White House: Fund Rebels to Fight ISIS, Jay Carney Got a Job, Ray Rice Not Gone for Good: P.M. Links


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    President Barack Obama will lay out his plan to destroy ISIS tonight, but part of his strategy is already apparent: Fund moderate rebels in Syria to fight against ISIS.  The definition of insanity is what, again? And what are those moderate rebels supposed to do about American teens who intend to join ISIS?

  • Former Press Secretary and boy wonder Jay Carney will join CNN as a political commentator. Can he top his previous best and dodge 9,487 more questions?
  • Attorney General Eric Holder's spokesman has been calling Democrats for help leaking documents relating to the IRS scandal … says a Republican he accidentally called.
  • Web-based businesses like Netflix, Kickstarter, and Digg are participating in Internet Slowdown Day to support Net Neutrality.
  • James Holmes, who went on killing spree in Aurora, Colorado, is going on trial soon. The media is fighting for a chance to film it.
  • The ceasefire is still shaky, but Ukraine says 70 percent of Russia's invading forces have now left the country.
  • The clock is ticking down toward the vote on Scottish independence, and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is pleading that they don't do it. So is BP. If it does break free, what currency will Scotland use?
  • Ray Rice, who is indefinitely suspended from the NFL for assaulting his then-fiancée (now wife), just might play ball again, says NFL Commissioner Roger Gooddell. 

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