Indiana Brewhouse Complies with Dumb State Law Using Microwaved Hot Dogs and Canned Soup


The Bank Street Brewhouse in New Albany, Indiana, encourages hungry patrons to order from local takeout joints and local food trucks. But that's not good enough for state liquor authorities, which require brewpubs to offer a weirdly specific configuration of food.

Thus the "Bank Street Brewhouse Indiana Statutory Compliance Restaurant Menu" was born. 


This page-long exercise in subversion includes $10 microwaved hot dogs with no toppings, $10 canned soup, and $5 instant coffee, black. It's just so…beautiful. 

The shot above originated on Reddit, but Roadtrippers beat us to the Reddit ripoff and adds even more photos of this protest masterpiece to the mix: 

Roadtrippers/Bank Street Brewhouse

Stupid state liquor laws aren't all bad news for this Indiana brewhouse, though. As the bottom of their menu reminds patrons, they are the only game in town when it comes to carry-out beer on Sundays. You win some, you lose some.

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  1. Out-fucking-standing.

  2. I like the owner, Roger Baylor, but he is pretty damn far left wing.

    The tanks at BSB (which I helped unwrap) are named after his favorite communist economists.

    1. Oh. In that case, I hope the state shoots his dogs for his insolence or something.

    2. “Communist economists.” Now there’s an oxymoron.

      1. In addition to the regular type of moron.

    3. I’d love to explore the owner’s cognitive dissonance, then. Looks like he’s gotten a good taste of command and control, and we see his reaction. Sooner or later, he’ll begin taking rights on money, per Penn Jillete.

  3. They should offer Diet Tab as part of their soft drink selection.

  4. This is what happens when bureaucrats get involved in business decisions, bad things.

  5. Details:

    New Albanian has two locations, the original at what was called Sportstime Pizza and Rich O’s public house, two separate places that shared a kitchen (and owners). Long, unimportant story on the background of that.

    They added brewing equipment and made it a brewpub and changed the name to New Albanian Brewing Company. Although everyone still calls it Rich O’s in my crowd.

    Later they opened Bank Street Brewhouse, which is the production brewery and was also a brewpub, serving their beer and food. Damn good food, too.

    The food side wasnt working out, for whatever reason, so they decided to stop serving, but to keep the kitchen space for pop-up restaurants to use, or special occasions, and continue to serve beer.

    Obviously, the latter isnt possible when food isnt being served. Hence his solution. Roger has had many, many run ins with the local government because he is a rabble rouser.

    1. Does the requirement to be able to serve 25 at a time effectively outlaw the small bars that operate elsewhere?

  6. This warmed me right in my freedom cockles.

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