Germany Asks US Intelligence Chief to Leave the Country


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The German federal government announced it had asked the representative of U.S. intelligence services there to leave the country, in a statement released today that explained:

The request was made in light of the ongoing investigation by the Attorney General as well as the months that questions have remained unanswered on the activities of U.S. intelligence agencies in Germany, to which the German Bundestag has set up a parliamentary committee.

Germany's Federal Intelligence Service arrested an unidentified double agent allegedly working for the CIA last week, He is accused of spying on the parliamentary committee looking into U.S. spying in Germany.

The White House insists the CIA didn't tell it about the breached double agent, sort of like saying the president read about in the paper. This scandal may evolve like so many others do but where anger and moving forward might help to dodge a domestic scandal or three for a few months or years, these have real effects in the real world. The reality-based community can be vocal. And while domestic media might help in providing a certain level of suspension of disbelief to get the president past domestic scandals, when other governments are involved it's impossible to cover up their effects. Six years into his term, the White House still insists in treating other countries like the average American voter that's got them there.