Germany Asks US Intelligence Chief to Leave the Country


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The German federal government announced it had asked the representative of U.S. intelligence services there to leave the country, in a statement released today that explained:

The request was made in light of the ongoing investigation by the Attorney General as well as the months that questions have remained unanswered on the activities of U.S. intelligence agencies in Germany, to which the German Bundestag has set up a parliamentary committee.

Germany's Federal Intelligence Service arrested an unidentified double agent allegedly working for the CIA last week, He is accused of spying on the parliamentary committee looking into U.S. spying in Germany.

The White House insists the CIA didn't tell it about the breached double agent, sort of like saying the president read about in the paper. This scandal may evolve like so many others do but where anger and moving forward might help to dodge a domestic scandal or three for a few months or years, these have real effects in the real world. The reality-based community can be vocal. And while domestic media might help in providing a certain level of suspension of disbelief to get the president past domestic scandals, when other governments are involved it's impossible to cover up their effects. Six years into his term, the White House still insists in treating other countries like the average American voter that's got them there.

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  1. This just gets more and more delicious.

    On an unrelated note: why does the man depicted in the picture accompanying this article have a massive erection?

    1. On an unrelated note: why does the man depicted in the picture accompanying this article have a massive erection?

      Public shaming of Armin Meiwes?

    2. I thought he was brandish a lasgun?

  2. The White House insists the CIA didn’t tell it about the breached double agent, sort of like saying the president read about in the paper.

    The Obama Doctrine at work. Why even have a president if every single executive agency is completely autonomous and the president is perpetually clueless as to what his subordinates are doing?

    1. Someone has to be given the credit when things go well.

  3. The Empire has been insulted!

    Most Germans I know do not get weak in the knees while listening to Lee Greenwood. Only losers do that.

    1. I know the song to which you’re alluding, but it’s funny how many of my German friends like country music.

      1. Oh Lordy – If I heard “Take Me Home Country Road” one more time when I lived in Rhineland-Pfalz…

  4. I gotta say, the details of the case were fun to read. Special laptop given by the CIA, with communication program disguised as weather app. Secret rendezvous in Prague. The double agent was also given an emergency phone number that led to a contact in New York.

    I don’t know German, but Die Welt seems to be asking some I was curious about: why are these guys bought off so cheaply?

    1. 114,70 Euro pro Blatt ? Wieso zahlt die CIA so wenig? Ein BND-Mitarbeiter soll jahrelang f?r die CIA spioniert haben. In mehrst?ndigen n?chtlichen Verh?ren gibt der mutma?liche Doppelagent seine Geheimnisse preis, doch der Fall bleibt r?tselhaft.

      Yeah, they are wondering how the CIA got this so cheaply, heh heh.

      1. Probably because the guy wanted money and didn’t see the US as an actual threat to his nation.

        Figured it was basically harmless.

        Obviously someone failed to tell him about false-flag operations at a minimum.

  5. BO campaigned promising to heal the fractured relationships between the US and other countries. Is there any relationship that has improved in the last 6 years? A single one?

    1. You don’t seem to understand that BO is Opposite Man. Whatever he campaigns on, promises, or claims, is actually the opposite of reality.

      1. It’s BO’s Bizarro World. We’re just living in it.

    2. NOBEL

    3. Who cares about irritating the Germans? It’s not like they ever start wars or anything.

    4. ^This^ I remember how many people said that our international relations would be so much better under Obama. I also remember people saying the Europeans like him much more than they tolerated Bush. Wonder what those same people are saying, now.

      1. Those people have moved on to other things and no longer speak of this.

    5. I’m pretty sure our relations with Hamas are better.

  6. Alt text needs to be auf deutsch:
    “Raus! Schnell!

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