9/11 Anniversary Marked, Boehner Digs Obama's War Plans, Jobless Claims Rise : P.M. Links


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  1. Americans mark the 13th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks…

    By shutting down YouTube? I hope so, because of the protesters.

    1. Hello.


      Bush The Prophet!

      1. In 2007 Bush Warned of Mass Killings in Iraq If Troops Pull Out Prematurely


        1. “Wait, we’re still doing that?”

      2. So Bush warned of “mass killing” in Iraq back in 2007 if we pulled out?

        You idiot, there was already mass killing there from Day One of his ill-conceived invasion.

        1. It’s a joke, plug.

          1. I thought Rufus was a Bush fan. He has that same boy-blundering persona.

            1. Go fuck yourself asshole. Where have I ever – EVER – written I come close to being a fan of his?

              Like all typical prog jack-offs, you presume and project.

              1. You’re mean to Obama, so you must be a Bushpig Christfag.

                1. I wasn’t around during the Bush years. I was just a casual reader before I joined the comments ranks.

                  Though I did think the attacks on Bush were a tad over the top. Obama, by comparison, hasn’t faced the same type of criticism. From the right sure, but not from pop culture or mainstream.

            2. For PB, it’s all about the source, not the content.

            3. I thought Rufus was a Bush fan. He has that same boy-blundering persona.

              That’s because you’re an idiot who, for some damn reason, thinks we’re all Bush-loving Republicans.

              Not even *John* is a Bush fan.

        2. “You idiot, there was already mass killing there from Day One of his ill-conceived invasion.”

          yeah, turd, your fave lying POS has a lot of blood on his hands.

          1. All I’m going to say is his warning about coming back at a later date to fight a more dangerous enemy was accurate.

            Setting aside, of course, the fact they wouldn’t have to if they hadn’t invaded in the first place.

        3. I see your master, Captain WarPig, is acting exactly like Bush. Surprise, suprise.

      3. Bush The Prophet!

        Uh, RACIST!


  2. Over 20 Free Staters won major party primaries to participate in New Hampshire’s general election.

    And now they have a taste for power.

    1. It should be pointed out that the NH legislature has 4758274 people, so 20 Free Staters getting nominated isn’t very much.

      1. So everyone in the state is a member?

      2. 400 in the House, 24 in the Senate.

        Wow, that ratio is insane.

        KY is 100 and 38, for example.

        With 400 I understand why they do multimember districts. What I dont understand is why all of them arent.

        1. Yes, it is very close to direct democracy. With a ratio that low you actually have a chance of knowing your state rep, and being able to influence him on a personal level. With an assembly that large it’s also harder to get bills through [rubs hands evilly].

        2. Because nobody lives up in Coos County.

        3. DENNIS: I told you. We’re an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take
          it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week.
          ARTHUR: Yes.
          DENNIS: But all the decision of that officer have to be ratified
          at a special biweekly meeting.
          ARTHUR: Yes, I see.
          DENNIS: By a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs,–
          ARTHUR: Be quiet!
          DENNIS: –but by a two-thirds majority in the case of more–

    2. Pretty interesting conversation going on over there:

      Statists lose, get mad and have tantrum

      1. Are you referring to the first comment in the linked article, which says merely
        “Bane is a cockbag”?

        1. Hey, that’s ALWAYS a starter!

        2. Bane is a cockbag. Read all the comments. Bane is having the tantrum.

  3. “He is the commander in chief, he made that decision. At this point in time, it’s important that we give the president what he’s asking for.”

    Yup. We’re fucked. Nice knowing you guys.

    1. He’s our dad and he’s our boss.

      1. He’s a dessert topping AND a floor wax!

    2. It’s just insanity.

    3. Why won’t those obstructionist teathuglicans obey the Obamessiah? Oh, wait ….

    4. Yup. We’re fucked. Nice knowing you guys.

      Welp, time to go home and clean my rifle. See y’all tomorrow maybe.

  4. Jobless claims were up last week?and revised upwards for the week before.

    No one expects the jobless claim increase.

    1. It is almost as surprising when the GNP numbers are revised, always down, it seems.

      1. They have to factor in the kulaks and the wreckers.

        1. It’s because he didn’t advertise his hot dogs because the economy was bad.

  5. Give that man a rifle! House Speaker John Boehner thinks Obama’s ISIS war plan is a swell idea. “He is the commander in chief, he made that decision. At this point in time, it’s important that we give the president what he’s asking for.”

    That’s not how it’s suppose to work, dumbass.

  6. Republicans feel sufficiently comfortable about the prospects of holding Senate seats already in elephant hands to devote most resources to nabbing those held by the donkey party.

    And then someone mentions rape.

    1. But not rape-rape.

  7. Syria’s Assad regime welcomes the U.S. government and its airstrikes to the war against ISIS. Hey, wait a minute…

    Who wouldn’t want to borrow the American military for free?

    1. He, for one, welcomes his new infidel overlords…

    2. I love how in order to attack this year’s Hitler, we have to help last year’s model.

  8. Body cameras for tracking police officers’ doings have become a hot and technologicaly innovative market.

    So, when two cops wearing body cams have a face-to-face conversation, do they feel obligated to beat the shit out of each other?

    1. Only if one of them tries to arrest the other.

    2. Do they both mysteriously ‘corrupt’ the recording?

  9. “At this point in time, it’s important that we give the president what he’s asking for.”

    “We are therefore moving ahead with impeachment proceedings.”

  10. Anyone hate the show Sons of Guns? The daughter is on Dr Phil today.

    1. What is her problem? I thought that show would be good but it really sucks.

      1. She got the shit raped out of her by her dad.

        1. No shit? That is horrible. IS the dad in jail?

          1. It’s a really horrible story, but not as horrible and icky as guns.

          2. Yep. More and more victims keep coming forward. She denied it when the other daughter made allegations, but when the show got cancelled, she had nothing to lose.

            I’ve never seen Dr. Phil before, but I have my Tivo set for today.

            1. You are a special breed of weirdo if you raped your biological child. That is very rare.

              1. The commenters at Huffington Post have already linked the behavior to “gun culture”.

                1. Of course they have.

                2. Guns are magical things, not unlike imps, that make you shoot unsuspecting people and rape your daughters.

                3. The commenters at Huffington Post have already linked the behavior to “gun culture”.

                  Hey, that gives me an idea of what to do with Hayden…


        1. Wow. Is she believable? He wouldn’t be the first person falsely accused of this shit.

        2. So she worked for him and got on the reality show, even though she had been raped by him? Ok.

    2. Anyone hate Dr. Phil?

      1. Probably. I’ll find out today.

      2. With the heat of a 1000 suns.

      3. I guess I should scroll down before responding….

      4. Why the Fuck would she.choose to.go.on his.show? If she knows nothing else about him, she should know that he will twist her.situation into an indictment of “gun culture” and reflects in general. She will achieve nothing other than to become a tool for his.ratings.

        1. Cash money homey. Cash money.

      5. Buddy of mine served him and his friends at an Applebee’s back in the day. Phil refused to let a guy take his order and asked him to send over “that hot piece of ass” instead.

        My buddy instead told the fat chick on staff that they requested her. Phil got the manager involved over it. Apparently he is a pretty slimy guy.

        1. If her were a rabble-rouse or in need of $, and could have it corroborated, he might be able to cause some trouble with that info.

          TMZ would probably salivate over it.

        2. What kind of D-bag tried to pick up on an Applebee’s waitress? Jeez!

          1. Yeah, seriously.

            *wipes sweat from brow and glaces furtively about the room*

            1. Hey, we were at a much classier place on Sun.

      6. Anyone hate Dr. Phil?

        He looks a little odd to me. Like a women dressed as a man. I swear he wears lipstick.

    3. Doesn’t everyone hate “Dr.” Phil?

    4. I liked it well enough. At least, the technical aspects of the refubs they did.

      He came across as an ass sometimes, but I looked at it more as him keeping control over his business.

      He did love him some LA cops, though. And, apparently, tweens.

      1. IIRC, he lost his FFL for shitty record keeping, and had to use someone else as the FFL for the business.

        I did like the episode where they converted a .50 to shoulder fired for that huge dude.

        1. I think you’re right about the FFL. There was some kind of “Cups” game going on with who had what license with them. Still, he and the crew have/had the know-how, but I definitely didn’t give a toss about the family side of the show.

  11. I am pretty sure the Catalans have wanted a chance to split from Spain for a while now. How long before the Romans and Tuscans decide to kick the lazy Sicilians and Neapolitans to the curb?

    What happens to the sovereign debt when a country breaks up? Are the Scotts going to leave the Brits with the bill or will they take some of the debt with them? If say Spain or Italy break apart into their pre 19th Century pieces, I think you could argue that all of the debt goes poof and the bond holders are left holding the bag.

    1. How long before the Romans and Tuscans decide to kick the lazy Sicilians and Neapolitans to the curb?

      Northern Italy has had a secessionist movement for a while.

      Are the Scotts going to leave the Brits with the bill or will they take some of the debt with them?

      As I understand it, Scotland would assume part of the UK debt. Of course, people are already fretting over default.

      1. If Scotland or Catalonia just walked away and said “we are not the same sovereign that borrowed that money”, I don’t see what the UK or Spain could do about it.

        1. Invade again?

          1. That would require having an army.

            1. Easy enough to do if you really want to. Or they could borrow ours.

              1. Obo’s got a fire sale on!

              2. Or just use the equipment the Pentagon is giving away to the police

        2. When Scotland walks away, who is their Queen?

          They going to claim a different descendent of Charles V?

          1. One of the first things settled years ago was that the Queen would still have jurisdiction over Scotland.

            Apparently (I had not moved here yet) it was clear to everyone that secession was a non-starter otherwise.

            You can’t make this stuff up.

          2. When Scotland walks away, who is their Queen?



        3. Probably true. But, unless the Scots get a piece of North Sea oil, they’ll have a hard time getting anyone to loan them money.

          The English did something like this in the 17th century. One of the Navigation Acts (there were several of them), was aimed at the Scots by barring them from colonial trade as a way to force them into union. Imagine if London set up tariff posts on border.

          1. The Scots went broke trying to colonize central America and were forced to join England in order to pay their debts.

            And yes, England could take Scotland back whenever it wanted by just putting up tariffs.

            1. True on central America but the Navigation Acts pushed the structure over quicker.

        4. Correct, and Scotland is planning to use this as a bargaining chip in the case of independence, to at the very least keep the pound, and probably get the nukes out (surprisingly big issue here).

          1. Why is it surprising that people would want nuclear targets removed from their neighborhood?

      2. Northern Italy has had a secessionist movement for a while.

        Yep. Speak a lot of German up there. You know who else spoke German and didn’t like the Italians?

    2. Yeah, the Catalan independence movement has been around long time. I spent about a week in Barthelona earlier this year and heard a lot about the egregious treatment they have undergone from the 1700s and up into the 20th century under Franco where their culture was actively.suppressed and their very language forbidden.

      1. Not to mention the Basques, who have their own freedom fighters/terrorist org.

        1. The Catalans seem less terrorist-y than the Basques, but that could be the face they put on it. The Basques seem to have truly embraced terror tactics while the Catalans have stayed away from violence, to.my knowledge, which.makes their case a bit.more legitimate.

          1. The Catalans have nothing equivalent to ETA.

      2. That is what makes the Real Barcelona soccer rivalry the greatest rivalry in sports. I hate soccer but I have to hand it to a rivalry where the President once had the manager of the rival team shot. That really happened. Franco had the manager of Barcelona executed. It is crazy.

        1. Real-Barca is the only rivalry that can match the old Rangers-Celtic rivalry. Now that one went crazy on multiple occasions.

          1. Didn’t they basically make the Rangers Celtic rivalry illegal? It was that violent and that out of control?

          2. That was a weird sports-religion hybrid.

            Rangers went bankrupt last I checked in but they might be back from the dead.

          3. South America fought a WAR over soccer. They laugh at your little Barcelona spat.

        2. In the Feyenoord/Ajax rivalry, the fans just kill each other.

      3. Johann Cruyff had to go back to the Netherlands to name his son Jordi because it was illegal to do so in Franco’s Spain.

    3. It will become Germany’s debt.

    4. Are the Catalans different from the Basques?

      ‘Cause the Basques are gonna be *pissed* if someone leaves Spain before they do.

    5. Who cares about Scotland? What’s a Catalan?

      I’m looking forward to voting to split California into six states.

  12. California’s economy is expected to suck at least through 2016, according to UCLA economists.

    Its legislature and bureaucracy is an uncontrollable force of nature. What can you do?

  13. Shoplifter Used Walmart Motorized Wheelchair Cart As Her Getaway Vehicle

    charged with the theft of the $1200 electric cart and six bags stuffed with clothing …, Mason said … she just “didn’t feel like walking.”

    She made it *two miles*.

    1. I think she was on her way to put out her apartment fire, started by a dryer vent.

    2. I got robbed by a sweet old lady on a motorized cart. I didn’t even see it coming!

    3. SWAT helicopter needed time to get there I assume.

    4. Dear Lord this is funny.

  14. Syria’s Assad regime welcomes the U.S. government and its airstrikes to the war against ISIS. Hey, wait a minute…

    What, regretting that we made him destroy all those weapons he could have used against ISIS?

    1. Agree. That response is beautiful.

    2. How is it that Andrew WK seems to be such a kick ass guy? I never saw that coming.

      1. He had a great one (which i can’t find now) where some prog wrote in about how his dad’s right-wing opinions were destroying their relationship (as well as the Earth, somehow). Mr. W.K. totally took the kid to task for not even looking at his dad as a human being. It was fantastic.

        1. That one was great. This one, not so much IMO.

      2. Watch out with the complements, John. He likes My Little Pony. Even sells a MLP t-shirt on his website!

    3. “Too much damage in this world is caused by people trying to “remove” what they don’t like from existence.”

      1. I hope the writer recognizes this in other areas of life.

    4. I was raised in a very loving family who taught me that stuff like this really can be bad for your karma, and I really don’t feel comfortable around it.

    5. That reminds me of the Louis CK joke about whiny single people

      “my girlfriend doesn’t like the same music as me, and she acts bored at parties.’ Well, ficking call her, and say fuck you, and hang up, and leave her! You can end that shit with a phone call!”

    6. Well, when you can’t get the state to use force to stop your boyfriend from listening to music you don’t like, you have to try something? Right?

    7. You know what the biggest negative vibe is in this situation? You. Trying to make your boyfriend give up the music he enjoys — that is true negativity.

      Huh, she’s doing it wrong. She’s supposed to wait until after they’re married to start saying stuff like, “You never ride that motorcycle any more… why don’t you sell it?” or “Why DO you have these electric guitars?” or “this little home studio would make a great baby room, how ’bout you sell all those old albums to help pay for redecorating it”.

  15. OT, but the teacher who had her class compare Bush and Hitler, just goes to show how deep the rabid hate is. Guy’s been out of office going on six years and pretty much stays out of the limelight.

    1. It is all they have left. “But Bush was worse”.

    2. Just Vols fans and Lane Kiffin.

    3. Dumbya has been an exemplary ex-president, no doubt.

      1. So will Obama. Maybe if we are lucky he will take up the job early.

        1. BS. That egomaniac will probably be a regular feature on MSNBC. I see no way he doesn’t keep tossing his 2 cents in every time something major happens.

        2. Clinton is still setting U.S. policy. Will everyone shut the fuck up about obesity already?

        3. Who’s keen on getting President Biden though?

      2. And speaking of deep and rabid hate…

        1. Matched with abysmal stupidity!

    4. Nothing new about this sort of thing.

      About 20 years ago, my neighbors kid was assigned a group project to write up a criminal indictment of Reagan for war crimes in his h.s. AP government class.

      Kind of peculiar that they picked him rather than, say, Johnson or some previous 20th Century war monger who, you know, actually started or provoked a war.

      1. Haha, that’s an interesting assignment.

        They’re still bellyaching about Reagan. At times it seems like it comes in waves.

  16. Ted Cruz Lectures Middle Eastern Christians on How They Should Stand With Israel, Gets Booed Off Stage


    1. Arabs of all stripes hate Jews.

    2. I wrote a paper in college once about Christianity in the Middle East. Christians make up a significant minority of Palestine, especially in the West Bank.

      1. Yes, thank you. And those Maronite Catholics in Lebanon are most decidedly ethnic Arabs.

      2. Maybe we should get all of Europe to send their children to liberate the Palestinian Christians…. if Europeans had any children.

    3. I’m thinking they booed the “then I will not stand with you” line. It sounded like he was telling them to get in line or go fuck themselves.

  17. “He is the commander in chief, he made that decision. At this point in time, it’s important that we give the president what he’s asking for.”

    Okay. What the fuck do we need you for, then?

    1. He brings in much needed support from Oompah-Loompahs?

  18. Anyone hate the show Sons of Guns?

    Yes. Fuck that hillbilly cop fellator.

    1. Apparently he was fellatiating more than just cops.

      1. I thought the young ladies were fellating him.

    2. Yeah – I dug the first season when it was kind of about the guns, and I learned something about gunsmithing…

      Then it was all fucking tanks and rockets and cop sucking…and now he’s a father raper (ALLEGEDLY).

      I can haz a run the channel…

      1. “run the channel?” – something Jeebus would do, perhaps.

        TURN the channel was where I meant to head…

        1. Only if Jesus was a TV exec.

    3. Never watched it but I got the impression that he was a bit of a copsucker. Which is.not surprising given I understand he spent q lot of time building Title II firearms. Having been around the Title II world for a decade now, it is.clear to me that the way most Class III dealers and Class II manufacturers stay in business is by making and selling machine guns and other assorted fun toys to the police.

      1. He did a lot of that, and some overseas shit.

      2. I do believe you’re right. My personal gunsmith is a close friend, and he does a lotttttttta work for the state po po, sheriffs and locals. Whatcha gonna do? All I care is he sells me great guns, gives me discounts, has an indoor 200yd rifle range, and his kid was my prized bagpipe student.

        there’s money in cop guns, and he’s gettin’ some of it…can’t hate on him for that.

        1. prized bagpipe student

          I understand all of these words individually but when they are assembled this way they don’t seem to make any sense..

          1. I didn’t even know you could *learn* to play bagpipes.

            I thought you got on and just started torturing cats.

      3. http://duncansoutdoor.com/

        Just for reference, in case you’re ever in MI and have need of a 2nd Amendment Playground (as I refer to his shop).

        1. Bay City! But for heaven’s sake, he should tell his web guy that nobody should ever take a heavy slab-serif font like Bevan and bold it, especially in body copy. Yuck.

          1. Dude – he’s a gunsmith, not a web jock. It IS A cheezee site, but perfect for Duncan.

            1. Well, somebody is a web jock enough to use a Google font like Bevan, but not enough of one to know not to bold it, or use it for body copy, or both.

  19. So those manky Scots gits and even fucking SPANIARDS talk secession….and might get it.

    But in the Home of Secession, Spirit of 1776, fuck King George III, don’t shoot till you see the whites of their eyes, Don’t Tread on Me, these are the times that try men’s souls, remember the Alamo, praise God and pass the fucking ammunition United fucking States of fucking MURKA….you’re a wackobird retard if you even think about it.

    Cause civil war = settled science, and “one nation, indivisible” – it’s right there in the loyalty oath.

    I wanna secede. And have global warming make Lansing into New Miami (but with fresh water). I think the likelihood of both is equal.

    1. You better build a wall to keep the fleeing masses from Blueland out.

      1. I have owner of City Wok birrdd shitty warrrr, keep out fucking Mongorians Bluelanders

        1. That’s city wall, you fucking lacist!

    2. That was a top notch screed. 10/10, will steal.

      I agree though. While the MSM isn’t cheering the Scots on, they’re definately getting an even shake.

      The Catalans though are catching shit since they’re one of the few parts of Spain that work and isn’t a total drain.

      1. Yeah, I think they’re foked – but good on ’em for trying!

        Same for the people in CO and CA trying to get shit going in their states.

        I used to laugh at the Yoopers trying to create “Superiorland”. Now I’m joining them 🙂

      2. Like Lombardia (and other provinces in Northern Italy) where the Lombard Leagues operates.

        Those folks are prosperous and have their own separatist movement.

    3. The Scots want to secede from UK but a majority of them still wants to be under the EU thumb.

      This is sounds weird unless the Scots are actually dissatisfied about the rate of UK socialist progress.

      1. This is sounds weird unless the Scots are actually dissatisfied about the rate of UK socialist progress.

        Well Scots are big Labour supporters.

    4. As long as I get a beach front condo in East Lansing, I’m there.

      1. You familiar with Elderly Instruments? In Lansing now, but started in EL in the 70’s. We used to skip school and drive the hour to Elderly to play used ’57 Strats and shit.

        Best thing about Lansing. I hope they stay out of the water…

        1. Dude! I get my mandos from Elderly Instruments. Small world.

  20. Wife sent me this note after picking up our daughter from Kindergarten today:

    [my kid] has come home from school with a color-inside-the-lines drawing of a fireman and two police that says “Remember 9/11” across the top. I asked her if they talked about what today was, or why they colored the picture. She said no, just that the picture says that they’re supposed to remember nine dash one one, but she doesn’t know why.

    This annoys me on multiple levels.

    1. Tell the daughter to write the letters “P-I-G” with an arrow pointing to the police. 🙂

      1. As enjoyable as that would be, it creates a distinct possibility I’d be enjoying a CPS visit soon thereafter.

        1. So the system works 🙁

  21. Scotland will need 25-100% of GDP for new central bank reserves if independence passes.

    “A yes vote will create massive problems in terms of how mortgages are denominated and regulated. We expect it to be much more difficult for Scottish borrowers to get mortgages post a yes vote.”


    ‘The buggers are out to get us’: aristocrats on independence fears
    Scottish aristocrats tell high-society magazine Tatler from their ancestral castles that they fear a mansion tax


    1. Re: Peter Caca,

      Scotland will need 25-100% of GDP for new central bank reserves if independence passes.

      They can always print the money.


  22. While its not a guarantee, there is hope that somewhere down the line, I may be able to raise the first libertarian woman.

    Monday morning my wife gave birth to our first kid, a 6 lb even and perfectly healthy girl. She looks mostly like her mother, which can only help her. I know a bunch of you guys have daughters too and am thrilled to be a part of the club!

    Sorry for not putting the name up for a vote like baby Reason (yes, I casually brought it up to my wife), but Jocelyn is still nice, right?

    1. congratulations!

      1. Congratulations! What a wonderful experience you are in for.

    2. Congrats dude! This is no excuse for missing brunch, though.

      1. Thanks!

        How was that place, by the way? It looked like a good place. Worth going back to watch a game from time to time?

        1. Outstanding 3 meat omelette. And the breakfast potatoes have sausage and white cheddar in them.

          Would eat again.

        2. I wrote a scathing yelp review about the how the waitresses were unable to keep the table right in the front from annoying the everloving shit out of every patron in the place.

          1. Review, or apology?

    3. Congratulations!

    4. Congratulations!

    5. Sorry, but Sloopy has you beat by a good two years in the “raising a libertarian woman” game.

      On the bright side, you won’t be raising an Ohio State fan.

      1. I have sloopy and banjos beat by 23 years – daughter #2 is totally libertarian. She and her hubby just had a daughter, so we’re working on Generation 3 now 🙂

        1. Way to go, Al!

      2. If there’s one thing an Ohio State fan is good at, it’s losing a #1 ranking. The title of first can still be mine (/hers)!

        1. Ha, sorry for the low blow Sloop and Banjos! I’m a Badger fan and couldn’t help myself.

          *braces for incoming Rose Bowl losses knocks*

    6. Many congrats!

    7. Congratulations!!

      Good luck and have fun! You’ll be so proud watching her grow up and accomplish stuff!

      Ours are all grown, but daughter #2 just had a daughter, so we’re back in the baby-raising game. Albeit as “assistants”, which is just fine by us.

    8. Congratulations.

      Welcome to the fathers with daughters club.

    9. Congrats! How you were stockpiling sleep. You’ll need it.

    10. Awesome! Congratulations!

    11. If she’s a libertarian, she’s not a “real” woman. According to Salon, anyway.

    12. Congrats!! Welcome Jocelyn!

    13. Congratulations. As the father of a twelve year old budding glibertarian, it will be an enjoyable journey.

      My job has been made easier by the patently retarded public school system.

      I remember she’d come home mad when she was in elementary school, because they were no longer allowed to run on the wood chips or climb on top of the play structures.

  23. Hey RBS, don’t know if your on, but I roasted my first small batch of coffee yesterday. It went surprisingly well since I’ve never done it before. I’m drinking my first cup now. It is a single origin Ethiopia, dry process. The scent and flavor are very different from standard coffee, a butter and nut taste. Also the color has a light yellow to it. I used a colman single burner camp stove and a whirly-pop popper. I set the heat to the lowest setting, about 200 degrees. Keep the coffee moving continuously until you hear a cracking. If you want a darker roast you can go longer, but I noticed the roast is uneven. Some dark, some light, some medium but the balance is nice in end. I was mainly afraid of burning my first batch. Also the light roast keeps more of the origin flavors intact. Let me know if you want any other details.

  24. LOCK DOWN THE SCHOOL! HE’S GOT A…… umbrella?

    How these panicked college idiots don’t choke on their tongues is a wonder.

    1. He could inject a poison pellet into somebody’s knee with that!

      1. OR spray lethal gas, a la The Penguin

      2. You saw that show too.

    2. He could put a person’s eye out if they walked into it!

    3. More evidence that the War on Terror has long since been lost.

    4. I’m surprised umbrellas aren’t required for students these days. Wouldn’t want the snowflakes to melt or be exposed to dangerous sunlight.

      1. He took the orange tip off of his umbrella.

  25. Brazilians are cutting way back on their ethanol consumption – by their cars, from 82% in 2009 to 25% of flex fuel vehicles in 2013.


    But the US just opened its first cellulosic ethanol plant (costing tax slaves $100 million)


  26. Syria’s Assad regime welcomes the U.S. government and its airstrikes to the war against ISIS.

    The US has always been at war with ISIS.

  27. Sorry to befoul Reason again with the Website of Darkness but this might prove interesting


    Doctors Say Arizona Prisons Mocked Sick Inmates, Left Stroke Victims In Soiled Diapers For Weeks

    1. I’ve heard humor is the best medicine but I don’t think that’s what they had in mind.

    2. This simply cannot be true, because I’m told 100% government-provided health care is always best.

      1. First sentence of the article talks about Arizona’s privatized prison health care system.

        It’s not the state’s fault, it’s those damn corporations!

        1. Still, it’s on the state’s dime. I’ve always wondered, though, when it comes to these kinds of stories if there are really enough providers who can handle such large operations to offer meaningful competition.

        2. Wait, you expect me to RTFA?

  28. drawing of a fireman and two police that says “Remember 9/11” across the top.

    That drawing should have some TSA ball grabbers in it. And a guy in a small room scanning phone calls.

    “Remember 9/11” indeed.

    I want to remember 9/10, goddammit.

    1. Did the cops in the picture have holstered weapons? Pictures of guns aren’t acceptable in schools!

      I’d make a big stink about it to piss them off.

      1. That’s a damn good question. I’ll have to look at it when I get home. Could be fun.

      2. My wife (a libertarian woman!) texted me a picture of it. No gun, but one of the cops is holding a baton. Huge smile on his face. Guess he just saw a black guy who he could accuse of a minor crime.

        1. Guess he just saw a black guy who he could accuse of a minor crime.

          How quaint. When the police only carried batons and only beat up black people.

    2. “Remember 7/4”

  29. Those crazy Scots seem to have started a trend. Now Catalans want a chance at splitting from Spain. A vote is scheduled for November 9, though the central government is already huffing and puffing over the possible rejection.

    A European Union does not require that the old national unions remain unchanged. Next up, Belgium and Italy?

    1. Next thing you know, Europe, Japan, South Korea will be trying to secede from the US…

      /think “military protectorate”

    2. Apparently, in terms of Constitutions etc., Spain can just say no, whatever the result, whereas Westminster cannot.

      1. In terms of the U.S. Constitution, the Federal Government just said no.

  30. Question: If Obama’s plan fails will he personally account if things don’t go according to plan seeing he may bypass Congress?

    1. Just as Obamacare sucks because the Repubs didn’t have anything to do with it so will the inevitable disaster be their fault too.

  31. Well, I won’t comment on what NPR is covering, just that it’s about as one-sided as a Mobius Strip.

  32. Car people: In my never-ending search for a more fuel-efficient car so I’m not buying $60+ worth of gas every week, what do y’all think about Volkswagen’s diesel cars?

    1. They’re great. Good power, great torque, accessories fall apart quickly. Windows will stop auto-rolling up, power locks will stop working intermittently, but the power train is wonderful.

      1. Good to hear. Looking at a Jetta TDI. Heard good things elsewhere, but it’s nice to get multiple opinions.

    2. I don’t have much experience with diesels besides admiring old Mercedes. Have you checked out http://www.truedelta.com/ ?

      About eight-nine years ago I had a temp gig for a focus group looking at imported SUVs. Of the lot, the one that fared the worst from people climbing in and out all day was the VW Touareg – little bits broken off, etc.

    3. I’m not much of a car person, but my dad has a 2013 TDI diesel that he seems to really like. He gets 40-50 MPG. I drove it, seems to drive mostly like a normal car although it accelerates sluggishly until the turbo kicks in.

    4. Dr. Girlfriend has a TDI and it gets pretty good mileage. She puts about 90 miles a day on it and it has been reliable going on 3 years now. She has the sportwagen and I think gets about 40 mpg.

      A friend has a Golf TDI and it is amazing with its low end torque. My boss drives a Jetta TDI sedan and claims about 42 mpg.

      I’ve been looking at the BMW diesels myself and am intrigued.

    5. I actually recommend a Mazda 6 with a manual. Diesels are nice but aren’t as economical as they used to be. And VW is hit-or-miss on long-term reliability.

  33. If Obama’s plan fails will he personally account if things don’t go according to plan

    He wouldn’t know which end of the sword to fall on.

  34. Those crazy Scots seem to have started a trend. Now Catalans want a chance at splitting from Spain.

    Weren’t talks of secession proof of underlying racism? At least the Lincolnites told me so…

    1. In the case of Scotland and Catalonia, the people actually do identify as being of a different ethnicity, and that is at the root of their separation. Not racism exactly, but a very close cousin.

      In the case of US secession I think the appeal largely reflects regional differences in the mix of political identities rather than racial mix.

  35. CBS cancels Rhianna appearance at Ravens-Steelers game.

    Last week it was OK, this week it isn’t.

  36. what do y’all think about Volkswagen’s diesel cars?

    I have heard a lot of good things about the TDIs, but have no first hand knowledge. I have never even ridden in one. I *think* VW have put their quality control issues behind them, but it would be worth checking on.

  37. Jobless claims were up last week ? and revised upwards for the week before. But it’s all trending positively, dontcha know.

    ? Everything is awesome! ?

    California’s economy is expected to suck at least through 2016, according to UCLA economists.

    ? Well, everybody hurts sometimes, everybody cries
    And everybody hurts
    sometimes ?

  38. Holy shit. Krugman was just honest about his propaganda.

    I guess the problem is that too many economists have the wrong attitude toward models. They’re not Truth; they’re intuition pumps, gadgets you use to clarify your story. You go badly wrong when you take them too seriously, and either forget that they’re just models or reject them because the world isn’t that simple.

    1. Apply this to climate models as a thought exercise.

  39. Jobless claims were up last week?and revised upwards for the week before. But it’s all trending positively, dontcha know.

    Contrary to what some derpers might contend, this is a positive trend that speaks to the economic resiliency of the nation, as more people have now rejoined the ranks of those looking for work unsuccessfully.

    If the federal government would just pay them for the act of looking for work, we would enjoy increased aggregate demand and the economy would begin rolling again. Sell off all your bullion, ’cause everything’s hunky dory!

    /krugtron the invincible

  40. . . . by preparing to poke the hornet’s nest . . .

    Hey god-damn it! That’s *my* metaphor.

    1. And we’re not poking it with a stick – we keep poking it with our dicks.

      1. Obama’s poking it with your dick.

  41. Since 9/11 it’s the War on Terror
    One “false flag” attack so called by error
    Blair, Bush and Israel had a Pact in store
    Their next surprise is knocking at your door
    A hidden vile Idea from those who want “more”
    will use you and your Belief for the next World War
    As “chosen people” gain while Humankind loses
    Greed wins not by the swords but by the words of Moses
    Daring is to tell you when, better then to tell you rhymes
    could not side with either one to get ready for our times
    to look beyond and past today to seek for a solution
    one only hope is there for you and spells Wavevolution

    All that is happening in our days is the prelude to enormous changes but even before discussing in regard of the possible remedy one must be clear about how we came to this point recognizing both physiognomy and origin of the threat.

    A World War and chaos everywhere have already been planned so that desperate people will soon invoke a New World Order without even knowing what that is.

    When Jeb Bush will be the US president, the next War will be inevitable and also come by surprise.

    There is one Solution.


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