Sheldon Richman on America's Growing Borderlands



A man, an American citizen, sits in his car as a U.S. Border Patrol agent insists that he roll down his window. He refuses. Agents use battering rams to smash the windows. Still, the driver refuses to leave his car, so he is hit with a Taser from two sides. He screams. It would be bad enough if this scene, captured on video and shown recently on John Stossel's Fox News special "Policing America," had happened right at a U.S. border. But it happened far from the border. The U.S. government, writes Sheldon Richman, regards a large part of the country as close enough to a border or coast to justify treating individuals — citizens or not — as though they have no rights whatsoever

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  1. Does there come a point where we should throw in the towel of liberty and just become one of these agent-of-the-state assholes? Nothing seems to be stopping them from doing whatever the hell they want whenever they want to do it.

    1. The court says it’s okay though because anything within 100 miles of the border is a constitution-free zone.

      1. The court still needs a rectal craniectomy to remove its head from its ass.

      2. Just wait till they stretch this authority from land borders to oceans. They’ll have about 75% of the American population in a vise of,unconstitutional authority then.

        And believe me when I say it’s coming.

        1. They have that ability. WTF gets it half right. It is not within a hundred miles of the border. It is within a hundred miles of a “port of entry”. Port of entry is a term of art, meaning anywhere that people legally come into the country from abroad, i.e. airports. If you draw a hundred mile circle around every international airport in America, you cover about 90% of the country.

          1. Which basically makes the entire state of New Jersey constitution-free. Not that the state government hasn’t already mostly done that anyway.

            1. Yes and I doubt anyone living there would notice the difference.

              1. Well, I would, but I am definitely in the minority here.

          2. I know,they do. I’m just saying that the day they decide to enforce it is coming. And when it does, you will see blood in the streets.

            1. And when it does, you will see blood in the streets.

              Nope, the majority of the population will do as they are accustomed and meekly submit. Not enough people will resist to even matter. We are well and truly fucked.

            2. I doubt it, sloop. I think most people have bought into the ‘government is there to keep us safe’ bullshit, especially on the left coasts. Throw in a disarmed population and I don’t see it, personally.

            3. I would like to think so, but the sheepification of America has been quite successful. Anyone who does not go along with the plan will be branded a kook, an outlier, an extremist, and the majority of citizens will buy that.

        2. Hence my question. There is jack squat standing in their way of doing just that. If you value your life and property it seems the only way you can protect them is to join in with Rule by Laws authoritarians. If you don’t – well its a crap shoot. Get pulled over for a rolling stop and the cop thinks he smells weed in your car? You’re fooked. Wish to participate in a peaceful protest against the government by donating some of your cash to a libertarianish cause? The IRS has their eye on you. Say disparaging things about anyone in government in an email or over the phone? The NSA is cataloging it.

          Ironically, it seems the only way you can be left alone to live your life peacefully the way you like is to be an agent of our increasingly all-powerful state.

          1. We know that the NSA is passing tips to DEA and FBI and then they are building cases and lying about where they got the information to initiate the investigation. You explain to me how the 4th Amendment means anything in light of that, because I don’t see it.

            1. what is this fourth amendment you speak of?

            2. The entire Bill of Rights means nothing to them. I doubt any of them know what its purpose is.

  2. Man, it’s a good thing we don’t live in a police state.

  3. While I was in the US just about all my time there was spent less than 50 miles from the border. My childhood through high school and then umdergrad was spent two to three miles from a major border crossing point.

    Back in the day a BP agent could pretty much tell the difference between a Hispanic-American and a Mexican Citizen just by clothing style, haircut, and a number of subtle clues that anybody who had spent time on the border would pick up.

    Things have really deteriorated. It seems like you will be treated as if you have no rights or you don’t know the “Am I under arrest? Am I being detained? Am I free to go?” tango.

  4. *if you don’t know…

  5. Link to the unlinked article:

    What’s Happening to America in the Borderlands?: Two thirds of Americans live within a hundred miles of a border or coast, where feds are allowed to violate more of their rights

  6. What exactly would they do if he wasn’t citizen? Make wait in a camp for Obamamnesty?

  7. Jo Digs is not going to like that at all man.

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