U.S. Intelligence Identifies American-Born ISIL Fighters


American intelligence and law enforcement agencies have identified nearly a dozen Americans who have traveled to Syria to fight for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the militant group that the Obama administration says poses the greatest threat to the United States since Al Qaeda before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

As ISIS has seized large expanses of territory in recent months, it has drawn more foreign men to Syria, requiring more American and European law enforcement resources in the attempt to stop the flow of fighters, senior American officials said. And as a result of the increasing numbers of men, ISIS is now recruiting foreign women as jihadist wives.

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  1. Why are we stopping American fanatical idiots from leaving the country to get killed in a desert shithole? I’d prefer them dead over there, than alive over here.

    1. But if they’re over there, they might get terrorist training from the CIA.

    2. Really? Logic like this is why libertarians aren’t, and never will be taken seriously.

      It’s not the ones who have been identified that are the problem; it’s the ones that HAVE NOT been identified. The ones that get killed aren’t the problem; the ones that survive are the problem. They “find islam”, become radicalized, go and fight the infidels and unbelievers and those of the wrong fucking sect, they spend a year or so in a combat environment learning shit that cannot be learned in any other way. And then they come home. They’re not going to go from the organized and intentional machine-gunning of prisoners of war, raping of civilians, pillaging, beheading, and general creation of terror and mayhem, to fry-cook at McDonald’s. They’re organized, funded, and trained, and their objective is to incite terror by killing the infidel. YOU are the infidel. Your friends are the infidel. Your mother is the infidel.

      As an aside, it’s generally recognized that a squad of well-trained, well-equipped men could decimate all but the largest of police departments.

      1. And it’s scare-mongering like that that makes me very tired of alarmists.

        1. Recognizing reality is hardly “scare-mongering”.

          Nobody thought that 20 muslims would hijack 4 planes simultaneously and use them as guided missiles either.

  2. These dipshits should lose their citizenship. They’ve in effect renounced their citizenship anyway, since they are at war with us.

    Three of these guys went to the same high school in MN. What the hell is going on up there? Are they coming from the same mosque? Are we wiretapping this group?

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