abused the kids we took under our roof. And two of them are our adopted children now.

        I’m not saying abusive foster parents are not out there, but percentage-wise, they’re probably on the same level as the sickos who kidnap kids from playgrounds.

        1. It’s good that you were not an abusive parent. However, that does not make your estimation of statistics on abuse by foster parents vs. kids kidnapped in the playground accurate. The fact is that the rate of children abducted from play is lower than the rate of foster parent abuse. We need to look at the reality of the risks, not poor assumptions, as parents – because learning risk taking behavior is a normal part of child development. Crime is down, not up.

          “Between 1990 and 1995 the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children handled only 515 stranger abductions” yet 3 of 4 parents (and apparently more social workers) fear child abuduction :…..130514.htm

          Yet, “…with regard to the percentage of child victims experiencing a recurrence of
          child maltreatment within a six-month period …1.0 to 12.2… percent; median = 5.2 percent).…..08_11.pdf.

          When you consider that median for all states, against the 2011 count of total children in care (last day of year), at 407,000…. that equates to 21,164 children abused while in the foster system for that year alone.

          1. What does any of that crap have to do with your moronic assertion that all foster parents are abusive. Please, don’t be on our side you fucking idiot.

    3. One part of this story that’s being missed, is the child voluntarily went somewhere with a complete stranger. A stranger that could have been a child molester. In fact, has anyone followed up with that neighbor to see if there’s been any inappropriate touching of neighborhood children from anyone matching her description?

      1. ^^this!

        1. OH YES!

          CPS and the Cops will LOVE this one! It is better than “getting” the parents, it is potential newspaper fodder for which they can be heroes!

          Yes, feed the busybody neighbor to them!

      2. This was my first thought. It could easily be said that this entire situation is the mother’s fault. In this day and age, you don’t let your children play outside alone WITHOUT telling them that any adult that approaches them is BAD. The mother doesn’t seem like she taught her child anything. My kid plays at a school park 2 blocks from our house and knows what to do if an adult approaches them, which is to SCREAM and run! Don’t even need to give them a chance to say anything to you. Any adult that is approaching a child in a situation when they are outside alone does not have good intentions, period.

        1. Reminds me – when I was a kid, the parents and all those scare things always taught us that kidnappers and perverts will pretend to be either nice and familiar people (“Oh, don’t worry, I know your mom”) or FRIENDLY AUTHORITY FIGURES! It was kidnapper/pedophile MO back in the days when those guys were numerically real concerns.

          Maybe it’d be good to go back to that?

        2. Fears like this–that every adult who approaches a child when the child is outside, alone–are WHY that woman felt the need to bring the kid back to the mom.

          Every adult is not dangerous. A very tiny few might be. Teaching kids about stranger danger makes it difficult for the kids to ask for help when they need help. If they can’t ask for help from people around them, they cannot play outdoors alone.

          Teach your kids how to ask for help when they need it. Teach them that most people out there are good people. Teach adults around you the same: “stranger” most emphatically does not mean “danger”.

          In the case Lenore wrote about, idiot means danger and CPS means BIG danger. But we get to that point only because people like you insist that strangers are likely to hurt children.

          1. Oh, I didn’t mean the “don’t trust adults” thing. I meant that the majority of kidnappings were with situations like the above, not only statistically but kind of what we were taught.

            Kidnappers will pretend to be authority figures (or ARE) or pretend/actually know the family. Statistically speaking, the neighbor and the “CPS” people were far more likely to be kidnappers than any stranger.

            Big difference between some guy walking to work and a guy, in plain clothes, who says he’s a cop who knows the family and “why don’t I give you a ride home, kid?”

            Sorry for any confusion there. I agree with you, Marie.

    4. LOL

  7. Joey, have you ever been?in a Turkish Prison?

    1. Say! Scraps is a boy!

  8. I’m not exaggerating when I think to myself at least once per day “Man I’m glad I decided not to have kids.”

    1. The terrorists have won.

      1. Yes. Yes they have.

      2. Thanks to a generation of round the clock round the nation news and the cowards it has engendered.

    2. Word, for me I just abhor the thought of the state having something on me.

      1. It is half selfish half selfless for me. I like only having to worry about me and the wife. I worry what kind of a world my child(ren) would inherit.

        1. “The future belongs to those that show up”

          So, it looks like sloopy wins?

        2. ONe where your neighbors are watching your every move while jotting notes down on a clipboard.

          Oh wait, that’s East Germany. Can’t happen here.

        3. Yep. Thought process is roughly: “I hate the world. I suspect the world is likely to get worse rather than better. Presumably I would love my children. Why would I want to subject people I love to something I despise?”

          1. The question then is why you’re not killing yourself.

    3. Yeah. And seconded on the “the terrorists have won” comment below, too.

      I just can’t believe this shit. I mean, I’m only 37, and I used to go a lot farther away than just down the block, on my bicycle, at that age.

  9. Sounds like the busybody kidnapped her kid. Charge her.

    1. That was my first thought as well.

    2. As soon as the cop showed up at her door she should have said “I want to press charges on the busy body for attempted kidnapping.” If not calle the police as soon as the busy body left and reported her. Get out in front of it, IOW.

      It sucks that that’s what it’s come to.

  10. It was only last week, about a month after it all began, that the case was officially closed. That’s when Roy felt safe enough to write about it. But safe is a relative term. In her last conversation with the CPS investigator, who actually seemed to be on her side, Roy asked, “What do I do now?”

    Replied the investigator, “You just don’t let them play outside.”

    They’re like a kinder, gentler Stasi.

    I rarely wish sincere violent harm to come to anyone, but I’ll make an exception for the CPS goons.

  11. This time it was a policewoman. “She wanted to know if my son had been lost and how long he’d been gone,” Roy told me by phone. She also took Roy’s I.D. and the names of her kids.

    Why did she give the cop her ID or the names of her kids at this point? Seems like a mistake.

    1. Most people haven’t learned yet that these people aren’t their friends.

      It’s tough to break the programming of decades of indoctrination to defer to authority.

      1. Also the belief that if you cooperate you will engender some goodwill. Little do they realize you only give them the rope to hang you with.

        1. It’s not that cooperation will engender some goodwill. It’s more that failure to cooperate will often result in being jailed on false charges after a good beating.

          1. I’m talking what the general population believes, not reality.

      2. It took me about 50 years, but think I’ve finally gotten in through my skull.

        At best, they are tools, but very blunt ones, to be used with great care.

    2. Because if she hadn’t then the cop would have dragged her outside and beat the shit out of her in front of her kids, before hauling her off to jail and putting the kids into foster care.

      1. At least she’d have a chance at a settlement out of that version.

    3. Never answer the door for cops. If they have a warrant they will break down the door. Never speak to the cops. Demand an attorney. This is easy folks.

      1. They had a warrant when they came to my door but refused to show it to me until they pushed their way in and ran through my home with their weapons drawn.

        If cops come to your door and say they have a warrant, step outside, close and lock your door behind you, and then ask to see the warrant. If they do have a warrant, your next words are “I won’t talk to you without my lawyer.”

        1. Exactly this.

  12. Children’s book author Kari Anne Roy was recently visited by the Austin police and Child Protective Services for allowing her son Isaac, age 6, to do the unthinkable: Play outside, up her street, unsupervised.

    Keep Austin Terrified.

  13. I came to the conclusion the other day that in order to read or watch the news without my head exploding I need to constantly remind myself that we live in a nation of retarded pussies. These stories make perfect sense when you look at it from that angle.

    1. Nation? How about world?

  14. Explains child obesity.

  15. I can only hope that the woman at least knows where the bitch who complained about her lives, so she can make sure the cops show up every time she plays loud music from now until the end of time.

    1. I would embark on a long and anonymous quest to utterly break that woman’s sanity.

      1. Me too, dude. Until I moved. She would have no peace.

        1. A disproportionate response is the only way they will learn. Busybodies are like plague rats: stomp them, stomp them hard and burn the bodies.

          1. That is not a good way to deal with plague rats!

      2. No, the trouble with that is, you lose your own sanity by obsessing about it. Just murder the SOB & be done with it.

      3. Plant a few marijuana plants in an obscure location in the neighbors yard. Plant some coke in their garage for good measure. Then, invite said neighbor over for the and slip a tiny amount of coke in it and the. Call the FBI anonymous tip line from a business or pay phone and watch the show.

      4. Hmmmm, can you break something that is already broken?

    2. Anonymous tips to the PD about all the comings-and-goings at the house, some strange patchoulli-like odors, and all those daggone plants and chemicals you’ve seen them hauling away late at night.

    3. I’m thinking of two words.

      The second is “cocktails”.

      The first is, well, Russian.

      1. Wasn’t the Molotov cocktail invented in Finland?

        1. Yes, sticking a middle finger up at Vyacheslav Molotov.

  16. While understanding the risk of harassment created by refusing the CPS request to interview me or my kids, is there a legal obligation to comply with said request?

    Back when my kids were young, about 20 years ago, we would let them roam around the neighborhood and even play behind the elementary school across the street, often for hours at a time. We had a bell outside the side door that we would ring to get them to come home for lunch or dinner or whatever.

    These days it is apparent I would be doing jail time for such negligent parental behavior.

    1. … generally there is no obligation to speak to CPS. You can tell them to sod off.

      *However*, they can go to court and petition for an emergency transfer of custody of your child into their care without even informing you (you find up when they show up accompanied by cops to take your kids). IIRC in some jurisdictions they can go to your school and interview your kids there without your knowledge and consent. IF you pique their interest or ire, they can fuck up your children thoroughly in a bid to teach you a lesson in obedience.

      Your best course of action is to tell them “now is not a good time” when they first call you, ask them for a phone number to call them back and the name of the case worker, and then hire a lawyer (kiss $5,000 in retainer goodbye) and follow their advice.

      1. If I felt like letting my kids see me get murdered by the cops, I’d tell them to fuck off and if they didn’t leave my children alone I would execute every last one of them.

        Unfortunately I’m not the Rock and this isn’t a movie so I’ll just pray that we don’t have any fucking nosy ass busy bodies living near us.

        1. I’ll just pray that we don’t have any fucking nosy ass busy bodies living near us.

          It seems likely that you probably do, unless you live out in the middle of no where.

        2. No, never threaten them in a way they can identify the source of the threat. Kill them stealthily. You can hang the body some visible place if you want to send a message as long as they can’t connect it with you.

          1. It is better if no corpse is every found. Disappear without a trace is best.

  17. The totalitarian police state comes in many flavors.

  18. Do what I did when the SFPD goon threatened to take my 10-year-old kid to Huckleberry House for being outside at 6 PM: get your video camera. Or, if unlike me you live in the 21st century, whip out your phone and make the police sergeant explain on camera why she’s at your house and why she’s asking you questions at all. Under no circumstances are you to answer any questions besides “is this your child?”

    In my case, the goon fled before I could get him on camera. All I had to do is shout down the stairs “this is going on YouTube tonight!”

    Fucking three armed adults around slightly built child. It still makes my blood boil. His crime? Disprespect of cop. They asked him “what are you doing here?” and he answered “sitting”.

    He’s such a brave little man. He refused to get in the squad car even after they threatened to break his leg. I asked him “weren’t you scared?” and he replied “Oh yeah! My legs were shakin’!”

    1. you need to buy him a steak dinner, or candy, or whatever.

      and en extra piece of cake just for the snark of “sitting”…I love it.

      1. It was three years ago, but yeah, we made it up to him.

        The thing about his “sitting” reply is that he wasn’t trying to be snarky. He’s a funny little man. He will not lie. He didn’t want to tell the cop that he had been sent outside because he hit his sister, so he gave an accurate but uninformative answer.

        1. They threatened to break his leg? Jesus H.

    2. Under no circumstances are you to answer any questions besides “is this your child?”

      No, that’s the exact opposite of what you want to do. Answer any question except those that connect you with anyone or anything involved.

      1. Wrong! Then he’s an unattended minor and he can be taken into custody.

        At least in San Francisco, police standing orders are that unaccompanied minors must be returned to their parents as quickly as possible.

        Once my son identified his home, and an adult there (me) confirmed that it was indeed his residence, the police were under orders to return him to me. All the extracurricular threats were completely unjustified, and probably illegal.

        We filed a complaint, which led to “mediation” and then nowhere I suspect. At least I got to yell at the sick sononfabitch for a few minutes in a lawyer’s office.

        1. No, it’s the child of the person you’ve arranged with to be the “parent” that time. Next time it’s the child of the next “parent”, etc.

  19. From Roy’s blog: I was also warned: the neighbor can call CPS as many times as she wants. If she truly feels there’s neglect, she can’t be prosecuted for making false allegations. We could try to sue her for harassment. We could try to press charges for kidnapping if she approaches our son again and tries to get him to move from where he’s playing. But in all reality, when children are involved, the person who makes the complaint gets the benefit of the doubt.

    So, what happens if Roy calls the authorities and says “I truly feel [insert neighbor’s name] is abusing the child I truly feel she’s holding captive in some unknown location”?

    1. [Makes note to self]

    2. So, what happens if Roy calls the authorities and says “I truly feel [insert neighbor’s name] is abusing the child I truly feel she’s holding captive in some unknown location”?

      If you really want to stick it to them, acquire one of their own garbage bags. Have the son (or daughter) put some meaningless possessions and mismatched articles of clothing in and bury it on (or just near) a remote corner of their property during their next vacation or weekend away.

      Nothing says, “I care.” like taking an undue interest in the child’s safety *and* collecting their clothing.

    3. We already know that the neighbor touched her child. Let your imagination roam.



    1. Children are the next Green Energy boom.

      Just hook them up to a treadmill with a generator attached.

      1. I had that thought for a fitness center. Maybe you could pay member for the electricity they generated.

      2. What we need is some kind of matrix so we can just use them as batteries…

  21. I blame teh SOCONZ. Austin is crawling with them.

    1. SOCONZ, hardly? Austin is the Proggiest of Texass cities.

      1. Austin is the Proggiest of Texass cities.

        By metric tons.

    2. Are you being sarcastic/ leaving Bo chum on the thread? ‘Cause if not Austin is a little island proggie douchiness in the sea of deep Red conservative TX.

      1. If only they could annihilate each other, like matter and anti-matter.

    3. You’re off by a dozen miles. The soconz are concentrated in Williamson County (Round Rock, Georgetown).

  22. While I don’t think any parent should face criminal charges for what Roy did, neither do I think that what she did was good parenting. In fact, it was very bad parenting. Anyone who thinks it’s okay to leave a six year-old by themselves for an extended period of time is an idiot.

    1. The boy was with his sister until recently so it doesn’t sound like he was alone for very long.

    2. I’ll send word along to my parents. I’m sure they’ll be ashamed to learn that they were idiots.

      1. Gee, I guess my friends and I were all abused. We walked a half-mile to elementary school. We played around town and in the deep woods on weekends and all day every summer (while our parents were all at work). We made our own lunches, and walked or rode our bikes (with no helmets) to the drug store for candy. Our “idiot” parents raised independent adults. Damned negligent bastards!

      2. While you’re at it, let them know their son is a cunt.

    3. You think 10 minutes is an extended period of time?

      Let me guess, you rarely take a shower, and when you poop it’s all over in 30 seconds?

      1. and when you poop it’s all over in 30 seconds

        Generally yes, but I like to stay in there for the peace and quiet.

    4. Well, I guess that makes me an idiot. Won’t be the last time either, I’ll probably still be an idiot tomorrow. But at least my 6 year old isn’t a helpless idiot.

    5. You’d think this place, at least, might be a refuge from this kind of thinking. But almost every time there is one of these ridiculous nanny-state stories, someone posts about how these are bad parents.

      I’m not exactly sure when it changed, but kindergarteners used to walk to school all over the country, every single day, and they grew up just fine. I played outside, often by myself, almost as long as I can remember. When did it become unacceptable to let children be a little independent and require constant supervision while doing anything? The 90s? The 2000s? I’m hoping that there is a backlash against this and the trend reverses, because it’s gotten totally out of hand.

      1. Whenever “helicopter parenting” became the norm. I’m not sure when that was either, but it’s fucking annoying, at best.

      2. If I may make a serious observ’n here, this is a consequence of the Baby Bust. The fewer children there are, the more precious, to their families and to strangers as well. In China they treat them like fragile art objects.

        1. But shouldn’t it be decreasing, if that is the case? There are a lot more Millenials than X-ers.(A Reason poll found out that Gen-X is only half as likely to be polled as the Millenials.)

      3. I suspect it varies by location. Around here (chicago suburbs) it was in the early 90s.

      4. I think it was around the early 2000’s, when they introduced the character of Dawn on Buffy. The first couple of seasons on Buffy she was a 16 year old Vampire sleepin’ with, go everywhere at night slayer. Just a couple of years later a 15 year old Dawn needs babysitters, WTF, am I right?. Most of our modern dysfunctions can be traced to Josh Whedon.

    6. Oh go fuck yourself, slaver.

    7. Would you share your contact information with us? I am sure someone here would like to have RL discourse with you.

    8. Bretzky, we may, or may not be idiots, but you’re inside of a prison of your own making. I hope there are some nice windows.

  23. Damn it, Reason. I intentionally avoid going to Lenore’s site for exactly this reason. Everything she posts depresses the hell out of me. And now you start letting her post here.

    Ignorance is bliss. I need to remain ignorant about this shit.

    God damn. Fucking CPS got involved? Fuck.

    1. Reason isn’t a very upbeat place to begin with, so I think she fits in well here.

    2. Special allergy to CPS flavored nut-punches?

  24. In fact, it was very bad parenting.

    It takes a village, right?

    Of idiots.

    Fuck off, slaver.

  25. It seems that what we have here is a real life example of the dystopian future predicted by Ray Bradbury in “The Pedestrian.” Perhaps CPS will want to send her to the “Psychiatric Center for Research on Regressive Tendencies.”

  26. Things I think are “bad parenting”:

    Teaching your child that being alone is bad, and should be avoided at all costs.

    Teaching your child to be helpless.

    Teaching your child the government is interested in his/her best interest.

    Teaching your child a lot of superstitious nonsense.

  27. I’m glad these busybodies didn’t exist when I was a kid in the 70s and 80s. I’d be a fucking orphan.

    1. Yeah, me too. And then we could’ve posted here, and had libtards call us hypocrites because “OMGZ YOU WERE SAVED AND SUPPORTED BY THE OMNIBENEVOLENT STATE!”

  28. Current nut status: punched

  29. If I had kids and this kind of shit happened to me, I’d put a big sign in my front yard saying “Warning to parents: the woman who lives at [insert busy body’s address here] is a nosy busy body who can’t mind her own business and will call the cops if she sees your children out of your arm’s reach.”

    Or at least I would if I didn’t suspect that most people would side with the busy body and call the cops to report me for harrassment. This planet would be a lot better without all the people.

  30. geez – CPS better not go cruising through my neighborhood. There are kids all over who are riding bikes, pushing scooters, playing games… ya know, just being kids. And all without direct adult supervision.

    1. Please send us an address so a proper report can be filed with the necessary authorities.

  31. Can’t just one of these stories end with a satisfying comeback? This busybody asshole deserves…something.

    1. I keep hoping for an ending like “and she hasn’t been seen since”.

  32. It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder if I should take my eventual children to my wife’s former country to raise them. You know, where no one gives a shit about stuff like this because they’re more concerned with trying to meet basic needs.

  33. No names? Actual identities need to be attached to these stories so they remain on the web for perpetuity.

  34. If you don’t support state sponsored kidnapping of children, you hate children.

  35. That night Isaac cried when he went to bed and couldn’t immediately fall asleep. “He thought someone was going to call the police because it was past bedtime and he was still awake.”

    Awesome. So this kid will be… let’s just call him Post-Millennial.

    He got an education. And in fifteen years when we’re scratching our heads about how generation post-millennial got the way they are… we can remember this story.

    1. We’ll have to poll him first.

      1. He’ll just be in favor of more funds to pay for another bureaucracy whose job it is to monitor the CPS. For teh childz.

  36. Media-fearing psychos. Media tells them how to live their life and what to hate and fear. Mindless.

  37. The only situation is creating safe-harbor laws and rules that explicitly allow children of a certain to be unattended in certain situations, such as cars or parks, as no evidence of neglect. By implication, lots of people will read that as criminalizing independence below the safe-harbor age. But the alternative is the current system, where the law is gray basically until age 16.

    1. The only situation is creating safe-harbor laws and rules

      So common sense is out of the picture.

  38. That night Isaac cried when he went to bed and couldn’t immediately fall asleep. “He thought someone was going to call the police because it was past bedtime and he was still awake.”

    If he was facing away from the telescreen he should be okay.

  39. Keep your children safe from CPS and other busybodies.

  40. A feminist who WANTS a powerful, all encompassing government that passes judgement on everyone is surprised to find the terrible consequences of her own idiocy. I don’t feel any sympathy whatsoever for her. I find myself wishing she’d gotten arrested and charged.

    1. Progs do get the police state aspect infecting our free society (as evidenced by the never-ending police abuse stories on the various socialist rags) but are unbelievably incapable of connecting oppressive policing to their favorite deity; big gov.

    2. THANK YOU! If anyone bothered to read her original blog post, they’d see where she talked about being privileged, black kids wearing hoodies and “National Don’t Shoot Anyone In A Hoodie Day”. A feminist lives in liberal Austin and complains that people are all up in her business…..I love it! I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for her, too.

    3. Yeah. I felt terrible for the kid — the line about “He thought someone was going to call the police because it was past bedtime and he was still awake” is just awful. And I would never wish CPS on anyone.

      But the woman herself is totally unsympathetic. I skipped around a couple of her other blog posts, and there’s plenty of evidence of her nature.

  41. The nanny state is the direct result of the 19th Amendment.

    1. I once would have thought this unnecessarily broad once, but not anymore. After hearing otherwise sensible women support this nonsense because “there’s just too much danger!”, I’m no longer sure.

  42. I think if I ever have kids, it will be the impetus to execute that permanent move to Hong Kong I’ve been considering. When I studied there, I saw kids going about unsupervised and riding the trains without a parent/supervisor anywhere near.

  43. Ultimately, children today are trained from kindergarten to accept that their life is spent in a panopticon. They start off with direct observation, then when they get to upper level schools, it is made clear that they have now privacy rights and can suffer consequences for stepping outside narrow boundaries (or even looking like they are). Then they get to college and and discover that the whole “free speech” thing they MIGHT have learned in social studies doesn’t apply outside of narrow “zones”, and, if heterosexual male, that they are permanent suspects.

    Like an animal raised in captivity, they will have no concept of freedom, and certainly can’t be counted on to defend it.

  44. I began noticing the “outside” loneliness many, many years ago. I go outside to exercise, eschewing gyms with their hot, dulling atmosphere so often associated with indoor exercise. It’s really beautiful outside, and there’s nobody there; you have the whole place to yourself whenever you chose to venture outside. Yeah, don’t let the little kids screw it up for me. Keep them all inside where the mini droids belong.

    The other day I went out for a bicycle ride. The sun was shining in the clear Montana sky and there was a little thin line of white where the latest snow storm had left a small cornice along the ridge atop Baldy. The only other people outside under the open sky were the construction workers building a new gas station downtown. Soon, I realized, they’d have the new structure’s roof up and then they too would be back inside where they belong, leaving me alone in my own personal outdoor world.

  45. Just to add one more thought: children should NEVER be allowed to be interviewed one-on-one with a CPS worker or police officer. At minimum, parents have the right to request that it be recorded and have an attorney present. Many times, it would be wise to ask that a child psychologist or developmental specialist be present to ensure age appropriate questions are being asked and to assist in interpretation of responses if needed. Why? Children, especially the young, often feel it is important to seem agreeable to adults. Factor in the magical thinking and complete unawareness of perversion in many young children, and it is a set up for misleading answers that can be misinterpreted and seen as damning to the parents. Talk to my daughter lately, and you’d probably learn that she has been locked in a dungeon, (placed in time-out for about 30 seconds), has been forced to eat rotten food, (she was convinced the stir fry I made had worms–the bean sprouts), and that Daddy was mean to her today, (took away her iPad for some pretty foul behavior). The real nightmares aren’t under their beds or in their closets…they are down the street and in pretty brick buildings downtown.

  46. Seems like the thing to do is to train your kids to scream “Help! Help! I’m being abducted!!” if a self-appointed busybody ever tries to ‘help’ them.

  47. So, where does this fit in with the First Lady’s “Get Outside and Exercise” campaign? The ads for which show hordes of children running and playing, with nary an adult in sight?

    1. The conservatives will legislate that kids can’t have any fun or be able to go out and play. They will do anything to spite her.

  48. Iam in Canada and it’s just as bad here I was told to take my some to the dentist at 5 this is common practise here … I didn’t do so in a timely fashion as he’s 6 and had few teeth lol our services here had a worker come out and speak to my 2 kids asked if mommy had a boyfriend and if they knew what beer was and if anyone had touched them … Through the worker out and filed a complaint I was so disgusted at the questions and for putting those thoughts in my 6 and 7 year olds minds

  49. my co-worker’s step-sister makes $63 every hour on the internet . She has been unemployed for ten months but last month her paycheck was $12082 just working on the internet for a few hours. look at here now….


  50. It’s hard to blame government agencies for responding when someone calls them. The real sickness here — and it’s a really deep sickness — is the busybody disease that leads some disgusting fool to drag that child home and then drop a dime on a mother for precisely nothing. This is where I see the conservative argument without being a conservative: Culture matters more. What happens in a person’s mind to make them behave like this?

  51. Roy’s blog post is well worth the time. Amazing how often she validates this pointless assault against her life and family:

    “My kids reported that she asked questions about drugs and alcohol, about pornography, about how often they bathe, about fighting in the home. And again, I understand the need for these questions. I understand CPS investigators have an incredibly difficult job. But the conflict I feel is immense.”

    There is no need for these questions because a child played outdoors. Don’t internalize the sickness other people try to impose on your life.

  52. This is what happens when the right wing takes over. The nanny state wanting to tell women what to do with their bodies, adults they can’t marry other adults, your kids can’t play outside.

    1. Where’s any evidence at all that “the right wing” legislated that your kids can’t play outside?

  53. Not in the world we live in today. I adore the thought, but it is so far from reality. No one in my neighborhood deserves my “benefit of the doubt” especially when it comes to my kids. There are some sick people out there. My daughter plays at the girl across the street’s house, but I went to meet her parents first (turns out I already new her mom b/c I worked with her). The girl I told you runs around and rides her bike in the street, I met her parents, too. Her dad was arrested for crack cocaine. I only know this because I investigate the people my kids are around, and that is exactly why! I have seen what happens to the kids who have been hurt. It is sort of like the movie the matrix, once you know the truth you can’t go back You can’t “un-know” and do everything in your power to protect the ones you love so it never happens to them. All it takes in once, one crazy person to lose them forever.

    1. Do you realize, crime is at an over 30 year low. If someone is going to grab your kids, it is someone you are related to. Stranger danger is a tiny portion of crime against children.

    2. Not only that, but it’s just dumb to assume you can assume someone is safe because you’ve met them. Smart criminals often don’t have records.

      Just like there is a balance between safety and freedom in politics, so there is in one’s private life. If you want to put kids a germ-free bubble where they’re 100% safe from disease and harm, then you’re depriving your child of the fun of childhood, and a bad parent. Your kids are more likely to be killed in a car accident while you’re driving them than they are to be kidnapped, so you probably shouldn’t allow them to ride in a car, ever.

      Get real. Hardly anyone wants to kidnap your kids. Acting like there are lurking predators everywhere makes you pathological, not cautious.

  54. People are getting the nanny state they wanted. If this happens in your area then march down to the mayor’s office, go to every city council meeting and raise hell. I’ll take one objection
    to this article with this line under the link on the main page:

    “Cops think letting a kid play outside, within view of the house, is a crime.”

    Cops enforce the law, don’t write them. Blame the people that either wrote or voted for the law.

  55. Happened to me in Indiana. Except that my child was playing IN our yard (0.14 acre so she was no farther than 50 ft from our house). Our neighbors thought that was unacceptable that she was outside alone, even though I could see her from the windows. CPS showed up at my door, and talked to us. They suggested maybe I shouldn’t let her go out as often and to make sure I am always out there with her! Another complaint from the neighbors was that she scraped her knee and I did nothing to fix the situation. She was climbing on tree trunk, I guess you’re not allowed to let your kid be a kid now… CPS did find the complaint unsubstantiated, but still…

  56. It is expected in current society that all children under 13 should be visually supervised by a parent or guardian figure at all times outside of their home, every parent knows you cannot allow a 6 year old to play anywhere other than inside your owned fenced yard without supervision. This is not incarceration it is parenting, your children’s safety is your responsibility, when you allow them to be alone in public access areas even just a few feet from your front door, you make them vulnerable, children are victimized everyday when unsupervised even within a visual range of their home. You are not as safe as you think you are and it is good for kids to know that. Instead of being offended than an officer brought your kid home you should be grateful a pedophile didn’t take him and leave him dead a few blocks over.

    1. Fuck off slaver!

      (This was too easy.)

    2. Yeah, try to have a sicker, sadder understanding of life.

    3. Well said! And all too true.

  57. When the police arrived, the parent should not have made any statement. People mistakenly think they are obligated to make a statement. The investigation could not have continued without the corroborating statements made by the parent.

  58. It only takes a moment for a predator to snatch a child. This woman was only trying to protect your child. I know it’s tough, but in this world you cannot be too careful. CPS was just trying to make sure that your child was okay. It’s a reminder to all of us to “overly protect “” children, it’s just that kind of world.

    1. Oh, yes you can “be too careful.”

      You should raise your blinds and look outside once in awhile. There aren’t “predators” behind every bush.

      There are bad people and bad things do happen, but no more than they ever happened. It’s just that we hear about every perverted thing that happens because the news media is only interested in blood.

      I hope the authorities you love so much find some reason to take offense at something you do. There are so many laws on the books that that the average person commits three felonies a day. It shouldn’t be hard to find something to go after you for.

    2. No, it’s not ‘that kind of world’. The sensationalist media has just led us into believing that it is.

  59. I know what my mom would’ve done when I was six and she saw someone else’s child playing outside. She would have sent me outside to play with them. Calling the police and CPS is just ridiculous.

  60. We should fight to create a law stating, “Children can play out side for a period of time, without a parent getting arrested.” My kids are 12 and 8 and I’m afraid. Last year I got a warning from a police officer for them playing outside near my house.): It is my understanding that a parent with a child under the age of 10 playing outside in Ontario can be charged if in their opinion it’s not safe. The problem with opinion is that some people think just having a child outside is unsafe. Of course, it takes over 50 thousand to fight this with a good lawyer. I know a lot of people can’t afford that kind of money. So I say we should all be proactive instead. (:

  61. I’m very sorry that that happen to u and your son that was wrong of dss to do that my children were taken by dss because of my name being in a old closed case In another state I guess because dss thought because why happen to my son from his father would happen to my daughters but my daughters weren’t even alive when the stuff happen to my son he was on a visit with his dad that I didn’t approve of but dss did and he got abused for 3 months and than I finally won him back and went back to Georgia where we were living his dad was Living in ny and my daughters didn’t come till two years after but dss still reopened the case and than got my children adopted so I couldn’t get them back because dss knew I would fight for them I never sign the rights paper and dss still got away with whAt that did and I’m pretty sure my children are asking abou me tha are 12/11/18 now

  62. Another citizen who doesn’t know the constitution, specifically the 4th and 14th amendments.

    1. When presented with a person who had sized their child and brought him home, 911 should have been called and kidnapping charges levied. Period.

    2. CPS workers are not outside of the constitution. They will lie to you and to the police and to the AAG to get to their end game… taking your children. That’s what they get paid for. Interviewing your child alone is a seizure, this is settled law. Without a warrant, you don’t have to talk to them, let them in, or let them see your children. Period. Also, If they lie to get a warrant they are NOT immune from a lawsuit.

    People need to stand up for their rights. When no one knows their rights and no one stands up for them and exercises them, then they are gone.

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