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Even Democrats Confused Why Obama's Fundraising in Bay Area This Week

There's, like, stuff going on in the world


Both President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton are in the Bay Area Wednesday, but don't expect the two most prominent Democrats in the country to cross paths on their separate trips—where she's getting the buzz, and he's getting the blowback.

Clinton, who is considering a 2016 White House bid, has made headlines with a jam-packed Bay Area schedule this week, ranging from stops at social media kings Google, Facebook and Twitter on Monday to her planned appearance Wednesday at a children's education event in Oakland.

Meanwhile, Obama's 18th visit to the Bay Area as president—an in-and-out fundraising stop—is handing GOP opponents an opportunity to needle him for hitting up wealthy donors for contributions at a time of international crises.

Even some loyal partisans say they're scratching their heads about the president's strategy.

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  1. $32,000 A COUPLE for these rich sycophant assholes to meet the new paradigm of presidential incompetence.

    But remember kids – income inequality and greed are the biggest threat to the nation. Not any of the awful federal policies, domestic spying, TSA incompetence, endless red tape bureaucracies, or the crashing and burning of the govt takeover of healthcare.

  2. How else is he going to afford that new Cali mansion?

  3. “Even some loyal partisans say they’re scratching their heads about the president’s strategy.”

    Not to worry. Turd told me it’s ’cause BOOOOOOOSH!

  4. Look, he wanted to change things are done in Washington, starting with the whole “having a President” thing.

  5. The country would be better off if Obama did fundraising 100% of his time. Then he wouldn’t have time to do his “executive orders” and other such awful things. And his tedious progressive “fair share” speeches could be limited to the Democratic high rollers.

    And I saw that about the $32,000 per couple. Yet, is was only $10,000 per person for singles. Welcome to the new progressive arithmetic.

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