Romney in High Demand, RIP James Brady, Google Snoops Email and Tips Cops: P.M. Links


  • Mitt Romney is in high demand for appearances at GOP congressional campaign events. The grass is always greener, ain't it? In sad sort of way, at least.

  • Reagan-era Press Secretary James Brady, of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, passed away at 73.
  • Google snooped through a man's email account and tipped off police when they found child pornography.
  • One-hundred and sixty-three new Ebola cases and 61 deaths, but "an experimental serum" may have saved the lives of several Americans.
  • My Parents Open Carry is a new children's book about gun rights. Unsurprisingly, lefties are letting the outrage cycle flow through them. Jezebel describes it as "nightmarish," while Wonkette suggests it be retitled Brenna Has Two Nutbar Sociopath Gun-Toting Parents.
  • The Toledo ban on dangerous tap water is over after three days. Now how will Ohioans drown their misery?
  • Another day in Israel and Gaza, another ceasefire quickly ended and bombing resumed.
  • Kiev says they were baited there by separatists, Moscow says they were seeking asylum: Over 300 Ukrainian troops crossed into Russia and now the countries are in talks about how to handle the situation. 
  • Malia Obama was at Lollapalooza this weekend, but kind of stuck out thanks to her Secret Service detail. I wonder if they were carrying guns.

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