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Friday Funnies: Bad Rich People


Bad rich people

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  1. Timeless classic. Payne can use this one again and again, just inserting the name of the current class warrior Democrat.

    1. So you’re saying Payne was actually funny for once?

      1. Funny? Maybe with the old, cynical and bitter laugh of a Warsaw Pact citizen.

        Reusable/”Sustainable” – yes.

    2. So. Fucking. True.

  2. A bit obvious, but on point at least.

  3. Also, um, why is that undocumented waiter balancing that upside down handbell on his hands? Or something.

  4. Needs. Moar. LABELZ.

    1. No kidding. I hope the labelz shortage doesn’t spread to alt-text!

  5. Leave your racism at home, Payne. Putting a bunch of bananas over the podium?

    Also, why is the waiter carrying a half-empty glass out of an empty room? Is the invisible man in there getting soused.

    1. Is the glass half empty or half full? Maybe Payne is getting philosophical on us.

      1. We’ll have to ask the fly sitting on the rim to be sure.

        1. I zoomed in on the fly, but I still can’t quite make out what it’s labeled.

    2. It’s the waiter getting soused.

  6. That waiters’s a dickhead.

  7. The “bad rich people” line is doubly amusing as Obama’s net worth is estimated at 7 million dollars. So this cartoon is officially worth a smirk

    1. Yes, but unlike the Kochs, Barack and Michelle will probably have to settle for one estate when they leave the WH. Hell, they may be as bad off as Team Clinton…subsisting on cat food while doing $200k speeches.

      1. the pathos is unbearable. TELETHON NOW!!

      2. The Obama’s and the Clinton’s got their money honorably by bossing people around. Unlike the stinky Kochs(et al) who got rich by providing people with something that the think they way,

  8. I guess we have to wait until 8:00 PM before we can see the rest of the cartoon.

  9. Along these lines, I’m going to steal some of Derpetologist’s thunder:

    America Is Ripe For Authoritarianism

    The kindling for the fire of fascism has already been lit. While the Republican Party holds at least one branch of the federal government, America will never be able to deal intelligently and earnestly with the economic policies that have destroyed the working class and all but decimated the middle class. A GOP congress guarantees that Democratic efforts to raise the minimum wage, reform the tax code and repair our crumbling infrastructure will be thwarted, all in the name of protecting the rich from paying their fair share.

    1. “The hatred for radical Islam will transform itself into a hatred for Muslims. The hatred for undocumented workers in states such as Arizona will become a hatred for Mexicans and Central Americans. They hatred for those defined as patriots by a largely white mass movement will become hatred for African Americans. The hatred for liberals will morph into a hatred for all democratic institutions, from universities and government agencies to cultural institutions and the media,” writes Chris Hedges.

      1. …there is now data showing that proto-fascist movements are on the rise.

        Science! The science is settled! Whatever I don’t like is FASCIST!!11!!

        Holy shit, that was a lot of derp.

        1. I’ll wager a weeks pay that the author does not even know what the definition of fascism is.

          1. He’s basically saying that the GOP are somehow managing to hold the tide of fascism up a little bit.

            Does he realize he’s a fascist? It’s ok, lots of people are and have altruistic reasons. But at least they can identify it on a political spectrum.

          2. It’s libertarianism, isn’t it? That’s what I learnt from the comments at Salon. Also that I’m a teenage boy who reads Ayn Rand and hates poor people.

            1. Wait, you read Ayn Rand?


              1. *slap!*

                1. Hey, it’s slap-ass Friday!


                  1. TRIGGER WARNING!

                    1. You people want slaps? I give you the best slaps of all time.


                      Just watch the whole scene.

                    2. Truly epic slapping going on there. That was awesome.

                    3. Ted Cruz got pwned.

            2. It’s libertarianism, isn’t it?

              Well, yeah. I mean, all my prog acquaintances suggest that my not wanting to steal from some to give to others or give the government total control over production means I have no morals, or something.

          3. I’ll wager a weeks pay that the author does not even know what the definition of fascism is.

            It’s pretty obvious that your weeks pay would be quite safe.

          4. The rule of political and economic terms: Any political or economic term has one of only two possible meanings, namely, “whatever I like” and “whatever I don’t like.”

        2. The comments, as usual, are even better:

          Conservatism is the cancer that has infected America with fascistic tumors, ones they, conservatives, are actively promoting the growth of while thinking that the allied group think leaders of cult like conservatism can control and drain them of manufactured anger and corrosive unAmerican impulses if needed … they are wrong and this can get out of control very quickly in a way that will leave a lasting stain on what it means to be an American and how that affects the common compact of the people and their government in a constitutional union.

          Try to unwind that sentence, go ahead, I dare you.

          1. If anyone wants to see an example of “word salad” just look right at that.

          2. Aw, geez, now you’ve got me curious as to what its Flesch-Kincaid score is….

            Oooh, Read-able says it has an average grade level of 20. Do any of these tests differentiate between compound and complex sentences, however?

            1. Lol. HuffPo has a grade level of 6.

          3. I was kind of hoping “while” was an adjective here, but no.

        3. …there is now data showing that proto-fascist movements are on the rise.

          And they’re all Deomcrats, seeing as fascism involves nominal private ownership of the means of production, with heavy govewrnment control of economic policy.

        4. …there is now data showing that proto-fascist movements are on the rise.


          The democrat party, OFA, the Obama administration, the racial greivance nexus…

      2. He probably lifted this from someone else.

      3. all democratic institutions, from universities and government agencies to cultural institutions and the media

        That, right there, proves that Peak Derp is unreachable.

        1. If only we could power this planet on ProgDerp…it’d be like harnessing the energy from a thousand stars…

  10. More like $33,500 a plate.

  11. No, no, no. I’m not wealthy. It’s all the people wealthier than me who are wealthy.

    Speaking fees in ex-presidential retirement? Why, I never thought of that. Well, wealthy people are those wealthier than I will be in 20 years…

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