House Approves Marijuana Business Banking

Vote was 231-192.


The United States House of Representatives approved a historic public safety measure to allow legal cannabis businesses to use the banking system.

Lawful cannabis dispensaries and recreational stores deal in large amounts of cash, because the federal government is blocking their access to the banking system.

The House voted 231-192 to prevent the Treasury Dept from spending funds penalizing banks that accepted dispensary deposits.

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  1. “the House voted to defund the federal war on medical marijuana. That amendment languishes in the Senate, where it opposed by California Sen. Diane Feinstein among others”

    Unfortunately this bill probably won’t make it through the Senate either with Frankenfeinstein on the case.

  2. Only the House is obstructionist!

    Not that I’m against legalization or anything, but am I the only one a little confused by our policy? It’s still a federal crime, yet we have legislation allowing the transfer of funds for ‘legal’ enterprises? It doesn’t really make much sense.

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