Ukraine Suspicious of Russian Aid Convoys, Sex Offenders Stuck in NY Prisons, Marriage Ban Struck Down in Florida: A.M. Links


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  1. …because the city has zoned them out of living literally anywhere else.

    Just like it does to everyone else.

    1. Hello.

      “You know, guys like Bitsko don’t make headlines. Those go to Manziel not starting in Cleveland.” – Neil Everett

  2. Venezuela proposes fingerprinting shoppers

    Venezuelans soon may need to have their fingerprints scanned before they can buy bread.

    President Nicolas Maduro has announced a mandatory grocery fingerprinting system to combat food shortages.

    He said late Wednesday the program will stop people from buying too much of a single item, but did not say when it would take effect.

    The move was met with skepticism. Critics say the new system is tantamount to rationing and constitutes a breach of privacy.

    1. sheesh! MORE. HARDER. The call of the leftist

    2. The solution to problems caused by government is always more government. Always. Also, Venezuela is a model for America to emulate; one of my lefty Facebook friends told me so.

    3. Mmmm, that’s some good equality.

    4. Damn hoarders ruining it for everyone

      1. Don’t forget the wreckers and kulaks.

    5. We had to do something to stop the hoarders. And Tony and Shreek and every other brain dead American Prog would make the US like this.

      1. At long last, everyone would be equal!

      2. Fingerprinting to avert the bread shortage is the price of civilization according to Tony.

    6. Srsly, you guys don’t see this as a just a lame pretext to fingerprint Venezuelans?

      Like they would have the money for fingerprint scanners and the network to support that if they can’t feed their own people.

      1. What makes you think feeding the people is a high priority item? There is always room in the budget for scanners, just cut some more food purchases.

    7. That’s more humane than shooting their shoplifters.

      Right? RIGHT?!?

  3. You guys if libertarians really opposed police militarization, we’d want to take everyone’s guns away.

    People just get libertarians.

    1. In the comments from the article:

      JoshRendell 8 hours ago
      libertarians are just anarchists, they ought to set up their libertarian utopia in jonestown or somalia


      1. Jonestown? Well, bonus points for creativity, I guess.

        1. Nothing says “Libertarian” like a socialist commune. Didn’t you know that?

        2. We could get our hookers from nearby Brazil.

      2. Wait, Jonestown?

        *slowly pours out his drink*

        1. On the other hand, you could probably pick it up cheap.

          1. The Kool-Aid Man should’ve sued for slander a long time ago. Poor guy has even had a phrase (“drinking the Kool-Aid”) named after him, when Jonestown had nothing to do with him.

            1. Oh yeah!

    2. FTA

      U.K. has some of the world’s strictest limitations on gun ownership?handguns are all but prohibited, while shotguns and rifles require a police certificate and special justification (self-defense does not qualify.)

      I seriously cannot grasp that kind of thinking. Where only the govt is there to protect us…yadda yadda.

      1. Doesn’t the UK have a ridiculously high rate of stabbings? People are going to defend themselves.

        1. And their gun crime rate is higher than pre-ban levels.

          1. As is their hot burglary rate.

          2. And their gun crime rate is higher than pre-ban levels.

            This must be wrong. They banned guns!

  4. So instead of one pass with your 2200 watt vacuum cleaner you need two or three passes with your 1600 watt unit and takes twice as long and removes less dirt..

    “”””EU Vacuum Ban To Outlaw Most Powerful Cleaners above 1600 watts”””…..l-cleaners

    1. I made the same point a couple of days ago.

      1. I am always behind the times

      2. But not before i had

          1. With this wattage of comments, you really need two or three passes to really make the point.

            1. two or three phases, maybe.


    2. They must have some powerful vacuums in Europe.
      Assuming that the wattage mentioned is power consumed, in the US you can’t really have a motor over 1800 W that plugs into a normal 120 V outlet which is rated only to 15 A.

      1. 220V is the standard outlet voltage in most of Europe.

        1. This^^ US vacuums are supposed to be limited to 12 Amps.

          12*120= 1440 Watts

          12*220= 2640 Watts

        2. Yeah, I know that. But watts are still watts.

          It’s neither here nor there, really. People should be able to buy whatever kind of small appliances they want. I just thought it was interesting.

          1. Yes, but your argument seemed to me to be that US vacuum cleaner power is limited by current draw. If that is the limit, then in a 220V system the same wire can carry twice the current as in a 120V system.

  5. BBC: Craig Maddocks’s family backs knife surrender campaign

    The project, being launched in Birmingham, aims to see knife banks set up in towns and cities in north east Wales, Shropshire, the West Midlands and also Cardiff.

    Those behind it will also tour communities, talking to young people and offering T-shirts and hoodies in exchange for knives.

    Metal from the knives collected will then be turned into a 24ft sculpture of an angel as a tribute to those who died as a result of knife crime.

    1. Next up: a pointed stick exchange program.

      1. “Your superior intellects are no match for our puny weapons!”

    2. When knives are outlawed, only criminals will have knives.

      1. When knives are outlawed, only outlaws will have inlays.

        1. “You can have my knife when you take it from my warm, willing to comply fingers.”

    3. To be a zombie outlaw in Birmingham…

    4. That is exactly how the samurai disarmed the peasantry. Confiscated weapons were to be melted and recast into a figure of the Buddha. Of course, no one expects the targets of this program to know that.

      1. I had forgotten that. And I was just reading up on Oda Nobunaga.

    5. “””during an incident in a toilet cubicle”””

      What about banning toilet cubicles!!!!!

    6. Why does anyone give a damn about what Craig Maddocks family thinks…versus say any other family?

    7. hoodies in exchange for knives.


      1. I’m waiting for the “Victims of Fork violence” meme.

        1. “You could gouge someone’s eye out with that spoon!”

    8. Metal from the knives collected will then be turned into a 24ft sculpture of an angel as a tribute to those who died as a result of knife crime.

      Wouldn’t it be better (or at least a lot cooler) to make a throne out of them?

    9. So I can exchange a dull old butter knife for new hoodie?

  6. An Erfurt court has decided not to force a 56-year old man to pay damages for more than 31 kilos of gold teeth taken from the crematorium in Hamburg where he worked between 2003 and 2011.…

    1. Such remains are an important source of revenue for local authorities across Germany

      Hmm. Maybe US police should take gold teeth along with cars in suspected drug cases.

      1. The gold doesn’t belong to the estate of the decedent?

        1. BWAHAHAHA

      2. What a wonderful idea. (slips pliers into police duty belt)

      3. So the state will even resort to graverobbing to fuel its insatiable appetite.

        1. It’s a time honored tradition dating back to the time of the pharohs

    2. 31 kilos? Damn, that’s a lot of teeth.

      You know who else collected a lot of teeth?

      1. The tar pits?

      2. The Cavity Creeps?

        1. WE … MAKE … HOLES IN TEETH!
          WE … MAKE … HOLES IN TEETH!

            1. Don’t worry, Cresty the Dog will still love you.

    3. You would think that the Germans would be a bit shy about selling the gold teeth of the dead. Do the local authorities make lamps shades from their skin as well?

      1. +infinity for taking the joke all the way

    4. You know who else in Germany harvested gold teeth from bodies? (too easy, thanks IFH)

  7. In Texas, gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis wants to remove the statute of limitations for prosecuting rape and sexual battery.

    Someone’s planning to ride the lady vote into the governor’s mansion.

    1. Oh, goody, more “recovered memory” cases. Because it worked so well a generation ago.

    2. “Someone’s planning to ride the lady…”

      Sounds like someone needs some bunk time.

    3. haven’t even heard from her in months. She will lose by 20+

  8. Wendy Davis wants to remove the statute of limitations…

    And replace it with a replica of the statute of liberty

        1. “With every mistake, we must surely be learning”.

          Not likely.

    1. Statute (law) is different from statue (sculpture), dude.

      1. I think he was making a two level joke.

      2. Yeah! Get a brain you moran!

      3. Need moar coffee.

  9. French authorities will next month consider changing the name of a tiny hamlet near Paris which is officially known as La-Mort-aux-Juifs (“Death to Jews”)…..hange-name

    1. My English comment is: “La-condamn?s-?-perp?tuit?-aux-Juifs?”

      1. Sentenced to life in prison of the Jews?

        1. Well, it’s arguably less harsh than the original!

      2. In a gesture of outreach to their Slavic brethren:


    2. Next thing you know, we’ll be renaming all those towns named Matamoros.

  10. Conspiracy theories aren’t just for conservatives

    Yet Krugman is mostly wrong that nuttiness is found mainly among conservatives, and his misperception actually reveals a great deal about U.S. politics. People of all political persuasions believe their views are objectively right and others hold positions that are arbitrary and asinine. Daniel Kahan finds that partisan commitments make people look for evidence to justify their conclusions. Even when, say, liberals come up with a correct answer, it may not have been because of their high esteem for evidence. They just got lucky. The implication is that people use data like drunks use lampposts: more for support than illumination. Columnist Ezra Klein concurs with Kahan, although he points out the large numbers of Republicans who refuse to accept climate science and wonders whether there is a liberal equivalent to climate change denial.

      1. Belief in central planning.

        1. This this this this this

          No matter how many times it fails, they keep coming back

          1. They just haven’t been doing it correctly all those other times.

        2. That’s economic creationism, insofar as it regards as implausible the notion that advanced, complex order can emerge from what appears to be a chaotic and uncontrolled process, and demands the existence of an intelligent designer.

          The impact of government spending and debt, though, would be a better analogy.

          1. “Economic creationism.” Very nice.

            1. Indeed – I may have to use that, should I encounter progs, in the wild.

    1. Oh. Didn’t know conspiracy theories and conservatives were mutually inclusive.

      Like those 9/11 truthers and all those anti-corporate liberals, right?

      The depth of liberal arrogance knows no bounds.

      “Columnist Ezra Klein concurs”


      1. You’d think this would make interesting material for a book.

        1. True, but I don’t think anyone from Reason writes books. Nor anyone here in the commentariat…

          1. Perhaps we should start…

          2. Wel,l nobody reads books around here, either.

    2. Columnist Ezra Klein concurs with Kahan, although he points out the large numbers of Republicans who refuse to accept climate science and wonders whether there is a liberal equivalent to climate change denial.

      What Ezra Klein means by ‘climate science’ is a superstitious apocalyptic religion that is built on the framework of cargo-cult science, making that statement a hysterically funny fucking own-goal.

      1. Look, a guy in a lab told Ezra exactly what he wanted to hear. That science fucking denier!!

    3. and wonders whether there is a liberal equivalent to climate change denial.

      Yes Ezra it is spelled ECONOMICS

      1. So much this. So fucking stupid.

      2. I’ve been informed several times by progressive acquaintances that economics is nothing but a pseudoscience. They have told me that this was painfully clear two weeks into their Intro to Micro course.

        1. They were referring to microeconomics, macroeconomics is beyond reproach.

          1. ????

            There is much in micro that has application in managing a business enterprise. Sure, its full application requires some assumptions or predictions of variables that are inherently unknowable, but its very useful on a conceptual level for making decisions.

            Conventional macro is useless for making decisions, and mostly wrong anyway.

            1. THIS^^

            2. I think that was his point. He’s pointing out how they call the economics based in reality wrong, while fully embracing the never been proved version.

        2. I am reminded of the Youtube video of the ditzy wife who couldn’t figure out how many miles you would travel in one hour at a speed of 80 miles/hour. It was one thing that she was so clueless that she went of on some tangent of how to figure it out. What I found most bizarre was that she was clueless to the fact that there was this field of study, called math, that one could use to determine the correct answer to such a complicated problem.

        3. I’m reminded of the students walking out of Greg Mankiw’s Intro econ class a few weeks into the semester, because he hadn’t yet taught anything on the Occupy reading list.

    4. Ezra really has to wonder? At least 80% of the Democrat Party platform comes from liberals refusing to accept evidence.

    5. Republicans who refuse to accept climate science

      Like all the Democrats who refuse to acknowledge the failure of the models to correctly predict the climate? Or the failure to demonstrate that any warming was actually caused by human activity as opposed to natural cycles? Like that refusal to accept climate science?
      Klein inadvertently illustrates Kahan’s point rather well, I think.

      1. Ezra is behind the times – the correct term is “climate deniers”. Is anybody really going to side with somebody who denies there’s such a thing as a climate?

        This stuff just irritates the crap out of me.

        They start off by claiming these guys are climate deniers, but obviously include in their definition anybody skeptical of any part of the agenda. I am apparently a climate denier because I think maybe killing off half the population of the planet, destroying modern civilization and returning the rest of the human race to living in a pre-industrial society is not a good strategy for addressing the coming global warming catastrophe that threatens to kill off half the population of the planet, destroy modern civilization and return the rest of the human race to living in a pre-industrial society.

        1. That is the worst. Even assuming that the disaster predictions are valid, the science cannot tell you what the appropriate public policy is.

    6. How about every goddamn delusional Koch brothers meme?

      1. ^yarp. I’ve seen a few Koch conspiracies spewed by lefties.

  11. …Ukraine considers a Russian convoy carrying humanitarian aid to be “a direct invasion by Russia.”

    The trucks are, ironically, carrying Trojan condoms.

    1. The trucks are, ironically, carrying Trojan condoms.

      So no more planting the seeds of revolution?

    2. Those are the ones that have that extra flexibility that Obama likes, aren’t they?

  12. Sea plankton ‘found living outside International Space Station’

    Scientists on board the ISS are reported to have discovered living organisms when taking samples from windows.

    Head of the Russian ISS orbital mission Vladimir Solovyev said the results of the experiment “are absolutely unique”.

    Solovyev told the Russian Itar-Tass news agency that the tiny marine life-forms were not native to the launch site in Kazakhstan.

    “Plankton in these stages of development could be found on the surface of the oceans,” he said.

      1. Why are aliens always after female human booty?

        1. Because we are they.

        2. Once you control the population of hot females, the men will fall into line.

          1. Yes, the way to control many a man’s mind is through women

            1. The way to a man’s heart is through his vas deferens?

    1. Russia is preparing to invade. Sees opportunity to reintroduce communism.

      “This time it shall work.”

      /that’s my best Drago accent.

  13. The U.K. has some of the world’s strictest limitations on gun ownership?handguns are all but prohibited, while shotguns and rifles require a police certificate and special justification (self-defense does not qualify.)

    Emphasis added. Serious question: What “special justifications” qualify?

    1. “Friend of the crown prosecutor,” is my guess.

    2. “I’m rich and I want to shoot critters.”

      1. I think that is the main one. Shooting sports do still exist there to some extent.

    3. There is functionally no right to self-defense in the UK.

    4. The author is actually wrong on that point. A UK shotgun certificate does not require a showing of cause by the applicant (though it does not cover shotguns with more than 2+1 capacity).

      1. So, just like New Jersey.

  14. Henry Rollins Slams Robin Williams For Suicide: If You Kill Yourself, You “Blew It”…..s-suicide/

    “How in the hell could you possibly do that to your children? I don’t care how well adjusted your kid might be ? choosing to kill yourself, rather than to be there for that child, is every shade of awful, traumatic and confusing. I think as soon as you have children, you waive your right to take your own life. No matter what mistakes you make in life, it should be your utmost goal not to traumatize your kids. So, you don’t kill yourself.”

    He’s got a point.

    1. Unfortunately severely depressed people often think they would be doing other people a favour by checking out.

      1. Yeah — apparently Rollins doesn’t understand clinical depression.

        1. Yeah. It’s not like he did a song about it or anything.

        2. Perhaps to both of you, but it is a selfish act in the end.

          1. Perhaps yes to both of you…

            1. You would have me continue my life solely for the benefit of others?

        3. As Henry once yellsplained at me, “Joe Cole’s dead! Everything’s different now, man.”

          *Google it.

      2. I’ve always thought if you are going to kill yourself, at least have the decency to dispose of yourself as well. No one wants to find your mangled dead body.

    2. Not really. People survive suicide. Humans are resilient.

      1. Growing up there was a family in the neighborhood where the father hanged himself. Granted, they weren’t the sanest bunch to begin with, but still, it fucked up the two boys. Bad. Last I heard one was in prison while the other was homeless. Correlation is not causation, and we’ll never know how their lives may have turned out had they had a father, but I don’t think it helped.

        1. Losing a family member to suicide never, ever stops eating at you. I can tell you that from personal experience. Its like a constant acid drip on your soul.

    3. Yeah, that’s nice, Henry. You could have just written “I don’t understand depression” and left it at that.

    4. Owning oneself includes the freedom to chose when to die.

      1. I didn’t see him demanding a law.

    5. I’m sure living with a parent who constantly wants to die is awesome for kids, on the other hand.

      1. That’s overstating the case. People who battle with depression aren’t necessarily constantly suicidal, but it only takes one really bad turn to end a life.

        It’s more like living with a parent prone to seizures or something.

        1. Sure, but some people are constantly suicidal. And how much do you think they give a shit about taking care of their kids? Does Henry Rollins want to create some superhigh level of resentment where parents hate their children because the children are a drag on them finally killing themselves? Suicidal people do sometimes hate their “loved ones” for wanting them to continue living.

        2. It depends. MDD is cyclical, whereas dysthymia is more constant but less severe (not that its sufferers don’t have occasional good days / weeks). See also the concept of “double depression”.

          Moreover, even if someone is depressed/suicidal only a few days per month, if it is consistent and severe enough it could still be pretty traumatizing for children to observe.

          That said, I don’t think there are very many cases where a parent’s depression is so severe that the kids would be better off after their suicide. But as IFH suggests, in a lot of cases the suicidal parent may think that.

          Finally, discussions of suicide on H&R are almost always retarded and I’m sick of them. Though it’s not the only proposal out there, I think a lot of people here would benefit from reading about the Interpersional-Psychological Theory of Suicidal Behavior. If you are really interested, he has written a whole book about it, Why People Die by Suicide.

    6. I didn’t read the article. Was Rollins saying that there is never, ever a good reason to kill yourself? Or was it just the depressed who shouldn’t do it?

      If it is never ever, I’m gonna have to disagree. I once worked with a guy and his daughter as he battled brain cancer for over a year. He was pretty religious and believed that god had a plan for him and all his suffering was for a reason. His misery was not good at all for his daughter.

      1. I think he is saying that killing yourself is a shitty thing to do to your friends and family. Which it is.

        Considering that fact does stop some people from killing themselves, but is clearly not sufficient in many cases.

        What kind of moral judgement to make about the act of suicide is kind of tricky. Yes, depression is a nasty disease that people can’t just snap out of. But it is still you being depressed and behaving like a depressed person. I have a hard time absolving suicides of the moral implications of the act.

    7. …it should be your utmost goal not to traumatize your kids. So, you don’t kill yourself.

      So would it be less traumatic to the kids to think Daddy deliberately hanged himself rather than that this was an autoerotic asphyxiation experiment gone bad?

  15. Caught On Camera: Oakland Liquor Store Clerks Fight Back Against Aggressive Thief Who Cops Ignored


    Eraja also displayed surveillance video of an armed robbery of the store from two years ago, saying police investigators never took it as evidence when he offered.

    Crimes with victims? Cops don’t got time for that!

    1. The video doesn’t vindicate the police. Why should they give a shit about it?

  16. Who in the hell invites lightning into their house?

    9-Year-Old Struck By Lightning Sitting On Couch

    A 9-year-old boy said he was struck by lightning and thrown off the couch.

    Deandre Connell said he was doing his homework Monday evening when a bolt of lightning struck a tree outside the living room window. He was blown off the couch when the current traveled through the ground.

    1. “Now remember, if anyone at the school asks you how you got that bruise, you tell them that lightning came thru the window and threw you off the counch. Got it, punk?”

      1. “Now remember, if anyone at the school asks you how you got that bruise, you tell them that lightning came thru the window and threw you off the counch. Got it, punk?”

        ~the boy’s clown doll.

    2. I actually once witnessed during an electrical storm an apparent electrical arc come in through an open door and strike a dimmer switch in a wall about ten feet from the door. The dimmer did not work after that and had to be replaced.

  17. Police officer who shot Michael Brown did NOT suffer a broken eye socket but he did go to hospital with a swollen face after deadly altercation…..ation.html
    The cops lied? I’m shocked!

    1. But … but … what about those extremely credible news sources, all one of them?

    2. Cops lied, people died.

    3. but x-rays came back negative for any serious injury

      The x-rays are clearly mistaken.

      1. Well, when it came to the second shooting, we still have people believing the cops’ story of how it happened, despite it being contradicted by the video evidence. So I’m sure that there are some people who’d think that.

      2. He was X-rayed, so there was at least some concern that his bones might have been broken. That alone is evidence his face encountered some solid object – maybe a fist, maybe a window, maybe a door, maybe the steering wheel…

        1. Maybe the recoil from the gun….

      3. What do they charge the doctor with for misreading the x-ray? Perjury? Disorderly conduct? Impeding and investigation? Assaulting a police officer?

          1. Destruction of police property, for bleeding on their uniforms.

    4. Sometimes people can be stupid.

      Read the article.

      This is the same anontmous source vs. anonymous source story that Nick posted about.

      The only thing that says that he did not suffer a broken eye socket is CNN’s anonymous source, just like before.

      Fox anonymous source, and a possible new one from thr Mail, seem to be making it pretty clear that there is some official hospital documentation.

      But we’re still at anonymous source vs. anonymous source.

      So we still don’t really know anything new about this.

  18. California’s vanishing lakes: Before-and-after photos reveal the shocking shriveling effect of state’s most devastating drought in decades…..cades.html

    1. But his face was swollen! Obviously he was beaten up!

    2. Reminds me of the Red River(bed) between Texas and Oklahoma.

      1. Time period was way too short.

    3. It seems likely that this is not a drought, but normal climate for California returning after an unusually wet period.

      1. This^^ And there are too many people.

        Water has been a problem in CA for hundreds of years.

  19. Moose sex corridor between N.S. and N.B. expands by 198 hectares

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada has announced five new land conservation projects ? stretching 198 hectares ? along the Chignecto Isthmus, better known as the “moose sex corridor” connecting Nova Scotia with New Brunswick.

    The land conservation group has been assembling parcels of land to form a corridor for cross-border moose mating between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

    1. Moose sex corridor

      Nice band name.

  20. Soon You Can Read Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Original, Adults-Only Memoir

    Rose Wilder Lane added ass sex, Mexicans and pot, I suppose

    1. Nefie inbreeding has always been a problem.

    2. That makes it a libertarian publication!

    3. Will Melissa Gilbert reprise her role for the movie adaptation?

      *reads article and becomes disappointed*

    4. This edition of Pioneer Girl will include scenes originally cut as too mature, like the one in which “a neighbor of the Ingalls’ pours kerosene throughout his bedroom, sets it on fire and proceeds to drunkenly drag his wife around by her hair before Wilder’s father ? Pa in the children’s books ? intervenes.”

  21. Leftist who most likely opposes the death penalty supports genocide against men:

    Feminism reaches its logical extreme

    1. Wowzers.

      Would men be kept in isolation like stud horses?
      I believe we must remove men from the community and place them in their own specific sections of society, akin to subsidised or state-funded reservations, so they can be redefined.

      But don’t men have value beyond breeding?
      If technology has not advanced to a point where labour can be done without men, the few men that are necessary for said labour will be allowed to work on the outside of the reservations to complete whatever tasks necessary?if they wish.

      Like slaves?
      Not as slaves, simply as workers performing a duty, in the same way workers today do. Only without the need for monetary reimbursement as they would have no need for such a thing. This would be highly monitored and regulated.

      1. Not as slaves, simply as workers performing a duty, in the same way workers today do. Only without the need for monetary reimbursement as they would have no need for such a thing. This would be highly monitored and regulated.

        Totally not slaves.

      2. Now, I know you dudes think this would be bad for you, but imagine how bad it would be for me. I would just have to live in the outside world with other chicks? Jesus fucking christ.

        1. LOL. Life in a world entirely composed of women would be short, brutal and nasty. Good luck Nikki.

        2. No, no Nikki, she’s already thought about you:

          Does this assume all women would automatically form lesbian relationships?
          Relationships between females and males have been different throughout all of history. Associations between women and men differ with the time and popular socialisation. Today that is not common or normalised, but as time passes more women are interested in other women or are willing to indulge and experiment.

          With the combined forces of social and genetic engineering, we can easily reshape and mold human sexuality into whatever we desire.

          1. With the combined forces of social and genetic engineering, we can easily reshape and mold human sexuality into whatever we desire.

            It is like she decided to be a villain from a poorly written SCIFI novel.

          2. The problem isn’t the lack of sex. It’s the glut of bitches.

            1. Unless you were from birth gay, which practically none of these crazy bitches are, how fucked in the head would believing this shit make you? You hate men and want to exterminate them yet at the same time feel sexual and emotional attraction for them. That is just fucked up.

              1. I don’t know, John. There seem to be a lot of women out there who are only “sexually attracted” to men insofar as men are what give you a baby. They just want to mommy it up.

                1. Provided they have a daughter I imagine.

          3. Easily reshape human sexuality. It’d be a cinch.

            Bitches be cray.

        3. As always, women suffer the most in this scenario. Damn the evil Patriarchy, it even ruins this hypothetical feminist utopia!

      3. “Like slaves?

        Not as slaves, simply as workers performing a duty, in the same way workers today do. Only without the need for monetary reimbursement as they would have no need for such a thing. This would be highly monitored and regulated.”

        Sooo…like slaves?

        I hope she’s not married.

        1. If she is then he’s getting what he deserves.

      4. So basically the same crap Valerie Solanas spouted.

      5. But don’t men have value beyond breeding?

        Well, someone has to kill the spiders in the bathroom and open jars…

        1. I just hope I get assigned to the breeding camp and not the spider-killing camp.

          1. +1 Death by Snu-Snu.

    2. Crazy gonna crazy.

    3. The funny part is she has a southern accent and looks like a sorority girl. She would make a perfect evil character on one of Whedon’s projects.

    4. +1 Wicker Man

  22. Drunk French judge tries to bite policemen after mistaking them for taxi drivers

    A drunk judge, who flagged down a police car because he mistook it for a taxi, punched and tried to bite two officers who refused to drive him to his holiday home.

    The judge was accompanied by his three young children, whom he had just collected from the home of his ex-wife in the southern city of Montpellier on Saturday evening. After he was charged with assault the next day, he admitted that he was so intoxicated that he thought the blue light on the police car meant that it was a taxi.

    1. Lu?s Su?rez for Supreme Court justice!

      1. “We call him bitey.”

    2. To be fair, Drunk and French are redundant after a certain age.

  23. Queers, they’re like magical elves – they can do anything.

    Spanish senator blame ?1 trillion national debt on homosexuals…..xuals.html

    1. It’s their fabulous lifestyle!

    2. Thank God magical elves are asexual. If they were gay too they would rule the earth

    3. Crikey, he’s on to us!

      1. Yeah, so what did you get with all that cash?!?!?!?!

        1. Fabulous, useless, glittery fragile things.

    4. forced the national debt to surpass a record ?1?trillion (?800?billion) with “his favours” to the gay community.

      What favors? Who knows. It’s like no one in the MSM can be bothered to write a proper article any more.

  24. The Wane of Government by Consent
    Ferguson shows us what happens when people distrust their leaders.

    If not only blacks and whites but all sorts of distinct groups see political power as a form of rivalrous consumption, and it may be the case that they do, then we should expect more and deeper ethnic, linguistic, religious, and economic fissures, and more intense conflicts associated with them, as the size of government grows and power is consolidated at the federal level. On the other hand, if you want peace, then you should press for localism, federalism, the devolution of powers, strong property rights and constitutional protections of other individual rights, and, above all, limited government ? because limited government means less to fight over in the political realm. That will not solve every problem ? nothing solves every problem ? and it wouldn’t necessarily have prevented the problems in Ferguson. But it will help forestall some much more significant challenges in the future.

    If a town of 21,000 cannot be governed without consent, what of a country of 300 million?

    1. If not only blacks and whites but all sorts of distinct groups see political power as a form of rivalrous consumption

      In other words, if people see clearly.

  25. One of my friends from a while back posted on Facebook about the ridiculous rules at his kids’ elementary school (public, of course). These were the worst ones:

    – no talking at lunch
    – students in the younger grades all share supplies from a community supply; no bringing in your own

    Gotta cultivate that starter prison reputation, obviously.

    1. – no talking at lunch

      The Milford Academy?

      1. Or a Benedictine Abby?

      2. +1 Buster Bluth

    2. I am punching one of my friends in the face the next time they give me shit about my decision to not send mine to school.

    3. My kid’s school has a no talking policy at lunch.

      It’s retarded.

      No wonder she wants me to pick her up for lunch. What can be better than eating lunch and talking with your friends?

      1. Yeah, I can’t even comprehend that.

      2. Why Rufus? Why? That is cruel. Seriously, the people who run schools must hate children. Only a sadist would force kids to sit and eat in silence every day.

      3. Good luck trying to get my son to shut up. I have to ban him from talking until he finishes his food or he won’t eat.

        1. And we wonder why boys are failing at school.

        2. Same here. She is a perpetual chatter box. So much so she gets free shit nearly every other place she goes.

          Lunch at school is very difficult for her.

          1. I’ve got nine-year-old twins, a boy and a girl, and it’s the boy who cannot stop talking. Just like his oldest brother, now in law school. So I’m worried.

      4. What possible justification is there? The lunch ladies just don’t want to hear the chatter? That’s completely insane.

      5. That’s to protect the kids who won’t talk in French.

        1. Would work if, you know, there were French kids in the class.

          1. I was trying to make a joke.

            Seriously, though, it wouldn’t surprise me if there are some radical Quebeckers who complain about people speaking English in public.

      6. And yet, my friends tell me my kids will not be properly socialized if they are homeschooled.

        1. I always hated that statement. Like locking kids up in one place sorted by age “socializes” them, as opposed to creating a lowest common denominator environment.

          Now that my son is 17, I have been so vindicated as the other parents see how much more mature and responsible he is compared to the others his age. You will see – I don’t know any parents that regret homeschooling (or in our case unschooling).

      7. In elementary school, we had a red light in the lunch room that apparently turned red if the cafeteria got too loud.

        Once red you stopped talking, or the evil lunch monitors made you stand facing the wall because fuck you and your need to eat.

        1. I have a 15 month old and from my limited experience with children he seems like kind of a wild man. I’m thinking he’s going to need drums, sports, motorized vehicles, etc…

          Anyway, I fear that he, or kids like him, get the ADHD tag and the like, while when I was a kid (80’s & 90’s) it was just called hyperactive and they handed you an instrument or a pair of cleats and got the energy out of you that way. Instead of, you know, pills and TV. JMO.

      8. My daughter’s school, thankfully, only uses quiet lunch as a punishment if you’re misbehaving in other ways. So long as you’re not TOO loud, they’re fine.

      9. So… they just sit there and consume nutrients?

        Does their lunch come in pill form? Is their uniform grey from head to toe, so that there are no colors to excite them?

        1. Shave ’em all bald too. No distractions.

  26. Meet the scientists who sat Rick Scott down and explained climate change to him

    Scott, because there was no way he could get away with not doing so, gave them a half-hour of his time. The briefing went down Tuesday; Thursday morning, three of those scientists ? Jeff Chanton, a professor of oceanography at Florida State University; Ben Kirtman, a professor of meteorology and physical oceanography at the University of Miami; and David Hastings, a professor of marine science and chemistry at Eckerd University ? recapped what went down.

    In order to make sure everyone was on the same page, the presentation went way back. Like, Climate Science 101 back. Which is arguably what Scott needed. They started with ice cores, explaining how scientists drill into glaciers in order to uncover a chronological record of temperature and atmospheric conditions stretching back hundreds of thousands of years. Chanton demonstrated how concentrations of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane are clearly correlated with temperature “in a very significant way,” and how current CO2 levels, which are off the charts, are clearly influencing temperature, and will continue to do so in the future:

    1. are clearly influencing temperature,

      Now that is some rock solid precision there.

    2. “CO2 levels, which are off the charts…”

      Sounds like they need better charts.

      1. Some of those core samples show CO2 levels much higher than now. If current levels were ‘off the charts’ then past levels would also be ‘off the charts’ and we would have no clue as to what happened once the levels wandered off the charts.

        Which means Lindsey Graham should really stick to writing articles on subjects she has an aptitude for. May I recommend a hard hitting expose on Justin Bieber’s latest tattoos?

    3. Chanton demonstrated how concentrations of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane are clearly correlated with temperature

      Oh yeah, very scientific to just assume correlation equals causation:

      Spurious Correlations.

      1. Even worse the correlation is reversed; warmer temps lead to greater biological activity which results in an increase in CO2 and methane levels.

        The ice cores show an 800 year lag between warming and the rise in CO2, if I remember correctly.

        And the whole thing is a crutch to save them from the fact that their theory (increased CO2 causes a hot spot in the troposphere that increases biological activity leading to more methane and CO2 and more evaporation leading to more H2O leads to more heat being trapped in the tropospheric hotspot and radiated back to earth in a vicious positive feedback loop) has been falsified by observations.

        Their theory having failed to predict observations they are reduced to claiming “it can’t be anything but Eve eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge burning of fossil fuels because there is no possible other explanation!

        That way they don’t have to provide a mechanism; the atmosphere becomes a black box: more CO2 means higher temperatures somewhere. How? Who knows?

        The sad thing is, they could be right; increased CO2 could be a serious problem; but because they are so busy trying to prove a theory that is wrong, they are blowing time, money and credibility that could be spent doing real science.

      2. While amusing, is there any proof those are spurious?

  27. Teen Crushed To Death Was Stealing Metal Rods

    The steel rods were “instrumental” in keeping the construction walls in place, and when Harden removed one or more of them, the walls fell, police said.


    1. Idiot was stealing tilt-up wall braces. Now that’s Darwinism in action.

    1. I’m gladdened and saddened at the same time.

      1. Sure, their segments could be lame. But Kari!

        1. Damn, Kari was sheer hotness. Kinda declined the past few years though. But early Kari – damn.

            1. Damn you

              1. I searched google images for “Kari Byron hot” and that was near the top.

                1. Admit it: you already had that on your hard drive.

            2. You are a mean person. I’m going to Starbucks. Want anything?

              1. Hot tea with lemon would be nice.

            3. You …. swine. I CLICKED THAT AND I CANNOT UNSEE IT!

            4. So does anyone need further proof that “libertarian” = “asshole”?

            5. Gah! You dick!

            6. Now I need to see a pig slaughtered to get that out of my head.

        2. They always get the “social” myths (like getting drunk) – I like those more than the “blow shit up” ones.

  28. My 75lb McIntosh MC2100 power amp came in yesterday.….._2100b.jpg

    1. It will look really bad ass if you put a polished chrome supercharger on top

  29. What Elizabeth Warren Fails to Understand About Finance

    Todd Zywicki cites as an example new rules issued late last year by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency that effectively persuaded banks to eliminate direct deposit loans that the OCC deemed as essentially high-cost payday loans.

    But in so doing, the OCC essentially left poor consumers at the mercy of payday loan companies and bank overdraft fees by limiting market competition and consumer choice.

    “You really have to think about the cost of doing things,” Zywicki says, noting that consumers with impaired credit will have to pay higher interest so well-intended rules that limit their choices will effectively increase their costs.

    1. Elizabeth Warren is a champion of the people. What is wrong with you people!?

      1. Seriously. Don’t you all know the middle-class is being hammered?

        1. So raise alcohol taxes then!

    2. “You really have to think about the cost of doing things,” Zywicki says

      To be fair, Todd, there are those who *think* about that cost.

    3. Easily solved, just force banks to give direct deposit loans with low interest rates. There is no regulatory problem that more regulation can’t solve.

  30. living literally

    I suppose they could live figuratively. Which is what I intend to do on my sojourn into libertine madness next week. I’ll say hi to Grover for yinz.

  31. Because cops only kill people with guns.

    They killed Kelly Thomas without firing a shot.

    1. I thought Brown was unarmed?


    Yes, the Bergdahl trade was illegal. I guess all of the various liberal hacks who claimed it wasn’t will be apologizing now, right?

    1. No, John, because intentions are all that matter.

  33. Now that Emory did a fabulous job saving the Ebola victims, maybe they can do something about that huge war boner that Geraldo was waving around on Fox & Friends this morning?

    1. Who are we suppose to fight now?

      1. Geraldo wants us to declare war on ISIS and ally with Syrian dictator Assad to kill the ISIS barbarians who form an “existential threat” to the U.S.

        1. Only then will we find what’s really in Al Capone’s vault!

          1. There was nothing in Al Capone’s vault
            But it wasn’t Geraldo’s fault!

        2. Because supporting nasty dictators who opposed our more immediate enemies has worked so well for us in the past. Marcos, Trudeau…

          1. But they’ll get it right this time!

        3. Ally with the dictator whose enemies we have been funneling weapons to? What could go wrong?

    1. That is…awesome.

    2. Actual genius.

    3. Salmon Cannon.

      I’m thinking prog-rock band name?

  34. New developments in ‘Joe Biden defense’ case
    Firearms charge to be dismissed, but man to be prosecuted for obstruction

    Clark County’s prosecutor said Tuesday he will dismiss a firearms-related charge against a Vancouver man who said he was merely taking Vice President Joe Biden’s advice on how to defend his property from car prowlers. Instead, the man will be prosecuted for obstructing a police officer.

    Jeffrey C. Barton, 53, made international news when he told journalists: “I did what Joe Biden told me to do. I went outside and fired my shotgun in the air.”

    That is a reference to the vice president’s answer to a question in February 2013 about home defense. Biden responded that Americans don’t need to own semiautomatic weapons because a couple blasts from a shotgun will scare off intruders.

    1. That was a totally brilliant move on Barton’s part.

    2. One again: if there is no primary charge, there should be no secondary charge.

      What did he do to obstruct justice?

      Golik said ethical guidelines prevent him from discussing specific reasons for the new charge.

      What the fucking fuck? What “ethical reasons” are there to not discuss the grounds for criminally charging someone?

  35. What percentage of Americans’ 300 million guns are ever used in a crime, let alone used against the police? I’d be surprised if it has fewer than two zeros after the decimal point.

    1. 0.01% of 300 million is 30,000. Do the math.

      1. Where’d the 30,000 come from? If you’re referencing gun deaths, two-thirds of that 30,000 are suicides.

        1. Yes, but suicide is against the law, and hence they are used in crimes. 😉

          1. suicide is against the law

            Is it a capital crime?

          2. “It’s against the law where I come from, too!”

            ~Clarence Oddboddy

          3. Suicide is not against the law. The reason being, you can’t indict a corpse.

            Attempted suicide is against the law. Its one of the few, maybe the only, “inchoate” crimes where the intended result is not technically a crime.

  36. What Elizabeth Warren Fails to Understand About Finance

    I’m not sure she understands *anything* about finance as it happens in the real world.

    1. She was pretty good at gobbling up foreclosed houses and flipping them for a nice profit.

      1. Is there a link/source that succinctly summarizes this? I have Lib/prog acquaintances that, if they believed in God, would swear that Warren is the Resurrected.

      2. Elizabeth Warren, who has railed against predatory banks and heartless foreclosures, took part in about a dozen Oklahoma real estate deals that netted her and her family hefty profits through maneuvers such as “flipping” properties, records show. A Herald review has found that the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate rapidly bought and sold homes herself, loaned money at high interest rates to relatives and purchased foreclosed properties at bargain prices.….._blog.html

    2. What Elizabeth Warren Fails to Understand About Finance would fill the Library of Congress.

  37. In Texas, gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis wants to remove the statute of limitations for prosecuting rape and sexual battery.

    OK, but only if we can also remove the statute of limitations for prosecuting political corruption as well.

  38. Padma Lakshmi and ‘Top Chef’ crew find Teamsters’ Local flavor bitter

    The union types were miffed because Bravo was using production assistants to drive their cars and not the union. When “Top Chef” star Padma Lakshmi arrived on the set, picketers called her a “(expletive) whore,” our source confirmed, and threatened to “bash that pretty face in.”

    The picketers lobbed sexist, racist and homophobic slurs at the rest of the cast and crew for most of the day, the website reported, and when production wrapped, the “Top Chef” crew found that tires were slashed on 14 of their cars. Milton police confirmed that the union members were “threatening, heckling and harassing” but said no arrests were made. The union protest was confined to just that one day during “Top Chef’s” two-month shoot.

    1. Union workers are the nicest folks on the planet!

      This is completely in line with my experience with unionized steel workers. I got 3 hours straight of stink eye during a plant tour because I was dressed in a suit.

    2. Milton police confirmed that the union members were “threatening, heckling and harassing” but said no arrests were made.

      Of course not.

  39. Uh…

    Innocent before proven guilty? The bizarre bipartisan rush to clear Rick Perry

    If you’re planning a second presidential bid ? especially if your last one didn’t go so well ? getting indicted would seem to be, at the very least, a major roadblock.

    But the news that Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is facing felony charges has so far brought the man nothing but support and sympathy. As the Texas Observer’s Forrest Wilder put it, “Judging from the reaction of national pundits and journalists, the verdict in the case of State of Texas vs. James Richard ‘Rick’ Perry is already in: Rick Perry is not just innocent, he’s being railroaded by liberal Democrats in a vindictive, politically motivated prosecution.”

    1. Innocent before proven guilty?

      Why, yes, that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work. Idiot.

    2. Gee. maybe making political disagreements criminal isn’t such a great idea. What a fascist nitwit Ms. Rappaport is. The article boils down to

      Sure Perry is being railroaded but since I don’t like him that means he isn’t entitled to any sympathy or outrage over his being railroaded.

    3. The dems though they had an easy way to make him look like an ass. It backfired badly.

      This is them on the left.

      Ironic, really. Since he’s so obviously an ass already to anyone paying attention.

    4. I don’t think there’s anything bizarre about the rush being bipartisan – if you can’t indict Perry for just doing his job, you can’t indict Obama for doing his.

      1. What’s bizarre about it is that it reverses the usual “principals before principles” of the proggy left.

  40. Those peopel in New York are really crazy arent they? Amazing.

  41. How to combat online sexism


    Tweet at women asking them “what should be done”.

    If there were solutions, they wouldn’t be able to bitch for all eternity.

    Make the person who is clearly suffering from the effects of an unfair system do free work for you. If you need more information to understand what you see happening, you have ways of obtaining it

    If they had to explain, you might realize how trivial their bullshit was.

    Feel like you have to give a response. Sometimes people simply want to be heard and understood, and you do not need to prove you are a good person by offering a pithy reply or insincerely fist-shaking along.

    It makes it more difficult to paint all men as evil rapists.

    Try to explain things. Understand that even if the person you are addressing is not an authority in her field (though she often may be, as sexism targets prominent women) you ought not automatically assume she needs you to let her know how things go in her field, unless she has asked.

    If the bitching makes no sense, don’t explain why she’s wrong. Then she’d have to stop bitching.

  42. MATHS

    I run a data center. Disk drives that are left running continuously last between two and three years?. The odds of a disk failing in any given month are roughly one in 36. The odds of two different drives failing in the same month are roughly one in 36 squared, or 1 in about 1,300. The odds of three drives failing in the same month is 36 cubed, or 1 in 46,656. The odds of seven different drives failing in the same month is 37 to the 7th power = 1 in 78,664,164,096.

    Also in that link, enjoy a good rageboner.

    The dronemiester-in-chief doesn’t brag about killing people in public, but instead waxes philosophical about the evils of the free market. He told some Kansans last year that capitalism doesn’t work. “It has never worked,” Obama said to applause.

    It didn’t work when it was tried in the decade before the Great Depression. It’s not what led to the incredible postwar booms of the ’50s and ’60s. And it didn’t work when we tried it during the last decade. I mean, understand, it’s not as if we haven’t tried this theory.

    1. Is that out of context? was he actually referring to capitalism there? Like, using small increments of agreed upon currency to represent stores of value that are held by private parties? That it doesn’t work? Work for what? This is confusing bullshit.

      1. I’m sure he was setting up some strawman about unfettered dog eat dog capitalism having been tried.

        1. Maybe he just doesn’t know what words mean. Does he want us to go back to the barter system?

      2. Did he mean free markets?

      3. His Holiness’s remarks

        Now, just as there was in Teddy Roosevelt’s time, there is a certain crowd in Washington who, for the last few decades, have said, let’s respond to this economic challenge with the same old tune. “The market will take care of everything,” they tell us. If we just cut more regulations and cut more taxes — especially for the wealthy — our economy will grow stronger. Sure, they say, there will be winners and losers. But if the winners do really well, then jobs and prosperity will eventually trickle down to everybody else. And, they argue, even if prosperity doesn’t trickle down, well, that’s the price of liberty.

        Now, it’s a simple theory. And we have to admit, it’s one that speaks to our rugged individualism and our healthy skepticism of too much government. That’s in America’s DNA. And that theory fits well on a bumper sticker. (Laughter.) But here’s the problem: It doesn’t work. It has never worked. (Applause.) It didn’t work when it was tried in the decade before the Great Depression. It’s not what led to the incredible postwar booms of the ’50s and ’60s. And it didn’t work when we tried it during the last decade. (Applause.) I mean, understand, it’s not as if we haven’t tried this theory.

        1. “We’ve tried reality, and it doesn’t work”

        2. And ladies and gentlemen, this ignorant bufoon was the product of one of the finest prep schools in Hawaii, attended some of the finest Ivy League schools, and is widely considered a scholar.

          Yet his claim about the 1920’s is even wronger than Blutarsky’s line about the Germans bombing pearl harbor in Animal House.

          This man is literally as ignorant as he portrays country bumkins to be when he mocks them.

    2. In the over 20 years I have owned personal and used work computers, I have never once had a hard drive fail and never known anyone who had. It just doesn’t happen very often.

      1. Ive had a bunch fail.

        Especially back in the late 90s. It was an especially crappy time for them.

        But when you work in IT, you have a higher sample size to work with.

        Ive never had a hard drive on a personal PC fail.

        1. The missing piece of the one in 36 thing is the life of the drive. Most drives that do fail (like a lot of electronics) fail very early in their individual life. Failure is due mostly to manufacturing inperfections, which manifest early on. if you make it past 60 days, chances are extemely high that you will make it past 60 months.

      2. I’ve had two hard drive failures in 20-odd years of using computers.

  43. Proof that making money in tech is no guarantee of smarts, version 8.0:

    “Tech mogul tackles ‘dark money’ in political campaigns”…..704914.php

    He wants to reduce the amount of money in politics and he’s raising money to do so.

  44. It didn’t work when it was tried in the decade before the Great Depression. It’s not what led to the incredible postwar booms of the ’50s and ’60s. And it didn’t work when we tried it during the last decade. I mean, understand, it’s not as if we haven’t tried this theory.

    Fuck, what a loathesome ignoramus. He apparently believes America became the economic powerhouse of the world DESPITE a lack of all encompassing economic regulation and government control.

    1. Moreover it shows he is fucking ignorant of the unprecedented regulation of business that marked the 1920’s. Herbert Hoover et al wanted to continue wartime economic planning into the peace following the great war. And in certain areas (Agriculture, manufacturing, wireless communication), they got their way.

      1. This is the level of ignorance most of our “top men” have. They literally don’t know anything.

        1. As Reagan once said, “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

  45. Que?

    Young Turks host Cenk Uygur hammered Fox News counterpart Sean Hannity on Thursday for his wanting to “educate” a Ferguson, Missouri official about the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

    “Hey Sean, I’ve got a question for you: were you there?” Uygur asked. “I mean, you’ve got all these assumptions ? ‘Oh, the cops, gotta respect the cops, maybe [Brown] had his head down and he was charging, he was doing all these things.’ Wait, Sean. Why don’t you shut the f*ck up, ’cause you weren’t there?”

    Thank god Cenk was at the scene. He must have been the other guy at the convenience store.

    (I hate that I’m lowered to defending that piece of shit hannity)

    1. Bonus:

      “Sean, nobody’s convicting the officer ? they haven’t even arrested him,” Uygur repeated. “Bill O’Reilly talks about a ‘lynch mob.’ How dare you?”

      Isn’t that exactly what many protesters are demanding?

    2. Thank god Cenk was at the scene. He must have been the other guy at the convenience store.

      Why do you have to be an eyewitness to point out that someone else wasn’t, and might want to tap the brakes before uncritically accepting the version of an interested party?

  46. Herbert Hoover et al wanted to continue wartime economic planning into the peace following the great war.

    And yet, Hoover is portrayed as laissez faire capitalist icon.

    1. Just as Bush the Lesser is, and will for all eternity.

  47. (I’m going to hell for this joke. Thank god I’m an atheist.

    And then this one time, at band camp…

    A popular former Alabama high school band teacher suspected of forcing at least eight underage female students into bondage-style sex over a three-year period was arrested in Georgia, authorities said Thursday.

    Jeffery Lance Gainous, 32, is suspected of gagging and tying up several of his then-students and using other bondage devices on them both in the band room at T. R. Miller High School in Brewton, Alabama, and at his home, police said.

    “I know what kids said about him,” said Brewton Police Chief Monte McGougin said. “They loved him. They say he was great, but this is terrible.”

  48. I am not sorry for cheating.

    At the time I confessed my “sins” to him, I had engaged in extramarital affairs with four other men, and I said two dangerous words:

    “I’m sorry.”

    I felt like the bad guy, I felt like the villain ? but then?something changed. I snapped out of this patriarchy-induced trance when I noticed that Harold became even more upset at the news that three of the four men I had slept with were black. Wait ? what? Was he really stooping to that? Somehow this act ? which the patriarchy had deemed “wrong” ? was somehow more wrong because their dicks were bigger?

    The activist in me took over. I grew angry. I was angry for all the women who had been made to feel like the villain because of a moment of weakness in a sea of oppression. I was angry for all the persecuted minorities who are held to stricters standards for the same crime. He had the GALL to judge me negatively while he HIMSELF was some domineering puppet of a larger power hierarchy?

    1. And thus, I attacked. I described in detail the large, dark members that entered me from different angles, from different positions. I described every squeal of extramarital ectasy I uttered on our bed while he was at work. I just couldn’t take it, and it was during those moments that I realized the TRUTH of the situation; I was NOT sorry, and every inch of my lover’s cock that penetrated my backside signified my fortitude ? my strength to assign responsibility where it was due. The strength to realize that it was not my fault that I cheated.

      This is the author. (SFW, NSFL)

      1. Please tell me he kicked her sorry ass out on the street.

        Someone needs to explain to this broad no one cares. If she wants to leave her husband and spend her time taking it up the ass from various black guys, good for her. It is a free country. I just wish she would do the rest of us a favor and stop pretending her doing that is in any way important or interesting.

        1. Please tell me he kicked her sorry ass out on the street

          This is probably one of sugarfree’s side projects, but even so:

          The strength to stand up on behalf of every woman who was made to feel marginalized because her live-in domineering monster pushed her to into the arms of another man. What followed was a microcosm of the patriarchy’s own impending crumble ? Harold broke. He cried. I cried. We cried together, and in the end?.there was understanding.

          And then, as he cried in my arms, I took the higher ground; I forgave him.

          But this is something people seldom understand. Alas, it would be the height of irresponsibility for myself ? or anyone ? to accumulate this kind of wisdom without making an attempt to teach.

          I am a teacher. And I am affirmed. And most pertinently ? I’m not sorry.

          Are you?

          ~ Desiree Meyers-Liebowitz

          1. That is a justification for divorce you fucking retard. As will everything with these people, it is all about their sense of entitlement. If her husband sucks that bad, she should divorce him. But she doesn’t think she should have to do that because divorce is hard. She might have to, I don’t know, get a fucking job, or something.

            The whole thing is just an elaborate justification for her to be able to stay married to her husband and spend his money while fucking other guys. What a dreg of humanity.

            1. Meh. I think that they should both do whatever they want. Apparently they didn’t want to divorce.

              1. You can do what you like, but doing so doesn’t make you less of selfish horrible person. Freedom doesn’t mean freedom from judgement.

                1. I suppose if you publish it on the internet, you are asking for it.

                  But I’d still say that it is not my place to judge. What constitutes an acceptable marriage is a completely personal judgement and my opinion is not and should not be relevant to the people involved.

      2. That link is not cricket. You know Coeus, we can’t unsee that image, especially after reading the text. You are a really bad man.

        And Jesus tap dancing Christ there are some real animals out there. Who exactly was she sleeping with?

        1. Probably the guys that Lisa Lampanelli rejected.

        2. Just because I feel bad, Here you go. Just pretend this was her.

          Judging from the guy’s twitter, the story is similar.

          1. I am blocked, but just the thought helps me unsee that. Ack!!

        3. A lot of black gentlemen seem to like that body type.
          A Jamaican friend, who has sadly since died, remarked to my wife on more than one occasion that her sister, who is well beyond “pleasantly plump” was a “very beautiful woman”.

      3. Those commenters are harsh!

  49. The first real challenge to the peaceful atmosphere came around 9:00 p.m. when a woman showed up with a sign in support of Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Brown on Aug 9. Protesters were furious. They began screaming. Police began escorting the woman, which only drew further ire from the rest of the assembled crowd.

    “How come she gets police protection and you been gassing us?” one protester screamed.

    Eventually, the woman was arrested. Police did not immediately provide details on any charge.

    1. That would be fascism.

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