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Anti-Biotech Natural News Nutcase Mike Adams Denies That He Called for Killing 'Monsanto Collaborators'


Monsanto Collaborators
Monsanto Collaborators

Welcome to conspiracy world. Did Mike Adams, the crackpot who runs the Natural News bogus supplement and health information empire set up the Monsanto Collaborators website which likens supporters of modern biotech crop science to Nazis and calls for their deaths? The site specifically lists a number of journalists and publications as collaborators worthy of a final solution.

The folks over at anti-biotech website SeedFreedom have republished Adams' manifesto, "Biotech genocide, Monsanto collaborators and the Nazi legacy of 'science' as justification for murder." Adams pulls no punches when he likens biotech researchers and supporters of science to Nazis. In order to unmask their diabolical plots, he calls for the creation of a website listing the evil collaborators. Here a few samples pungent propaganda to savor:

Parallels to the Nazi regime are numerous. GMOs, after all, are genetically engineered to either grow poison in the plant or to resist deadly poisons sprayed on the crops. In both cases, GMOs expose the public to toxic, cancer-causing chemicals that kill people just as effectively (although not as quickly) as Zyklon B. The Nazi Regime was also steeped in the use of deadly chemicals to accomplish its goals, and just like the biotech industry, the Nazis weren't afraid to use human subjects as guinea pigs in large-scale medical experiments…

it is the moral right — and even the obligation — of human beings everywhere to actively plan and carry out the killing of those engaged in heinous crimes against humanity.(emphasis his)…

Today, Monsanto collaborators — publishers, journalists and scientists — have signed on to the Nazi genocide machine of our day: the biotechnology industry and its evil desire to dominate the world's food supply and blanket the planet with deadly chemicals that have been scientifically shown to cause horrific cancer tumors. They use many of the same tactics as the Nazi regime, too: intimidation, character assassination, threats and fabricated disinformation. Hitler's Ministry of Propaganda, it turns out, is alive and well today in America. Its headquarters is not in Berlin but St. Louis….

I'm hoping someone will create a website listing all the publishers, scientists and journalists who are now Monsanto propaganda collaborators. I have no doubt such a website would be wildly popular and receive a huge influx of visitors, and it would help preserve the historical record of exactly which people contributed to the mass starvation and death which will inevitably be unleashed by GMO agriculture (which is already causing mass suicides in India and crop failures worldwide).

Deranged? Unhinged? Batshit crazy? Yes. Yes. Yes. And by the way, Adams' claims about suicide and crop failures due to biotech are completely false.

As we now know, some defender of natural goodness did set up just such a website within a day or two of the publication of Adams' manifesto. Now Adams is furiously denying that he was involved and is asserting that the cabal of Monsanto collaborators actually set up the website as a way to discredit brave anti-GMO truthtellers like himself. No, I'm not kidding. From Adams:

UPDATE 2: After careful analysis, I have come to the conclusion that the Monsanto Collaborators website is a bait-and-switch trap engineered by the biotech industry in an effort to lure in support from GMO skeptics and then discredit them with some sort of insane "call to action" of some kind. Click here to see the evidence and reasoning on this. Because of this, I am recommending that members of the GMO skeptics community refrain from linking to or endorsing the Monsanto Collaborators website.

There are clearly no lengths to which evil biotech masterminds will not go to undermine the credibility and sully the reputations of true humanitarians like Adams.

In any case, the folks over at the Genetics Literacy Project (GLP), whose head Jon Entine, was listed as one of the evil biotech shills on the Monsanto Collaborators site counter these protestations of innocence:

The GLP has been able to confirm that Adams is indeed the mastermind and financier behind the Monsanto Collaborator's website. The story has now taken an even more bizarre twist, as Adams, facing multiple investigations from law enforcement officials, including the FBI, is now trying to make it appear that not only did he not oversee the project, but that it was a set up by Monsanto in a twisted plot to discredit anti-GMO critics.

I look forward to seeing the GLP evidence and how Adams responds to it.

For more background on this bizarre and disturbing case, see reporting from alleged Monsanto collaborators Keith Kloor and the Genetics Literacy Project, as well as articles from Mother Jones and the Knight Science Journalism Center.

I will try to keep everyone posted about how this latest outbreak of anti-GMO insanity plays out.