Lerner Called Conservatives 'Crazies,' 'Assholes'; Obama to GOP: 'Stop Hating'; Gaza Gets Uglier: P.M. Links


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231 responses to “Lerner Called Conservatives 'Crazies,' 'Assholes'; Obama to GOP: 'Stop Hating'; Gaza Gets Uglier: P.M. Links

  1. “Crazies” and “assholes” is how ex-IRS official Lois Lerner described conservatives in newly released emails.

    So what’s in the emails they’re hiding?

    1. Let’s just say the recipients at the White House probably have copies of them.

    2. Not ratf-ckers? Weigel will be displeased.

    3. Late Hello.

      Lerner is a loonie.

      1. It’s totally absurdist art to pretend there’s not some giant scandal at the IRS. It would be fascinating to watch if the situation wasn’t such a dire threat to what’s left of our republic.

        1. There does seem to be a 1st Century BC feel to things. I wonder who our Cato will be?

          1. Mr. Kaelin?

    4. Pictures of Valerie Jarrett with her human mask removed.

      1. She has a human mask?

        1. Pictures or you’re lieing.

            1. Mmmmm…uh, I mean, ew!

              Damn my caucasian weakness for caramel-complexioned goddesses!

              1. She feeds on spinal fluid.

                You know this, right?

            2. I would.

    5. What? She didn’t describe them as “hateful”, “greedy”, or “selfish”. Those seem to be the left’s preferred terms for non-leftists

  2. “Crazies” and “assholes” is how ex-IRS official Lois Lerner described conservatives in newly released emails.

    I guess she should have pleaded the Fifth sooner.

    1. A valiant effort, Fist.

      Hmm…it looks as if Ms. Lerner is going to be hung out to dry, soon. Wonder if she has enough dirt to take others down with her.

      1. A true believer like her would fall on her sword before harming the Obama administration. She’ll be quietly rewarded after the election anyway.

  3. Congressional Democrats up for reelection are pleading with the president to tone down his immigration rhetoric.

    It’s not just Congressional Republicans he cares not for. It’s anyone on the Hill.

  4. Everyone here’s crazy, right? And all of us are assholes, right? I don’t see the problem. But then, I’m crazy.

    1. Yeah, but most are not conservatives.

      1. Maybe not most, but the Hit&Runpublicans; sure are loud.

        1. And shrill. Don’t forget shrill.

        2. Yes, particularly on certain topics they do like to be heard (in that odd, internet, text only sense).

  5. “Crazies” and “assholes” is how ex-IRS official Lois Lerner described conservatives in newly released emails.”

    Ironically, I once referred to Lois Lerner as a “sub-worthless piece of shit”.

    1. She was not referring to libertarians, Kenny-boy.

      1. Hey Weigel. Still a short, acne splotted weeble?

        1. He’s not short.

          1. He’s big and fat and acne scarred, instead of short and fat and acne scarred? I guess the smallness he is overcompensating for is more localized.

            1. He’s Baron Harkonnen?

          2. Dave Weigle is short. I give him maybe 5’4″. I have met and spoken with him on several occasions.

            and Donderro is about 5’2″ for those that care.

      2. But I was referring to her!

        I can see why you’d defend her, though.

        What’s the point of being a mid-level bureaucrat at the IRS if you can’t lord over people every once in a while, right?

        For all we know, you could be Lois Lerner! That would explain a lot, actually.

        Can you imagine the headlines? “Lois Lerner trolls libertarian website as ‘Palin’s Buttplug’ for years”

        Although what’s she’s done is really worse than that. God, I hope she goes in front of a jury someday.

        1. If she refers to conservatives as “peanuts” than there is no doubt that PB is Lerner

        2. I’d settle for a federal judge. Because it takes a vote of congress to hold somone in contempt, piss off the judge and it’s straight to the holding cell for you.

      3. She was referring to anyone who doesn’t fall in line and think completely like her.

        I swear you’re getting dumber and dumber as time goes on. You used to be somewhat coherent, once.

        1. Exactly. It’s not just conservatives. It’s utter contempt for AMERICANS.

      4. Considering practically every liberal who comments about libertarians conflates them with conservatives, are you sure Lerner didn’t lump us in?

        1. There’s only a handful of us so maybe we slipped through her fingers?

      5. I don’t think a progzi can distinguish between ideologies other than “prog” and “not-prog” (libertarians, socialists, conservatives, etc.)

  6. Israel held four-hour humanitarian ceasefire, but also bombed a U.N. school full of kids, killing at least 16 people and wounding over 100.

    It’s kind of difficult to drink their blood then, isn’t it?

      1. I think it deserves more points taken off than that.

        1. – Infinity percent
          /Mayor Nutter

    1. Interestingly, the McClatchy article doesn’t say the school was full of kids – but Reason somehow knows that it was.

    2. Funny, I thought for sure the usual Israel-firsters would be on here do defend that because…something, something Islamism!!1!

      1. “Strange”, rather. There is nothing funny or at all defensible about bombing a busload of children, no matter who you are or who the children are.

        1. If it is necessary for the aggressor to be defeated, you must do it.

    3. I don’t know about you, but when my mom hosted Passover seders, she always added a dash of white phosphorus to our blood matzo feast. Added just enough spice.

      Ah, memories!

      1. My mom, who is a Bene Gesserit witch, used to add spice essence to the meal. Those who survived the worm trip had a great time.

        1. This could be a (short-lived) reason meme.

          My mom, who was a priestess of Kali Maa, used to add lava to the dark tantric sacrifice of heartblood. It really added power to our set of Sankara stones.

          1. Did you have vortices in your dining room?

              1. Gom jabbar at least?

                1. I should hope so. You don’t want to be serving food to animals in human form.

    4. Is that one of the three ( and counting) UN schools being used as missile depots?

  7. The Libertarian candidate for FL governor is going on a state-wide tour of meet and greets at craft breweries. Which is just great.

    1. Is there anything that hasn’t been turned into an excuse to drink?

      1. You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    2. I’m going out to Momo’s on the 10th if I can.

      1. He’s going to be in South Florida this weekend, when I’ll of course be away. Always seems to happen that way.

    3. I heard he was polling at 10%. That was portrayed as bad for Scott, but I have real trouble believing people in this state would vote for Crist. I mean, why not just set whole cities on fire?

      1. Florida is that stupid. Crist is probably going to win.

        1. Are we? I don’t know. Generally, we’re fiscally responsible at the state level, compared to other big states (though there is Texas). And no income tax.

          Crist was really despised as governor, and the whole Morgan and Morgan fuck the people business can’t help.

      2. This is a guy who got married because it improved his chances of winning the Senate seat. Which is really fun to remind my female liberal friends. Where is his wife, by the way? I haven’t seen her anywhere this campaign.

        1. “Wife?” I bet she has quotes tattooed on her shoulders.

        2. I think the word is “beard” isn’t it?

          1. Like I said, quotes on her shoulders. And on the straps of her wedding gown.

  8. 4% GDP. I know many of you Peanuts are disappointed there won’t be an official recession before the mid-terms.

    1. But they’re going to revise that number, right? It could go down, right?

      1. Keep hoping and praying. Team Red believes in voodoo.

        1. I’m not on Team Red. I’m just hoping for the dissolution of the United States in my lifetime.

    2. Hey Weigel. Clear up that problem acne or tubby belly fat yet? Get any taller?

      1. We milk his zits to make artisanal mayonnaise.

        1. This is worse than anything Sugarfree has ever written.

    3. That’s only half of 8% (and to be revised downward after the midterms).

    4. Yeah and it grew .1% in the first quarter. Oh wait, that’s right it actually shrank 2.9% the first quarter (final number reported in June). I’m gonna bet a shrinkage of at least .5% will be the final number in October

    5. It’ll be revised down. Plus, there was likely pent up demand from the exceptionally bad winter that won’t carry through to 3Q.

      If you net 1Q and 2Q together you get – an average of 0.6% growth. That’s less than inflation.

      Great job on the math, Weigel. Way to analyze something. Honestly, why do you even bother to get up in the morning – besides to take a dump, which is the only activity you do that creates something worthwhile?

      1. HuffPo’s headline said “Good news for Obama,” therefore Shreek had to come here and gloat. Do you really expect analysis from a parrot?

        1. Nope. But since he has been outed as a progtard journalist it’s infinitely easier to mock him and his stupidity, and I just had to take advantage.

          1. Did I miss something in my intermittent posting? Did that theory actually get proven?

            1. I don’t know if anything is proven, but he sure doesn’t take being called Weigel as an insult, which is weird.

              1. he sure doesn’t take being called Weigel as an insult

                Nor would I.

            2. I didn’t believe it, but for a troll who responds to nearly every single reply, I haven’t seen him reply to any of the Weigel comments.

              Johnny L is slowly turning me into a believer.

      2. Sure is boom times, yep.

    6. More bubble!

    7. You know these numbers are later revised, typically downward.

      Stop making a complete ass of yourself at every opportunity.

    8. Well first off, GPD is an invalid metric of economic prosperity as the formula includes government spending – which is nothing more than forced transfer payments that can never net to any value greater than zero.

      And second, the Obama administration had nothing to do with creating any economic upturn – despite Obama’s pathetic attempts to take credit for it.

  9. …President Obama has this to say: “Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hating all the time.”

    Because policy disagreement is an expression of negative emotion. And racism.

    1. And racism.

      Totally reminds me of, “Can we all just get along?”

      1. …President Obama has this to say: “Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hating all the time.”

        “You Crazy Assholes!” He added, under his breath.

    2. I am disappoint. Obama coulda shoulda woulda: ‘Don’t hate the playah, hate the game!’

    3. “Sure, Mr. President. Just as soon as you stop being incompetent and dictatorial all the time.”

    4. It’s not so much the sentiment that infuriates me as lame, pandering effort to ape hip-hop culture. It’s like when Hillary affects her Southern drawl: these people are absolutely the phoniest of phonies, but their sycophantic followers lap this shit right up.

    5. “…President Obama has this to say: “Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hating all the time.”

      Sure – just as soon as he stops breaking the law all the time.

  10. The head of the American Society for Addiction Medicine says that one hit of a joint will turn you insane forever:


    One day I’mma track him down and put my ashes out on his forehead…

    1. I wonder how much he’d charge to be an expert witness in my defense?

    2. In related news, giving your children prozac for years has absolutely no negative effects.

    3. The guy who benefits financially from prohibition is willing to say anything to continue prohibition?

      1. He benefits financially For The Children!

    4. Someone should strap him to a gurney and force him to do five or six bong hits.

  11. “”Crazies” and “assholes” is how ex-IRS official Lois Lerner described conservatives in newly released emails.”

    It aint her fault!! Its the GOP that’s got to Stop Hatin’.

    Obama = You mad, bro?

    I think he makes a great point. Similarly, we’d hope that Obama would cease with his antisemitism, and his hatred of the military, and his perpetual animal abuse. Why do you hate kittens, Barack?

    1. Why do you hate kittens, Barack??

      Has he been masturbating?

      1. This association is deeply disturbing rob. Rule 34?

  12. What GoPro was made for: Pretty girls hula-hooping

    1. Oh my god. I hope I meet the person that thought of this so I can buy him drinks for life.

      1. Find out who this “hula fantastica” person/organism is and there ya go.

    2. DEAR GOD!

    3. There is a God. Can I get a “hallelujah”, my brothers?

  13. Michelle Obama Tells Men To Ask Themselves If They ‘Truly View Women As Their Equals’

    Let’s ask Chris Brown and Ray Rice. I think they’ve been appropriately taught that they shouldn’t ever view women as equals.

    After all, you’re allowed to hit an equal back without national excoriation.

    Whoopi Goldberg might be one of the only actual feminists (by definition) on television

    1. “But If you make the choice as a woman, who’s four-foot-three, and you decide to hit a guy who’s six feet tall and you’re the last thing he wants to deal with that day and he hits you back, you cannot be surprised!”

      –Guinan giving relationship advice to Deanna Troi during the time she was dating Worf.

      1. The actors do not write their own lines, generally.

        1. I’m sure Gene Rodenberry and his wife were just working some things out in that script.

          1. “His wife”? Way to other Nurse Chapel/the original Number One, dude.

            1. Was he not married to the chick who played Troi at the time of filming TNG? Am I wrong on this?

              1. Yes, you are. She’s married to some guitarist. Has been for decades.

              2. No. There were rumors that Roddenberry and Sirtis were having an affair but the were never married.

              3. I thought he was married to the lady that played Troi’s mother/was the voice of Computer.

                1. Yes. Nurse Chapel/Voice of the Computer/Troi’s mom. And probably something else.

              4. Roxanna Troi was played by his wife.

            2. And the voice of the computer.

              1. Hey guys, was his wife ever involved in the show? I heard she had a role here and there.

                1. I heard he was doing Lt. Uhura.

    2. Look at that. Feministing wrote an article that’s the mirror image of my comment.

      He has the right to defend himself but I am unclear as to when self-defense becomes knocking a woman unconscious. I am particularly unclear about how a professionally trained NFL football player who outsizes his partner significantly, cannot make a different choice.

      Victim blaming.

      I later share the police report that details the nature of Rihanna’s injuries. When they consider the report and Holmes’ essay, they begin to unpack a realization they hadn’t considered before: Couldn’t he have walked away without laying any hands on her? They begin to wonder how Brown could have made a different choice.

      There it is again.

      1. Also, this:

        Couldn’t he have walked away without laying any hands on her?

        Is pretty fucking hard to do while driving. She could have killed them both.

    3. And Bobby Brown.

    1. I asked this this question in the AM links, but evidently you’re not a morning person, HM. It has to do with whether it’s all right to actually use the Dr Rudra name in the works I plan to write.

      1. Shady characters prefer the dark.

        Anyway, I hereby announce that I claim no rights over the name “Dr. Rudra” nor shall I claim rights over any derivative works that use the name “Dr. Rudra” for a character.

        –LSS 7/30/2014

        And good luck, I’m a huge pulp fan.

        1. thanks, I’ll try to make him suitable to the name.

    2. That’s pretty terrible with the sound off. Not gonna test with it on.

    3. Oh god, it’s painful. He’s the most embarrassing whitest asshole I’ve ever seen.

      “Yo yo yo, dawg! Dis is P-diz O-bomb in da hizzy! Don’t be hatin’, yo!”

  14. …President Obama has this to say: “Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hating all the time.”

    If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

  15. Dawkins fires another shot off the bow.

    Nothing should be off limits to discussion. No, let me amend that. If you think some things should be off limits, let’s sit down together and discuss that proposition itself. Let’s not just insult each other and cut off all discussion because we rationalists have somehow wandered into a land where emotion is king.

    It is utterly deplorable that there are people, including in our atheist community, who suffer rape threats because of things they have said. And it is also deplorable that there are many people in the same atheist community who are literally afraid to think and speak freely, afraid to raise even hypothetical questions such as those I have mentioned in this article. They are afraid – and I promise you I am not exaggerating – of witch-hunts: hunts for latter day blasphemers by latter day Inquisitions and latter day incarnations of Orwell’s Thought Police.

    1. No, I’m pretty sure that one hit a target.

      1. No, I’m pretty sure that one hit a target.

        Given my continued exposure to Dawkins, there is no target, it’s a continuous spray of shit. None of which stick to him.

        I’d gladly get in the ring and rationalize with the man toe-to-toe, but I suppose that would fall into one of his emotional no-go zones.

        1. would fall into one of his emotional no-go zones.


          The point is that he doesn’t have any.

          1. The point is that he doesn’t have any.

            That’s only true if you subscribe to his fallacies.

            Given that he promises he’s not exaggerating when he equates the fear of (presumed and illegal) death threats with actual state-sanctioned murders; he’s either full of shit when he makes a promise, a fake rationalist truly dominated by emotion, or a shitty rationalist knowingly ignoring facts and reality to generate an emotional response.

            Any one of the outcomes worthy of at least one good right cross, IMO.

            1. Not sure he does that.

              Would you consider McCarthy to have been conducting witch hunts?

              If not, then I see you take umbrage with the common usage of the phrase. As is your right. The change to literally pisses me off to no end. But it hardly makes you dominated by emotion to use it in the common parlance.

              1. If not, then I see you take umbrage with the common usage of the phrase.

                For someone so perturbed about the (ab)use of the word literally you sure can’t read between the lines.

                I don’t take umbrage at the loose use of the language. I take umbrage at *his* *selectively* *loose* use of it.

                For someone claiming to be a rationalist devoid of emotion he rather coincidentally (often) avoids details and/or facts and traipses awful close to comparing their fear of persecution to Nazi Germany. Okay, maybe just The Inquisition. Except no one died, lost their job, got censured, committed suicide, etc.

                He compares their fear to *Orwellian fiction* *on Twitter* for Christ’s sake!

                  1. No one’s lost their job because of oversensitive, hypocritical feminists?

                    The people that lost jobs ‘because Twitter’ was it because Twitter was monitoring their every movement inside their home and at work at all times like Big Brother? I mean George Will looks awfully well off for someone who has been burned at the stake, even if only metaphorically.

        2. Nothing should be off limits to discussion. No, let me amend that. If you think some things should be off limits, let’s sit down together and discuss that proposition itself. Let’s not just insult each other and cut off all discussion because we rationalists have somehow wandered into a land where emotion is king.

          I would put this down as exhibit A as to why I want nothing to do with the atheist community. So he definitely nailed that.

    2. Across the bow.

      1. Actually it’s “across her nose.”

        /Dark Helmet

    3. Somebody is going to be purged. Suspect that Myers is just itching to be the headman of the movement atheists.

        1. The butthurt



          That last article ends with this:

          [As yesterday: reasoned discussion; no epithets, no insults.]

          Which is why the comments section is so sparse. What you do see mostly violates that first part.

          1. He has completely lost the plot. Either his ego has gotten so large that he thinks he can say anything, or his time is past him and he needs to retire.

            Never occurs to him that scientism or pure rationalism is untenable.

            1. Please define your terms. Because a quick google search of them turns up massive amounts of philosophical sophistry used to justify expansion of the state. Because feelz.

              1. Please define your terms.

                Summing up Dawkins stance in one sentence; “God doesn’t exist because it’s not rational and only rational things can exist or should be believed in.”

                The poster assert that Dawkins has strayed from his inherently infallible ‘one sentence’, never occurs to him that any part or even the entire ‘one sentence’ could be wrong or even self-contradictory. It’s easier just to assume Dawkins is going crazy.

                And I don’t know what commie version of Google you’re using, but Hayek was fond of criticizing command-style economics as scientifism.

                Logical positivism being that there are no intrinsic truths that we can know. Truth is only arrived at through empirical observation *and verification*. Scientifism being the notion that logical positivism is universally applicable. Pure rationalism being the implied goal of scientifism. Hard to get much more statist than that.

                1. Statism leading to good outcomes is never verified by empirical observation. Deriding empirical observation and seeking to replace it with what “feels” right is their bread and butter.

                  Scientifism, as you’ve defined it, seems to be at odds with CAGW alarmism (indeed, it was at a site for such that I saw it derided). You have no problem with non-falsifiable theories being given the same credence as falsifiable ones?

                  As for absolute truths, there is one. It is this:

                  There is one absolute truth.

                  1. Statism leading to good outcomes is never verified by empirical observation.

                    The State leads to good outcomes all the time. A quick trip to your local restroom or drinking fountain as opposed to some other random body of water will convince you of such. Comparing/contrasting highly litigious societies to those with no laws can establish the notion as well. The question is typically whether the State, or just the degree observed, was *required* or was the best means to achieve that ends, to which the answer is often ‘No.’.

                    CAGW alarmism is a form of scientifism, not at odds with it. Extrapolating science facts to global phenomenon and then reducing the results of those phenomenon to overridingly guide personal behavior and individual morality for yourself and others is pretty explicitly using science in ways and for purposes it is not intended. Cookie cutter logical positivism; throw enough science at the problem and we’ll achieve some Climate Nirvana.

                    You have no problem with non-falsifiable theories being given the same credence as falsifiable ones?

                    This depends on the application. I have a problem with the concept that the only or intrinsically best way to function, as an organism or a thinking device (or something else entirely), is via (non-)falsifiable theories.

                    As for absolute truths, there is one.

                    That we should all be glad you and I didn’t write the Founding Documents?

      1. Can you imagine what would happen if his bullshit were exposed to a wider audience than his logic sterilized comment section? He’d be a weeping, suicidal mess before the week was up. This is a man with a PHD in a STEM who doesn’t understand distribution curves.

    4. Yeah, Atheist hangi gs are all the rage now.

      1. Hangings

    5. “Let’s not just insult each other and cut off all discussion because we rationalists have somehow wandered into a land where emotion is king.”

      Rationalists must be rational because it says so right on the label! Not recognizing that when you put a “-ist” on a word you’ve created an ideology or even a dogma.

  16. We Don’t Need to End “Too Big to Fail”

    knowing that the government will come to their aid in a flood, people are liable to be overly casual about the risks they face. They might build their houses too near the river and fail to take precautions like evacuating on rainy days. This risky behavior, if left unchecked, raises the costs of rescue and rebuilding should the flood occur. To discourage this risk-taking, the government issues regulations requiring people to build their houses a certain distance from the river, use reinforced walls, and take other precautions.
    Everyone understands that the rules before the financial crisis were too generous to banks.
    This familiar logic applies to financial regulation…

    It’s true that the emergency-loan backstop encourages risky behavior. Just as people will build too closely to the river unless ordered not to, banks will issue risky loans unless the government blocks them. This is why regulation is necessary. But doesn’t the GOP have a point that regulators have gone too far? Are 398 rules?each of which can run dozens or even hundreds of pages?really necessary?

    Probably. Bank regulation is tricky. Banks are complex institutions

    Do they even realize how moronic they sound?

    1. It’s Slate, so…no?

    2. Especially since the easier solution in both cases is to not back them.

      Want to stop people from building in a flood plain? Dont subsidize flood insurance. Ditto for coastlines.

      Beach houses shouldnt be fancy and expensive. They should be cheap and easily replaceable.

      1. They should be buoyant.

      2. How does anyone not see that that is the entire reason why losses from floods and storms ahve gone up so much? You’d think it would be an easy sell since so many of hte properties are owned by people with plenty of disposable income.

    3. Its strange because the economists he cites all say they need to (a)hold more capital and (b)be more regulated. Wouldn’t, and I’m just spitballing here, wouldn’t bailing out depositors and fucking over share holders of institutions that make bad lending decisions work out pretty well? I think selling all the MBS mortgages for about $0.30 on the dollar and letting the lending institutions take it in the ass would have fixed the problem.

  17. Dozens Killed in Deadly Attack in Western China

    But just imagine if they had been wielding ASSAULT WEAPONS!!11!!!1

  18. Obama
    They See Him Rolling,
    They Hating
    Trying to Catch Him Riding Dirty

  19. Aloha Illegals!

    The federal government is shipping “unaccompanied minors” to the Paradise of the Pacific.

    Immigration attorneys in Hawaii tell me at least eight illegals have been dropped off in their state ? and they’ve been told to expect more.

    “We have lots of attorneys happy to take these cases pro bono if needed,” said Clare Hanusz, chairperson of Hawaii’s chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. “If they cannot afford representation, we will definitely find someone to take the case.”

    The boys and girls arrived by jetliner ? and were quickly taken away by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. We don’t know if the kids were flown first class or coach. ICE won’t comment.

    1. “Obama’s Buttplug” — I think “Michelle’s Strapon” would be better.

    2. I’m an open border advocate, but fuck this. It’s a shorter flight to Guatemala than to Hawaii.

  20. To the Republicans threatening to sue him, President Obama has this to say: “Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hating all the time.”

    Stop being so odious, then.

    1. You can only imagine the explosions on the Left if GWB had said the same thing in 2006. This guy is such a milquetoast.

      1. Right. Obama’s advantage is that he’s a Democrat, so he can legitimately channel the leftwing “hate” narrative. Petty, but effective.

    2. “Stop it! Stop it right now or I’m telling!”

  21. OT: Opinions on The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin? I read it in college (20+ years ago) and liked it. Rereading it now and kinda hate it.

    1. Eh, I never got into the Hainish Cycle. When I want sci-fi that stinks of the late 70’s post-modernist/feminist/LGBT soft sci-fi craze I’m more of a Samuel Delany guy.

      1. I had remembered it as a fairly believable portrayal of an anarchist society. Turns out my memory sucks. The protagonist is a dour beanpole who, while “definitely heterosexual”, has a gay fling with a childhood friend out of a sense of obligation. Huh?

        1. has a gay fling with a childhood friend out of a sense of obligation. Huh?

          I guess that’s how it works in prison.

          1. I feel obligated to Rufus, since he bought me for a pack of smokes?

        2. It’s more realistic than a woman throwing a pity fuck. Almost every guy I know has thrown a chick a pity fuck. When I’ve asked my female friends, they say yes, then, after getting them to explain, I find out they mean in a relationship.

          Never known a woman to give a pity fuck. Which is why the comic version of kickass is more realistic than the film.

          1. Almost every attractive guy I know.


          2. A former friend of a girlfriend was known for giving pity fucks. And she was hot-looking, too. So it can happen.

            1. I stand corrected. But I’d still bet it’s rarer than hermaphrodites.

      2. No love for Octavia Butler?

        1. Her peak was in the mid 80’s though, yeah? Which is notable in itself as I don’t remember Xenogenesis having been written in a cyberpunk mode.

    2. I like a few of her books okay. The Left Hand of Darkness and The Lathe of Heaven are better, I think.

      1. You know, I actually like the cheesy 1980’s public tv produced movie of The Lathe of Heaven better than the written version.

        Though, there is a patina of nostalgia on that observation.

        1. That production was very well done, I thought. Shockingly so.

    3. My opinion: commie bullshit.

      1. More verbose: even when I was 20 I remember thinking “I thought this was going to be about anarchy, not communist totalitarianism. Wtf?”

  22. People’s Daily Rails Against Symptom of Western Penetration: Dog Ownership

    In recent years, China has experienced a massive boom in the number of proud pet owners and fluffy dogs walking its cities’ streets. And the Chinese Communist Party evidently isn’t so pleased about it.

    On Tuesday, the party’s national newspaper penned a commentary that hammered against the phenomenon of inconsiderate pet owners, describing China’s current “dog infestation” as “a reality we can’t ignore.” In the past, the paper wrote, it was mostly people in villages and farms who kept dogs as guard animals. The more recent urban trend of keeping dogs as pets, it wrote, could be attributed to influences from the West.

    “The number of pet dogs has grown at an alarming rate in the past ten to twenty years, and no matter which city or district you’re in, it has become difficult to find a place without dogs,” ran the commentary, published by the People’s Daily. Many dog owners are lacking in the courtesy department, said the People’s Daily, in a piece was accompanied online by five letters from the public complaining about their ruff encounters with socially inept canines and their obtuse owners.

    1. Evidently we need to send some police over there to train the locals.

    2. Gosh. I see People’s Daily railing against Western Penetration, and man, am I disappoint its about too many pets.

    3. They are worried about the trend’s effect on the nation’s food supply.

      /ducks, denounces himself for lacism

    4. I have to say, unless you have a lot of time to spend with it, owning a dog in the city is kind of shitty. Not that there should be a law or government policy about it.

  23. Jesus, I don’t know who to bet on in the hair-pulling catfight between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber.

    Trigger warning: Autoplay video

    1. Why would you click on that?

      1. Is it like a bum fight but only funnier?

  24. I’d just like to say there is nothing wrong with using a microwave in food preparation.

    1. Who said there was? I love my leftover deep-dish hot out of the microwave.

      1. Playing with fire!

      2. Yuck. Reheat pizza in an oven or on a skillet.

        I found out that a skillet really works for reheating french fries.

    2. Unless it’s New York Style “Pizza”.

      1. damn.

    3. A family friend works on an offshore tug. Occasionally they will haul in a huge wahoo or dolphin (mahi). I assume everyone knows this, but if you don’t, seafood is 11ty billion times better when it’s fresh. The more redneck sailors will filet the fish and to my friend’s dismay, throw their portion in the microwave.

    4. Unless you’re preparing anything artisinal. When it comes to artisinal foods, anyone using anything but a handmade brick over and chopped wood is just faking it.

  25. Ok. Fine. She feels “some in the GOP are crazies”. But is it her place to go after them like this? Of course not. Would it be right if a conservative head of the IRS said something similar only directed at liberals?

    It’s asinine that the head of a TAX collection agency would be so vile.

    1. Unfortunately, it isn’t asinine at all. It is completely sensible, predictable, and par for the course. Which is why we should have a flat tax.

      1. True, tax collectors have been known to be assholes since at least 1st century Judea.

        1. +1 Zacchaeus

  26. That guy seems to know what he is doing.


  27. Hillary, in my book, its not accurate to say you are dead broke unless you were selling plasma to buy Ramen noodles.

    I’ve been there. I’ve done that. And I will bet actual gold coins (none of that Federal Reserve trash) that you never have.

    1. Given all the financial corruption that’s hovered around her and her husband since the Arkansas days, one might suspect they have some money off the books, anyway.

      Seriously, in a sane world, she’d have been investigated and prosecuted by now, if not at least ejected from politics because of her corruption. Ditto for Bill Clinton.

    2. Well, they might’ve sold somebody’s plasma.

    3. “Plasma for Noodles!? NOODLES!? oooohhhhh!!! Arent YOU the fancy-lad!? And you had a house?? We used to live in one room, all 26 of us…”

    4. +1 bruises.

  28. The economy unexpectedly grew at a 4 percent annual rate in the second quarter, compared to the 3 percent economists predicted.

    Uh-huh. And they’ve got some prime Florida real estate they can give you a deal on. Not swampy at all!

  29. Those of you in either of the H&R fantasy football leagues last year, please check your email and let me know of you’re gonna play again. If not, I’m sure there are some waiting to get in.

    If you weren’t in but want to be so, please email me and I’ll get you an invite. Space is limited,,so,be sure,to let me know,if,you want,to,be,one,of the cool kids.

    1. I’m in.

  30. On one of yesterday’s threads, I got a little overzealous on a story making the rounds on some of the comicbook blogs I frequent. Turns out it was true .

    I didn’t originally include a link since I didn’t want to drive traffic to what I thought was a BS story, but yeah, kind of feeling like a dick now. Anyways, it seems they found the sick fuck who assaulted the 17 year old cosplayer, which is a relief.

    The original stories said SDPD was asking for help, but they didn’t have an investigation open or announcement like the story said. It turns out that it was actually Harbor Police. Between that and the whole Cosplayers for Consent group getting attention all last week, I jumped the gun. Time to recalibrate my bullshit detector.

  31. Whiny little bitches

    Government scientists can speak Southern after all.

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory has announced that in response to complaints from staff, it’s canceling plans to hold a six-week “Southern Accent Reduction” course, the Knoxville News Sentinel reports.

    Officials at the scientific complex in east Tennessee said they had only been responding to an employee request. They’ve now responded to the anger of offended workers.

    “Given the way that it came across, they decided to cancel it,” lab spokesman David Keim told the News Sentinel. “It probably wasn’t presented in the right way and made it look like ORNL had some problem with having a Southern accent, which of course we don’t. That was not the intent at all.”

    As someone who uses his natural hick accent when he wants to be underestimated and his (relatively) neutral accent when he needs people to pay attention, I would have found this course invaluable.

    1. My redneck tends to come out more when I’m mocking people for being pretentious know-it-alls. Or when I’m drunk and pissed off.

      1. Or when I’m drunk and pissed off.

        Yeah, same here. That one’s not a choice. It’s like the full moon for accents.

        1. My accent, which is almost totally gone, comes back a wee bit when I’m around my Deep South relatives. And when I’ve had alcohol, though it’s pretty faint even then these days.

          1. This describes me. Up here in the “Nowth” you tend to get passed off as some sort of boob if you have an accent that isn’t indicative of a city with a population of at least 2.5-3 million people. When I talk to my relatives on the phone or get drunk as a skunk (or both) I apparently have a “thick Southern accent.” Personally I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s nowhere near like my father’s where he says things like “crick,” “gee-tar,” and doesn’t pronounce the “g” at the end of any present participles, but I’m not too far off.

            I guess rambling on is a Southern thing too.

            1. I am a Southerner without a Southern accent, and my ancestry is impeccably Yankee (as in, New Englander), and English and German.

              And I retch at the idea of slavery.

              Still, this kind of accent bigotry makes me *wish* I could suddenly develop a Southern accent and start belting out lyrics like this:


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