See You in Court: House Votes to Authorize Lawsuit Against President

He told them to sue him some time ago


The U.S. House tonight voted to authorize a lawsuit against President Obama for unilaterally changing the laws passed in the Affordable Care Act. That legislation, also known as Obamacare, passed almost exclusively with the support of Democrats when both houses of Congress were controlled by the same party as the president's. House Republicans believe other unilateral actions by the president may be illegal too but believe this is their best case. The authorization for the lawsuit passed by a vote of 225 to 201, mostly on party lines. No Democrat voted for the bill but five Republicans voted against: Reps. Paul Broun (Ga.) Scott Garrett (NJ), Steve Stockman (Fla.), Walter Jones (NC), Thomas Massie (Ky.)

Read the bill here.

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  1. And this bombshell is dropped in the middle of the night when it makes no sound.

  2. OO, it’ll hit the news in the morning.
    He deserves it. Whether the electorate is accepting of it is another matter.
    Most seem quite comfortable with royal decrees on Friday afternoons. I’m not.

  3. “They have no case! They have no case!”

    Nancy Pelosi

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    1. umm…. It’s Ju;y?

      1. He thought this was one of Reason’s repeats.

  5. This thread will go places, so I’m just getting in on the ground floor. I don’t have much to add to the discussion besides “THIS is what it took!?”

  6. What’s the point? Legally, it’s justified, of course. But it’s not going to change his behavior over the rest of his term, and it’s not going to play well at the polls.

    1. Seriously? who are you, Hillary Clinton?

      There is absolutely value in holding people – especially the President – for breaking the law at whim, especially when it affects hundreds of millions of people so significantly. Whether he reforms or rescidivates, you hold people accountable.

      Your attitude is lazy and is what got our political environment to the wreckless state it’s in, and is why Obama did it – he counts on breaking the law and people like you saying “oh well, it’s already done, what’s the point?” – and all is kosher.

  7. What the hell is this lawsuit suppose to accomplish? I doubt a judge will force the Executive to fully enforce the Affordable Care Act. More likely it will get thrown out.

  8. Honestly, I think this is just a political stunt (as if to say “look, constituents, we’re doing something!”, but without actually doing anything). If the House wanted to begin showing its teeth it would be doing something that starts with an ‘I’ and ends with an ‘mpeachment’.

    1. or something that starts with an “L” and sounds like pinching



    2. Except they know impeachement will not happen without support of the other party (and senate).

      So this is the closes they can get. It gives them a chance to make a public case against the president’s behaviour.

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