Vice Embeds with Islamic State, Congress Offers No Resistance to Strikes, Medicaid Enrollments Top 7 Million: P.M. Links


  • "Cake or death? No, wait. Sharia or death?"
    Vice News

    Vice News reporter Medyan Dairieh managed to get embedded within the Islamic State (the guys we're bombing in Iraq) for three weeks to document their operations. The first chapter is about their actions in Syria.

  • Meanwhile, members of Congress are verbally offering support for the air strikes and humanitarian efforts, though of course, some feel as though he's not going far enough. Whether Obama's actions were a legal expression of his executive authority does not seem to be much of a concern to Congress.
  • Airlines are also cancelling flights to and from the area and some are avoiding flying over Iraq entirely.
  • Everybody directly involved in the gay marriage recognition battles in several states seems to want the Supreme Court to rule on the matter.
  • New Medicaid enrollments have topped seven million since Obamacare launched.
  • A church in Florida cancelled funeral services for a man there once they discovered he was gay and married to another man.
  • Anthony Weiner plans to open a restaurant in Queens. Don't worry—the menus won't have any pictures.

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