It's Just Like 2008 All Over Again: *Hillary Can't Lose!* or, the Dems' Millennial Problem


Sure, projecting a winner in a presidential election a couple of years in advance is a mug's game. But don't you know that Hillary Clinton has already won the 2016 contest? It's just like 2008 all over again: Hillary can't lose.

Seriously, though, it's obvious Hillary will win, especially when you look at the way she's currently trouncing leading Republicans such as Chris Christie and Rand Paul among young voters. The kids love Hillary, goes this line of thinking, and since they decided the 2012 election and will only ever vote Democratic, all we need to do now is reanimate Aretha Franklin, the Eagles, or one of her other mummified favorite performers for the inauguration.

But such triumphalism about Clinton and the Democratic stranglehold on younger voters is premature, to say the least. While there's no question that the GOP has managed to alienate millennials, there's every reason to believe that top Democrats are doing just about everything they can to squander their currently commanding advantage.

That's the start of my new Daily Beast column, which explains why Dems and their lapdogs in the press are seriously overestimating their stranglehold on the youth vote. As the recent Reason-Rupe poll of millennials showed, millennials are less partisan than older voters and despite huge (and declining) support for Barack Obama at the polls, the kids are getting tired of both parties. They absolutely hate the GOP in its current incarnation, but they are also souring on Team Blue as well. Fully 34 percent of 18-29 year-old voters call themselves true independents, meaning they don't lean toward Republicans or Democrats. That compares to just 11 percent on non-leaning independents among voters 30 years old and up. 

The great political achievement of the 21st century so far has been to alienate young voters from the two major parties in the U.S. And the great task for both Democrats and Republicans in 2016 will be to figure out how to woo them back.

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  1. While there’s no question that the GOP has managed to alienate millennials

    Never should have disqualified them for participation trophies.

    1. TARP was the ultimate participation trophy.

      1. And you completely supported it, Mr. “Libertarian Purity Test” Dave Weigel.

        1. Yeah, what the hell is shriek’s point about this?

  2. That’s it, cancel my subscription.

  3. Millennials don’t even remember the Clinton years. I’m not sure if that’s a positive or negative for the Democrats. And Obama may have soured the youngsters on the Democrat brand for a while.

    1. The stench of Bush is stronger.

      I know, BOOOOOSH! But we are talking perception of the two parties by the under 32 set.

    2. Older Millenials* voted for Al Gore. Some of them remember the Clinton years.

      *The ones who know how to dial an avocado rotary wall phone as opposed to the ones who were using cell phones before they could talk.

  4. Nothing says cool like a white senior citizen school marm.

  5. Thank you for your article on the millennials. I was wondering when you were going to start writing about them.

    1. Reason has been strangely silent on this…until now!

  6. Someone should poll the Millenials about this.

    1. Does Reason even have any polling experience???

  7. “Millenials” make ladies’ hats, right?

    1. There’s literally binders of designs to chose from

  8. You know who else thought they couldn’t lose?

    1. The Mighty Ducks?

    2. Ivan Drago?

    3. The 07 Patriots?

    4. Marty McFly, after he bought Gray’s Sports Almanac?

    5. Custer?


      1. This was a sports themed thread only! Didn’t you get the memo?

        1. OK, how about the 85th Infantry Division basketball team?

    6. Biff in “Back to the Future Part II”?

    7. Ivy University (from Up the Creek)

  9. And Obama actually lost the youth vote among 18-, 19-, and 20-year-olds to Mitt Romney, everyone’s least favorite grandparent.

    Were they voting for Romney ironically? Or were they voting against Obama, the guy they saw as fucking up their employment prospects?

    1. The Millenials of Campus Crusade for Christ were the only ones not too stoned to make it to the polls on election day.

  10. If millennials are getting tired of both parties, I wonder what that means.

    No doubt, they find Republicans tiresome on issues like opposition to gay marriage.

    If they’re tired of Democrats, what does that mean? What issues are they tired of?

    Is there any issue the Democrats have that isn’t tied to personal support for Barack Obama? Is Barack Obama the Democrat issue that millenials have grown tired of?

    And what if Obama is the only reason they find Democrats tolerable? If millenials are growing tired of the only reason they find Democrats tolerable, then the Democrats are in trouble.

    …assuming the establishment Republicans can somehow resist the urge to shoot themselves in the foot.

    Meanwhile, there isn’t anything charismatic about Hillary Clinton. I suspect most of the early support you see for her is about name recognition. bet 70% of the people out there don’t know who the vice-president is. And with the Facebook generation, it’s all about liking what your friends “like”.

    How can you like someone you’ve never heard of?

    1. I am not convinced that Hillary Clinton will run. She’s that bad of a campaigner.

      1. She’s the opposite of charismatic. She has the same problem Al Gore did but in a different way.

        Al Gore couldn’t engage with an audience in a natural way. His closes approximation to natural speech came across like he had a stick up his ass.

        Hillary Clinton can approach natural speech, but when she does? People don’t like her. I mean, they genuinely dislike her personality.

        I bet Coca Cola would pay Hillary a lot of money NOT to endorse their product.

        1. I agree that she has zero charisma. Remember, Obama famously said she was “likable enough” during a debate.

          And he was right. She would have been POTUS except for him.

          1. That is what I hear. And every Democrat in America seems to lament that fact for some reason. It is almost as if the Black Jesus is fucking moron who is destroying the party or something.

        2. Owl Gore has zero charisma, he’s basically a potted plant. Hillary OTOH has negative charisma, aha can’t open her mouth without coming across as a vile shrew. Neither is good in an election/ beauty contest, but I’d say its better to be dull and boring than hateful and hated.

          1. aha= she. Don’t know how or why my phone did that.

          2. Al Gore is worse than a potted plant. Potted plants just sit there and look nice. Al Gore has to open his trap and from there on out it is all down hill.

            I saw him a couple of times when I lived in Memphis and he is a slack wit with no personality. If his daddy hadn’t been a senator, Al would still be dreaming of moving into a double-wide at some point in the future.

      2. It wouldn’t shock me at all if she used the possibility of running to collect a few more millions from various rubes and then retired. I doubt that will happen, however. The thing about the Clintons is that power and politics are all they have. These people have no life or existence outside of the endless quest for more power. She will probably run because she literally has nothing else to do.

        I used to think she was more formidable than people on the right thought she was. Now I think she is much weaker than perceived. As Ken points out above, she hasn’t a wit of charisma. I can’t see her ever coming across as a very nice person. And Americans for whatever reason want to think that their President is a nice person.

        Also, I think the coming Democratic civil war over what to do about radical Islam is going to torpedo her and probably any Dem candidate in 2016. The anti-Western multicultural hard left just isn’t going to take it anymore. They are not going to suck it up and vote for another President drone strike. They hate the Clintons and are going to go all in on the first candidate willing to go full retard with them, probably Warren or O’Mally. And the resulting primary fight is going to be ugly. Chances are Hillary will win it but win it by fighting dirty and the lefty butt hurt is going to be epic. Epic enough that it will demoralize them and kill turn out in 2016.

        1. The anti-Western multicultural hard left

          All 2% of them? You really are delusional. Obama is barely getting any pushback for his Muslim droning spree.

          1. Sure he isn’t. It is because he is black. But Hillary isn’t. And 2% of the vote staying home or voting for a third party would swing most elections.

            And last I looked, Warren and the various other full retard leftist would get a lot more than 2% of the primary vote. The left hates Hillary.

            Not everyone is quite as retarded and quite as dedicated to the party as you are.

        2. I’ve said it before, but I really think that the only reason Obama won was because he gave liberals an out. They could tell themselves that the reason they weren’t going to vote for the first woman president was because they were going to vote for the first black president.

          This time around, I can see someone like Warren riding the same sort of wave. “Look I’m still part of the group, I’m voting for a woman, just not Hillary.”

          The problem with Hillary is that she is such a shrew that every normal guy in the world looks at her and thinks, “no way I want to listen to 4 years of hectoring from her.”

  11. Left of Center 15 minutes ago
    Rand Paul has a column in today’s Wall Street Journal. He criticizes the President’s foreign policy (no surprise) but buried deep in the article is the grudging admission that Obama was right in not rushing to aid the anti-Assad forces. He then goes on to criticize the hawks in his own party. These advocate shooting first and asking analytical questions later. The problem is that he disingenuously suggests that shoot first and ask questions later is a Democratic problem.

    Rand’s foreign policy, you asked?



    1. Forget it – it’s probably some Millenial.

      1. The gall is amazing. Obama wanted to help ISIS fight Assad, Rand Paul helped to stop him, therefore Obama is smart for not helping ISIS and Rand Paul is a monster. What the fuck?

        1. “Obama wanted to help ISIS fight Assad”

          That’s overly reductive.

          There was (and is) opposition to Assad that is not ISIS.

          Even if he wanted to fund the opposition, and that had somehow helped ISIS, that would have happened against Obama’s will.

          There are plenty of Obama’s own petards to hoist him on–why not pick a real one?

        2. In a perfect world, Obama’s push would cost Gerry Connolly (D-VA 11) his seat in congress. Connolly was the point on the Hill for intervention and he basically told his constituents to STFU.

    2. The problem is that he disingenuously suggests that shoot first and ask questions later is a Democratic problem.

      In fairness Warty, if we had a Democrat in the White House rather than that God Damned war monger McCain, we wouldn’t be so quick to bomb people.

  12. despite huge (and declining) support for Barack Obama at the polls

    Considering our voter turnout is around 40%, there was huge support for none of the above.

    1. Forget it Apatheist, its Gillespietown.

  13. Didn’t this magazine used to be called Reason, not Millennial Monthly?

    1. Like them or not, they are the best hope for libertarianism. Baby Boomers sure as hell aren’t.

      1. Those look like English sentences, but I’m not sure if the resemblance isn’t coincidental.

      2. Hey acne-scarred, tubby Weigel.

        1. What are you, Johnny, like 15? I mean, Buttplug is a full on idiot with a sweet topping of moran, but, come on, “acne-scarred”?

    2. We might need a kickstarter to stop this garbage. Anybody spending any amount of time with Millenials while they get wasted will see that this is a lost cause.

  14. Don’t forget that Hillary has some health problems which she and the media try to keep under wraps.

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