Michael Brown Shooting

National Guard Can't Smother Ferguson Anger

Maybe it's time to address people's concerns.


FERGUSON, Mo. — Violence erupted here once more overnight, even as Missouri National Guard troops arrived, the latest in a series of quickly shifting attempts to quell the chaos that has upended this St. Louis suburb for more than a week.

In the days since an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, was shot to death by a white police officer here on Aug. 9, an array of state and local law enforcement authorities have swerved from one approach to another: taking to the streets in military-style vehicles and riot gear; then turning over power to a Missouri State Highway Patrol official who permitted the protests and marched along; then calling for a curfew.

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  1. “In the days since robbery suspect Michael Brown was shot to death after attacking a police officer here on Aug. 9, an array of state and local law enforcement authorities have attempted to quell the violence, looting and rioting by supporters of the suspect….”

    Fixed it for you.

    Is there an actual class in journalism school entitled “Yellow Journalism 101”? Just wondering…

    1. I assume you were not a witness to either the robbery or the shooting, so aren’t you just putting your own spin on it by accepting the official story from the police?

      Just wondering…

      1. There’s video of Brown committing a strong-arm robbery minutes before his death, demonstrating his propensity for violence. He had the stolen goods in his hands when confronted by the cop. The cop had injuries consistent with a fight, and at least one round was fired from inside his vehicle into the dash of the police car. This is consistent with a struggle occurring inside the police car, with an unholstered weapon. There were “numerous witnesses” that said Brown was shot in the back with his hands in the air while surrendering. THIS is what sparked the violence, and ALL of those witness accounts have proven to be false. While there have been many unjustified police shootings, this isn’t one of them. This is just another case of “ma baby dint do nuffin” writ large.

        1. I haven’t seen where or when the store clerk identified Brown as the suspect (though I assume that at least that much basic police work has been done.)

          That being said, here in CA, strong-armed robbery” means armed robbery, according to my deputy sheriff buddy. I could see no indication of any kind that Brown had a weapon. The store clerk didn’t seem rattled, either.

          THAT being said, Brown apparently did have some altercation with the officer. The officer did not know Brown was a suspect in any other crime.

          So what it comes down to, from the facts and reports I have seen, the worst-case scenario is that Brown may very well be guilty of some type of assault on a police officer.

          I cannot see the justification of the use of deadly force by anyone in this scenario.

          Apparently, no pursuit was undertaken by the officers. No attempt to capture him. No tasers were used; apparently Brown was too far away for one to be used against him, and in such a case, Brown was of no immediate threat to the police officer.

          If I were in the same situation as the officer, and employed that degree of force, I would be very likely be charged with second-degree murder.

          Brown may be no angel (I am not in a position to make such a determination, either yea or nay), but I just have a problem believing that simple assault gives one the right, no matter what uniform they may or may not wear, to shoot somebody six times.

          1. Fail. There is no such charge as “strong-armed robbery” or “armed robbery” in California. There is only “robbery” with enhancements.

            211. Robbery is the felonious taking of personal property in the
            possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and
            against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear.

            Physically assaulting a police officer is NOT “simple assault”. If you, a regular citizen were legally carrying a firearm, and someone physically attacks you, you are in a fight for your life. It’s not “your gun” at that point, it’s “a gun”, and whoever gets to it first, wins. The loser gets shot.

            1. Well, that is what a CA law enforcement officer told me. The question was concerning the sentence of a youthful offender who was doing time. I asked what he was in for, and after being told, I asked what “strong-arm” robbery meant, and the officer replied: “armed robbery.” He may have not been accurate. I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t consider what “name” they put on it all that important. By “simple,” I meant other than “aggravated”… clear now?

              And I still maintain physically assaulting a cop should not be a death sentence. That just makes sense to me.

              But then, while I have liked every cop I have worked with, excepting one, I do not feel they should be immune from things which would land me in jail.

              “A fight for your life” is the critical element here. Being assaulted isn’t necessarily the same as being in “a fight for your life.” And if you take someone’s life, someone who was unarmed while you had a gun, you had better make damn sure that you can convince the prosecutor, or at least the jury, that is was justified — meaning you were in danger. Otherwise you might find yourself in a heap of trouble.

              A friend of mine took somebody’s life with a gun. It was found to be justifiable. But his defense still cost him over $50,000.

              If the report which I read today (anonymous and not confirmed) was accurate, then the officer may have been justified in shooting Brown. I guess we will have to wait and see.

              Have a nice day.

  2. Why are you sourcing the NYT? It’s the opposite of “reason”–it’s pure leftist/statist/progressive propaganda.

  3. If this were a one off shooting, instead of what seems to be 3 times a day, I could see the point of those who back the police. However when they choke a cigarette seller to death (Eric Garner- NYC), blow up a baby (Baby Bou-bou), beat a homeless man to death (Kelly Thomas), arrest a 9 year old girl (LaToya Harris’ daughter- Portland), order a parody Twitter site about the city mayor taken down with threats of force (Jon Daniel- Peoria IL), and various other misuses of authority. At some point there is going to be an explosion. People are tired of police overreach, tired of being used for target practice, tired of not being able at gunpoint to use their 1st Amendment rights (which the police didn’t give us to begin with, but are assured in the US Constitution), being used as punching bags because one of our overlords is having a bad day, then being told that all this is for our own good? As it stands now, the police can kill, maim, and harass anyone they damn well wish with no consequences. Sorry, the cops have brought this upon their own heads, and I will take no action to stop them from reaping the abundant harvest they have sown in lawlessness and watered with the blood of others.

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