Two Former Utah AGs Nabbed for Corruption, Immigration Activist/Journalist Detained, Yellen Keeping Fed Policies Loose: P.M. Links


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  1. Sheesh, why doesn’t Afghanistan make car bombs illegal already?

    1. Hello.

    2. If it saves only one life…

    3. At least make some car bomb free zones.

  2. “nobody called the police and nobody was arrested.”

    Give it time…

    1. Boys left in hot pickup could lead to charges for Kelowna man

      A 41-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly leaving two children inside a pickup truck in a Kelowna Walmart parking lot during the sweltering heat on Friday afternoon.

      RCMP say they were first called to the parking lot on 1555 Banks Road around 3:25 p.m. PT. When they arrived they found a five- and ten-year boy inside the Ford truck.

      Outside temperatures were hitting 33 C so the officers got both boys out of the truck and into the care of paramedics.

      33 C = 92 F

  3. “John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff, both former attorneys general for Utah, were arrested today for a host of corruption charges ranging from accepting bribes to witness tampering.”


    Bella roba.

    1. Wait until the inmates hear there’s a new fish named John Swallow.

      1. His new nickname will be John Swallows.

        He’ll have no say in the matter.

  4. A car bomb has killed dozens (estimates range from 40 to 89) in Afghanistan, the deadliest attack in the country this year.

    “We STILL got you beat!”


  5. The Fed also warned of bubbles in social media and biotech stocks, causing some to drop in share price.

    Oh good, we’re paying attention to the bubbles that probably don’t exist now.

    1. What was the Fed’s job again? I forgot.

      1. So did the Fed.

      2. You raise a good point – which is that the Fed has no business at all assessing the ‘relative’ frothiness of any given sectors – and one could probably also argue that they’ve got zero business commenting on *asset classes* at all, perhaps aside from commenting on treasury demand.

        They have an interest in maintaining the stability of the banking system and helping protect it against undue shocks – not create them. If biotech and Internet stocks are overvalued, its because of fears of lack of sustainable growth in the *rest of the economy*, which is what they should be more concerned with rather than how investors are pricing future growth assets.

        1. Unfortunately, their mandate was changed at some point to include “Alleviating Unemployment” so essentially they are here to prop up economies.

    1. If I lived there, I would go. I would stay near an exit for obvious reasons, but I would still go.

    2. At the bottom of that page…Jenny Dell got engaged to Will Middlebrooks. I has a sad.

    3. It’s about time. Pop music really seems at a new low point.

  6. After they confronted the mom, she apologized, and nobody called the police and nobody was arrested.

    I will be shocked if she’s still not been arrested a week from now.

  7. The Fed also warned of bubbles in social media and biotech stocks, causing some to drop in share price.

    I wonder if they, or their friends and family, shorted social media and biotech stocks in advance of the announcement.

  8. “Passersby smashed in the windows of a hot Jeep in a parking lot in Houston and freed two small children who had been left locked inside while the mother got her hair done. After they confronted the mom, she apologized, and nobody called the police and nobody was arrested.”

    How nice.

    No one called the police.

    Why didn’t the mother bring the kids in? My wife did/does that all the time.

    1. This.

      Especially in Houston, in the summer.

      1. And we’re not in Houston!

    2. And I think they mean “Got her hair did”.

      1. Raaacissst

        Also my first thought when I saw that.

    3. Isn’t CPS on your ass for exposing the kids to, um, hair vapors?!


      File this under initial reporting being 100% wrong. It turns out that after taking her kid shopping with her, the mom put the kid in the backseat, then accidentally locked herself out of the car. So she got some stranger to break the window for her so she could pull her kid out. Nobody was arrested because nobody did anything illegal.

  9. Let’s see: we have immigration covered. Any butt sex or weed here abouts?

    1. Weed was covered earlier today (but it was a recycled article so I don’t know if it counts).

      How about a story about a torn anus and World Cup soccer?

      1. You know, if one tears one’s anus while playing kickball, one is doing something really, really wrong.

      2. There’s a PM link about a guy named John Swallow and a guy named Mark Shirt-less, there’s probly butt sex involved.

      3. So Mascherano really did tear his anus?

        I and a couple of other posters mentioned a story in the Argentine press about it last week, and made fun of the Google Translate (which really was fucked up, of course.)

        1. What size diapers will he need?

          In fact, is it an urban myth porn stars wear diapers?

          1. Rule 34 implies that there must be diaper porn out there. Whether you wish to search for it is anothr question entirely.

            1. Isn’t infantilism a commonly known kink? You shouldn’t even have to bother with Rule 34.

                1. There’s no way I’m going to cli…

                  …yeah, I lied. I clicked, even after hovering over the first one.

  10. “While we are making progress in the labor market we have not achieved our goal. There have been substantial headwinds holding the recovery back … Until they are completely gone it calls for an accommodative monetary policy.”

    Once again, would someone *kindly* enlighten me as to what exactly Janet Yellen *does*?

    1. Apparently, she has people skills.

      1. It must be something like that. Whenever I see the crap that oozes out of these Fed reports I wonder how she can live with herself.

      2. +1 Office Space

    1. That got a GOL

    2. I’m starting to wonder if progressives believe the nature of reality is something you can vote on democratically.

      1. Yes. You and I don’t get a vote.

      2. Works for AGW, why not everything else?

      3. Everything is renegotiable to them. Look back at the 2000 recounts. One after the other, they kept trying to find ways of bending reality. Everything is up for a vote to them; whether it is citizens or “experts” dong does not matter. Neither do they care about absolutes or objective reality in any way, in fact they deny the ideas.

    3. Maybe they were talking about another planet.

    4. You can’t fool *me*, Pl?ya. That’s from The Onion.

    5. Comrade, there is no truth but Revolutionary Truth.

    6. I suppose it is tranquil before war, as countries spend time mobilizing and arming themselves to the teeth.

  11. “Bob Frey is a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in Minnesota. He wants a position of responsibility in an era dominated by science, which suggests that our leaders should have some knowledge and/or appreciation for science.

    So how does Bob measure up? Well, he’s actually testified before the states’ Senate Education Committee, where he told them that not only did dinosaurs live alongside humans at one time (which is demonstrably and obviously false), but that dinosaurs still share the world with humans to this day”…..z37ZUhSyVZ

    1. Does he believe that Guam is going to tip over?

    2. Maybe he’s talking about birds.

    3. dinosaurs still share the world with humans to this day


    4. Both statements are true.

      All birds are dinosaurs under modern cladistic naming conventions.

    5. Ugh, I hate to say this, but the nut job is actually correct. Birds are dinosaurs.

      1. If you listen to him at the link, he is talking about actual dino-dinosaurs not being extinct. He claims a Pilosaur washed up on a beach in 2006.

        He thinks The Flintstones is a documentary. He’s nucking futs.

        1. Ha, that’s funny. Pliosaurs were reptiles, not dinosaurs.

          1. He’s not fooled by your godless taxonomy!

        2. Barney. What a pal.

        3. Really, America, why do you keep electing stupid people with questionable if any ethics to have near total power over you? Also, while we’re at it, why do you let anyone have near total power over you?

          1. Do well-adjusted people actually want to be involved in politics? I think that’s half the problem. We should have a draft, not elections.

            1. It’s the main reason politics are such a disaster here. For those who are leading productive, happy lives, the incentives are against involvement in politics, not for it. It doesn’t help that to engage the beast has a lot of futility embedded in it, given how out of whack everything is today.

          2. Hey, whatever it takes not to have to pay attention and make decisions on our own.

    6. Hey Bo Cara Esq., I live in Minnesota and even I don’t give a fuck. Go peddle your tired clown show somewhere else.

  12. Newsmax is promoting having Todd Akin on?

    They’re proud of this?

    1. It’s Newmax, you’re surprised by this?

  13. I spent $30,000 to look like Kim Kardashian

    “I was badly bullied at school and it took me two years to realize that I wasn’t [what the bullies were calling me]. I was told every day that I was the ‘ugliest thing alive’ and I should ‘kill myself’.”

    She looks a helluva lot better without all the makeup and shit.

    1. Yep. She ruined her ~Sandra Bullock natural look.

      1. She was better before the Hobbitoplasty.

        1. Is that the surgery that gives you hairy feet?

          1. And short legs and a big ass.

    2. So now that she looks like Kim Kardashian she really is the ugliest thing alive?

  14. A car bomb has killed dozens (estimates range from 40 to 89) in Afghanistan, the deadliest attack in the country this year.

    I gotta tell ya – these motherfuckin’ car bombers IMPRESS me. 40-89, with ONE car? That’s pretty impressive.

    You go, Afghanistan! You go!

    1. I know that is in jest – but I am afraid for too many people I know there…so forgive me if I do not join the laughter.

  15. hamilton:

    I got tickets to Bears, Broncos, Lions, and Dolphins. If you aren’t going to one of the other four (or want to do a Reason tailgate) I’m down. This does include both night games, the scourge of season ticket holders!

    1. The only reason to watch any of those games is to see Peyton Manning’s pouty face when he loses.

  16. Barack Obama doesn’t care about black people…?

    Under Obama, the black community has had higher unemployment, more poverty, and less income. He has increased the foodstamp rolls exponentially, but foodstamp enrollment is not prosperity. Is this the grand promise he made to black Americans? Is this it? He’ll get them more foodstamps? Their median household income will fall by 10 percent, but at least they’ll have an EBT card ? is that the hope of which he spoke? They’ll have easier access to welfare, but they’ll fall even further behind in education ? is that the ‘dream’ of his father? He’ll gut the health care system, creating havoc for many Americans, and in the end the black community would be left as uninsured as they were before ? is that the change we were promised?

    Obama and Holder are troubled by racism but completely unconcerned about the success and security of their own race. They don’t want black people to be discriminated against, but they aren’t interested in seeing black folks prosper. They don’t care. They don’t care about black people. In fairness, they also don’t care about white people, Asian people, Latino people, Eskimo people, or any other people.

    1. Blacks are the ones who are going to get fucked the worst by free immigration. The Democratic Party is basically telling the black community after 50 years of marriage, “look bitch, I have a girlfriend now so stay home and deal with it.” It remains to be seen if they will take this sitting down.

      1. “Blacks are the ones who are going to get fucked the worst by free immigration.”

        How’s that?

        1. Overlap in the job market.

          1. It is not a zero sum game, is it?

            1. In given labor markets at a given time, yes actually it is.

              1. That’s the kind of non-dynamic thinking that characterizes envious leftists. If immigration address labor inefficiencies it can lead to a better economy and bigger pie for all.

                1. In the very short-term, John is correct. The supply of anything in the very short term is limited – hence if you flood the market with new supply (of anything, not just labor) the price collapses as the demand is not there to absorb it.

                  In the long-term, you are correct, Bo.

                  1. How do you know he’s correct in the long term?

                    You’re basically asserting either that there will be demand for unskilled labor at prices and under conditions that make it a better option than welfare, or that the welfare system will collapse.

        2. Because they are proportionally more low skilled workers. And low skilled workers suffer the most from mass immigration.

          “Remarkably, as far as we know, no study has examined if there is a link between the resurgence of large-scale immigration and the employment and incarceration trends in the black population,” co-authors George Borjas, Jeffrey Grogger, and Gordon Hanson write in Immigration and African-American Employment Opportunities: The Response of Wages, Employment, and Incarceration to Labor Supply Shocks (NBER Working Paper No.12518). The authors are careful to point out that even without increased immigration, most of the fall in employment and increase in jailed black men would have happened anyway. Nevertheless, the racially disproportionate effects of immigration on employment are striking.

          1. Borgas? He’s Pat Buchanan’s go to guy on immigration issues.

            Either way, this statement “he authors are careful to point out that even without increased immigration, most of the fall in employment and increase in jailed black men would have happened anyway” hardly seems to substantiate your point.

            1. which part of the racially disproportionate effects of immigration on employment are striking. do you not understand? And are you so fucking stupid that you can’t understand that “most” does not mean “all”? If immigration is responsible for even 25% of the fall, that is a big deal.

              Try a little harder next time. Or just admit you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about and thank me for enlightening you. Saying that immigration disproportionately affects the black community is hardly controversial.

              1. I understood it all. It suggests that they found that “most of the fall in employment and increase in jailed black men would have happened anyway” but there was a statistically significant difference between whatever minor effect it had on blacks and what it had on other groups. Statistical significance doesn’t mean substantial, it just means a difference likely not due to chance, and it can be a quite small difference in substance.

                1. No, you didn’t understand it or you didn’t read it.

                  Beyond that, however, the black-white experience differed markedly, especially for low-skilled workers. Take employment rates: from 1960 to 2000, black high school dropouts saw their employment rates drop 33 percentage points — from 88.6 percent to 55.7 percent — the authors found in their analysis of census data from 1960 to 2000. The decrease for white high school dropouts was only roughly half that — from 94.1 percent to 76.0 percent.

                  One reason, the authors argue, is that black employment is more sensitive to an immigration influx than white employment. For white men, an immigration boost of 10 percent caused their employment rate to fall just 0.7 percentage points; for black men, it fell 2.4 percentage points.

                  And if you don’t like that source, learn how to use google. There are any number of sources that say the exact same thing. There is not much dispute about this. You are basically arguing that the world is flat and are too dumb to know it.

                  1. Sorry, John, this may be CW for you, but it’s something that seems to be very much disputed.


                    1. From Cato: “It is an especially pernicious myth that low-skilled immigrants harm the employment
                      prospects of African Americans.”


                    2. Anecdote: just had my roof redone – 100% Hispanics including foreman. Had it done twenty years ago – all black except white foreman. Number of blacks hanging on corners in local town at mid-morning – 2o years ago, one or two; today – clusters.

                    3. Good enough for me.

      2. Well…

        Black Americans from Chicago to Baltimore are wondering aloud why Obama dedicates so much time and money to the flood of third world immigrants on the southern border, while impoverished people in our own country, living in the same squalid conditions, are ignored. Wealthy, upper class, Ivy League politicians can welcome these illegals with open arms because they are insulated from the economic and cultural destruction that is wrought. But the black communities in our inner cities aren’t fortunate to have the same cushion.

        He includes a video of a very angry black woman.

      3. This is what happens when you pull the D lever 93 percent of the time. Team Red doesn’t waste their time courting your vote and Team Blue takes it for granted.

        1. Exactly. If the black community can’t figure that out, I don’t know what to do for them. If even 25% of the black community went third party or voted Republicans, the Democrats would be doomed as a national party.

          1. Hey, a bunch of them voted in the Mississippi GOP primary recently, what else do you want?

          2. Nah, they would just adjust their positions until they were back to getting approx 50% of the vote.

            It would be interesting to see what positions they took at that time.

    2. Barack Obama wants black people to stay on the Dem plantation and shut the hell up.

    3. Matt Walsh is white.

      1. White man even.

  17. John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff, both former attorneys general for Utah, were arrested today for a host of corruption charges ranging from accepting bribes to witness tampering.

    It strikes me that most if not all government employees meet the elements of Donald Cressey’s(sp?) Fraud Triangle. Most have opportunity, because any oversight they happen to come under happens years after the fact, almost all have rationalization (I’m a public servant, I DESERVE THIS), and many have motivation (I’m a public servant, therefore I’m underpaid). Government employment is just begging for fraud.


      Deserve’s got NOTHING to do with it….

    2. Works in Atlanta

      DeKalb commissioners’ spending scrutinized

      An outside audit has begun reviewing the last 10 years of DeKalb County commissioners’ spending.
      The audit, which will cost the county $83,000 and be conducted by O. H. Plunkett & Co. accounting firm, will examine commissioners’ spending on their charge cards as well as their expenses for travel, services and goods. All purchases will be reviewed for proof the spending was for county business.
      The DeKalb County Commission unanimously approved the audit in April after an Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigation found Commissioner Elaine Boyer had put thousands of dollars in personal charges on her county-issued charge card. Later reports questioned the spending of Commissioners Larry Johnson, Sharon Barnes Sutton and Stan Watson.
      Commissioner Kathie Gannon, who also faces a recent ethics complaint about her spending, said her budget will be the first one to be audited.

  18. So there’s this buxom Senator called Chuck Schumer. And he is one of the obnoxious Progs who is probably fairly bright but constantly complains about the other side’s insatiable desire to murder puppies, punch womenfolk, molest children, fart in bed, etc.

    Anyway, the mainstream media did a write up about how he’s such a camera-humping sociopath that even the other pwoggie narcissists inside the beltway were like, “what’s up with that?”

    Naturally, all his lickspittle staffers were like, “Oh, yeah, Chuck’s not crazy. He’s actually a sly genius!”…..51359.html

    Here’s the scariest part of the story:

    Indeed, Schumer’s formula appears to have had at least some success. According to the Daily News, 57% of Schumer’s Sunday morning events in 2013 were followed by federal action on the issue. (The Schumer camp believes the paper’s methodology was flawed and that number should be even higher.)

    1. Calling Chuck Schumer ‘buxom’ is morally reprehensible.

      I laughed.

    2. I think the proper word isn’t “buxom”, it’s “zaftig”.

      1. “Chubby”?

  19. India caps price of 108 more medicines; drugmakers to take hit

    India has capped the prices of more than 100 drugs used to treat diseases ranging from diabetes to HIV, a move likely to hit the profit margins of drug firms such as Sanofi SA, Abbott Laboratories and Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.

    Bring on the shortages!

    1. Well, you know what they say:

      The only GOOD Indian is….

      1. certainly not White Indian.

    2. Nonsense. I was assured by the Obamatrons that capping the price merely reduces the pay of evil CEO’s.

    3. India has capped the prices of more than 100 drugs used to treat diseases ranging from diabetes to HIV, a move likely to hit the profit margins of drug firms such as Sanofi SA, Abbott Laboratories and Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.

      If by profit margins, you mean the drug companies will just produce fewer drugs, then yes, I agree.

    4. India will just abrogate the patents.

      Let’s see if they realize this too has consequences.

    5. It’s India, so I assume the solution to drug shortages will be to order a little girl to be raped.

      1. That’s my SugarDree!!

        *chortles and slaps SF on the back*

      2. Ahem. Gang raped.

          1. I uh, had not heard of that yet. It’s going to take some time for me to process that.

            1. Process it, then go back and read Sheeky’s reason piece about how American wimminz got it bad compared to Indians.

              1. So, if this had happened in America, it would be evidence of “rape culture”, but since it happened in India, it’s “cultural diversity”?


          3. Wood chippers. It’s the only answer. Send everyone involved through, feet first.

            1. I was gonna ask “why not head first?” but then I realized they’d feel it longer if it was feet first.

  20. Miami Cop in Trouble after Pulling Over Speeding Driver, who Turns out to be internal Affairs Lieutenant (Video)

    A Miami police officer pulled a car over for speeding last month, which turned out to be a plainclothes internal affairs lieutenant who shoved the door open on the officer after refusing to provide his drivers license, leading to a struggle on the side of the road that was caught on camera.

    As the two were on the ground wresting, another three Miami cops who just happened to be in the area pulled up and piled on the screaming driver? only to pull off when they realized the man at the bottom was an internal affairs lieutenant from their own department.

    That was when the officer Marcel Jackson, the cop who initiated the stop, was sent to his patrol car and internal affairs Lieutenant David Ramras assumed control of the situation.

    1. “Hold up your badge, so they’ll know you’re a policeman.”

    2. Live by the caste system, die by the caste system.

    3. So even within the ranks of cops, there’s different rules for the King’s Men.

    4. “The department does not use dash or body cams, so it’s not something they would expect.”

      Wow, who would have guessed they don’t want to record these encounters!

    5. http://photographyisnotacrime……ieutenant/

      Link with longer write-up.

  21. Washington Post’s finest:

    4:02 PM EDT
    The mother wasn’t arrested for child neglect? Unbelievable, especially considering all the news stories of children being left alone in cars lately. The police failed in performing their duties if that mother was not cuffed, booked, and awaiting bail.

    4:19 PM EDT
    Agreed — I think all of us learn that sitting in the car with the doors and windows closed is uncomfortable within minutes. How could she be excused?

    4:23 PM EDT
    It said the police weren’t called… How are they supposed to perform their duties if no one calls them?

    4:34 PM EDT
    Well, the police know about it now.

    4:26 PM EDT
    From what I read, no one called the police. They should have. As the article points out, it is a crime in Texas to leave a child in a car.

    I imagine the police are looking into this and trying to determine who this woman is.


    So. It’s not enough the mother may have learned a lesson. Nope. Let’s RUIN HER FAMILY.


    1. Let’s RUIN HER FAMILY.

      It’s for the greater good!

    2. How can you she have learned a lesson if no one from the government taught her?

    3. Lessons can only be learned from the state. Anything you “learn” on your own doesn’t count.

      1. Yes, you need that diploma (in the form of an arrest record).

  22. Brazilian man 126 years old is thought to be oldest living man ever documented

    “If I got to this age it’s because I’ve lived a lot, that’s all.”

    He actually sounds pretty cool.

    1. Holy SHIT! That’s old. I hope I die before I get old….

      1. “Yet the batchelor(sic), who never married or had children, still walks without a stick, eats four meals a day and has no health problems – despite smoking a packet of cigarettes a day for the last 50 years. ”

        See, women will kill you! Get the FDA on that, stat!

    2. He’s got fucking turtle DNA!

    3. He’s not really 126 years old, of course.

  23. Reporter stopped by TSA agent who didn’t know District of Columbia is in US

    Wonder how many people get hassled because the TSA cro magnons don’t know that New Mexico is a state.

    1. The first step: Ban unsafe oil tanker cars.

      We must prepare and equip emergency responders and reroute trains around population centers and away from water supplies.

      New rail safety rules must be strong and must give citizens the information they need to protect themselves and the power to say no.

      Funny, I don’t see “Approve pipeline construction” on that list.

      1. oops, that’s supposed to be in reply to OB below

      2. How about “Stop putting gas in my car, cause there’s no way to get it here”?

    2. And, predictably, the “solution”:

      A TSA spokesman told Gray that all of the TSA agents in Orlando are being shown copies of District of Columbia driver’s license.

      It is truly outrageous.

    3. Wait a second. District of Columbia not being in the U.S. is a correct position. This TSA agent should be promoted.

    4. “You have to federalize in order to professionalize.” – Sen. Tom Daschle

  24. My House is in an oil train blast zone.

    Oil Train Blast Zone

    1. Our rail system was never built for this dangerous cargo.

      And yet oil has traveled by rail for well over a hundred years now.

      1. That’s what pipelines are for.

    2. I heard those oil trains blow up all the time. Like a couple a week. But the Koch brothers won’t let the media talk about it because greed.

      1. I think the culprit is PB’s favorite capitalist, Warren Buffet. Buffet owns railroads; the Kochs own pipelines.

        Seriously, though, pipelines are much safer and more efficient than choo-choo trains for bulk transport of oil and its derivatives. Of course, that only applies to civilized societies that deter thieves from hot tapping the pipeline to steal its contents, which is a big safety issue in third-world hellholes.

  25. Carol Tobias, President of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), challenges the Senate: Hold a record vote on the pro-abortion “Women’s Health” act *and* on the Pain Capable Child Protection Act.

    “We challenge you, and the leadership of the majority party, to allow the American people to see where every senator stands on both of these major abortion-related bills. Let the American people see which bill reflects the values of each member of the United States Senate?life or death for unborn children?”


    1. So many people here defended some of the restrictions on abortion providers on the grounds that the states were just applying the same regulations to them they had for other similar providers, so I guess they will be supporting the Women’s Health Act.

      1. So running an abortion clinic is now a religious calling? If not, then no they shouldn’t.

        1. What are you talking about? I’m talking about the bill in the Senate to make all state restrictions on abortion providers apply to other similar medical facilities.

      2. deep dish or thin crust
        to circumsize or not
        open borders or not
        vote or not vote
        which video games are fun or are they just for kids
        soccer or baseball or neither of these wuss-ass sports
        squats or thrusts
        Stupider – Salon or Vox?
        Space travel – who gives a fuck, or who gives a fuck?

        Discuss – GO!

        1. Kirk was way better than Picard.

          1. excellent

        2. What,you got something against atheism vs faith?

          1. excellent

          2. Yes, they are the same thing1

        3. Ron Jeremy was better than John Holmes.

          1. agree…

        4. Roger Moore was better than Sean Connery…i fell for that prank around here.

          1. This is true. He was a much better Simon Templer than Connery.

            1. Timothy Dalton is a vastly superior ‘creepy old monster hunter’ than either.

              1. I liked Dalton’s Bond, for the record.

        5. vi, perl, glock, 10mm.

      3. Would there be a septic tank large enough to hold all the dead babies?

        1. CAPITALIZM!


        2. Why marriage=implicit consent!

          1. 8% of respondents agree.

  26. Marcotte fatigue is setting in, but for now…

    Marcotte believes women are being forced to hold anti-feminism signs by men

    *Picture of woman holding sign that says “I don’t need feminism…”*

    M’s Reply:

    I’m a strong woman! Ignore the man on the other side of the camera who is eating up all this garbage about how he’s being oppressed by all the meanie feminists demanding equality.

    1. It is as usual all about Amanda’s hatred and total disdain for other women. If you think she hates men, that is nothing compared to how much she hates other women, which is of course dwarfed by how much she hates herself.

      1. which is of course dwarfed by how much she hates herself

        I suggest her road to learning to love herself could start with a better haircut.

      2. This is most women no? From my experience, the hate they have for each other is a constant, terrifying, and driving wonder to behold.

    2. Only false consciousness can explain someone disagreeing with Amanda Marcotte.

    3. There’s a man on the other side of a fucking webcam?

      Is she actually this stupid?

      1. Yes. Yes she is.

      2. Yes. Someone should make an entire PHI 101 textbook on logical fallacies just using Marcotte examples. I’m pretty sure she has committed everyone of them multiple times. She’s probably even created a few new ones.

        1. God – that would be awesome! “Introduction to Practical Logic – Marcotte Style”

          Unfortunately, you’d have to give them away.

        2. At first I thought maybe it was a one-off, or that it was meant to be figurative…

          …nope! She mentions an unseen camera-holder two more times.

      3. Apparently you don’t understand the patriarchy or something…I don’t fucking know.

        This is probably my last Marcotte link. I picked up the torch from Immaculate Trouser I believe, but I am tapping out of visiting Raw Story.

        1. There goes half of Marcotte’s readership.

          1. I wish this was true, but I have seen the comment section.

            *Feels very cold*

        2. I clicked on one of those links, like, a long time ago and vowed to never do so again. And I haven’t.

          She’s just not worth it. She’s a mental midget. Contributes absolutely nothing to intellectual discourse.

          Won’t miss it.

          Just saying.

          1. I attempted to try and avoid all sources of news earlier this year, but I failed after only a few days.

            I need to try that again, but first step, avoid RS.

      4. No, you rape-enabling misogynist swine, it’s a metaphor for like, society and rape culture and stuff on the other side of the webcam, you know, like, the internet! Maybe take if you took off your patriarchal blinders for a fucking second you’d be able to wrap your tiny androphile brain around the concept!


        1. Wouldn’t Marcotte, Jezebel, et al. qualify more as third-wavers?

          1. I suppose you’re right. Gee, an edit button would be really nice…

          2. Would they? I think Jezebel started off third wave, but there’s been a heavy resurgence of second wave influence in internet feminist sites. Morcotte may be synthesizing strains of both third and second wave, but she’s always struck me as being grounded in second wave.

            1. Eh, maybe. My knowledge of the “waves” is a bit fuzzy, which is partially why I phrased my comment above as a question rather than a statement.

            2. The third wave, for all their sex-positivity and blah blah, have been retrogressing to second wave anger through the internet echo chamber effect. The moderates get squeezed out because they cannot match the energy that insanity gives the fringe. Between the pidgin of Tweeter and the near-illiteracy of tumblr, incoherency is given a pass if it has sufficient volume.

              1. I don’t think it’s just that. Feminism seems to have been reordered to fit comfortably in the SJ movement, which requires a Marxist analysis of the scenario.

                If you’re fighting a righteous fight to overthrow the patriarchy instead of just trying to find a comfortable place of equality why wouldn’t you be angry?

  27. Connecticut man arrested for ‘passive-aggressive’ stabbing of watermelon
    Carmine Cervellino of Thomaston charged with disorderly conduct and menacing.

    Woman says he carved up watermelon in front of her in a threatening way.

    Before reading Reason I would’ve found a headline like this surprising. Not anymore. THANKS REASON!

    1. Holy motherfuck.

      The end times are nigh, jesse.

      Hope I get to have a beer with you before The End?

    2. “Disorderly conduct and menacing”?!

      A good lawyer should be able to set him up for life.

      (Also, it’s far from clear in the story what is really going on ….)

    3. Call me when he carves up a coconut.

      Then I’ll worry.

    4. It’s Connecticut. What you do expect?

  28. You guys have pretty much stopped responding to my cop posts so I may just stop.

    But first, I want to remind you that although Johannes Mehserle more or less executed Oscar Grant and got all of a year in jail…and a 17 year old kid gorm23 years for breaking into a cop’s house and killing…a dog.…..police-dog

    1. We’re no longer shocked by their dog shooting ways, Sloops. You’ll have to dig up stories that incorporate weed, immigrants, and butt secks to get us going now.

    2. Eventually the nuts just go numb, Sloop.

      1. Yeah, it’s just too depressing.

    3. Makes sense. Killing a cop’s dog = worse than Hitler. Killing a person who probably deserved it (he must have done SOMETHING wrong to have a cop shooting at him)…hey, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, amirite?

      So – IMHO, go results, will be upheld on appeal by REAGAN appointed judges.


    4. Keep this in perspective: Armed burglary is a very serious crime.

      Killing a dog per se is much less serious, but doing so in connection with an armed burglary aggravated the seriousness of the crime.

      Twenty-three years may or may not be excessive, but no doubt the punishment for Oscar Grant’s murder was incredibly lenient.

  29. War on women!

    “She is a good media figure because of her looks, but she doesn’t seem to know or understand anything about teaching and why tenure matters … I know it sounds sexist to say that she is pretty, but that makes her telegenic, even if what she has to say is total nonsense.”

    Wait…I just realized it’s *not* sexist, because this pretty woman was criticizing teachers’ unions.…

    1. Michael Regnier @MichaelRegnier
      Guess I’ll teach my daughters not to look too pretty, so their arguments can be taken seriously. Thx @DianeRavitch!


      1. And the always-classy Ravitch:

        Diane Ravitch @DianeRavitch
        @MichaelRegnier Campbell Brown has no arguments or logic.

    2. War on women, by women, for women.

    3. For anyone who’s curious, here’s Ms.(?) Ravitch. It’d be a little too much like fapping to another man. But it does somewhat explain her objection to pretty women (Campbell is a high 7/low 8).

      1. do… not… clik…

        1. I clicked.

          1. I clicked also, I now believe Ravitch has a penis.

        2. I….I….I ignored you….

          DEAR GOD!!!

          *runs away, crying*

      2. Campbell gets an 8. Definite milf.


    4. The twist?

      Diane Ravitch: Campbell Brown Shouldn’t Worry Her Pretty Little Head About Education Policy

      By Jonathan Chait Follow @jonathanchait

      1. When even Chait thinks you’re a mendacious tard…

      2. Chait managed to write something that wasn’t mendacious or retarded.

  30. These three words should never appear in the same sentence:

    That is all.

  31. Music for no particular reason.

    1. Many, many, many games of Starcraft were lost to Korean kids while listening to this album. It was in the 6 disc changer my roomie and I would load up prior to going online. One Conversation while waiting for a game to begin:

      Roomie: Huh…they really must not like that joan crawford person, huh?
      Me: Did you put Rush in the changer again? You better not have put Rush in. If I hear another Rush song, I swear to God I’ll kill all your drones.

  32. FBI Academy trainees get a free trip to the Holocaust Museum. Ostensibly to learn about the evils that can a totalitarian state can do, but I think it is really to pick up ideas.

    1. to learn about the evils that can [happen to] a totalitarian state can do when it gets caught…


    1. British spies can manipulate online polls — or trick the world into thinking a video or web page is going viral.

      GCHQ == 4chan?


  33. Northern Ireland bakery faces fines for refusing to bake a Bert-and-Ernie gay marriage cake.

    Northern Ireland doesn’t recognize gay marriage, but the rest of the UK does.…..12923.html

    1. To be fair, Bert and Ernie are heterosexual. I know this, because a friend of mine saw Bert banging some waitress at Waffle House.

      1. Ernie’s gay; Bert is bi.

        1. Bullshit. It’s so bizarre than any time that men are portrayed as close friends or as roommates in fiction that they are claimed as gays. Except when they actually are, then I guess it’s not bullshit.

          1. Newsflash: They’re puppets.

            1. What, you believe everything PBS tells you?

          2. My point was that Bert banging a Waffle House waitress does not prove Bert & Ernie aren’t gay.

            1. My friend says he does it every time Bert goes there. It’s like a tip.

              1. Is your friend Ernie?

                1. No. He’s this guy who paints numbers all over the place. Haven’t seen him in a while, since he moved on up to a deluxe apartment on the east side.

      2. They are both being fisted by guys all the time. They are both gay.

        1. Jeez, SF, why do you have to label things.

          1. I’m not judging, I just think if anything is gay, spending a goodly portion of your day with a guy’s hand up your ass qualifies.

            1. You realize, of course, that these puppets lack digestive systems, let alone anuses.

              1. You realize, of course, PL, that you lack a sense of humor.

                1. You think it’s funny lacking vital internal organs?

            2. Someday the sex of the person whose hand is up your butt won’t matter nearly as much as that you love him/her/Hex, or at least that his/her/Hex’s hands are appropriately sized and they’ve used plenty of lubricant.

              1. In fact, they lack sexual organs altogether and any chromosomes, so I guess it’s hard to assign genders to them at all, let alone sexuality.

    2. William III enjoys a posthumous triumph:…..67397.html

    3. I thought it was Ernie and Bert. Not Bert and Ernie.

    4. Um, I hate state licensure and regulation, but should a modern, and ostensibly civilized, nation be allowing any two people to form a union that would want a Bert and Ernie cake for a life event after the age of 4?

  34. NSFW Don Felder.

  35. Rolling Stone: The 5 most dangerous guns in America


    BuzzKillington ? 3 minutes ago
    Five most used currencies in the world

    1. Money
    2. Cash
    3. Scrilla
    4. Dough
    5. Loot

    Five most dangerous bodies of water
    1. Pools
    2. Lakes
    3. Rivers
    4. Oceans
    5. Ponds

    Top five Left-wing fails.

    1. Communism.
    2. Detroit.
    3. You can keep your Health Insurance if you like it.
    4. MSNBC.
    5. This article.

    1. There’s more rock ‘n roll in this thread than in Rolling Stone.

    2. For anyone wondering, the list they give is:


      …um, OK then.

        1. I know you’re joking, but:

          Using firearm trace data from the ATF, as well as FBI homicide records, we determined the types of guns most often recovered from crime scenes and/or used in murders.

          So it has absolutely nothing to do with how “dangerous” they are, just how often they are used.

          1. Okay, so it’s okay to own a howitzer then?

            1. Make it a blackpowder, muzzle-loading howitzer and you don’t even need a license.

              1. Wow, America is still awesome sometimes, you know?

            2. You have my permission.

              1. ” recovered from crime scenes ”

                So… not even used in a crime, just recovered from a location.


    3. The author’s Twitter bio:

      #DrugWar journo. Ex @AlterNet editor. Recent bylines @RollingStone, @TheNation. Freelance misandrist

    4. It’s just so dumb. It’s amazing.

      1. I was very excited to read this clickbait, hoping to already own all of them. Alas, I had a sad.

        1. I have one of each of those!

          Well, OK, my tinypistol is a Beretta, not an actual “Derringer” brand tinypistol, but whatever.

    5. Popular among handgun-owners, pistols are defined by their built-in barrel and short stock.

      Incredible. It’s not even wrong.

      1. Built-in barrel? Gasp!

      2. Okay, so handguns are popular among handgun owners?

        1. What are the chances?

    6. This is as good a place as any to talk about guns. I have a bug up my ass to get a 10mm pistol. Talk me out of it.

      1. The metric system is French. You might as well buy a gun that fires eclairs.

        1. Or cheese.

          Mmmmmmm, cheese gun.

          1. pew-pew-?poisses

      2. Umm…well, the .40 took the wind out of it, pretty much.

        I had one way back in the day, and only got fire 1 mag out of it before it was stolen. It was a an early Delta Elite. Can’t remember much about how it shot.

        Where does the desire to get that particular caliber come from, anyway?

        1. No good reason, really. Because it’s overpowered, I suppose.

          1. Look, dude, why not a arquebus? Smoothbore, without all of those requirements for a specific caliber of bullet. Just load whatever and fire.

            1. True, but I think my gun-as-club needs are met by my Mosins.

              1. Only when you’re involved in commie cosplay.

              2. I put a synthetic stock on my Mosin. It actually looks pretty cool.

      3. Price and availability of 10mm ammo?

        1. True, but $400 for 1200 for FMJ practice ammo isn’t that much worse than .45.

          1. Unless you are different with “new toy” emotions, I would suspect, Warty, that you’ll probably like it for a while, and then go, “Ehh…” I’d find it sad, on your behalf, for you to put out the $ for it, only to become disenchanted with it.

            Do you have a manufacturer/model in mind?

            1. I love each and every one of my guns, whether I use it or not. And I like Glocks. I’ve toyed with the idea of using a full size G20 as a carry piece. I’m a moderately giant dude and concealment should be no problem.

              1. Would it be your primary CCW?

                1. Doubt it. I have several 9mm pistols, and it’s a smarter carry choice in any case. Still.

                  1. Not sure I agree with the 9 for all around defense (I prefer my .40, but definitely don’t hate 9’s). That said, the more I think about it, I’m not sure not buying a 10 is a good choice.

                    If you have the $, help a mfg. out and buy a pistol, ya know? Do it and see what you think. If you don’t like it, someone is bound to buy it off you.

                    1. My opinion on the 9mm vs .40 vs .45 debate is this: every pistol round sucks. All of them. The only things that really matter are penetration and mag capacity. If we’re talking Glocks, for instance, 18 9mm holes beat 16 .40 holes which beat 14 .45 holes.

                    2. To say nothing of the fact that the smaller round allows quicker and more accurate rapid fire.

                    3. This^^ A 10mm is a high powered .40.

                      I’d research the particular gun, though, as I have heard of some 10mm busting frames and wearing out quick because of over-pressurization. Don’t remember what brand off the top of my head, but I think it was one of the FBI approved pieces.

              2. I’m thinking of getting the new Glock in .380. Not in stock around here. Yet.

                1. I want one of those, too. My dream is pretty much to be the Mr. Creosote of gun shops.

              3. I fail to see how your fine armaments will defeat, or even keep at bay, state department GS7 girls, steeped in cultural Marxism, with military-grade General Electric robots at their command.

                But I’m not against optimism.

      4. Talk me out of it.

        Umm….The ammunition is expensive and difficult to find, it has significant recoil, and it makes female FBI agents cry?

        1. it makes female FBI agents cry?

          It took Warty’s jerb!

      5. What, American weapons aren’t good enough for you?

        There’s something hopelessly primitive to me about these kinetic weapons. I feel that for someone like you, an energy weapon is better. Provided that it delivers death or other forms of chastisement in BTUs, not megajoules.

        1. So, nothing in the 40-watt range, then?

          1. You know, it just occurred to me that 40 watts seems incredibly low for an energy weapon.

        2. Hey, just what you see, pal.

          1. Of course, with energy weapons, it’s important that they sound awesome when fired. Not piddling zappy sounds.

              1. That’s acceptable, but not when contending with xenomorphs.

                1. How could we know? We never got to see them in use!

        3. 10mm was developed in the US by Jeff Fucking Cooper. Just sayin’.

          1. Metric is foreign, regardless of the device in question’s provenance.

          2. Enjoy some news anchor shitting her panties over Jeff Cooper.


            1. Except for the news lady looking like she needed some Depends, that was actually pretty balanced.

      6. I think you should buy two instead of one.

        Seriously, the brass is hard to find, factory ammo is expensive, and you’ll shoot a .45 more often. But for collecting purposes, I can see it. Also, you could probably get a .40 s&w barrel for it if you really wanted to shoot it a lot.

        1. As a practical self-defense choice, it seems to me that 9mm is the best option. I don’t see a real reason for .45 unless you want to shoot from a suppressed weapon. But a stupidly powerful autopistol has its charms.

          1. And a Desert Eagle that’s one great big ol’ pistol
            I mean, 50 caliber made by bad ass Hebrews
            And some surplus tracers for that old bar of Slayton’s
            Soon’s it gets dark we’re gonna have us a time
            We’re gonna have us a time

            1. I shot a .44 Desert Eagle. It was somewhat difficult to avoid limp-wristing the damn thing.

      7. Here’s how I see it:

        9MM is great for plinking, bit cheaper. If you’re worried about the lack of stopping power, get a man’s gun (.45) and be done with it. Going 10MM is and expensive compromise.

        1. Compromise between what? You realize 10mm is quite a bit more powerful than the .45ACP, right? Maybe you’re thinking of .40S&W. Which, I agree, is a pointless compromise.


        It’s the ultimate answer to the “9mm vs: .45 ACP” debates.

        Dooooo eeeeet.

        (If 10mm gains enough popularity, people will start making more ammo for it and I’ll be able to find the fucking stuff.)

        1. If I were to ever buy a 10mm, I think it’d be one of these things:

          1. God *damn*. It’s pretty, but I think I’ll stick with my G20 for a fifth of the price.

            Or finally get around to making the CZ-52 in 10mm I’ve been thinking about for years… 😀

    7. Oh god, the comments are just savaging her. Was it posted on Drudge or something?

      1. Ha! Sloopy with more dangerous gun list!

        This one was good:

        Jon ? 20 minutes ago
        5 Largest Street Gangs in America

        1) Local PD’s
        2) Sheriffs Dept.
        4) State PD’s
        5) Any other quasi-government 3-lettered Agency

    8. Apparently there is only one kind of Glock. I learned something new today.

    9. Oh God, it just keeps getting worse.

      While high-capacity-magazine assault weapons have bee linked to large numnber of mass shootings over the past 30 years…

  36. I can’t read 300 comments.

    “The Fed also warned of bubbles in social media and biotech stocks, causing some to drop in share price.”

    I don’t know about the stock value of social media and biotech stocks, but I’m thinking one is not like the other.

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