Pro-Gun Milwaukee Sheriff Beats Bloomberg-Backed Challenger


Sheriff Clarke
Sheriff Clarke

Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., made waves when he urged the public to consider purchasing firearms and getting training so that they'd be able to defend themselves against criminal attacks. He even taped public service announcements to that effect. "Consider taking a certified safety course in handling a firearm so you can defend yourself until we get there. You have a duty to protect yourself and your family," was part of the message in one.

Unshockingly, gun-banners were displeased by the sheriff's stance. The likes of Michael Bloomberg poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Democratic primary race to back his challenger, Milwaukee police Lt. Chris Moews. In the end, they blew their cash as Clarke won the nomination and, effectively, the general election.

Writes Georgia Pabst at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. edged Milwaukee police Lt. Chris Moews early Wednesday in a Democratic primary race that drew national attention and more than $600,000 in outside spending.

Clarke led by more than 4,700 votes with just the absentee ballots in the city of Milwaukee left to count, and shortly before midnight, Moews refused to concede. Shortly thereafter, Clarke told supporters he felt good about his chances but would not declare victory until all ballots were counted.

"We like where we're standing right now," he said.

When the last of the absentee ballots were counted early Wednesday, Clarke had beat Moews by 4,644 votes.

Bloomberg's own political action committee put more than $150,000 in the race against Clarke, without effect. Another group put $400,000 against him.

Clarke received outside support, too, though in far smaller amounts.

While Sheriff Clarke is very good on the right of self-defense, he's not a libertarian dream. His office has enthusiastically used asset forfeiture proceeds on toys and junkets, and he touts the "tough on crime" credentials that you usually get from a career cop, and which often mean prisons filled with non-violent offenders and police empowered with troubling authority over the community they supposedly serve.

But his support for self-defense is a pleasant surprise, and it's obviously appreciated by the voters, too.


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  1. Bloomie is just scared of a black man with a gun.

  2. Good. A loss to Bloomie is a win for everyone else.

  3. It’s not just the loss for Bloomberg – a sheriff who actually believes the peasants have a right to arm themselves would probably be less likely to support total warrior cops.

    1. I would hope, but I wouldn’t count, BP. Baby steps.

      1. Every time I see your name, I think that Comerade-Mayor has blessed us with his presence…

    2. Remember that sheriffs are elected (a holdover from English Common Law) so they are more responsive to public concerns than police chiefs who are appointed.

      1. I’ve never understood why we have sheriffs AND police.

        Probably FYTW.

        1. Sheriffs are locally elected, so tend to better answer to the people. In a lot of places, they tend to be in charge of primarily local laws/restrictions, like executing foreclosures/evections and running the county jail.

          Most of the groundswell against the Colorado gun laws started with local sheriffs fighting against the laws.

        2. The shire reeve was the chief administrator of the area back when The Law was whatever the local lord said it was, before there was a system of division of powers between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. The shire reeve was charged generally with looking after the peasants and the serfs, keeping the peace, not necessarily just enforcing the law against law-breakers. Police chiefs merely look after the police and go after law-breakers.

          Modern-day, police are generally found in urban areas, sheriffs in rural areas. Urban areas can afford more complex police forces with specialized units to handle different police functions, rural areas need a jack-of-all-trades since they can’t afford a larger police force. (In urban areas, there is still a sherrifs department – their primary function is to act as the enforcement arm of the courts, serving warrants and subpoenas and such.)

          Generally speaking, if you have to deal with a guy with a badge you’re better off with a deputy sherrif who still may see himself as a peace officer than with a member of the police department who more likely sees himself as a law enforcer.

          1. “Generally speaking, if you have to deal with a guy with a badge you’re better off with a deputy sherrif ”

            Unless you’re in Los Angeles County. The LASD is one step removed from the Gestapo. Probably one of the most abusive forces in the US.

          2. In Pennsylvania there are always three levels of govt, state, county and local. State cops do highway patrols, particularly on interstates. Local cops do the bulk of patrolling. Sheriff works for the county, and counties don’t really do much. I’ve never seen a sheriff patrolling, they do courthouse security, transport prisoners, and issue gun licenses.

            1. Fellow Yinzer here. The Sheriff’s office also serves warrants

  4. Keep spending, Bloomie! I am sure a few extra $100K will make the difference next time!

    *sneers behind hand*

  5. Where are all the lefttards whining about how money buys elections?

    1. Right money is evil. Left money is okay.

      1. Left money isn’t really money — it’s just the cash form of good intentions. Political purity washes all stains clean.

        1. It’s like paying indulgences.

          1. that is exactly what it is.

        2. Left money isn’t really money

          And it’s certainly not Speech!
          Speech is solely function of noises coming out of your piehole.

  6. Milwaukee county is 27% black. The guy who won is black. Moews, the Bloomburg stooge he beat is white. I assume that Clarke Junior got a pretty good share of the black vote. Can we call Bloomburg’s group racist now?

    Also, how long before the Progs start snarking about Clarke Jr’s white wife? A day? Or have they already?

    1. Can we call Bloomburg’s group racist now?

      Historical evidence has shown gun control in of itself to be a rascist agenda.

      1. Yes it is. I think it is at least possible blacks will start taking gun rights seriously. When that happens it is going to be delicious watching smug, white progs, explain how they are not racist for opposing black people demanding their gun rights.

        1. Already happening if you count Sarah Silverman, who is about as proggie as they come:

          Check out Colion Noir’s response, though…

          1. They think they’re pointing out the racism of the NRA, don’t they?

            Progressive types get to make all kinds of racist jokes under the guise of mocking what they claim to be the racist beliefs of others. But when those “others” turn out not to hold the racist beliefs progs impute to them, then the question arises – whence did the progs get their racial obsession?

      2. Bloomberg to blacks: “We don’t want you to be able to defend yourself”

    2. Also, how long before the Progs start snarking about Clarke Jr’s white wife? A day? Or have they already?

      The insight you have into the minds of Progs is both fascinating and worrying. I fear you might end up like Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, who delved so deep into investigating the Joker’s mind that she, herself, became criminally insane.

      1. It is a dirty pool but it is not a deep one.

        1. Meh, I’d still tap.

          Wait, what?

          Are we talking about Harley Quinn here? Or the Joker? Or John?

          1. Uhhh, Harley Quinn of course, heh, why would you assume otherwise…………

            *tugs collar nervously*

  7. Nice alt-text. 2Chili and Suderman should teach mandatory classes.

    1. Wait, if he’s saying she could handle drinking a 40, that’s kind of racist.

      1. Everybody can handle drinking 0.4 ounces of beer/malt liquor.

      2. He said hande me a 40, it’s quittin time.

    2. They really bring the a-game.

  8. Over fifty years after Jim Crow, we still see a rich white man spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep a black man from winning public office. Some things will never change.

    1. I look forward to seeing that story in the NYT.

      1. It is not racist when you are trying to look after the Negroes and keep them from hurting themselves.

        /New York Prog.

    2. Well the black man was starting to think for himself. What were the other options?

      1. Well the black man was starting to think for himself.

        If he were thinking for himself, he would agree with the progs. Since he’s not agreeing with the progs, he’s not thinking for himself. He’s an Uncle Tom. And calling him an Uncle Tom is not racist since the guy in question is not authentically black, obviously.

        (I think “Uncle Tom” is one of those dog-whistle phrases, it’s code for “uppity Negro”, one who thinks he can pass for White just because he can mimic the behavior, like a cigar-smoking monkey wearing a three-piece suit. The progs aren’t fooled one bit by the act.)

  9. “This safety message brought to you by the Milwaukee County Sherrif’s Office.”

    Maybe I’m just a wet blanket, but it’s OK to use public funds for a campaign commercial so long as you have the right message?

    1. Which would you rather see – PSAs advocating you exercise your rights, or PSAs trying to convince you that ‘X is Baad, Mmmmkay’?

    2. No, it isn’t. But if you take that to its logical conclusion sheriffs departments couldn’t do any public service announcements. Let’s say there was a fugitive or an abduction in-progress – the sheriff couldn’t buy air time and free airtime donated by media would be a campaign contribution.

      I’m not sure what the right answer is, but this is a thorny problem.

  10. I somehow knew that there would be some pure gold in these comments, and I am not disappointed.

  11. OT I saw Guardians of the Galaxy last night. Two words:

    Fucking awesome!

    That is all.

    1. That is what everyone keeps saying. I generally avoid comic book movies. But I have yet to hear a single bad thing about that movie.

        1. I liked the Hellboy movies. So it is not like I never like comic book movies. I just generally don’t. If they are fun, clever and don’t take themselves too seriously like Hellboy, I like them.

          1. If they are fun, clever and don’t take themselves too seriously like Hellboy, I like them.

            Then you’ll like GOTG.

          2. John,

            It’s a comic book movie that includes a talking raccoon with guns, and a mobile tree that can only say, “I am Groot!”. How seriously do you think it would take itself? Go and watch it.

            1. I agree. I have been thinking of seeing it for that reason.

              1. +1 for GOTG. My wife and I loved it!

    2. I’ve exclusively heard great things about it. But I can’t get past the talking raccoon. Which I do realize is a bit ridiculous, considering I saw both talking turtles and a talking rat Monday night. (Though that is set in a different, more ridiculous universe and no hot girls have tried to get me to watch GotG with them yet)

      1. The talking raccoon is biggest reason I want to see it. I look at it as making fun of Hugh Jackman in the X-Men series.

  12. …a Democratic primary race that drew national attention and more than $600,000 in outside spending.

    Bloomberg’s own political action committee put more than $150,000 in the race against Clarke, without effect. Another group put $400,000 against him.

    Well, there you go. If there was 600k in outside spending, that would be the NRA lobby donating to Clarke. Since the insiders like Bloomberg only gave 550k to defeat him, the big outsider money bought the election.

    Meow, it could be true that the voters of Milwaukee County just weren’t ready to have a sherrif whose name would – at least every meow and again – lead to jokes by virtually the entire rest of the country.


      The Wisconsin Teachers’ Union that was bitch slapped by walker founded the Greater Wisconsin Committee, which apparently intends on being a Force with regard to issues outside of education.

    2. “Excuse me, are you saying meow?”

      You didn’t get even close to 10.

  13. lol, US POlitics, best politics money can buy lol.

  14. We need some moderate, well-respected journalist (Weigel?) to ask Bloomberg about this. How hilarious will it be when he has to confront the reality of his own political failure?

    Alas, his financial resources are essentially infinite so I would strongly suggest we don’t troll him too hard…

    1. Fuck that. Someone needs to ask him what he plans to do to repair his relations with the black community after implementing stop and frisk and now spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in a failed attempt to keep a black man out of public office.

      They need to call these people out and use their own language against them.

      1. Throwing the racism card in their face is a great idea.

        It really can’t be done enough.

  15. When you take a certified safety course, we’ll know who has guns when we come to grab them. But when we come to grab those guns, we won’t be all high-profile SWATty about it. Most of the time.

  16. I sent him a few bucks too.
    Congratulations Chief,I hope you can find a way to get rid of that jerk who ran against you.

  17. Not a perfect sheriff, but I am content with taking a couple of steps in the right direction.

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