Cops Kill Another Young Black Man, Just Two Miles From Michael Brown Shooting


As tension in Ferguson, Missouri shows no sign of dissipating after over a week of clashes between authorities and protesters, another black man in the St. Louis area has been killed by police.

St. Louis police said today that a 23-year-old man wielding a knife was shot and killed by two officers responding to calls about a convenience store robbery. The man had stolen energy drinks and pastry from the convenience store and was pacing around in front of the store when officers arrived, according to police and witnesses.

When confronted with police, the man reportedly told officers to "shoot me now, kill me now" repeatedly.

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  1. How about you say that they “killed another man” and stop the racialist narrative. The issue is police power, not Jim Crow.

    1. In Ferguson, the town is majority black, the police force is lily white. It might not be Jim Crow, but there’s a story there.

      1. So racism is why cops shoot people with impunity? The white people who’ve been killed by white cops will be glad to hear it.

      2. The story is that after 50 years of social conditioning, a good percentage of blacks would rather sit on their asses collecting government benefits while complaining about the “man” keeping them down, than work. Another percentage are either incarcerated, or have a criminal record that disqualifies them. Another percentage dropped out of high school. What you’re left with is two groups; the “gang bangers” and drug dealers that are out looting and rioting, and the people who were smart enough to get the hell as far away from their fucked-up, broken black culture as possible. There’s your story.

  2. When confronted with police, the man reportedly told officers to “shoot me now, kill me now” repeatedly.

    Is this according to police or witnesses? I’m as anti-cop as the next guy but if I find myself in a situation where a man at a gas station armed with a knife says “shoot me now, kill me now”, I can reasonably see the situation ending with the man shot and/or dead.

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