Janay Rice Would Like You to Stop Watching Her Get Punched by Ray Rice


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Janay Rice, wife (and sometimes victim) of former-NFL football player Ray Rice, is imploring people to stop coming to her defense, thanks. In a message posted to Instagram Tuesday morning, Janay wrote of "the pain that the media & unwanted options (sic) from the public" have caused her.

"If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you've succeeded on so many levels," she wrote. 

I don't think that was the intention of the countless people sharing a video of Ray punching Janay in a casino elevator, or those calling for his dismissal from the Baltimore Ravens upon its release. Many people probably felt like they were helping. But as we saw with Rihanna and Chris Brown a few years ago, the urge to "help" particular partner-violence victims can result in a strange erasure of their agency. Dave Zirin criticized this tendency yesterday, noting a startling lack of concern for Janay's wishes when it came to the video of her being victimized:

No one cares that she is now going to have to relive this incident over and over again. No one cares that the world has now become privy to what may be the most humiliating moment of her entire life. No one cares that she's basically now being used as a soapbox with otherwise apolitical NFL commentators using her prone body to get on their high horse and safely blast the league. 

(…) So if no one is going to talk about the welfare of the person who is actually subjected to the violence on that tape, let's talk about it here. I spent the morning communicating with people who work on issues involving domestic violence and violence against women nearly every day of their lives. They all said the same thing, without dissent: releasing this tape to the world is incredibly damaging to Janay Rice. Just as we would protect the name of an alleged rape victim, just as we would not show a video of Ray Rice committing a sexual assault, we should not be showing this video like it's another episode of Rich People Behaving Badly. If Janay Rice wanted to show this tape to the world, in other words if she had offered her consent, that is a different matter. But showing and reshowing it just because we can is an act of harm.

Keep in mind that the video wasn't released by anyone related to Rice or the National Football League. It came from gossip-publishing empire TMZ, which obtained it somehow from a casino employee. 

Tragically, it seems (many people's) beleif is that seeing the video will shock people, advance the conversation and force action. Even some of the same people saying that nude photo hacks shouldn't be clicked on are saying people have an obligation to bear witness to what Rice did.

Zirin is skeptical of that logic, and so am I. Luckily, a far better way to bear witness to the abuse some inflict on their partners—and how complicated it can be to get out of an abusive relationship—has sprung up, in the form of the Twitter hashtags #WhyIStayed and #WhenILeft. Powerful, heartbreaking stuff, and I urge you to check it out if you haven't yet. As for what Janay herself thinks, here's her full message from Instagram:

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  1. She fell down the stairs. She’s such a klutz. Leave her alone, they were doing just fine before we showed up. Ray loves her, he’s just emotional, and sometimes she just won’t stop pushing his buttons. It’s not his fault. He only hits her because he loves her so much.

    1. I’m confused why you keep posting this.

      Are you suggesting she is just a stupid woman, who isn’t feeling the right feelings?

      1. I got the impression Warty was being sarcastic…

      2. Every woman who sticks with a guy who beats her says this stupid shit. Fuck her feelings.

        1. Why shouldn’t her feelings matter?

          1. It’s disgusting when people protect their abusers.

            1. Warty, I find it offensive that you expect women to be responsible for their own actions. Obviously, you are a misogynist.

          2. With regards to the advice people give her, sure. But with regards to posting or commenting on a video that she can choose to either avoid or consume…?

          3. I think Warty’s overall point is that Ms Rice is, at the end of the day, partially (if not wholly) responsible for being in this position in the first place because she chose to stay with and not leave an abuser. If he wasn’t physically preventing her from leaving him somehow, she has made the choice to stay in this relationship in which these things happen. And they did.

            1. I bet she got a nice piece of jewelry from Tiffany’s for her troubles.

            2. Yes. He’s trash, she’s at minimum an enabler to a psychopath and more likely a full participant in a mutually abusive relationship. In any case, she has no moral standing to lecture anyone.

              1. and more likely a full participant in a mutually abusive relationship.

                I saw video of her smacking him first, so yeah.

              2. ^This.

                I mean, didn’t she double down, and marry him?

                Good bye frying pan; hello, fire.

          4. False consciousness!

        2. “a guy who beats her”

          Is there any evidence this wasn’t just a one time thing?

          1. Fine…”beat her.” That better?

            1. I think it could be pretty important in judging her staying with him, yes.

              1. Of course, you can’t extrapolate, but I feel like someone who is capable of hitting a woman is capable of hitting a woman more than once. He’s a scumbag, and people posted videos of him being a scumbag.

              2. Nope. Some things are once and only once.

                1. Know from experience?

                  1. Been married 38 years and have never struck my wife.

                    If I ever found out my son-in-law had knocked out my daughter, he spend the rest of his life walking with a cane.

              3. So there is like a one beating mulligan?

          2. Is there any evidence this wasn’t just a one time thing?

            Abusers rarely abuse only once. It’s almost always part of a pattern, as opposed to a one time thing.

            Not only that, but they usually have more than one victim.

            Don’t be surprised if some exes comes out of the woodwork claiming to have been beaten up by this guy, but too scared to tell anyone.

            1. Is that according to…social science?

              1. you mean the Dane Cook of sciences? Come on!!!!

            2. That’s according to what I’ve seen in my life. Abuse is a lifestyle. It’s a way to establish power. Abusers abuse as part of a pattern and have more than one victim in the same way that cops do. Violent people are violent.

              1. This is true and I have a gift of being able to tell a guy is an abuser by reading the dynamics of the couple. Both provide obvious tells. I honed this skill living on the road and have never misread an abuser for a non-abuser and vice-versa.

            3. That’s crap. Which SJW blog did you read that on?

    2. It was totally her fault. She knows he gets angry when he drinks, she shouldn’t have pestered him like that.

    3. If it was an isolated incident and they birthboth sought help after and worked through it that’s their call as autonomous adults. Would I act similarly in her situation? I doubt it but I can’t see things from her full perspective.

      1. Buying edit button $10.

  2. Maybe if the two of you didn’t act like fools in public and get in fistfights in elevators you wouldn’t have these problems.

  3. Ms. Rice is finding out the hard way that the most vocal people about this don’t really give a fuck about her, she is merely a weapon to be used in their particular cause war. The people who flog this shit relentlessly are very reminiscent of preachers who rail against homos, or MADD staffers who want to bring back prohibition. Their obsession with the issue lies deeper than a normal person’s concern.

    1. I’m getting tired of seeing it in my Facebook feed. Apparently, Joe Biden said something fucking genius about it, or so my feed has told me 7 times already.

      1. Here it is:…..1632399325

        Eat lunch BEFORE reading comments.

        1. The next challenge is making sure, ironically, we get college presidents and colleges to understand that they have a responsibility for the safety of women on their campus. They have a responsibility to do what we know from great experience works. Bringing the experts. Provide people, give the young woman the support that she needs. Psychological support. the medical support, and if need be, the legal support. Societal changes taking place. It takes time. But I really believe it’s taking root, and we have an obligation to just keep pushing it.

          LOL what a shameless hack. I totally hope Biden wins the nomination it would be epic.

          1. They don’t have a responsibility for the safety of men?

            1. No, men are the superior then danty, stupid women; therefore they don’t need special rights.

              1. C’mon. Just because that’s the obvious logical conclusion of everything they say and do doesn’t mean that’s what they meant!

          2. It’s not like he’s trying to push the DOJ regs that deprive accused men of legal representation at these kangaroo courts just so the White House can continue promoting the political “war on women” meme or anything. God, you guys are so damn cynical.

        2. It is the most vicious form of violence there is

          Socrates would like to have a word.

          1. Socrates? He got off easy under the circumstances. There are far more vicious examples than either…

            1. I was referring to the outlandish claim which Socrates loved to debunk. Guess I wasn’t clear enough.

          2. Sharon Tate would beg to differ, although I don’t think she’s available for a comment right now.

        3. Comments make me barf. Women swooning over old Joe. ‘panties off’ and ‘that brought tears to my eyes’

    2. That is exactly it. Also, she started the fight. She hit him first. That doesn’t make him right. But it does make her feel guilty for starting a fight that will end up costing her husband and by extension her millions.

      1. “Also, she started the fight. She hit him first.”

        I thought it was him with first contact, then her, then his knockout punch.

        1. It’s incredibly difficult to discern what occurred in that footage. All I could tell was he backed up, she came at him and he knocked her out.

          1. Look what happens before the ‘he backs up.’

            1. He hits her with a left.

              She charges him.

              He lays her out with a second left.


              1. It looks like she says something or moves at him before that, but your right he does punch her before he backs up.

      2. If you watch the full video that TMZ put together it appears he SPITS on her and then she slaps him. It’s right at the beginning of the video about 8 sec in. Then they enter the elevator and he beats her down. Maybe he didn’t spit, hard to tell, but it sure looks that way.

    3. I think you hit the nail on the head. It reminds me of Al Sharptons career.

  4. Won’t somebody think of the Steelers?

    1. I think they are behind the video release.

      They are obviously angry they have to play a divisional game on a Thursday on the road, so in an attempt to level the playing field they released the tape.

      1. You can sort of see Mike Tomlin lurking by the edge of the elevator with a grin on his face.

        1. This is the same guy who likes to play special teams after all.

      2. yeah I thought it was weird that they had a divisional game in week 2.

  5. Maybe she’s a masochist and likes it. If not, then it’s her father’s responsibility for not giving her the tools to rid herself of a lout.

  6. I’m just surprised she’s keeping up the facade now that he’s lost his huge contract. Perhaps he invested well in trauma surgical supplies?

  7. I’m not sure why the video of the actual punch made the NFL and the Ravens change the penalty. They already knew he had knocked her out in the elevator, and dragged her out of it. What did they think had happened? She fainted?

    The NFL was rightly criticized for only suspending Mr. Rice for 2 games when first-time marijuana offenders get 4 games. They responded by changing their domestic violence penalty to a 6 game suspension. Now he’s lost his job, for the same offense he was already investigated for. How is the player’s union okay with this?

    And given the incontrovertible video evidence of the assault and battery, why has the DA not issued an arrest warrant?

    1. This.

      When it was just a verbal description of what happened it was no big deal, but the video means instant firing and suspension. What did they think it looked like?

      1. One of those things is bad and the other one is bad and could cost the NFL money. There’s your difference.

      2. Can you imagine the butt-hurt if they had the Vick footage? Vick would never even be allowed in a football stadium to watch much less play.

        1. I’m very curious in the long term to see how Rice is dealt with compared to Vick.

    2. He’s been, essentially, cleared:

      How Ray Rice got into pre-trial intervention

      But after examining Rice’s incident and more than a dozen other factors – which, generally speaking, include the victim’s wishes and the suspect’s criminal history – Boyle’s staff approved Rice for the program [pre-trial intervention]. The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, which has the final say on an applicant’s status, agreed.

      1. When you watch the video, you understand why the AC DA let him cop to a deal. She hit him first. He can claim mutual combat. Since the victim is uncooperative, she can get up and say it was as well. It would be a messy and uncertain trial.

        1. With that video any prosecutor who could not get a conviction (anywhere outside of Baltimore that is) should turn in his law license.

          1. Go try a few cases and get back to me on that.

            1. I could have won that case after filling out the application to law school. Come on.

              1. Uh oh! It’s that special brand of ITG – Lawyer Internet Tough Guy!

                Interestingly, you can’t spell ‘litigate’ without LITG…

                1. I’m not trying to play tough guy, in fact my point is that even a poor lawyer could sway a jury with that tape and this defendant.

                  1. Just funnin’ ya there, hoss.

                  2. I’m a defense attorney and I have to agree with Bo. You don’t even need to call her to testify.

                    Winning in B-more might have been tough, though.

                    1. Havery,

                      The defense would call her and she would testify that she hit him first and started it. That is what would make the case hard to try.

                      Rice has the money to hire a good lawyer. Reasonable doubt is not that hard to establish.

            2. I love when Captain 2L comes to tell the rest of us how to practice law.

              1. I hope you don’t miss the point this much in your practice…

          2. She refused to cooperate with the prosecutors. It’s her meal ticket, after all.

    3. The video just created bad optics. They knew he knocked her out and dragged her out of the elevator. Did they not understand what that meant?

      The NFL manages to be so idiotic they make Rice seem sympathetic. Rightly or wrongly, they knew what he did and punished him. Coming back now and fucking him just because the public didn’t like it doesn’t seem very fair.

      1. Two possibilities: One, Goodell misjudged the public mood and looked bad because of it. Now the video conveniently comes out and he has a second chance to look good. Two,the video made Ray Rice so toxic that keeping him would be a PR nightmare.

      2. I think we’ve reached peak NFL. Looking forward to the decline.

        1. Maybe we will get are big hits back.

        2. An 18 game schedule, expanded playoffs, more flags will kill it quickly too.

          1. Someone on ESPN was saying that the goal of the league is to eliminate all contact between DBs and recievers before the ball is caught.

            If they do that, someone needs to start an alternative league with the old rules and put the NFL out of business.

            The reason the XFL failed was because it wasn’t selling anything different than the NFL with poorer athletes. Let the NFL continue to destroy the game with stupid rules and a new XFL really could sell something different.

            1. I’m no expert on the game, but if you make it hard to pass then teams will focus on the run more. When everyone is running then it will be easier to pass. Just let the goddam cycles work themselves out. It’s as bad as the NHL trying to manage the game when Gretzky was playing or when the Devils perfected the Trap.

              1. It is a classic case of unintended consequences. If you make it impossible for DBs to cover receivers, teams will stop worrying about covering and concentrate on the one way they have left to stop the pass; rushing the quarterback. The NFL is obsessed with keeping QBs healthy but at the same time keep changing the rules to give defenses no choice but to try and kill the quarterback as a way to stop the pass.

                1. The fact that they can’t see that far ahead is…not surprising.

            2. eliminate all contact between DBs and recievers before the ball is caught.

              So, grown men in pads essentially playing women’s high school lacrosse?

            3. Actually the XFL at that time made the point that it was allowing contact downfield with potential receivers that the NFL did not.

            4. At this point the NFL needs a goalie

            5. The XFL failed because there was no understanding of what people want.

              The football fan wants jingosim first and foremost. Violence is second, and rowdy atmosphere third, something to gamble on fourth and toilets fifth. Rules fall somewhere around 257th in the football fan’s list of priorities.

              Establishing the jingoism requires ditching the Get-rick-quick idea because it takes a generation.

          2. Thursday night games too.

            WTF? The beauty of the NFL was that everyone played on Sunday except for two teams who played Monday night.

            Now they are trying to make Thursday night games normal. It totally screws up the prep time/schedule for anyone playing one of them.

            And what was the deal with 2 Monday night games yesterday?

        3. I think we’ve reached peak NFL. Looking forward to the decline.

          I thought that 20 years ago.

          I severely underestimated Boobus Americanus’ penchant for gambling, jingoism, & bitchy gossip. The shittier the NFL (and NCAA) makes their product, the more Americans eat it up. Can’t blame the league for giving the customers what they want.

    4. I don’t believe any video that’s not in Hi Def. Make that 4k.

    5. Actually I can think of a lot of ways which it could have looked inside that elevator which would have totally justified the 2 game suspension and a couple which would have clearly shown that he got jobbed by an overly image conscious league.

      The fact that it was pretty much the absolute worst case scenario however really hurts the leagues credibility.

    6. Because Teh Feelz.

      The video is necessary for people to be able to display their Righteous Indignation. “I’m more virtuous than you because I’m more pissed off about this than you!”

      The responses get increasingly ratcheted up. I mean, there are people calling for Goodell to resign because he didn’t give an extreme enough punishment in the first instance.

      What are they going to do when there’s a vehicular manslaughter case?

      1. This is the result of Obama’s America, for sure…

  8. OT, watching the live feed for Apple and this stuck out.

    Dawn Chmielewski A FEW SECONDS AGO
    Focus shifts to maps. The Apple Watch shows the wearer’s location. You can use dictation to get directions to, say, Whole Foods. Select the route and the watch will vibrate to notify you of the next turn.

    1. A watch? Isn’t that the thing people used to wear on their wrist that was made totally obsolete by a cell phone?

      1. Balderdash, my watch sits in a pocket on the front of my waistcoat.

      2. I think so, although I still wear a watch, with hands and everything. What stood out for me was the “get directions to, say, Whole Foods.”

        Although with this you have to have a phone as well.

        Ina Fried 4 MINUTES AGO
        Apple Watch requires the iPhone because it is designed to synchronize with the iPhone. Works with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus but also with all iPhone 5 models. (Sorry 4S owners)

          1. As an Apple investor, hopefully it will make me money. Other than that, it has some cool features but needs to leverage the iPhone. I might even check it out for myself.

        1. It’s marketed toward people who often wear a belt with suspenders.

      3. Because I want to dig out my cell phone every time I want to know what time it is.

        1. Here’s a link to it.

          Apple Watch

  9. I’m still confused here. On the video I saw, she seemed to start the fight, he backed into a corner, she came at him again, and he hit her one time. How can someone in an “equal” society not be allowed to defend themselves? Maybe I’m missing something, the video I saw was poor quality.

    1. It’s tough to see clearly but he may have hit her first right before he backed off.

      And the bigger issue is the overwhelming force he used to defend himself. That was a Mike Tyson circa 1988 punch.

    2. Hell with that; my understanding is that she married him after he punched her. This is known as “moving to the nuisance”.

  10. Sorry, but I don’t agree with Zirin at all.

    Rice is a dangerous, out-of-control psychopath who should be in jail right now, whether his wife thinks so or not. Let the entire world see him for the worthless piece of shit that he is.

    Who knows; maybe there’s some small chance that the sheer humiliation he’s now going through might stop him (or some other similarly inclined creep) from doing it again.

    1. How is she gonna git half his income when he ain’t go no income no more?

  11. If I were her brother, I’d hire a couple of dudes, and soon Mr. Rice would have an “accident” which left him with a broken leg and a couple black eyes.

    1. Can he even get black eyes?

      1. He’d know it.

        1. Wait, are you the poster known as American?

    2. What would your bishop say?

      1. That depends on which team he supports, doesn’t it?

        Haven’t you read your Catechism?

        1. I don’t care much for Catholicism, but not even they could stoop to being Ravens fans.

    3. This. It blows my mind that her family members haven’t gone Sonny Corleone on him by now.

  12. Did Obama say that Janay Rice could have been his daughter?

    1. Jordan, do you think Janay is a funny name?

      1. Don’t. I don’t want to deal with that shit again.

        1. It was a joke dummy! If you don’t like the topic, don’t respond. Or is this some sort of trick!?!?!?

      2. There is no such thing as a funny name. To think otherwise is to reveal oneself as an idiot.

        So, if you even crack a smile at a name like Angel Pagan, you must be stupid.

        1. You’re right. having a visceral reaction to something makes you an idiot…

          1. Hey, a couple weeks ago, I wouldn’t have thought that. But someone here at Reason told us all that nobody with any sort of formal education could possibly find any name “funny.”

            Therefore, “Angel Pagan” is no funnier than “Roger Clemens.”

            And “Gage Golightly” is no funnier than “Jennifer Lawrence.”

            1. Or that Shaneen Allen is no funnier than Janay Rice! Dammit! My racist computer underlined both of those “names!”

              1. “Angel Pagan” was the first one that popped into my head, but in general, I try to focus on celebs who are (or at least, who look) 100% white when I make fun of their names. Just to avoid the appearance of racism.

                Another example – I think Cobie Smulders sounds pretty dumb.

                1. UC had a basketball player called Jihad Mohammed once!

            2. Which turd burgular was saying this?

  13. Am I bad person for not caring about this?

    1. Nah. Two no-class losers got into a drunken fistfight. Ho hum.

    2. That’s pretty much exactly what Janay wants from society and the media. So, yea, roll on, bro. No badz.

  14. This guy must have one hell of a bulletproof prenup. Did she give him custody of her internal organs or something (NTTAWWT)?

  15. *This is not justification whatsoever*

    I wonder, does the generally accepted principle that men don’t/shouldn’t hit women and the emergence/convergence of feminism have anything to do with idiocy like this;
    -woman believes she is protected by a social more/norm,
    -feels empowered to provoke without fear of reprisal,
    -oops, picked a fight with the wrong guy maybe I shouldn’t have felt so empowered…

    Men are physically bigger and stronger than women, hence the social more against physically using that size and strength against them. But now along comes feminism that says women can do anything men can do, are just as strong as men are, blah blah blah…and shit like this happens.

    Not saying things like this didn’t happen before the feminist movement, and not justifying it whatsoever, just wondering why anyone, much less someone who is physically smaller and weaker would knowingly provoke someone so obviously bigger and stronger than they are, who also is engaged in an incredibly violent profession for a living.

    Of course, she could just be really, really stupid…

    1. “just wondering why anyone, much less someone who is physically smaller and weaker would knowingly provoke someone so obviously bigger and stronger than they are, ”

      Have you never been inside a bar 😉

      1. It’s nuts how often people will pick fights with people who have like feet of reach on them.

        1. Often its alcohol. She looked tipsy to me.

          But look at the entire tape, he cuffs her one first then she gets in his face before his KO blow.

          1. Tipsy in a casino? Unpossible!

    2. It’s one-sided, but, yes, the stronger sex should allow the weaker sex to get away with more shit.

      1. Would that apply if it’s a female body-builder against some emo male? Or is it always sex specific?

        1. It wouldn’t apply for Cynthia Rothrock on the female side or Urkel on the male side.

          I’m talking about general rules.

          And in this case, it’s a male footballer versus his wife.

    3. Hey, when you make hasty emotional decisions, they sometimes turn out to be not so great.

  16. Is Janay Rice the woman pictured sitting next to 50 Cent?

    1. Gold, Brandon. Gold!

  17. This is the unfortunate side of the CCTV society. There are experiences that should remain unavailable to the forever nit-picking hordes who haven’t the slightest notion about the fluidity of life context.

    Personal business really needs to stay in the backyard with the high fences. Pure and simple.

    1. I totally agree.

      *Browses Tivo for latest episode of Big Brother*

    2. Personal business really needs to stay in the backyard with the high fences. Pure and simple.

      What about the camera drones? shouldn’t you get a canopy?

  18. Oh Oh Oh! I know how she can stop seeing herself get punched in the face! Stop looking it up!!! I’ve never seen the video because I’ve never looked for it. Bet it could work for her dumb ass too!!!!!!!

  19. I thought women were the physical equals of men. That is generally the public line. Women should be in combat units. Girls can!! In every other context any hint that there might be some physical and genetic difference between the sexes is considered sexist.

    Yet in the context of a physical confrontation between a man and a woman, the line is “no man ever hits a woman”. Really, why not? If women and men are equal, why is Rice hitting his wife any different than him hitting a drunk heckler? If Rice had punched out some drunk Steeler fan who was harassing him, no one would care this much. They only care because he hit a woman. But if women are every bit the equal of men, why should that fact matter?

    If women want to claim they are physical equals when it benefits them, then they no longer get to claim a man beating a woman up is any worse or different than a man beating another man up.

    1. Yeah, we need to stop proclaiming chivalry to be dead and pissing on its grave, and revive some of those old-fashioned ideas.

      1. Or we could say that assaulting others is wrong regardless and apart from the genders involved.

        1. It is, but since men and women are equals she should be equally capable of fighting back. She just miscalculated.

        2. Sure we could. And that means the next time an NFL player assaults a man, he gets treated just like Ray Rice. And also means that the President stops saying shit like “a man never hits a woman” because the sexes no longer matter.

          1. I mocked the President’s comment on AM links.

            And I think if a NFL player assaults a man they should be thought of similarly as Rice (but note I’d make much less of both in the same situation).

          2. Look, it’s easy to be a “political geometrician” and say that a footballer punching his wife is no worse than if he punched a fellow player.

            But unless you’re trying to force the world into neat geometrical models, the fact will remain that punching a woman who is weaker than you is more of a Bad Thing than fighting with a physical equal.

            Recall the old American expression – “why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

            1. So if Rice knocked me out (5’10” and 175lbs) it wouldn’t be as big a deal? If his wife was Chyna it wouldn’t be as big a deal?

              Maybe we should take the “woman” part out of the equation and just focus on the “weaker” part.

      2. A woman yelled at me once for holding the door for her. True story. I told her I hold doors for men too.

        1. Had to be in NYC.

        2. This happened to me on the very first date I went on in L.A. We sat down to dinner and the first thing she said was “I don’t need you to do that, you know.” I told her I had no idea what she was talking about. When she told me she didn’t need a man to hold a door for her I was equal parts confused and pissed. I settled for telling her that “it has nothing to do with your need, it has everything to do with my mother would smack me if I didn’t. Product of being raised in Virginia.”

          Newsflash: We did not go out on a second date.

          1. I might have just left the date right after she said that.

            I mean jesus Christ it’s one thing to softly accept the feminist nonsense as like 80% of people in blue states do, but it’s quite another to be enough of an asshole to actually raise a stink about minor stuff like that

        3. I once had a woman bitch at me for holding the door for her.

          I had another woman bitch at me for NOT holding the door for her.

          The proper response in both cases was “Fuck you, pay me!”

          1. Was it the same woman?

    2. I would personally think just as badly of him if he beat up a fan that was the same size and strength as Janay, but I see your point regarding the double standard of sexism.

      1. And that is a fair answer. I think it is wrong to beat people up, male or female. But you know as well as I do, Rice wouldn’t be getting kicked out of the league for beating up another male, no matter how much smaller the guy was.

        1. What if it were a really really tiny person?

          1. Like a fetus?

            Let’s not go there…

            1. Well then the left would celebrate him for making a brave, selfless decision to support a woman’s right to choose. DUH!!!!

          2. If I could show laughter in the comments, I would.

        2. *Rice wouldn’t be getting kicked out of the league for beating up another male, no matter how much smaller the guy was.*

          You are correct. Consider, as well, that he will be out of the league longer than that Cowboy who killed his teammate while drunk driving. Longer than Ray Lewis who was implicated in a double homicide. Longer than that doofus who played for the Giants who shot himself in a nightclub, etc. etc.

        3. Didn’t Sir Charles Barkley throw some heckling twerp through a plate glass window? I don’t recall that the NBA threw him out of the league.

    3. If women want to claim they are physical equals when it benefits them, then they no longer get to claim a man beating a woman up is any worse or different than a man beating another man up.

      I am on board with this especially if we get rid of the color pink in the NFL and MLB. God I hate that pandering crap.

    4. Just because the strongest woman is stronger than the weakest male does not mean the sexes are equal on balance.

      1. If the sexes are equal on balance, fine, shut the hell up with the “no man ever hits a woman” nonsense. If they are equal then there is nothing special about a man hitting a woman versus a man hitting another male.

        And they are not “on balance” equal. It is not even close. In a physical confrontation between a man and a woman, the woman is going to lose 95% of the time. Sure there are a few exceptions but they are just that; exceptions.

        1. Yeah, it’s the have your cake and eat it too deal. Don’t lambaste the Marine Corps for “unrealistic and discriminatory” physical fitness requirements in Infantry Officer School and then turn around and say “men should never hit women.”

    5. It’s almost like there’s some pre-existing sociobiological concepts that exist independent of societal influence. But that’s crazy. That would mean feminism’s Tabula Rosa cultural Marxist argument is wrong.

  20. I agree that TMZ is a horrid outfit, but maybe she should direct a bit of this criticism of the celebrity media towards the man who cold-cocked her in plain view of a video camera, thus creating the media shit storm to begin with.

    1. Because she doesn’t think him beating her up is that big of a deal. And in the lower class black culture she is a part of, it is not. People don’t like to hear that but it is true. A man beating up his wife is just not that big of a deal to a good number of black people.

      1. A little mutual combat roughing each other up a bit…maybe. Knocking out your wife…I have to call bullshit.

        1. You may not want to believe it, but it is true. Look at Janey Rice.

          1. Yup. And ghetto chicks are as violent as hell.

            1. I wouldn’t call it ghetto. We could refer to peoples like this racially as “niggers” or “white trash” respectively, but since we’re talking about the same thing, and nowadays finally there are huge numbers of people of all races, if not MOST people, who have finally wised up and decided not to be screw ups and go to post-secondary education and control their lives, there’s no reason to do the racial separation:
              There are people who act like this, and they’re all just “trash”. There are and have been race-based trends in the particular affectations of these trashy people, but even those are all melding together.

              So, there are trash people in the world, and that’s it. And sometimes, even if someone looks like a victim, it’s often of their own stupid trash culture decisions. All the yuppy liberal dooshes out there need to accept that

          2. I hear it’s the norm in South America too.

          3. Are you saying Barack Obama isn’t black enough?

  21. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, even when it punches you in the face. This is very basic stuff, guys.

  22. Sometimes man you jsut have to roll with it. Wow.

  23. Yeah, next time beat each other up in private, m’kay?

  24. This is a really hard issue and I can see why she might stay. I grew up in a household with an abusive father and my parents are still together to this day more than 45 years later.

    It was not an uncommon occurrence when he was drinking for him to pick a fight with my mother (or sometimes she picked it with him) and in the course of the fight he drags us kids out of bed for “lecture” time. This typically involved very little actual violence in the sense of being hit but death threats with knives pressed to throats (sometimes ours, other times the knife was forced into our hands and against his throat which was by far worse) while being told repeatedly how worthless you were for a couple of hours.

    Then the next day everyone just acted like nothing ever happened.

    To the outside world however we had it perfect, our parents were the absolute coolest people to hang out with and all out friends liked our parents more than their own.

  25. My takeaway is this is a distraction in a short week and ideally the Steelers will be 2-0 and the Ravens will be 0-2 with two division losses.

  26. Hey, who wouldn’t rather be knocked around in private?

  27. I can see how she might be a little annoyed to see her household suddenly drop by several million dollars per year. Even if she wasn’t planning to stay with Rice, an unemployed husband isn’t going to be able to provide much alimony or a good property settlement.

  28. She punched him first and then came at him again.

    I guess being a disgusting, man-hating feminist, that’s hard to see though.

  29. I grew up in a violent household. I won’t go into details but it is way more complicated than people are willing to admit.

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