Florida Police Department Teeming with Ku Klux Klan Members


Ann Hunnewell and her central Florida police officer husband knelt in the living room of a fellow officer's home, with pillow cases as makeshift hoods over their heads. A few words were spoken and they, along with a half-dozen others, were initiated into the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, she says.

Last week, that five-year-old initiation ceremony stunned residents of the small town of Fruitland Park, who found out an investigative report linked two city officers with the secret hate society that once was violently active in the area. Ann Hunnewell's ex-husband, George Hunnewell, was fired, and deputy chief David Borst resigned from the 13-member Fruitland Park Police Department. Borst has denied being a member.

James Elkins, a third officer who Ann Hunnewell says recruited her and her husband, resigned in 2010 after his Klan ties became public.

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  1. I don’t see why being a member of a terrorist group should keep a person from being a member of the klan.
    What’s the difference?

  2. Some of those that work forces…

  3. I don’t see why being a member of a terrorist group should keep a person from being a member of the klan.
    What’s the difference?

    Well, the Klan probably kills a lot fewer innocent dogs and people, for one.

    1. Point!

    2. They do a clean highway program somewhere, I just forget where…

  4. If this story has legs the problem will be trying to tell if we are seeing a resurgence of the Klan or a resurgence of Klan Panic. I seem to recall, during the Reagan years, a lot of Klan stories that after the fact could be summed up as “If it weren’t for Federal undercover ops, the Klan would have trouble fielding a softball league”.

    I have no liking for the kind of terra-cotta toothed simians who join hate groups like the Klan (or the Democrat Party, for that matter), but I also don’t want to be caught up in a Media panic.

  5. To me, it’s interesting how quickly these people were forced to resign or were fired.

    Here on Hit & Run, we’ve seen what looked like clear brutality cases result in no significant penalties for the officer involved.

    I guess it’s easier to get fired for being in the Klan than it is for being involved in a questionable shooting.

  6. “the secret hate society”

    I don’t think they make much of an effort to keep the hatred a secret.

  7. This is only because there is a black man in the White House. Damn racist Tea Baggers.

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