National Guard Leaving Ferguson, N.C. School Voucher Program Struck Down, Getting Pain Pills to Become Bigger Pain: P.M. Links


  • You are now free to express your First Amendment rights.
    Credit: Loavesofbread

    Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has ordered the withdrawal of National Guard troops from Ferguson as protests have begun to subside.

  • Britain's Ministry of Defense estimates there are more British Muslims fighting on behalf of the Islamic State (ISIL) in Syria and Iraq than serving in their own forces, though it's difficult to determine exact numbers.
  • The whole "Fast and Furious" issue/scandal is not over, and we're not just referring to the tragic, too-soon death of Paul Walker. A federal judge has ordered the Department of Justice to hand over some documents about the gunwalking scandal to Congress.
  • Colorado voters will decide in November whether to require labels on foods with genetically modified ingredients.
  • A judge has overturned North Carolina's school voucher program as unconstitutional, forcing kids from poor families (but not rich ones, of course) to stay stuck in their terrible public schools.
  • Vicodin and similar types of pain medications will be shifted from Schedule III to Schedule II in mid-October, making them harder for people to get from doctors and probably driving up their black market value, increasing the possibility of criminal behavior for addicts to get their hands on them. Thanks, war on drugs!

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