George Zimmerman Accused of Threatening to Kill Driver

Confrontation on the road


ORLANDO, Fla. –  Police say a driver has reported that George Zimmerman threatened to kill him after a confrontation on the road.

Police are investigating two reports involving the driver and 30-year-old Zimmerman, who was acquitted last year of a second-degree murder charge for shooting an unarmed teenager.

Police say that on Tuesday, the man called police after a truck pulled up next to him and the driver yelled, "Why are you pointing a finger at me?"

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  2. I’m skeptical of this story. It’s not even a road rage incident, and there are striking similarities to the fake story that Zimmerman was in Ferguson. The guy is a target, and people won’t hesitate to call him out for things.

    He saw Zimmerman outside his work? So, I’m to believe he took the time to hunt down some dude he had a relatively minor verbal exchange with on the road?

    1. It’s amazing that the lowlife scum in the media are still stalking him. I guess they’re going to for the rest of his life.

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