Brickbat: We Saw Nothing


Lacey Harris says her daughter AvaLynn was kicked repeatedly in the face by another child at her Mississippi kindergarten, causing her to fall off a slide and leaving her with severe bruising and swelling. In a statement, officials with Arlington Elementary School said the girl's injuries were the result of an accident on the playground and no other students were involved. Local police said they are not investigating the matter.

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  1. Who you gonna believe, school officials or your lying eyes?

  2. The school informed Lacey were no teachers present when the incident occurred…

    Why was that mother not arrested for leaving her child alone in a playground?

    1. Because she’d abdicated parental responsibility to the politically approved group of negligent adults.

  3. Not really seeing the brickbatness of this — “The school informed Lacey were no teachers present when the incident occurred, and because of that, no one could prove whether or not another student had harmed Ava,” a post reads.”

    No witnesses, a mother who might be looking to sue the school, and a kid who got injured, allegedly by some other kid — if the police HAD arrested someone, would this have been made into a brickbat because of alleged overreaction by the police?

    1. Why would you take the school officials at their word? So no teachers were present, yet they know for sure it was an accident? Right.

      Oh, and the school later changed their story to say 4 adults were present.

    2. I’ve been in this exact situation where one kid clocked another kid hard enough to swell her eye shut and the school covered it up. Private school no less. It’s just about teachers and administrators trying to cover their ass because they wouldn’t deal with an unruly kid.

    3. Yeah, so far as I can tell from the story there may or may not be anything to see here – but it’s nice to think this is the worst story anybody could dredge up this morning. No cops shooting puppies, no prosecutors hiding evidence, no city historical district board seizing somebodys house for painting it the wrong color.

  4. Cameras.

    I guess at some point not only will we need cameras on cops, we’ll need cameras on people.
    Oh I can’t wait for that.

    1. Do they not have playground supervisors in Mississippi? That’s a job here in Illinois. Kindergarteners shouldn’t play unsupervised during recess.

  5. Time to go crack some delinquent kids parents faces!

    1. How quickly your algorthm decayed.

      We need a new AnonBot again

      1. NO WE DON’T!!

  6. If the police were investigating this, the free range kids types would be complaining “kids gets into fights sometimes! it’s outrageous how we’re criminalizing normal kid behavior!”

  7. Hey, what do you hypocrites care? Remember, it’s okay for kids to run around unsupervised all day and all night. After all, it’s what we all did ‘back in the day’! So a kid gets their face all ‘swoled up? Oh well, kids gotta play and learn hard lessons in life, slaver.

    1. This.

      Pretty amusing little turnaround.

      1. So the state has no accountability to the public, but the public has to be held accountable to the state?

        Does the world look rosier from down there on your knees?

    2. Hey, what do you hypocrites care? Remember, it’s okay for kids to run around unsupervised all day and all night.

      Being on a school playground during recess is unsupervised? Try making a point consistent with the facts on hand, dummy.

    3. Tort must be a difficult concept for you, since “harm” to you just means “not worshiping the state”.

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