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Amash Blasts Defeated Opponent: 'I Ran For Office to Stop People Like You'

In his victory speech, Amash called on Ellis to apologize.


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Having survived a primary challenge from a neoconservative crony capitalist supporter of the Export-Import Bank, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) had no intention of making nice with an opponent who had branded him "al-Qaida's best friend" in Congress.

Brian Ellis, who lost to Amash 57 percent to 43 percent in Tuesday's primary, called to concede and congratulate the victor. But Amash rejected the call, lambasting Ellis for running "a ridiculous, despicable smear campaign."

In his victory speech, Amash called on Ellis to apologize:

"You owe my family and this community an apology for your disgusting, despicable smear campaign. You had the audacity to try and call me today after running a campaign that was called the nastiest in the country. I ran for office to stop people like you. To stop people who were more interested in themselves than in doing what's best for their district. Everyday Americans are taking back their government from the crooks and the cronies. They are taking back their government from the political class elites."

He also mocked former Republican House Rep. Pete Hoekstra, who backed Ellis:

"You are a disgrace. And I'm glad we could hand you one more loss before you fade into total obscurity and irrelevance."

Watch a video of the speech here, courtesy of The Washington Post.

More on Amash from Reason here.

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Justin Amash

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239 responses to “Amash Blasts Defeated Opponent: 'I Ran For Office to Stop People Like You'

  1. It’s not like these people would have ever done anything for Amash if he had been conciliatory.

    1. I agree. We need to drop the bullshit and call them out. Dude labeled Amash an AQ sympathizer, wow.

      I always thought it was weird to see candidates duke it out and pretty much shit on each other for months, only to endorse the primary winner and say kind things about them. It’s fake, and the people know it. You want my vote? If you call the other guy a bastard, I wanna know why he is one, why you are different and why you sincerely mean it. Otherwise, it’s just make-believe.

    2. Swing voters might perceive him as hateful and vindictive for not making nice in public.

      It’s not like playing nice in public was going to cost him any money…or anything else.

      Striking a retributive tone in public, however, could cost him something. Soccer moms don’t even like it when their kids play like that.

      1. He’s in a safe district. It would take a lot more than demanding an apology from a man who called him an Al-Qaeda sympathizer to lose.

        1. Oh, I think what he said was correct.

          The question is whether it was beneficial or harmful.

          I’m a little sick of the people, whose views actually reflect mine, not being taken seriously–and seen as bush league.

          Rand Paul is going to be up for the nomination, and I hope he’s a lot smarter than this. They’re gonna come after him from both sides.

          The Democrats are going to come after Rand Paul worse than they did Sarah Palin, and the establishment Republicans are going to come after Rand Paul a lot worse than they went after Amash.

          And I hope Rand Paul is too smart to speak the truth, when saying nothing is in his better interests. And when other people see Amash do things in an unserious way, I hope it doesn’t make even more people see Rand Paul’s side of the Party as people who shouldn’t be taken seriously.

          1. C’mon Ken. You know you want Rand to walk up to a podium somewhere and call his opponents a bunch of cunts. Maybe even cunt-lapping whores.

            1. I know i do

            2. I’d vote for him twice

              1. Sorry, only allowed if you are voting for a Democrat.

                1. No, you can use your extra votes for whatever candidate you want. It’s just that they are counted for the Democrats. It’s like the votes of dead people.

            3. As much as I’d enjoy seeing that, I’d much rather see him make a speech accepting the nomination of the Republican Party–and making an acceptance speech after he’s sworn in as President.

            4. I’d resent anyone insulting cunt-lapping whores that way.

            5. I solemnly swear, that if Rand Paul calls Hillary Clinton a power-grubbing cunt, I will max out my contribution to his presidential campaign.

              Otherwise, I’ll probably only be in for a couple hundred bucks.


          2. Slate is already running lots of anti-Rand Paul articles. He must have them scared.

            1. Chris Matthews was talking about Rand Paul’s “ridiculous” positions and flip flopping (oh, the irony) on Hardball a night or two ago. They’re scared, and it shows.

          3. This reminds me of when Clayton Williams refused to shake Ann Richards hand before the debates in the Texas governor’s race about 20 years ago. Sure, Ma Richards was a dirty campaigner, and she was unworthy of courtesy, but she hadn’t really done worse to Williams than she had her fellow Democrats in the primaries.

            Still, the optics were bad. Williams also made several flippant comments during unguarded moments.

            These are unforced political errors.

            Williams naturally lost, and Texas got a Democrat governor.

            1. Yeah, you want to see how voters expect politicians to act after they’ve won or lost an election?

              Look at what NFL coaches say after winning or losing a game.

              We had a good game plan and we played a great game, we didn’t take advantage of some opportunities we had and we made some mistakes, but I give all the credit to the other side, they outplayed us today, but now we have to look to future. We’re gonna bring everything we’ve got to the next game, we’ve got a great group of guys, and we’re going to win.

              Then there’s the winner’s speech, which always goes something like:

              Well you have to hand it to our opponents, they really played a great game. They’re a great organization, and they put up a really good fight. We were able to take advantage of our opportunities, and looking forward, I think we have an opportunity to win a lot more games. I’d like to thank the line, the dbacks, and players A, B, and C for doing everything we needed to do to win.

              The coaches give those interviews. The players give those interviews! Because if you don’t? The media is going to jump on it, and the only thing the American public hates more than a sore loser is a douchebag winner.

              If you want the American public to vote for you? Don’t be a douchebag winner.

              1. Perhaps Amash is showing that, for him at least, it’s no longer business as usual. Many people are tired of business as usual.

              2. He wasn’t. He was responding in kind to a douchebag loser.

              3. Ken Shultz|8.6.14 @ 4:30PM|#
                “Don’t be a douchebag winner.”

                That implies he cannot call out a douchebag competitor. Why should Ellis get a free pass the media is not some objective observer. Why give them the power.

                1. Ken is being extremely silly Amash struck just the right tone and chose his words well. He wasn’t shrill or spiteful or petty.

      2. Ken, every single time you post I’m reminded why you’re an imbecile.

        1. Why is he an imbecile? Regardless of whether you agree with Amash (I myself do), will it hurt his chances elsewhere, as in with the media or working with other congress people?

          Or don’t you think that matters?

          1. Perhaps he’s implying that his goals do not include “working with other congress people” or sucking up to the media.

            Congress is full of members falling all over themselves to work with other legislators in screwing the rest of us over and toadying up to the media to get favorable coverage. These are the people I want to get rid of. Good on Amash.

        2. I don’t care what you think about…anything.

          But did you know you act a lot like Tulpa?

        3. Meh. He makes some good points.

      3. Voters like candidates who speak their minds and call a spade a spade. (Can I say that?)

        1. There are lots of people (soccer moms, Gen Y folks, and others), who don’t vote for Republicans because they think we’re mean. Because they don’t think we play nice.

          There are Republican soccer moms, who don’t vote in the primaries but vote in the general election, who will stay home rather than vote for someone they think is mean.

          I’d vote for the guy anyway, but even I’m questioning the guy’s judgement. Every day, I bite my tongue instead of saying things I’d love to say–because it’s in my interests to say nothing.

          I don’t say stuff I’d like to say to city, county, state, and federal officials. I don’t say stuff I’d like to say at public meetings. I don’t say stuff I’d like to say to contractors, equity partners.

          When I see someone that says something because it feels good–but it’s not in their best interests to say; they would have been better off saying nothing? I question that person’s judgement.

          How many times have I made fun of Obama, here, over the years, for saying the things he really thinks instead of keeping his mouth shut? When Obama said, “You didn’t build that”, it may have felt good–to him–, and, no it didn’t cost him the presidency, but when he said that, was anybody on his reelection campaign glad he said it–unnecessarily?

          1. People judge politicians by how they behave in public. Acceptance speeches are one of the few times anybody’s even paying attention. It really shouldn’t be controversial to suggest that not behaving like all the other candidates over the centuries who’ve been smeared may not play well with marginal voters.

            This should be elementary stuff. Amash would make a better president than Obama because of his ideology, but that isn’t saying much.

            1. Frankly, calling out a sleazy dishonest hack for being a sleazy dishonest hack might be helpful to his campaign. People are getting more and more angry and disgusted with the status quo in DC as the leviathan gets too big for the private sector to support, and Amash may get points for acknowledging that publicly.

            2. Ken,

              You are giving liberals, Gen Y and soccer moms too much credit. They operate from an emotional base and not easily persuaded because facts do not register. You must be one of those compassionate conservatives. If what you were saying were true then 99% of liberals would not get re-elected. No one says more mean shit than them. Don’t play the game entirely on their terms.

          2. [citation needed]

            Got any studies showing the existence of these soccer moms? Confirmed demographic information? Really any sort of objective evidence that might lead us to believe that you’re not pulling this out of your ass to lend legitimacy to your preconceived notions?

            Go ahead, any reputable journal or news outlet (I’m feeling generous) will do.

            Now, in my personal experience (and this is just anecdotal evidence), soccer moms are some of the most viscous people on the face of the earth. They’re what all the back-stabbing meangirls from high school turned into.

            1. In my personal experience, they are effing idiots. The quintessential soccer mom is my sister’s friend, Alison. Alison was all for George Bush because “He seems like a nice guy.” Then she was for Obama because he was Black. Then she was for Romney because “He seems like a nice guy.” I don’t know if she noticed that Obama was still Black, but anyway I’m hoping that “nice” outweighs “female” come 2016. OH, and she decided to swear of Republicans for a while because she went to see Adam Corolla and she thought he was mean.

              As an aside, this girl is currently in a Masters program in Art History and her papers are literally what you and I would have written in fifth grade. I exaggerate you not. And she is getting A’s. We have to stop giving positive reinforcement for monumental stupidity. Monumental viciousness in politics maybe someday.

          3. The notion that progress and growth are only possible courtesy of the government and high taxes is deeply entrenched among progressives (and in most of Europe).

            Not only did it feel good to Obama to say it, he and his supporters deeply believe it, and it likely helped him at the polls. The people who disagree with that view are a minority.

            1. “Not only did it feel good to Obama to say it, he and his supporters deeply believe it, and it likely helped him at the polls.”

              Saying “You didn’t build that” did not help Obama at the polls with swing voters.

              The way you win elections is by appealing to swing voters, which means appealing to people who do not identify with either party–or maybe any ideology.

              These are people who watched Obama govern for four years and and still couldn’t bring themselves to be called Democrats. “You didn’t build that” did not help win them over.

              If they’re voting on emotion, they’re mostly voting on how much they like the guy, personally. Being a sore winner doesn’t help swing voters like you, and it may hurt. So why do it?

              No upside + downside risk = don’t do it.

              He shouldn’t have done this. I suspect the damage is limited in this case, but people are watching this stuff nationally. Like it or not, what Amash does and says effects how libertarianish Republicans are viewed nationally. And I’m not in this as some kind of permanent debating society.

              I want to see a more libertarian world, like for reals, in my lifetime.

      4. I, for one, am glad he did not sacrifice his testicular fortitude to Soccer moms and further the emasculation agenda. He called the CS out with a bitch slap. Sweet.

        1. It would have been even more enjoyable if he’d socked some staist in the mouth!

          Whether that would have benefited himself or the libertarian cause, of course, is another question entirely.

          I’m certainly not about to support anything Amash does–just because Amash is the one who did it. That step would take us halfway to being like the progressives–who will support anything Obama does just because Obama was the one that did it.

      5. I don’t think he needed to “play nice”, but he could perhaps have put it better.

        After all, Ellis is really making a fool of himself.

    3. I loved to hear a politician say what he means instead of hewing to the absurd fiction that there are only good feelings between the two camps.

      That being said, Amash’s speech was a little disappointing. Without referring to the scurrilous attacks, even obliquely, it sounds as if Amash is being ungracious, a sore winner who doesn’t know how to compete without reverting to the habits of an underparented toddler.

      The truth is almost the complete opposite. Ellis was unable to confine his critique of Amash to policy and political differences, and accused him of (1) condoning the murder of girl-fetuses and (2) being more loyal to al-Qaeda than America.

      So boo to Justin for grabbing a rhetorical defeat from the jaws of an electoral victory…

      1. Disagree.

        Spell it out why the other guy is a bad person and represents everything wrong with everything. Good call Amash.

  2. Classy.

    1. You know, it’s about time these crooks get called out on what they’re doing. I love this statement.

      1. Agreed. Give him the boot again. Amash doesn’t owe any politico shit, now. The party ran against him and lost.

        1. I support Brett L’s, support of Pro L.
          /Florida Man L.

          1. Seconded support seconded with syrup on top.

            1. waffles with syrup, mmmmmmmmmm!

              1. That is kind of disturbing in this context.

          2. I will make this three Florida supporters in a row because I’m ignoring waffles.

      2. The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner.

        1. As a rule, yes. But if you run a dishonorable campaign, be prepared to be called a dishonorable person.

          Check out this ad, and see why Amash doesn’t want to perform any sickening kissy-face ritual with Ellis:


          1. I still think he’s being a sore winner.

            1. And we all think you’re a tiresome asshole who tells the same stupid fucking cop stories OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER and wouldn’t be missed if you left.

              1. You can stop sucking my dick now.

                1. Who is fyt, that (s)he passes off such bon mots? If it’s between you and fyt, I’ll back you.

                  1. “stupid fucking cop stories” is something Mary likes to say.

            2. Being a gracious winner is only for games of skill or chance. This was politics and the other guy was being an ass and the policies he supports are evil. There is no need to be gracious to these people. Furthermore, the battle against these types of people doesn’t end with this little primary victory, it continues indefinitely.

              1. That’s it – lay down some clear lines. The Ellises of the world had their chance – time for them to step aside and see what a constitutional policy will do.

                By “constitutional policy,” I mean the opposite of what Ellis said when he declared that Congressmen should vote just as they please and let the courts clean up their mess.

            3. sarcasmic|8.6.14 @ 2:12PM|#

              “I still think he’s being a sore winner.”

              Yeah, all those sour grapes from Amash after his victory. snarc
              A little too much honesty for you. What if he challenged him to a duel. Would you support that or is that too manly also. How does one appropriately go about taking back one’s honor and integrity from scumbags?

            4. You’re still an asshole and wrong.

        2. I’m not advocating incivility or ungraciousness, but there’s too much silent about truly egregious behavior. Business as usual in our political system is the problem. It needs to be called out.

          1. Too much silence, that is.

    2. Sometimes the truth is the classiest approach.

  3. “You owe my family and this community an apology for your disgusting, despicable smear campaign. You had the audacity to try and call me today after running a campaign that was called the nastiest in the country. I ran for office to stop people like you. To stop people who were more interested in themselves than in doing what’s best for their district. Everyday Americans are taking back their government from the crooks and the cronies. They are taking back their government from the political class elites.”

    Slow clap. Well said sir.

  4. an opponent who had branded him “al-Qaida’s best friend”

    That tactic worked for Senator Sackless Chambliss of Georgia.

    1. That tactic worked for Senator Sackless Chambliss of Georgia.

      ?Hi Weigels Buttplug!

    2. Ya, sut Saxby Chambliss sounds like a hippopotamus’s name so obviously he had a huge upper hand.

    3. Oh my God! The website linked to your name is super fucking gay.

        1. Maybe he’s just sane.

        2. PB, clearly you already know what enormous fans of Glenn Beck everyone @ Reason is.

          I mean, between the regular articles featuring ‘Deep Insights Of Glenn Beck’, to the links commentators post, highlighting anything and everything related to Beck’s media empire… is it not apparently obvious that we all share a common love for everything Beck-related? please, this juvenile insinuation is entirely unecessary. Come and bask in the warm love of Becktopia. Drink this kool aid, and put on this robe, and we shall call you Brother.

          1. Beck demonized the atheist and classic liberal Soros to a whole generation of his little monster theocrats.

            Yes, I know that Soros is hated here for opposing the election of Bush the Lesser.

            1. Which one was Lesser again?

              1. They both were.

            2. Do you frequently reply to comments with completely unrelated comments, or was this a one off?

              1. Do you frequently reply to comments with completely unrelated comments, or was this a one off?

                Almost daily.

                Another charming aspect of shreekys personality is his unreserved fellatial devotion towards the president while still claiming to champion the ideas of classical liberalism (read… Laissez-faire).

                The cognitive dissonance is strong in Weigel?err?shreeky.

              2. Pay attention. You demonstrated a Beck-like head-snap based on my username link.

                1. What a friend we have in Glenn Beck,
                  All our sins and griefs to bear!
                  What a privilege to carry
                  Everything to Glenn in prayer!
                  Oh, what peace we often forfeit,
                  Oh, what needless pain we bear,
                  All because we do not carry
                  Everything to Glenn in prayer!
                  Have we trials and temptations?
                  Is there trouble anywhere?
                  We should never be discouraged?
                  Take it to the Beck in prayer.
                  Can we find a friend so faithful,
                  Who will all our sorrows share?
                  Jesus knows our every weakness;
                  Take it to the Beck in prayer.
                  Are we weak and heavy-laden,
                  Cumbered with a load of care?
                  Precious Glenn, still our refuge?
                  Take it to the Beck in prayer.
                  Do thy friends despise, forsake thee?
                  Take it to the Beck in prayer!
                  In His arms He’ll take and shield thee,
                  Thou wilt find a solace there.
                  Blessed Glenn, Thou hast promised
                  Thou wilt all our burdens bear;
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                  All to Thee in earnest prayer.
                  Soon in glory bright, unclouded,
                  There will be no need for prayer?
                  Rapture, praise, and endless worship
                  Will be our sweet portion there.

                  Dave?you will walk with Glenn for all eternity.

                  1. Dammit?.missed a “Jesus” in there. Well you get the point Buttplug?..Glenn will accept your deathbed conversion and repentance!

                    PS: NEEDZ MOAR CHRISTFAG!!!!!ELEVENTY!!!

                2. No. I said your username link is really gay. It is really gay.

              3. PB suffers from a mental illness, a monomania or obsession with George W Bush. He is incapable of posting more than three comments in a row without defaulting to the object of his obsession.

                I suspect there is some deep Freudian sexual thing going on there, myself.

              4. you new here bro?

              5. It is one off, as in it is the one note he plays over and over again.

            3. Get lost, turd.

            4. Soros who? What?

              Are you hallucinating again, PB? You need to wake up.

            5. Or maybe Soros is the progressive version of the Koch brothers and that’s why he’s not liked here?

              1. Soros is no progressive. He spent close to a billion fighting statism in Eastern Europe and the drug war and other libertarian objectives here.

                He does support Open Society – still not progressive.

                1. I bet you’re the kind of guy who would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around. I’ll be watching you.

                  1. the kind of guy who would fuck a person in the ass

                    Him??? Uhh….I think you got his role confused.

                2. Does he want to dismantle the welfare state and let businesses do business with whomever they like for whatever reason?

                3. Turd, go away.

                4. Didn’t he invent the term “free-market fundamentalism”?

                  This guy is no Jared Polis.

            6. I think he deserves to be extradited for his interference in former Soviet republic elections, to say nothing of what he did to the UK economy in one day.

              1. Currency anomalies are a fit target for speculators in a capitalist system.

            7. Classic liberal is code for nazi now?

              1. Soros is a net negative at best. For all of his talk about the bubble of American supremacy, he ended up supporting a candidate and party that aren’t improving the situation. And he indirectly opposes those that show actual intent of rolling back the American Empire.

                Not to mention that his pet political groups traffic in identity politics and progressive ideology.

              2. Classic liberal is code for nazi now?

                Only to you greasy Bush/Beck rednecks.

                1. I asked you a serious question. Does Soros want to dismantle the welfare state and let businesses do business with whomever they want for whatever reason.

                  1. I asked you a serious question. Does Soros want to dismantle the welfare state and let businesses do business with whomever they want for whatever reason.

                    He helped remake his native Hungary into a capitalistic country.


                    Capitalist, anti-war, pro-drug, pro liberal society, pro-immigrant, I see why Reason used to like him before Beck ran a campaign of lies against him.

                    1. You didn’t answer my question.

                2. The ‘NAZI’ allegation against Soros is wholly unwarranted. Cooperating with the Judenrat so that you’re not snuffed out at age 7 is not at all the same thing as being a collaborator.

                3. “Palin’s Buttplug|8.6.14 @ 2:12PM|#

                  …you greasy Bush/Beck rednecks.”


                  I am aware that H&R does indeed often celebrate NASCAR, pickled pigs feet, and shooting beer with shotguns, but really PB, are you not projecting somewhat? Given that last I checked, we were mostly a bunch of urbanish cosmotarians, while you live in your moms basement in the Deep South(tm) somewhere?

                  You need some fresh air.

                  1. TRAKTOR PULLZ !

                4. Virtually no one on this site supports Bush or Beck, unless you are insinuating that they secretly do against all evidence.

            8. “Beck demonized the atheist and classic liberal Soros”

              Soros the Nazi?

              That Soros right?

              1. It has to be a different guy, that was neo-fascist crony-capitalist Soros.

            9. Soros is as big of asshat as Beck is.

              Weirdly they both support pot legalization which i like.

              See how that works Shrike?

              The magic of being able to criticize and cheer any TEAM based on what they say and do.

              Any idiot can do it. Even an idiot like you.

            10. Soros isn’t a “classic liberal”, he is a progressive, pretty much the opposite of “classic liberal”.

              Soros isn’t worth “hating”, since he is just your run-of-the-mill politically connected, rent-seeking trader.

              And if someone with Soros’ resources couldn’t defeat Bush, it just demonstrates what b.s. the entire progressive outrage over money in politics is. As a libertarian, I’d like to thank Soros for this demonstration; it’s probably the only useful and decent thing he’s ever done, even if it was unintentional.

        3. Get lost, turd.

          1. He’s so hopelessly pathetic now that’s he’d been outed. I love it.

        4. He seems like a pretty nice guy. He wears sweaters!

    4. I don’t see why Cleland deserved to be re?lected to the Senate just because he became a paraplegic for his country.

      btw, it’s Senator Sexxxy Chambliss…

    5. Turd. Burglar.

  5. “You are a disgrace. And I’m glad we could hand you one more loss before you fade into total obscurity and irrelevance.”

    Well, not much chance of a misunderstanding there.

  6. Can we have more of this, a lot more? God I love seeing neocons called out by people who aren’t retarded progs.

  7. While I wholeheartedly support Amash, his behavior here strikes me as a little over the top.

    1. I like it, myself. The establishment GOPpers need to learn that there are consequences for trying to smear and submarine a fellow Republican who happens to not be a disgusting crony bootlicker.

      You get more of what you reward, and less of what you punish.

      1. I totally agree. There is no excuse for being conciliatory to someone who totally lies about you and smears you. All’s fair in love and politics? BS. It’s time to call out these lying bastards and shoot them in the face with a bazooka.

        1. One need not be conciliatory, but one can still communicate the same level of disrespect in a manner that sounds a bit more above the fray.

      2. As I read what Ellis called Amash, such as an al-Qaeda supporter, I retract the second clause.

        Fuck that shithead and his establishment supporters.

        1. That’s the problem: without the background context, it sounds like Amash is just being rude for its own sake…

          1. And that’s how the MSM usually operates: Someone is a racist, sexist, whateverist because of something that is taken out of context.

            1. The east side of Michigan acts like Rep. Amash doesn’t even exist. The local news coverage of the yesterday’s election never once talked about Rep. Amash’s primary race, but they covered all the other races from around the state.

              Normally Team Red on Team Red violence makes for good headlines. This story is being buried seems odd considering my area is solidly in the Team Blue camp.

              On a totally unrelated note, what the fuck was up with Saginaw County voting to give tax dollars to the privately owned Saginaw Children’s Zoo? Hell the tax dollars supposedly total more than the annual budget of the zoo.

    2. While I much prefer the “I’m just going to do what I’m going to do, and everything is just noise” mentality, Amash’s opponents went out of their way to run a dirty campaign.

      And then they had the nerve to try to say “Good game!” afterwards. Amash is under no obligation to just go along with it and act like nothing happened.

      If he keeps harping it, then I would be concerned he’s trying to milk it politically. But from what I’ve seen/heard of Amash, he’s just going to get back to work and ignore them from here on out.

      1. If he keeps harping it, then I would be concerned he’s trying to milk it politically. But from what I’ve seen/heard of Amash, he’s just going to get back to work and ignore them from here on out.

        I agree. Amash is all about bidness. Anyone who hasn’t “liked” him on Facebook yet, should. He explains every single vote he makes.

        Normally I’d say a hard-working Congress Creature is a bad thing, but in this case, it’s very, very good.

    3. You should watch some clips of Nigel Farage making speeches to the EU. He gets real nasty. One of my favorites is when he tells the chair of the council(Van Rumpoy(sp?)?) to his face that he looks like a low grade bank clerk and has the charisma of a dish rag.

      1. We need more of that.
        The Prime Minister’s Questions are also good, with catcalls and booing. Our politicians are much too polite.

        Amash’s response is only notable because it’s rare. Call me when Congressman start beating each other with canes.

        1. The Prime Minister’s Questions are also good, with catcalls and booing. Our politicians are much too polite.

          I agree with this. I think if POTUS had to do Question Time (every week unless we’ve been invaded), he’d get off his high horse.

          Alas, when Rep. Joe Wilson yelled out “You lie” in the middle of Obama’s tapestry or mendacities (aka Healthcare speech) it was Wilson who was pilloried in public.

          How can the baboonish American people be such prigs when it comes to holding our politicians to account?

          1. We miss the royals.

            1. I wouldn’t miss the royals, I am an excellent shot.

            2. So do we.

              Residents of Kansas City from 1985

              1. Hey, they’re only a half game out of the last wildcard slot at the moment, But I’m sure they’ll find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, once again.

          2. Re: Wilson, my brother tried that “respect the office” bit. I told him Respect is Earned, and I don’t owe a man respect merely because he got himself elected to something. He had no answer.

          3. Here’s how it’s done in Taiwan. American legislators are girly-men.


        2. I would pay to see that…and willingly provide the canes.

        3. Call me when Congressman start beating each other with canes.

          We really should bring back dueling…

        4. Disputes in congress should be settled in a gentlemanly manner – by dueling. Pistols would be acceptable but, as an accommodation to television audiences, I would suggest that very large sabers would have the best visual impact.

      2. Nigel also constantly refers to the Eurocrats as Communists, which they are, and it is always fun to see the German (Schultz?) and Spanish (Barroso?) squirm, given that the charge is do accurate.

        We need more American pols calling out the left for what they are: socialists and communists.

        1. We need more calling out of socialists and communists for what they are, namely liars, beggars, and thieves.

        2. No, the charge isn’t all that accurate. Eurocrats are more like fascists than communists.

      3. If anything, Farage is far too polite.


    4. I would have liked to see him spell it out even more clearly. Frankly I think he soft-pedaled it.

  8. Oh snap!

    Feel the burn!

  9. I submit this for your approval: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PQ6335puOc

    1. I forgot that scene was like the McLaughlin Group on S&L.

      “Wrong! Conan?”

      1. FRED BARNES!

  10. You owe my family and this community an apology for your disgusting, despicable smear campaign.


  11. I disagree with the swipe at Hoekstra. Condemning the negative attacks of his opponents paints him as a voice for civility. Voters say they dislike negative ads, and so it’s a winning stance. Going on to stamp all over Hoekstra’s political grave erases the political advantage.

    The point he should be making is that the Liberty Movement is now the establishment in his district. The Chamber of Commerce types are now sore losers from the last cycle who mounted a quixotic primary challenge against an incumbent. It’s cynical, but that tactic is used over and over again by establishmentarian Republicans. Every time a liberty-minded or Tea Party challenger fails to primary an incumbent, we hear: “You’re a loser because you lost and therefore what you say is irrelevant and marginal and nobody should ever consider your ideas because of how irrelevant and marginal you are.”

    1. I have no idea what Hoekstra did. I know what Ellis did.

      1. Hoekstra turned on Amash. He supported him in the last election and then supported Ellis in the primary.

        1. OK, it sounds like, by itself, that isn’t enough to warrant being called out like Ellis.

        2. that and Amash endorsed Hoekstra for senate back in 2011.

          1. Yeah, I hope Amash doesn’t turn into one of those vindictive Obama types.

    2. “Going on to stamp all over Hoekstra’s political grave erases the political advantage.”

      Maybe Amash thought his honor was more important than a dubious political advantage.

    3. Ya know, if Hoekstra didn’t want to get kicked again, he shouldn’t have gotten into the arena. You ally yourself with a smear campaign, don’t expect to walk off scot-free if you lose.

      And, no, this won’t hurt Amash with the voters. If anything, I think it will help him.

    4. Swipe? There has to be some consequence to appearing in a smear ad. You think Pete is going to have more or fewer clients after that asskicking?

    5. I disagree with the swipe at Hoekstra.

      It was far too mild. I would have loved to hear Amash really let loose on that Machiavellian asswipe.


    6. Fuck “Civility”. Fuck your “Party”, and fuck you. From the bottom of my heart.

  12. Oh, and one more farewell to Ellis:

    High though his titles, proud his name,
    Boundless his wealth as wish can claim;
    Despite those titles, power, and pelf,
    The wretch, concentred all in self,
    Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
    And, doubly dying, shall go down
    To the vile dust from whence he sprung,
    Unwept, unhonour’d, and unsung.

    -Sir Walter Scott

    1. -Sir Walter Scott

      I thought that was Willard Scott.

  13. Libertarians, building bridges and creating friends wherever we go.

    1. This. Yeah, it feels really good to see someone called out, finally. But if you want people in your camp, you need to convince them to buy what you’re selling.

      This does nothing to advance that.

      1. Turd. Burglar.

  14. I wouldn’t mind if politicians’ kiss-ups to their defeated opponent was insincere, a polite gesture to reinforce political civility.

    What bothers me is when the victorious candidate actually *means* it –
    “ha ha, we’re actually on the same team, don’t pay any heed to the things we said against each other, we just needed to do it for the votes, our status as members of the Establishment trumps any concern for the voters.”

    In short, if they’re stretching the point to be civil, I wouldn’t mind, but I think these politicians who praise each their opponents so fulsomely are actually speaking their minds and emphasizing their membership in a superior class above the plebes.

  15. How to win friends and influence people. Perhaps not Ellis and Hoekstra, but certainly those who believe in limited government and personal responsibility and liberty.

  16. I think Amash would have been better served ignoring Ellis and Hoekstra as the non-entities they have proven themselves to be.

    1. When you call everyone a muther-fucker, it looses all impact.

      When an honorable man calls someone a muther-fucker it has enormous impact.

      And sometimes, a gentleman just needs to call a muther-fucker a muther-fucker.

      1. Point taken. But, I suspect it would be more painful for the likes of Ellis or Hoekstra to not be considered at all than to be despised. Ignoring them makes clear that they really are nobodies.

        1. Ellis who? What’s a Hoekstra?

          1. Exactly.

      2. +1 Reptiles on a Flying Craft.

      3. Mother Fucking Right.

  17. Along with all the other reasons calling somebody an al-Qaeda sympathizer is not very classy, Amash is an Arab. So not only was the smear bullshit, it’s not out of line to think it was racist, too. I suspect that’s what pissed Amash off so much.

    1. Good point.

    2. An Arab Republian ? I haz a confuze.

  18. I am liking Amash betterer and betterer.

  19. I can’t recall the time the party turned on a sitting member like this. i’m sure it’s happened, but I don’t begrudge Amash for this. i’d expect it to be the last time he addresses it.

    1. Well, maybe if he’s ever appointed to the Chairmanship of whatever party replaces the Republican party. Then he can take another victory lap.

  20. I like that Amash is tired of the games and said what he wanted to say which was the truth. I know it’s rare, but glad to see it when I can. Ellis would have been bad for Michigan; just another “good ole boy” playing the game. Hopefully, Terry Lynn Land will be in the losers’ corner with him.

    1. You got Land, or you have Schauer. You must think Schauer is better.

      1. Correction: it’s Land, or Peters.

        1. Yep, it’s name your poison. Both suck.

  21. As long as you pay little attention to what amash actually supports than he is a fine, fine libertarian. I see that his opponent is a supporter of abortion rights and legalized gay marriage and doesn’t put her faith front-and-center for all the Tea Partiers to get all hot over, but is, alas, an icky Democrat so fuck that.

    1. There are plenty of Libertarians that are pro-life, myself included.

      Gay marriage is mostly a non-issue now since the courts are overturning the bans. They’ll never get a Constitutional Amendment banning it, so I don’t give a shit now.

      But go ahead. Keep trotting that shit out.

    2. Wow, Amash doesn’t want to outlaw a whole category of human beings, stripping them of legal protection for their very lives for the sake of convenience. Horrible!

      1. I agree. I’m a pro-life libertarian. I am because I believe that abortion is murder.

        As for the gay marriage thing I really don’t care one way or the other. Marriage, like a whole lot of other things, is something the State should have absolutely nothing to do with. Whether it be the federal government or a state government.

    3. an icky Democrat so fuck that.

      You mean icky democrats like Obama, Hilary and Bill who all supported the defense of marriage act and all support keeping pot illegal?

      Also are abortion rights even in jeopardy in Michigan?

      Also here are some people in Michigan who voted for the defense of marriage act:

      Levin, Sander (Mich.)

      Dingell, John (Mich.)

      Levin, Carl (Mich.)

      All democrats.

      here are some more:


      Dems are pretty damn Icky for the same reasons you are shitting on Amash…and Amash supports the repeal of the Defense of marriage act.


      1. But, don’t you understand yet… Democrats can be forgiven for their support of awful laws and can repent.

        Republicans must always pay for every mistake any of them makes. If one Republican does something bad, the sin is on all of them. They can never be forgiven.

        That’s how Team politics work, Corning. It doesn’t matter if Democrats and Republicans supported DOMA, and several on both sides are turning against it. Only the Democrats can be forgiven, because they are the chosen party.

        1. No it is worse.

          Democrats are forgiven for shit they do and Republicans, like Amash, are blamed for shit they did not do and actually oppose.

          American Socialist knew Amash supported repeal of DOMA and yet he lied about it.

          1. You wouldn’t have to worry about it if you stopped voting for Republicans and Democrats.

          2. But he’s a Republican, Corning. So he gets blamed for everything else any Republican does. I told you. That’s how Team politics works!

            And if I stand for something that our dear leader Obama, pbuh, opposes, then I must change my position to match his. And if he changes his mind on something, well by-golly, I better change my mind as well! We support free thinking, dammit! Stop questioning me, you ratbagging teafucker! Get your KOCHTOPUS out of here!!!

          3. That’s because AMSOC is a worthless cunt.

          4. “American Socialist knew Amash supported repeal of DOMA and yet he lied about it.”

            Commie-kid lies nearly as often as trueman. Trueman admits lying; commie-kid hopes no one notices.
            Slime-bags, one and all.

          5. Yeah, he’s fine with bigotry against homosexuals as long as that bigotry is done by the states, thus proving that right-wing “libertarians can’t distinguish between federalism and libertarianism. Here’s his quote: “I am Eastern Orthodox Christian, and I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. I also believe that government should not define or redefine marriage. Marriage should be a private, religious institution and/or contractual. Government should be no more involved in sanctioning marriage, of any sort, than it should be involved in sanctioning baptism or communion.
            The federal government should not criminalize marijuana. The issue should be left to the states. Any “threats to public safety” that result from marijuana use are best handled through the state criminal justice system.
            The people elected me based on my principles, and I use my best judgment to analyze legislation based upon those principles.”

            I think one principle that I would be proud to vote for is a politician who keeps his fucking mouth shut about his judgements on what people do in their bedroom. Here’s the entire conversation on Reddit. Watch your brave son of liberty bob-and-weave. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/c…..ssman_who/

      2. Do any of these dastardly Democrats support DOMA now? Want to see the Democratic and Republican Party platforms on gay marriage and compare and contrast. That should be fun.


    4. Gee, commie kid, what are you lying about this evening?
      Are you a libertarian this evening? Or a slimy socialist? Which is it?

      1. I’ve said from the day I started posting that I was a libertarian socialist– meaning, in general, that I think the government should stay out of personal matters and should be active in regulating commerce, collecting taxes, and enforcing labor and environmental laws. Have I ever posted something here that was inconsistent with this?

    5. Turd. Burglar.

  22. I like Justin Amash when he’s angry. *fans face with hand*

  23. I’m starting to like Amash more and more as time goes on. No wonder so many establishment repubs like Boehner et al consider him to be an asshole. Despicable scumbags don’t usually like it when people point out that they’re scumbags. We could use a few more “assholes” like Amash in both parties, really.

    1. The Republican Party will probably oust him one way or another. Some trumped up charge.

      Big government Democrats and big government Republicans don’t like it when you question the authority of the State.

      1. The Republican Party will probably oust him one way or another. Some trumped up charge.

        Unfortunately, you’re probably right. First they booted him off of committees because he’s an “asshole” who they can’t work with (politician speak for “not willing to sell out his principles”), then they tried a primary challenge. So that’s probably what will come next.

  24. What is with Libertarian (libertarian-republican) politicians and their inability to blow the conversation back up into the broader issue or resolve it to the basic principle?

    Nick asks about the nitty gritty of birth control and rather than clearly saying it’s not about paying federal government abortion monitors to count the seconds between conception and fetushood in any state in the union, he says he hasn’t explored all the methods of birth control.

    Nick manages to point him back to a/the path but he was still, pretty clearly, stuck in the weeds. And Nick wasn’t hostile.

    I wholly understand I’m armchairing it a bit here, but it seems like this is a consistent fault with libertarian candidates. Maybe lying through your teeth less or not having to constantly flip flop to validate your position leaves you less prepared for these sorts of questions?

    1. Would you prefer that he lie, like most other politicians, and just make something up to appease you?

      Libertarians are not in lock-step on every single issue. I personally find it refreshing when a politician basically says “I don’t know”.

      I’d rather have that kind of honesty than see him consulting the Republican playbook and giving the stock reply.

  25. Don’t know if I admire the honesty or dislike the lack of self-control. He probably should have kept his mouth shut. It’s funny that I actually expect more from libertarian-leaning politicians. Maybe it’s all the time spent following Ron Paul.

    1. This kind of politically-correct thinking makes true libertarians queasy.

  26. What a bitch.

    1. “Bitch?” So I reckon it’s the Oklahomo who’s running the Tony-sock today, and not the close personal friend of Bill Gates?

      You’re aware, then, that his opponent called him “al Qaeda’s best friend in Congress?” And that Amash is of Arab descent?

      ‘S’matter, Tony? I thought progs like you were against racism?

      1. All Republicans are idiot. There’s never an excuse for rudeness.

        1. Tony|8.6.14 @ 6:48PM|#
          “All Republicans are idiot. There’s never an excuse for rudeness.”

          Can you see the contradiction?

          1. No? It’s not rude to trash-talk people behind their backs. Are there many Republicans in the room?

            I just saw Amash talk. What you people need to understand is that the idiots are the easiest to manipulate. George Bush, (Amash), or Rand Paul, doesn’t matter. Smart, evil people will be whispering in their ears, because they’re dumb. Don’t hang your hopes on politicians. It doesn’t become you as libertarians.

            1. Tony|8.6.14 @ 8:34PM|#
              “No? It’s not rude to trash-talk people behind their backs.”

              So hypocrisy is your fave operating system? Why am I not surprised?

              1. Were you raised by wolves? Hypocrisy is an important component of good manners.

                1. Tony. You are a cunt. That is all. Turd. Burglar.

                2. Tony|8.6.14 @ 9:52PM|#
                  …”Hypocrisy is an important component of good manners.”

                  Tony posted that without prompting.

                3. Tony|8.6.14 @ 9:52PM|#
                  …”Hypocrisy is an important component of good manners.”

                  Got me thinking; isn’t that line lifted from one of those ‘two-dimensional’ characters in Atlas Shrugged? One of those characters who ‘can’t possibly really exist’?

            2. You are a Dem that likes Hillary Clinton. Try again Turd Burglar.

        2. Tony. You are single, because you are a weak “Power Bottom” Turd. Burglar.

    2. Die in a fire, rent-boy.

      You calling someone a bitch is like Michael Moore calling someone a fat-ass.


    3. Turd.Burglar.

  27. We need more Amashs and less ‘We need to get along ‘ politicians. The ‘Get Long’ crowd is what cause the debt ceiling to be raise most recently, need I say Republicans.

  28. I know we’re all mostly on “the spectrum” here, but try to read Amash’s emotions on the video as he’s saying these things. This is not some snide dig or gratuitous barb, he’s on the verge of crying/getting choked up, and is being as civil as he can be. He has had people he holds in little political esteem smear his and his family’s ethnicity, patriotism, etc. in a vile way for months, and then gone on to beat them like a rented mule at the polls. He gets all the credit in the world for naming their transgressions and cursing their names as obliquely as he can muster.

    He could have just said, “you know what’s good in life? To crush your enemies, have them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women” and then just dropped the mic. But Schwarzenegger was such an establishment Republican.

  29. I’m proud to have supported him in his first campaign, and I’m glad to see him heading back to work for us some more.

    That speech was great. I love hearing someone call the bastards out for once.


  30. You go, boy.

  31. He was correct in demanding an apology.

  32. It appears the latest smarmy Socialist/Progressive-oriented P.C. cancer that is sucking the life out of genuine human reaction across the various expression spectrums has infected some of the more weak-kneed little shits within the Libertarian fold.

    Amash has balls and he called out some nasty establishment fuckers who he had zero to gain from working with because they were stinking malevolent losers. I could give one fucking shit about what the mainstream public thinks about a man with enough gumption to discipline losers who used public airwaves to paint him a terrorist sympathizer. Fuck the Establishment. It is a malaise of tactical political viciousness that is standing in the way of ethical and intelligent reform in this country.

    If you lie about and distort the record of your political opponent your character isn’t worth a goddamn nickle. Apologize and make right and I’m sure Amash and some of us Libertarian-minded folk will consider that a move in a more respectful direction.

  33. Conservatives insulting conservatives? Move along, nothing to see here. By the way, I’m very afraid of Ron Paul: Why does he keep telling me to bend over and drop my trousers?

  34. Amash is a principled guy. if he says something its real and the truth.

  35. Great job Justin. These despicable RINOS will all be history soon. Vote out all Demonrats and RINOS in November!!

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