NYC Police Commissioner Says All Roads Lead to New York City When It Comes to Terrorism


everything old is new again

The Al Qaeda published magazine Inspire included the U.S. Open, held in Flushing Meadows, Queens, every August, on a "wish list" of terrorist targets, the director of intelligence analysis for the New York Police Department (NYPD) told the city's "private security community" at a briefing today.

The NYPD stressed there's no specific threat they know of against the U.S. Open but Bill Bratton, New York's once and again police commissioner, warned that New York is a top target. "Two thousand years ago, the expression was 'all roads lead to Rome,'" he said. "Well, in 2014, as it relates to this subject matter, terrorism, unfortunately all roads lead to New York City."

In 2012, the most recent year for which data is available from the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, the top three countries where terrorism occurred were Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, which accounted for 55 percent of all terrorist attacks, followed by India and Nigeria. About 8,500 people died in terrorist attacks in those five countries in 2012.

By contrast, fewer than 3,500 people died in terrorism attacks in the United States between 1970 and 2010, nearly 3,000 of them on the 9/11 attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C.  Those attacks were unprecedented in U.S. history and as Ronald Bailey estimated in a 2011 column, even taking into account every plausible attack allegedly prevented by counterterrorism  efforts, Americans had only a 1 in 1.7 million chance of dying in a terrorist attack.

Nevertheless, New York is the most populous city in the Western world and as former mayor Michael Bloomberg boasted has the seventh largest army in the world. The idea that all terrorist roads lead to New York City is not a necessary one for adequate counterterrorism measures. It does, however, fuel the desire to maintain such a large militarized force in America's largest city and even to operate it as an intelligence agency that targets Muslims for surveillance, just like the federal ones do.

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  1. I really don’t believe I care one bit if Islamics destroy NYC. Why should I?

    I cared the first time. But now, based on how hard-core leftist that crap hole has become, I don’t care anymore.

    There should be a price to pay when you become a piece of leftist trash.

    1. I don’t care about it being leftist. But it being an authoritarian craphole is what’s killing it.

      Even though sometimes I think we should file Ripley’s advice with regards to NYC, it would just mean more authoritarianism for the rest of us.

  2. Dear Ed,

    Are you actually attempting a serious argument that NYC *isn’t* actually the #1 target in the US for terrorist plots?

    Or is this just intellectually-dishonest snarking?

    Because people who focus on this stuff for a living seem to be a little less glib about it.

    As far as the Jihadtards are concerned, NYC is ‘Tel-Aviv on the Hudson’.

    1. I know, this comes as a surprise to progressives, since all progressive media have turned into propaganda machines, but regular media sometimes simply report facts without a political agenda.

    2. Oh, if you want to read “snarking”, read my comment below. And, seriously, I really don’t see why the federal or state government should pay a penny for protecting NYC from terrorism; that cost should be born by the people choosing to live there.

    3. The “people who focus on this stuff for a living” have a vested interest in keeping the scare up so they can keep slopping at the tax money trough.

      “Terrorism” is the justification for the boot on our necks.

      1. Nothing either of you says here has the slightest fucking thing to do with the fact that, “Yes, NYC is in fact the location most vulnerable to terrorist attacks, and most likely to be hit again”

        You can whinge about how that fact is used by politicians and bureaucrats, sure.

        But it doesnt make it less so.

      2. Not always. Michael Scheuer, for example, is someone who will bluntly speak the truth and damn the consequences.

    4. All this money they soak us for to “fight terrorism,” and a 16-year-old boy sneaks into the top of one of the WTC buildings.

      The Islamofascists kill almost 3,000 of ours, so we send another 6,821 (and counting) of our own kids to die. That oughtta teach ’em to attack us, yessirreebob!

      Let the people who choose to live there in spite of what is apparently this great bat-guano cloud of risk pick up the tab for preventing TEH TER’RIZM. For that matter, let people who choose to fly commercial aircraft pay for professional, private security as part of their ticket prices, instead of forcing everyone to pay for the gobsmacking incompetence of the TSA.

  3. I think we should just shut down NYC. After all, it’s full of 1% and stark inequality, it has a real-estate bubble, it’s a magnet for terrorism, its police force is racist, its school system is failing, people drink sodas that are too large, and it’s going to get flooded due to sea level rise from global warming anyway, right? Why prolong the agony, let’s just evacuate all the New Yorkers. Maybe to Detroit.

    1. Why should we inflict them on Detroit? Blow the bridges at 11:30 on a weekday and machine-gun anyone who tries to swim the river.

  4. NYC Police Commissioner Says All Roads Lead to New York City When It Comes to Terrorism

    Same way all alien anal probes end up in the butts of flyover-country farm boys, I guess.

  5. I’m not sure how “Western world” is being defined, but last I checked both Mexico and Brazil are in the Western hemisphere, making NYC at best the third largest city in question, well behind Mexico City and Sao Paulo. Without looking it up, I can’t be sure of the relative sizes of any other Latin American cities, but those two are no-brainers. For the record and all.

  6. I don’t doubt that NYC is the #1 target in the US for Jihadis. But if they were smart they would hit the West Coast. Terrorists should never let themselves be predictable

    1. As a Seattle-ite it’s good for me that they aren’t smart, btw

  7. Nevertheless, New York is the most populous city in the Western world

    Mexico City would like a word with you.

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