Eric Holder Heads to Ferguson to Fix Everything, Ice-Bucket Challenge Rules the Internet, Teachers Unions vs. Police Unions in NYC: A.M. Links


  • Eric Holder
    Wikimedia Commons

    Attorney General Eric Holder will visit Ferguson, Missouri, on Wednesday, so that whole problem is just going to go away immediately, probably.

  • A curious feud between New York City teachers union leadership and the police department is raising eybrows and tensions among the rank-and-file of both fields.
  • The Washington Post's Michael Gerson writes that Rand Paul is the wrong Republican to talk about racial issues because… (cue things libertarians have heard a billion times).
  • The runaway success of the ice-bucket challenge is inspiring other charities to ask people to dump cold water on themselves for the good of humanity.
  • Pardon me, but we need more presidential pardons, writes The New York Times editorial board.
  • J.K. Rowling issued another Harry Potter short story, again, as a tactic to drive traffic to the online Potter experience, Pottermore. Sounds like "Harry Potter and the Neverending Promotions," huh?

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