Another Black Man Killed by St. Louis Cops, Pentagon Defends Police Militarization, U.S. Journalist Beheaded by ISIS: A.M. Links


  • stephelamtv/Instagram

    Another young black man has been shot to death by cops in the St. Louis area, about two miles from where Michael Brown was killed. This time, the man at least had a knife? And police knew he was a suspect in a vicious energy-drink and pastry robbery? And… OMFG you guys, seriously?

  • Meanwhile, in Ferguson, the authorities arrested 47 demonstrators and broke out the pepper spray, but they refrained from using tear gas this time, so… progress?
  • The Pentagon defended its practice of sending military-grade equipment to suburban police departments because NARCOTICS and TERRORISTS y'all. 
  • Islamic militants released a video of what appears to be the beheading of American journalist James Foley. U.K.'s foreign secretary says the person narrating the video might be British
  • Los Angeles schools will stop sending students to the cops for minor infractions. "We are about graduation, not incarceration," L.A. schools Supt. John Deasy said. 

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