Rand Paul

Rand Paul's 'Third Way' Proposals to Attract Minorities to GOP

"Three out of four people in prison right now for non-violent crimes are black or brown."


Sen. Rand Paul (R-K.Y.) continued his quest to expand the Republican Party's inclusiveness on Friday with a bipartisan speech to the National Urban League in Cincinnati, where he pressed for fairer treatment of minorities in criminal justice and education. He suggested that "race still plays a role in the enforcement of the law" and argued more needs to be done to ensure minorities receive fair sentencing.

"Three out of four people in prison right now for non-violent crimes are black or brown. Our prisons are bursting with young men of color and our communities are full of broken families," said Paul. "Yet studies show that white kids use illegal drugs just as much as African Americans or Hispanics." As to why the problem still exists, Paul believes "it's easier to arrest and convict poor kids in urban environments."

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  1. “Third Way”

    Jesus…talk about using lefty-speak.

    1. Sometimes Rand channels Reagan, and sometimes Bill Clinton (a fan of “third way”), at least in some of the language. I’m assuming that is deliberate.

      1. He’d need a bit of Reagan and Clinton if he wants any shot at winning the Presidency.

        He’s facing a Clinton after all, who has nearly a 2-to-1 polling of support in some swing states. She could win in a bigger landslide than Reagan in ’84.

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