Veterans Health Care Compromise Reached, Rockets Launched From Russia, 'The Sarah Palin Channel' Lives: A.M. Links


  • U.S. Air Force/Flickr

    House and Senate lawmakers have agreed on a compromise plan to fix the problem-plagued veterans health care program, which they will unveil at a press conference Monday. 

  • The Pentagon says satellite images show rockets were fired from Russia into eastern Ukraine between July 21-26. Meanwhile, the UN is considering whether the downing of Malaysia Airlines jet MH17—thought to be done by pro-Russian rebels—may constitute a war crime. Time to start cleaning out the old bomb shelter yet?
  • If real problems are too scary right now, you could always join hyper-partisans on both sides of American politics in feeding the "absurd impreachment feedback loop."
  • And speaking of impeachment… Sarah Palin has launched her own subscription-based online network, The Sarah Palin Channel. For $9.95 per month you can talk with Palin "about the issues that the mainstream media won't talk about." LOL. 
  • Not to be outdone by neighboring states, Tennessee advocates are pushing a constitutional amendment that would create a spate of new abortion restrictions. 
  • Married couples with equal education levels are less likely to get divorced than those in which women are less educated than their husbands.
  • Does President Obama have the authority to stop tax inversion