A.M. Links: White House Has Three Year Plan for Islamic State, Enterovirus Spreading in Midwest, South, Officials Hunt Cougar in California


  • Cougar in California
    Beyond the Trail/flickr

    The White House reportedly has a plan to combat the Islamic State that would extend beyond President Obama's term in office. The three-year operation would include airstrikes in Iraq, equipping Iraqi forces, and airstrikes in Syria.

  • Children in up to ten states in the Midwest and South are being hospitalized for symptoms of an uncommon but nasty respiratory virus, Enterovirus D68.
  • Fighting broke out in eastern Ukraine less than two days after a ceasefire was announced.
  • Supporters of independence for Scotland appear to be gaining momentum ahead of a referendum on the issue.
  • Japan is looking for international approval to conduct whaling for research purposes in the Antarctic Ocean.
  • State wildlife officials in California continue to hunt a cougar who attacked a 6-year-old boy. 

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