Gavin McInnes Makes a Great Argument Against Censorship


Gavin McInnes/Twitter

Last week, performance artist, professional agitator, and Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes took to Thought Catalog—a publication known for particularly vapid and terrible millennial musings—to speculate about how "transphobia is perfectly natural." People were outraged. People demanded the piece be removed. Thought Catalog responded by slapping on a big old trigger warning—if you go to the McInnes article page now, you'll get a notice that "the article you are trying to read has been reported by the community as hateful or abusive content" before being allowed to proceed—but like hell it was going to take down such spectacular clickbait. 

And it shouldn't. A publication can choose what to publish, but it shouldn't pull content that's already been published, now matter how much outrage that content provokes. It's a matter of accountability. Let McInnes and Thought Catalog stand by the ideas they chose to espouse. In fact, writes Freddie deBoer at The Dish, McInnes inadvertantly provides the perfect argument against social censorship:

Go ahead and Google around or plop the link to his piece into Twitter. The large majority of the reactions he's gotten have been some combination of anger or ridicule. His argument hasn't gotten any traction. On the contrary: it's gotten a lot of people talking about transphobia and how mainstream it can still be. His piece has been undone by the reaction to it. That's the way it's supposed to work. If we were to forbid him from expressing his opinions, we wouldn't know how dopey he and they are.

Some of the sillier corners of the online social-justice-warriorsphere have been calling for the piece to be removed, because: hate speech! And sure, McInnes' piece was an angry, vulgar, deliberately-offensive, and only semi-coherent mess. But nobody has to read it. Nobody has to visit Thought Catalog. You could have the same lack of exposure to the article that its disappearance would accomplish by simply not exposing yourself to the article. The only difference would be that no one else could be exposed to it either. People couldn't judge for themselves whether this was an insightful social critique or the ranting of a sad, silly man. (In case it needs to be said, I vote for the latter.)

"It's not the media's job to use its iron fist to enforce social norms in our society," suggests Justine Tunney. Nor should progressives (or anyone) want it to be! At least not if they care more about achieving actual change than getting points for saying the right thing on Twitter. Shifts in thought and social stigma occur not by those with the "wrong" ideas keeping quiet while those with the right ideas sit around congratulating themselves. If the wrong ideas really are that abhorrent, we shouldn't need to hide them to discredit them.

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    1. What? No twerking!??

      I am disappointed.

      1. The early 1990s was a different time. We would wear onions around our belts, as that was the style, and do the cabbage patch.

          1. The best part of In Living Color was watching Jim Carrey gyrate awkwardly at the end of every episode.

            1. He’s Canadian, it’s not like he can help it.


    2. It took most of the way reading through it before I recognized it… but when I did…

      I lulz.

  1. Some of the sillier corners of the online social-justice-warriorsphere have been calling for the piece to be removed, because: hate speech!

    ENB, if your example of the “silly corner” is Salon, can there be said to be a serious corner? That’s not exactly some obscure tumblr blog, there.

    1. What do you have to do to be so much of a SJW that other SJWs think you’re silly?

      1. Post to tumblr, mostly.

          1. Still giggling over these, by the dubs.

      2. I think the woman who felt she was being raped by having to listen to Under My Thumb by the Rolling Stones tested the limits of what “SJWs” would find reasonable.

        (*I can’t help but assume that SJW are all single jewish women. Story of my life!)

        1. Even better, it’s the instrumental version. The lyrics aren’t even playing.

    2. Oh, come on. Salon has gotten pretty silly. (But also linked there b/c it was a good mainstream example. And didn’t involve screenshotting a bunch of tweets.)

  2. OT: Near where I live in Dogdick, Ga:

    CONYERS ? The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office has a new tool in its SWAT team arsenal.

    On Friday, the new $287,000 BearCat armored vehicle was delivered to the Sheriff’s Office. The SWAT vehicle was purchased late last year from savings RCSO realized through unfilled positions and fewer inmate meals served than were budgeted. It will replace the 1989 Dodge conversion van that the SWAT team had been using when responding to scenes requiring specialized response.

    This van does not represent a 21st century law enforcement agency, like the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, and more importantly, it does not represent the caliber of our SWAT team,” said RCSO Chief Deputy Scott Freeman, pointing out the deficiencies in the old van, including, but not limited to, a sliding door that does not always work and front seats that are not secured to the floor.


    1. Rockdale County is a dangerous shithole these days. So bad the Sheriff’s Department will probably need that “tank” soon.

  3. Thought Catalog responded by slapping on a big old trigger warning

    Thought Catalog? Really?

  4. As for censorship, two words; Lyndon Larouche.

    As for Gavin; If transphobia were unnatural, it would be rare.

    1. As for Gavin; If transphobia were unnatural, it would be rare.

      It was pretty rare in Thailand.


      Jus’ sayin’

      1. We are social animals. We live in cooperative groups. Being different can mean non-cooperation which can threaten the group. People often think of different and non-cooperation as the same thing.

        Sometimes people figure out that they are not. Most of the time they don’t. Not every difference is a threat.

        *Ugh. I discussed it. More vodka needed.

        1. You lost me at “we are social animals”.

          Though most choose to be social parasites, human beings are not intrinsically “social animals”.

          1. “…human beings are not intrinsically “social animals”.”

            *scratches head*

            Maybe we should settle on some definitions before proceeding further.

            1. Arbitrary word-chopping doesn’t fly with me, nor does your attempt to muddy your waters to make them appear deep.

              The conception of man as a “social animal” is a (crudely obvious) nod to the tribal premise of collectivism. I think you’re better than that.

              1. Drop a random group of people onto an island and, without any need of outside influence, a social order will form that nearly all the people will participate in. The vast majority of people need at least some regular interaction with other people for their own mental and emotional well being. The evidence of this is so overwhelmingly abundant in everyday life that you probably need only, literally, look out your window to find it.

                So unless you’re being really pedantic about use of the word “we” instead of “almost all human beings”, or something similar, there isn’t really anything in Suthenboy’s statement to find fault in.

                1. Drop a random group of people WITH DIFFERENT RELIGIONS onto an island and, without any need of outside influence, a social order will form in that nearly all the people will DIE.


                  1. Oh BS. Zealots undoubtedly exist but they are the exception, not the rule.

                    1. People put in stressful/dangerous situations tend to cooperate pretty well. The petty stuff can wait until:

                      1. They’ve gotten back to a safe spot.
                      2. They found the idiot who dropped them onto an island for shits and giggles, and made him pay.

        2. True. And what is considered different can vary from group to group, no? Doesn’t have anything to do with naturalness. In the classes I’ve taught, I’ve seen Saudi students talk until they were blue in the face to Chinese students that eating pork was “unnatural”. Likewise, just because something is rare doesn’t mean its unnatural. Beauty is rare, does that mean a beautiful girl is unnatural?

          1. My premise was that it is in our nature to fear difference. Transphobia is a fear of difference. That doesn’t make it legitimate.

            I was speaking in more general terms.

            1. it is in our nature to fear difference

              I’m not sure it is. Of course there are extreme xenophobes out there; just as there are extreme xenophiles. I suspect that most people are close to the mean. Back in the day, many people were afraid of the sea. Most people, not being fishermen, didn’t really give a shit. But there were enough people out there who decided to build a boat to see what was beyond the horizon.

              1. Look at any primitive society. Any daycare. Any high school. Any Salon comment section.

                Whatever the norms of a group are, those that stray too far from those norms are ostracized.

                “But there were enough people out there who decided to build a boat to see what was beyond the horizon.”

                Yep. If it weren’t for them we would all still be squatting over a fire wearing skins and eating bugs. Thank god for ’em. I like to think that I am one of them.

              2. You’re onto something here, but at the same time, the schema of gender or something like it is pretty deeply encoded into the human brain. Is transphobia playing to deeper elements in the brain than, say, fear of other races, sick or injured people, or homosexuals? I’m not sure, but I’m willing to entertain the idea.

                We can assume that some amount of xenophobia is normal. The danger, to me, is not the xenophobia, but attempts to rationalize it or moralize it. Fear of the other naturally dies out when the other ceases to be foreign unless it’s kept alive by recruiting the rest of the brain to support it.

          2. I’ve seen Saudi students talk until they were blue in the face to Chinese students that eating pork was “unnatural”.

            Is it kosher to eat popcorn while you watch that?


            1. It is probably a translation thing. They say unnatural but they mean unclean.

              Should note that Islam makes no real distinction between women being unclean and pork being unclean.

              They are both unclean in the same way.

      2. You want show? You want girl? You want boy? I take.

        Ahhh, Thailand.

      3. “Population
        – 2013 estimate 66,720,153”

        Yep, that’s about 6 billion, let’s run with that as totally not a hasty generalization fail.

    2. If transphobia were unnatural

      I have not read the transphobia article.

      But just on the statement transphobia is natural and Elizabeth’s knee jerk response to it all i have to say is man is a wild animal living in the wild.

      Anything that a man (or woman) can do think or feel is natural. The only way it could be unnatural is if it was supernatural.

      Just because something someone does or thinks or says is something we don’t like does not make it impossible and only doable by non-existent gods.

  5. Of course they can run the articles they want and delete the articles they have second thoughts about.

    So let’s get to the substance of the article. McInnes expresses in vulgar language, as is his wont, is he *wrong*? I don’t see that subject discussed in this post. Just “oh, that’s insensitive!”

    1. I started to discuss it, but it would be a snooze fest.

    2. South Park did a cartoon where one of the characters got sex-change surgery, and another character became convinced he was a dolphin, and got a blowhole surgically inserted, and demanded to be accommodated in blowhole-friendly bathrooms or some such thing.

      We need more mockery of the SJWs, and more compassion for the mentally ill – men who think they’re women, women who think they’re men, guys who think their legs are made of glass,* guys who think they’re Napoleon, etc.

      *I think there was an actual Greek general who believed this. The Turks beat him, IIRC.

      1. ” The Turks beat him, IIRC.”

        They shattered his dream?

          1. Made of glass? What a pane that would be.

            1. After that, he was a broken man.

      2. Charles VII of France believed he was glass at one point. If it wasn’t for the vitrophobia of the Catholic France then Henry V wouldn’t have won at Agincourt.

        1. Deborah Harry just had a heart of glass, so…

      3. There’s a big difference between being transgendered and thinking you’re the opposite biological sex. It’s not a delusion, although given how violently some trans* people respond to being misgendered, I can see why you would think that. But when a transwoman tells you she’s a real woman, she means:

        1) she identifies as the female gender and interacts with people from within that role,
        2) the cells in her body and brain have responded to her new hormones so that in significant ways, she is closer to a genetic woman than a cisman.

        Delusions about turning into cismen or ciswomen or denials of the differences between trans and cis people belong in a completely different category.

        If you want to view transgenderism as a kind of mental disability like depression or bipolar, fine, I can live with that. It’s not normal mental behavior. But scope that appropriately, and understand that most of us are basically normal people who just found that to fix our broken brains, we take hormone pills instead of lithium and SSRIs.

        1. If you want to view transgenderism as a kind of mental disability like depression or bipolar, fine, I can live with that. It’s not normal mental behavior. But scope that appropriately, and understand that most of us are basically normal people who just found that to fix our broken brains, we take hormone pills instead of lithium and SSRIs.

          This entire comment is beautiful and absolutely what needed to be said – especially in the Reason comments where sometimes people are a bit (understatement imminent) insensitive. Well put.

          1. Thanks. In general, I prefer insensitive H&R commenters to obsequious progressives because I know that my disagreements with everyone here are more superficial and the agreements more substantive.

            One of the nice things about being libertarian is being confident that we can work things out among each other.

      4. The Turks beat him

        You know who else got beat by the Turks for his hubris.

  6. social stigma
    Huh, why would a tolerant society have social stigma?

  7. “In case it needs to be sad

    Now, now, E. There’s no need to be sad!

      1. I penned an ode in your honor and you respond to…to…a… mere pun!

        I’m heartbroken.

  8. Actually it was quite a good article. Cutting one’s penis off is normal? ENB, why is this “the ranting of a sad, silly man.”? Please explain?

    If I cut my arm off because I felt unnatural being a four-limbed person, would that be normal? ENB, please answer.

    1. “If I cut my arm off because I felt unnatural being a four-limbed person, would that be normal?”

      Uh, that’s called “Body Integrity Disorder“, and its a real thing, and my girlfriends’ uncle had one of his legs removed because of it.

      Weird, yes.

      BTW, do you mind telling me how to read the actual McInnes piece, because all I get is a retarded warning?

      1. You might need to resize your browser window so that “continue” isn’t hidden behind other text.

      2. I cannot believe you’d denigrate your girlfriend’s brave uncle for defying society’s corporeal-normative standards and embracing his inner amputee.

      3. Back in the nineties, The Atlantic, IIRC, ran a cover story about BID. Fucking weird. There was also a movie doc called WHOLE, which was an interesting watch.

        1. Reading (in some foul bowel of the internet) a story/article about people freezing a leg to the point of needing amputation in a hospital parking lot freaked me the fuck out. And now I don’t remember if it was fiction.

          1. I saw that in a NatGeo documentary on the subject.

          2. This is an article from Slate in 2003 about the documentary I mentioned. http://www.slate.com/articles/…..a_leg.html

            Umbriel has a link to the article in The Atlantic below. Back when I worked non-profit and had little to do all day, I would also search the foul bowels of the internet and find unique pictures and lingo about BIID. IIRC, I remember things like “DBE” (double below elbow?) and stuff like that. I never really thought of gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria as so similar in its diagnosis and push for acceptance, though that was about fifteen years ago.

            1. Thanks for the link. I’ll keep an eye out for the film.

          3. As I often tell others, there is no freakish act that you can perform that hasn’t already been done. The Internet is my evidence.

              1. Now that’s a risky click

                1. Risky? It’s exactly what you would expect.

      4. “BTW, do you mind telling me how to read the actual McInnes piece, because all I get is a retarded warning?”

        Any chance that you’re a student at Orwellian University?

    2. the ranting of a sad, silly man.

      This from a Reason editor?
      Hello pot! Kettle on line 2!

  9. “…if you go to the McInnes article page now, you’ll get a notice that “the article you are trying to read has been reported by the community as hateful or abusive content” before being allowed to proceed


    The ‘allowed to proceed’ part seems to be missing.

    They let you link to “criticisms” of the article.

    or their homepage.

    but not the actual article.

    1. So i’ve gotten to learn that you’re allowed to refer to the piece written by Gabby Mac as

      “absolutely vile nonsense predicated on ignorance and stereotypical notions of trans existence”

      …but you’re not allowed to actually read the article.

      Seems legit.

      1. I couldn’t find the continue link at first either. Actually had first paragraph bashing TC for taking it down before trying again and realizing you could get there.

        1. But they still TOTALLY want everyone to read it who wants to.

          I mean, its not like they put the literary version of a childproof-cap on it and then wrapped it in black plastic and put it on the top shelf behind the counter in the drug store.

          How DARE YOU suggest they are not celebrating freedom of expression?

    2. No they let you proceed. You just have to click a tiny link that says “continue”.

      1. I found that link, but only because I’m used to that sort of thing to bypass ads.

        1. “try this one, weird trick to actually read the article….”

      2. I used to know a girl that would put up what appeared to be HUGE BARRIERS with Unequivical Statements of Absolute Certainty who could also be easily bypassed just by pressing a small hard-to-find button

    3. There’s a “continue” link at the bottom of the page, in type so small they’re hoping you’ll miss it.

  10. OT: CNN reporter Don Lemon feels really strongly that an AR-15 is actually an automatic weapon, and his feelings ought to count for something, you guys.


    1. He defines an automatic weapon as anything that can be used to kill a person instantly. But rest assured no one is talking about taking away anyone’s 2A rights. Just examining them, that’s *WOULD YOU LET ME FINISH, WOULD YOU LET ME FINISH!!!


      1. So…a knife is an automatic weapon? I’ve always felt like a truly automatic weapon would be something like a chair that would explode if the wrong person sat on it, or something like that.

        1. wrong person

          A sorting hat that kills non-progressives?


  11. Gavin McInnes likes to provoke people, espeically radical femtards and the like. Some of his rantings are actually pretty accurate none the less.

    1. “Why you should assume everyone has herpes”

      Because they do.

      I vaguely remember a study from the early 90’s showing that ~80% of nursing home patients had some for of std which had developed after they entered the home. Most had not had sex for decades. They figured that most people catch them and they lay dormant, sometimes for the majority of a person’s life, until they get old and weak. Then they wake up.

      What I took away from that was that 80% of the people you see walking around on the street have the cooties in one form or another.

      True story:

      Standing at a bus stop in the Beni with only one other guy around. Guy walks over and says, out of the blue, ” I have a mushroom on my dick”. I guess he figured gringo means smart and that is the same a sa doctor.

      “Oh? No thanks, I don’t want to see it.”

      “I thought you might know what it is and how to fix it”

      *After he described it*

      “That sounds like syphillis. That is very serious. You should see a doc right away”

      “Syphillis? That is impossible! I never cheat on my wife!”

      True story.

      1. “Syphillis? That is impossible! I never cheat on my wife!”

        Well, someone was down wit’ OPP.

        1. I didn’t dare laugh at the guy. He was a big scary looking dude with a knife on his belt.

      2. There are two strains of the herpes virus. Herpes simplex-1 usually lives in the nerve endings near the lips and is commonly known as cold sores. I know this because I have them, my mom has them, my brother has them, my grandfather has them…they flair up from time to time, and when they are dormant there is no problem. There is a very good chance that you carry the virus but are asymptomatic. That is true for a large fraction of the population.

        Herpes simplex-2 is genital herpes.

        It is possible to transport simplex-1 to the genitals through oral sex, but they usually stay contained to the mouth.

        The point is that not all herpes is transmitted via sexual contact, but people seem to rarely make that distinction.

        And now you know!

        1. And now I’ve won half the battle!

  12. OK, that was typical McInnes, which generally awesome, sometimes troubling, sometimes uncomfortable – but almost-alwasy thought provoking.

    I don’t know that I quite agree with him 100% here, but – “hateful”? No. Harsh? Yes. But that’s typical, provocative McInnes. He’s made a living at it.

    Fuck these assholes that want it taken down. Fuck them with some sad person’s surgically-added dick.

    1. Hateful, no. The worst you can say about McInnes is that he’s wrong and patronizing. And I’m not convinced on the first count.

  13. I thought being provocative and pissing off people was supposed to be a good thing?

    1. Yeah, if they’re your opponents. Not if they’re sensitive, caring, SJWs.

      1. A good example of this is when I read blogs talking about Pre-Code films (not Ted S. though). The whole appeal of these films is that they pissed off the socons of their day so it is pretty funny to see them complaining about the attitudes towards race and women. It’s good that they offended people I don’t like but when they offend me than that is bad!

        1. Open secret: A lot of those pre-Code movies sucked majorly.


            1. 90% of everything is shit.

              Including proper links? 😉

          1. I don’t need your discrimination about people who like bad things.

  14. I’ve agreed with the gist of McInnes’ argument — transsexualism is just a particular flavor of Body Identity Disorder — for many years, since reading an Atlantic Monthly article that made essentially the same case in a less inflammatory way. It’s still available on-line, without a “trigger warning” or anything: http://www.theatlantic.com/mag…..ad/304671/

    1. Shit, you beat me to a link I couldn’t even find. Ever watch WHOLE?

      1. Not familiar with WHOLE. I’ve cited that link a lot, and it’s easy to find if you just remember “apotemnophilia” and “Atlantic”.

        1. It’s “apotemnophilia” that I forgot. Ironically, I used to love that word, but the article is fifteen years old or so. Nice find. Thanks. As I stated above, I didn’t apply it to gender dysphoria as much as I thought that radical body modification (such as lobe extensions, forked tongues, radical scar tattoos, piercings in painful places, etc.) were similar to BIID.

          WHOLE used to be able to be easily rented or was easily obtainable. These days, not so much. Sort of anecdotal stories from people who felt only whole once they’d amputated themselves. The ones I remember were the ones that put their legs on train tracks because no surgeon would do it. It was a way of framing the ethical debate over whether doctors should voluntarily amputate or not. Med ethics and all that. Here’s a link to a review about the movie from the same guy who wrote the Atlantic article you linked to.


          1. As with most psychological diagnoses, transgenderism is not just one thing. It’s a handful of different etiologies with similar expressions. In the severe childhood cases where the poor kids try to amputate because of the extreme body dysphoria, yeah, slam dunk, but those aren’t even remotely the most common cases.

            1. Yeah, I was more relating — and limiting — apotemnophilia to those who amputate themselves and their limbs; I wasn’t trying to make a comment about gender or sex. The author might be doing that, but I was just providing the link and conversing about something that really struck me fifteen years ago that I thought everyone had forgotten.

              I’m really not sure about how I feel about sex or gender and assignment/fluidity. It’s a very complex topic, with social, biological, and scientific roots that I’m hesitant to comment on.

            2. What I found most interesting in the Atlantic article is its exploration of the idea that these disorders might be unwittingly shaped by the therapists, which I think is probably very common indeed — It’s perhaps more obvious in cases where a therapist is open to the idea of alien abduction or satanic abuse, and low and behold, look at how many of their patients come to believe they were abducted by aliens or satanists. I think similarly there are people with various “dissociative” disorders who go to WPATH-friendly therapists, and that’s the shape their psycho-emotional problems end up taking.

  15. Wasn’t homosexuality once considered a disorder though?

    1. “They laughed at Galileo, they laughed at Pasteur, they laughed at the masturbating monkey at the zoo…”

    2. From a certain perspective it still is. If I were raising livestock and the males would only mate with other males I would consider that a problem. From my perspective,regarding the two “disorders”, there is significant difference in degree.

      If a guy came up to me and told me he likes penis in his mouth, my reply would be, “if you can find a guy who wants to put his dick in your mouth, well knock your self out.”

      However, if a guy came up to me saying he was a women and he had no idea how this penis got here and was going to lop it off, I would tell him to not be too rash and think it over. Ultimately the choice is his but I would council against body mutilation.

      1. That’s generally my attitude as well, though trans-advocates will insist at great length that doctors are very careful about screening and making sure that the patient really is trapped in the wrong body. The Atlantic article I cited a few comments up, as well as other articles I’ve read on the subject, haven’t done much to alter my skepticism.

        I recall reading a few years back about someone in Australia who had undergone gender reassignment surgery and later changed their mind and had reconstructive surgery to “change back”. They came out of the experience very skeptical of the “science” of gender reassignment, and offered the great quote: “If I’d told them I thought I was a chicken, would they have glued feathers on me?”

        1. WPATH is bullshit. The same experts who would have given you antipsychotics a couple of decades ago are supposed to be able to tell you what gender you are deep down? Experts are not a substitute for introspection.

  16. The EPA has some mildly interesting employees.

    “One of my employees refused to come into the office today because she is terrified after hearing a story on the train home last night.”

    “A male supervisor ? told her that management knows that it is a female on the [redacted] floor who has been wiping feces and menstrual blood on the walls (I’m really sorry, this is beyond gross) and that they are worried that her behavior is escalating,”

    One employee named two suspects in an email, including a person who defecated outside “under the context of emergency” after they were not allowed into the building before 5:30 a.m. Another suspect was an employee who was carrying ammunition and “had been observed kicking the front door.”

    1. Wasn’t that story from a while ago?

    2. “A male supervisor ? told her that management knows that it is a female on the [redacted] floor who has been wiping feces and menstrual blood on the walls (I’m really sorry, this is beyond gross) and that they are worried that her behavior is escalating,”

      …to the ceiling?

  17. So I read Gavin’s article

    Frankly i don’t even see what the fuss is about. He has a point.

    Why anyone feels the need to put up giant warning signs and barriers as though *’Reading something this *CONTROVERSIAL!!!* may damage or offend or traumatize someone!!ANYONE??!! MAYBE??” says a million times more about the absolutely retarded POV of the people hosting the article than anything Gavin says.

    The people ‘reacting’ to this stuff with the dramatized pearl-clutching and hand-wringing and tut-tutting and “WE KNOW BETTER”-ing reveal their own childish inability to deal with anything outside the echo chamber of their own contrived, faux-moralistic universe where ‘how one talks about Transvestites‘ is such a MAJOR FUCKING DEAL OF THE UTMOST SIGNIFICANCE TO YOUR MORAL MAKEUP.

    They’re a bunch of pathetic overgrown children wearing mental-diapers.

    1. To be fair, progressivism has been such a smashing success at resolving all of the other vexing moral and practical issues of our time that all they have left is small beer, like transphobia.

    2. Progressives are competent at exactly one thing: unleashing and capitalizing on moral panics.

  18. I still can’t forgive Reason for their discrimination against me for thinking I was a court-sanctioned drug abuse counselor and for enforcing societal discrimination against those who reject objective standards of truth and reality and proper modes of employment and those with cispersonalities.

    1. Did you study English as an undergraduate student, Tulpa?

      1. Tulpa (LOL-PA)

      2. i know you think i was going to be mean, but i wasn’t.

        I was going to congratulate you on your robust character-development skills.

        THEN say something mean. maybe.

    2. Don’t worry. Nobody is about to forgive you for all the threads you’ve Tulpafied.

    1. I’m sure they thought the same way under Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes.

      1. This article is absurd.

        Scientists and technicians of the DPRK have worked hard for the improvement of people’s living standard.
        A technology for producing silicon potash fertilizer with locally-available raw materials was introduced to co-op farms.
        At local building-materials factories, raw material feeding process was put on an automation basis and quality of cement considerably improved.

        Additives for raising combustion efficiency of fault coal were developed for production of briquette.
        Meanwhile, the Pyongyang Thermal Power Complex has pushed ahead with the research to introduce new technology of firing.
        Technicians of the Guidance Bureau of Passenger Service in Pyongyang concentrated their efforts on solving the technical problems to improve the quality of SR transmission gear for a new-type trolley bus.
        Teachers and researchers of Kim Il Sung University established an aid system to control the water level of the Taedong River while intensifying researches to put the production and supply of drinking water on a scientific basis.

        Kim Chaek University of Technology has striven to develop the technology for producing ferroalloy with domestic raw materials.
        Pyongyang University of Architecture and Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry are concentrating efforts on the development and introduction of new building method and light industrial products.

        1. President Kim Il Sung will live forever as the sun of Juche in the hearts of progressives for his great exploits performed on behalf of history and humankind.

          This says it all.

      2. Saddened it wasn’t popehat’s twitter feed.

        Captured the style perfectly, though.

  19. Thought Catalog?a publication known for particularly vapid and terrible millennial musings

    I once heard of a publication that ran a survey on vapid and terrible millennial musings about government. Wonder whatever happened to it…

  20. Is this Gavin guy Flaming Ballsack in his off-hours?

  21. Thought Catalog responded by slapping on a big old trigger warning?

    Serious question, who is the trigger warning for? Or for whom is the trigger warning? Hm, still sounds right.

    1. Couldn’t someone tell from the title ‘Transphobia is Perfectly Natural’ that the article is liable to trigger them?

  22. You could have the same lack of exposure to the article that its disappearance would accomplish by simply not exposing yourself to the article.

    Nuh-uh. ‘Cause if the article exists, it’s *possible* for me to be exposed to it.

    /PC Censor Nazi

  23. That dude is not looking very happy.


  24. Is that mugshot for real? If so, I’m jealous. My mugshot isn’t nearly so flattering or indicative of my personality. Oh, well. Maybe my next one will be better…

  25. When you were born, did you have dangly bits? OK, then, deal with it?

    Oh, you *didn’t* have dangly bits? Well, then, I sympathize, but try and work around it.

  26. Do sex-change operations fix the whole chromosome situation?

    1. No. No more than boob-jobs or face-lifts anyway.

    2. The only two times people care about chromosomes are when screening for Down’s syndrome and when someone says they identify as another gender.

      Biologically, it would make just as much sense to define gender entirely by hormone tests. That would be bullshit, of course, since hormones vary between subjects of the same sex and across their lifetimes, and it would lead you to believe that people gender exists on a spectrum and that people move on that spectrum as they age. To resolve that conflict, you might have to conclude that gender is about how a person identifies and how they’re treated socially.

      Remember folks:
      Sex = reproductive role
      Gender = social role (which involves reproductive signaling)

      1. I have a feeling that Deirdre McCloskey agrees:

        And likely Wendy Carlos:

        And I have no reason to disagree.

        1. Did Deirdre really feel like a young women when she was playing college football?

          1. Sidd Finch v2.01|8.22.14 @ 12:44AM|#
            “Did Deirdre really feel like a young women when she was playing college football?”

            Why do you find it matters one way or the other?

              1. Which has to do with exactly what?
                Are you just a tad nervous about your sexuality by any chance?

          2. Yes, and gay people still feel gay when they try to date a cute girl to ungay themselves.

          3. Women don’t play football?

        2. When people refuse to admit a difference between sex and gender, it’s a particular kind of silly. They refuse to admit a distinction of terminology because they can’t understand the distinction, and consider their inability to understand to give them primacy over the people who do understand it.

          It’s the same technique that a colorblind guy uses to win an argument with a bewildered normal sighted guy about whether red exists.

          1. Does any of this actually directly correspond to anything Gavin actually wrote, or are you just honking your horn because it makes you happy?

          2. Orrrrr, people understand there is a difference and think those who have a sex and gender mismatch are mentally ill.

            There isn’t an entire movement dedicated to “nudging” people into playing along with the delusions of schizophrenics.

            1. “It’s a mental illness” and “Simplest treatment is to lop off/add bits” aren’t mutually exclusive.

              If people with depression could fix it by removing their toes, well I suspect it’d be the most popular treatment. Because fixing a mental illness is hard, and usually is a lifelong process. So fuck it, if changing the physical bits is easier than changing the mental bits, and it actually makes people happy, what’s wrong with it?

              Yes, maybe it’s the “wrong” way to fix it, but ultimately if it’s the easiest, who cares? It’s the prerogative of the patient.

  27. I read this a few days ago after going down the PM links sidebar hole. Then I spent a couple hours reading a bunch of McInnes and Goad articles over there. Purty entertaining.

    And nothing else happened.

  28. Squatters bail, but there’s a lesson here:

    “Airbnb squatters leave Palm Springs condo”
    …”only to have them stop paying after 30 days and refusing to leave. That was just long enough to gain them renters’ rights under California law, making eviction an expensive and drawn-out process.”

    If you rent property in CA, make sure you understand the state presumes it belongs to the state and take the appropriate action.

  29. And guy who contracted Ebola seems confused:

    “Doc Who Beat Ebola: ‘God Saved My Life'”

    Uh, it looks like your sky-daddy GAVE you the disease and the medical workers (and the researchers) saved your ass.

    1. The butthurt is strong with you.

      1. Sevo has (like many evangelical atheists) created a religion out of his non-religion.

        It’s amusing.

        1. Goodness.
          Two brain-dead bleevers seriously roused to protect their bullshit!
          Yeah, it’s a ‘religion’ in that those folks show saved his sorry ass ought to be thanked.

  30. “If we were to forbid him from expressing his opinions, we wouldn’t know how dopey he and they are”

    Which is odd, because for all the ‘criticism’ (read: ‘shirt-rending self flagellation’) i’ve seen around the piece? almost no one has actually quoted and critiqued anything he *actually said*

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