Saudi Arabia

Brickbat: Next Time, Ask for the Self Checkout


In Saudi Arabia, religious police attacked a British man after they saw him using a supermarket checkout with a woman as cashier. Such checkout lines are reserved only for women.

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  1. He’s lucky he didn’t sit at the lunch counter.

  2. The Briton, a convert to Islam, is a longtime resident of the kingdom and married to a Saudi woman, according to Al-Hayat, which said he was finally driven away in a British embassy car.

    Their country, their religion, their laws, buddy, cry me a river.

    1. Beggars belief that he’d convert to Islam, especially the brand needed to voluntarily live in such a despotic hellhole, and then complain, even to the point of getting an embassy car to come to his rescue. What a loser!

    2. Yeah those women decked in those black bed sheets really look silly, eh?

  3. He probably thought the cashier was a cross-dresser. Funny though that he would not have noticed the look of shock that came over her face.

    I wonder if women who wear black bags over their heads have to develop a whole new system of signalling social cues not dependent upon facial muscles?

  4. There’s not a Arab country that’s worth a damn.They have few freedoms and produce nothing.If the Saudis were not born over a large pool of oil they’s be living in tents in the desert,

  5. The religious police have been accused of abusing their powers.

    Surely not.

    1. Procedures were followed.

    2. If you watch the video you’ll hear the morality police yelling “Stop resisting the will of Allah!” as they beat him, so it’s cool.

    3. They used to complain to my dad that “his women” were not properly covered. He said, “take it up with the ladies, I’m not telling them what to do.”

      Left them completely flustered.

      Another time, he was arrested and his camera confiscated (then film destoryed) for taking pictures of me and my mom riding camels at the camel market.

      Good times in the Magic Kingdom. It’s nice to see that the more things change (holy shit, a woman cashier?!?) the more they stay the same.

  6. On one hand – awful, on the other hand, they’re making progress. In times past they’d probably have gone after the cashier instead. Also, if this guy converted and moved there, shouldn’t he be aware of rules like that?

    1. Addendum – I mean, you don’t have to be an expert to know Saudi Arabia has some serious gender segregation issues and an overzealous morality police.

      1. A heated exchange followed as he refused to hand over his camera to the agents, who “attacked and pushed him to the ground,” according to witnesses cited by the daily.

        He was actually attacked for filming the religious police and refusing to hand over his phone. Something that never happens in good old US of A.

        1. He was actually attacked for filming the religious police and refusing to hand over his phone. Something that never happens in good old US of A.

          Of course not, Saudi Arabia is a Totalitarian Theocratic Police State, the US is a Totalitarian Bureaucratic Police State, you won’t find Religious Police to film here.

          1. you won’t find Religious Police to film here.

            This kid disagrees.

    2. Also, if this guy converted and moved there, shouldn’t he be aware of rules like that?

      Not only that, I hope he burned his passport when he moved, so when he inevitably realizes his mistake he can’t go back. He will have to live in that shit-hole for the rest of his pathetic life.

      1. Cameron will trade him for 5 Saudi exchange students who’ve raped some kids or something.

    3. they’re making progress

      And I’m sure there are progressives here who applaud the idea of womyn only at womyn-run registers, what with the male gaze being a particularly insidious form of rape.

      Not to mention, of course, the whole exploitation and repression by the patriarchy business of having womyn either forced to work as cashiers or to do the grocery shopping. That’s multiple forms of social and economic rape right there.

      1. That’s true. No Saudi Arabian women have to suffer from teh Male Gaze, or from being triggered, or fat shamed. Progress!

  7. Dude this makes no sense at all man.

    1. That’s just because we haven’t coded gender into computer algorithms. Makes it a bit hard for AnonBots to process.

      1. Sometimes you jsut have roll with it.

        1. Roll with the beautiful bean footage? I’m not sure I can do that.

          1. My concubine’s best friend made $87/hr working in the women-only checkout line. Last week, she made $6,730 and just bought a brand new Edsel. Check out this site:

              1. + 72 virgins.

  8. I would have loved to see the look on this guys face on his wedding night when he finally got to take that black sheet off his new wife. Priceless.

    Religious police…. probably have their own stash of porn at home.

    Didn’t OBL have porn in his room when Seal Team 6 crashed the party?

    1. Rules are always for the peasants, not the rulers. It is not a unique hypocrisy.

    2. ‘Er, this is not the woman I married! Garcon! Garcon!”

      1. “Pardon, how would you know that? Religious police! Religious police!”

      2. Send this one back to the kitchen and give me a fresher one!

  9. “That’s my wife, how dare you!” the Briton is heard shouting in the video.

    “Sorry, man,” the religious officer is heard replying. “They all look alike.”

  10. Gee whiz. Why are we even still messing around with these dickheads? The Middle East are like retarded fourth graders, and the USA is the star high school QB. How the hell does it benefit the USA to go and pick fights with retarded fourth graders? I mean, show up and feed the retard, maybe wipe the spit from its chin, have a photo op. But don’t get in a fight with the retard. It’s beneath us. Let the retards be.

    1. /standing ovation.

    2. ErL, you should really send this to the White House. The President insists he’s open to good ideas.

      1. “Good ideas” meaning “Blind Praise for whatever I finally do or don’t do.”

    3. As I recall the star QB from my high school was a major league douche bag with anger management issues, who became a cop but got fired from the cop shop for embezzling some cop charity fund and now works at a 7-11. Good comparison.

  11. Why couldn’t he just dress up as a woman? Who would notice? He could just communicate by hand gestures or inhale some helium to make his voice higher.

  12. The bizarre thing is I’ve actually had heated debates over the years with Muslim women who defend the marginalization of their gender. Because men and lust and sex and men and lust… rinse, repeat.

    1. I have done the same and it’s eerie how similar in tone and content the arguments are to hardline feminist rhetoric.

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