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For the past three year, Hayleigh Black, 16, has dyed her hair red. But this year, officials with the Muscle Shoals, Alabama, school system decided there was a problem with that. They said she was in violation of a school policy banning hair colors that are disruptive or distracting. They sent her home and told her not to come back until she changed the color.

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  1. i blame Christina Hendricks

    1. I blame that horsey-faced ginger from Game of Thrones.

        1. And here I thought he died way back in season 1. Seems like an odd role model, someone who was only on the show for part of one episode.

  2. The principal is just following the policy.


    If you find HAIR COLOR to be distracting, you’re a fucking moron. That is all.

    1. I don’t know, that two-foot tall electric blue and purple mohawk waving around in the corner of my eye tends to be a bit of a distraction.

      1. Since all this dress code BS has started, I’ve been thinking about growing my hair out so that one day at work with a mohawk, and full war paint too!

        Just to make a statement of solidarity with these kids and remind their old fart parents (my age!) that life is supposed to be a fun adventure, not an 80 year prison sentence.

    2. She should of been wearing her hijab, to avoid tempting that principal’s righteous sensibilities with her flamboyant hair color.. Sultry temptress..

      1. +1 creepy

  3. I thought it would be some very weird color or part of a strange looking hairstyle, but it’s just…red…wtf?

    1. Gingers will steal your soul. That’s pretty disruptive.

    2. To be fair, it’s not a naturally occurring kind of red, it’s an Aubrey O’Day red.

  4. Muscle Shoals, Alabama, school system decided there was a problem with that.

    Now Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers
    And they’ve been known to pick a song or two

    1. Well, I heard superintendent Lindsey sing about her
      Well, I heard ol’ Brian put her down
      Well, I hope Brian Lindsey will remember
      A ginger girl don’t need him around anyhow

  5. I just watched the muscle shoals documentary on netflix. It was really interesting and I’m not really into music.

  6. So this is the principal or one his assistant’s first year and he/they wanted to prove his/their dedication to policy?

  7. *facepalm*

    I just…don’t….


  8. Every other kid in school should dye their hair the same color.

  9. It is almost, almost, as if you don’t like the government imposing stupid rules you shouldn’t hold your hand out to the government? Nah, demand free shit and then whine when you don’t like how it is administered.

    Not allowing children to dye their hair is horrible but putting them all into a giant collective box for education indoctrination is hunky dory?

    Think of it like this. If a public school has rules that are this abjectly stupid, what could the “teaching” at that same school possibly be like? Really, really stupid rules but smart, smart, smart teaching? Unpossible.

  10. Do you admit that on the night of May 1 you did consciously and willfully apply the following FORBIDDEN paint colors to the North Wall of the Pleasantville Police Station: Red, Pink, Vermilion, Puce, Chartreuse, Umber, Blue, Aqua, Ox Blood, Green, Peach, Crimson, Yellow, Olive and Magenta.

    1. And go around asking whether anybody has seen her pussy?

      1. Every time I show my pussy it wins a cup!

  11. Dude i am not sure what to think about htat.

  12. Lindsey said the rule aims to “provide a safe environment conducive to learning.”

    Lindsey is a liar.

  13. Petty conformity tends to NOT be conducive to learning, so it’s a good thing that learning isn’t the point of public school.

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