Voter ID

Wisconsin's Voter ID Law Reinstated

Just in time for the November elections


In a stunningly fast decision, a federal appeals court in Chicago reinstated Wisconsin's voter photo identification law on Friday — just hours after three Republican-appointed judges heard arguments on reactivating the hotly debated law in time for the November election.

In a brief order, a three-judge panel of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago said, "The State of Wisconsin may, if it wishes … enforce the photo ID requirement in this November's elections."

Wisconsin officials wasted no time in saying they would do just that.

"We are taking every step to fully implement the voter photo ID law for the November general election," said Kevin Kennedy, the state's top election official. "We are now focused on communicating with local election officials and voters, and will have more information about the details next week."

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  1. Excellent news!

  2. But…but…but….how will the blacks vote? Everybody knows that obtaining a free ID is an insurmountable intellectual hurdle for them.

    1. They don’t have blacks in Wisconsin. The few you see are tourists up from Illinois.

      1. And Green Bay Packers.

      2. Somalis who might need absentee ballots while oversees fighting for ISIS.

  3. wait. did i just read that right? three republican appointed judges in… chicago?

    1. not recent appointees, for sure. but where have they been hiding out all this time?

  4. ‘Scuse me a second. I’ve gotta grab a towel and head on over to Daily Kos.

    1. omg i’m dripping.

      People must be made to take a day off of work, arrange for transportation to a place made convenient for drivers (i.e. not on a bus route), take a number, sit, wait, hope and pray that all the utility bills and other “identifying documents” are going to be enough for the DMV clerk to “investigate” whether they are who they say they are and issue, at some point in the future, an ID so they get to cast a Constitutionally guaranteed vote in an election.

      And, naturally, your concealed carry permit and hunting license is just fine for ID, but student ID or Social Services ID are NOT. Don’t want those pesky young people or poor people voting, either.

      It’s a sad day in Wisconsin for those who believe that elections should be free and open.

      1. “Don’t want those pesky dead or imaginary people voting..It’s a sad day in Wisconsin for those who believe that elections should be free and open for us to commit voter fraud.”

      2. “And, naturally, your concealed carry permit and hunting license is just fine for ID, but student ID or Social Services ID are NOT. Don’t want those pesky young people or poor people voting, either.”

        Probably because you don’t have to be a Wisconsin resident to attend their schools. What the heck is a Social Services ID?

        Oh my gosh, if I don’t have a driver’s license, then I might have to the DMV, take a number, wait, and shake in fear that utility bills that gets me a library card and prove residency for medicaid isn’t rejected by DMV employees.

      3. Fair enough point, except for the fact that if they are not legit they are taking away someone else’s vote.

        1. Georgia has had voter ID for 2 election cycles and the black vote has INCREASED each time.

          Georgia’s population is 1/3 black.

          They figured it out.

          If someone isn’t smart enough to get a photo ID to vote, they’re not smart enough to vote. Might as well let cats, dog and gerbils vote.

  5. This Republic is based on a premise of fundamental individual human decency and integrity; without that premise, the concept of Liberty is insane and the Bill of Rights is a fools errand.

    Requiring an ID is based on the premise that a large enough portion of the population to effect the outcome of a vote are knowing, willful frauds.

    These two premises can not be reconciled.

    1. Correct. This trusting nature in universal integrity is also why Barrack Obama has no security detail and why Americans leave their car doors unlocked and their children unsupervised.

      Back to the loony bin with you.

      1. I was actually hoping that someone would come up with a logical response as to why I’m wrong. I’d welcome it.

        1. I’ll do it. This republic is based on the premise that the majority of people are good and decent.

          It only takes a minority to influence an election.

          By your logic we shouldn’t have laws against murder because everyone is good.

        2. Because public choice theory shows you cannot depend on good will, especially at the margins. My state senate candidate in a large district lost by 500 votes. This is 2014 and we need to rely on science, not on hope and change.

    2. If men were angels, no government would be necessary. – James Madison

      Everything about our laws hopes for man’s highest moral standards and recognizes we’re not there yet so the innocent must be protected from those who would take advantage of them.

  6. We require a photo ID to get into a building based on the premise that there are going to be people trying to enter who don’t belong there.

    We require a photo ID to get on a plane based on the premise that there are going to be people trying to enter the plane who don’t belong there.

    We require a photo ID to buy booze based on the premise that there are going to be people trying to purchase it who are not legally allowed to do so.

    Yet, how is it that requiring an ID to protect the franchise based on the premise that there are people out there attempting to vote who do not have the right to vote is an attack on liberty and undermines the bill of rights?

    1. When were you born, and where did you grow up? I ask because ID’s to get onto a plane are a new thing in the US (1996), and Federal Buildings (post Oklahoma city bombing). The drinking age was less than 21 in many places, and largely unenforced until the Feds decided it was a good idea and forced it upon the states as part of a tit-for-tat involving highway support. Many place (at least in rural America) did not even have locks on their doors, at least prior to the 1980’s.

      Voter ID’s are contrary to the spirit of personal integrity. If you can’t accept the premise that the vast majority of people can be counted upon to at least try to live within the law, I don’t see how you can assume that they can be trusted to make important decisions about the future of their society.

      1. I was born in Korea, where it was possible for little kids to buy alcohol for their parents without a single IDs. To this day, that country has alcoholism issues. We locked our doors because it was common sense.

        There are some events and locations that are open only to certain individuals. Voting is only allowed for citizens. Hence, a state can take some measures to check that you are eligible to vote. A personal integrity of an undocumented alien is a moot point.

      2. What a ridiculous non-sequitor. Personal integrity is not the issue here; the integrity of our elections (and the democratic process) is.

      3. Sure I can accept your vast majority argument. But only a tiny majority of voters is required to decide an election; hence your point is totally irrelevant.

      4. Anyone opposed to voter ID is basically supporting voter fraud. You are a fool if you don’t realize there are corrupt people out there that will abuse the system. I am reminded of the black woman that posted a you tube video stating she voted 5 times.

        I think she is in jail now.

      5. Holder requires 2 forms of ID to get into hear one of his speeches. I guess he doesn’t think people can be trusted not to harm him.

        Holder has shown, he can’t be trusted to prosecute voter fraud.

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    1. I wonder if GroundTruth has visited your link yet. Who would turn down a generous offer from a person of integrity?

  8. If picture identification is so important, why don’t voter roles simply include a picture of the voter, or take a picture of the person who actually votes?

    The arguments that obtaining ID limits access appear to be much less applicable in these situations.

    1. A picture ID is important, you know, so we know who is actually casting a ballot. Voter IDs are free and are delivered to anyone who desires to get it.

      And there is no evidence that requiring an ID suppresses votes. In fact, the evidence suggests the opposite.


    2. Because it’s not their responsibility. It is the voters. Dummy.

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