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Schools' Obsession With Anti-Gunman Gadgets Just Keeps Growing

Ever heard of a lock?



In case teachers don't want to buy a $400 bulletproof whiteboard to save one person in their classroom, or a $1000 bulletproof (except from the side) blanket so their students can wrap themselves up like giant bulletproof sushi, they now have the option of purchasing the Barracuda Intruder Defense System, a $100 door-barricading product that appears about as easy to use as a slide rule. (The child in this story insists that the defense system was super easy to operate, despite his fumbling.)

The device is attached to the latch or bottom of a door and would theoretically prevent a mass shooter from entering a classroom. From MyFox28:

A local firefighter and SWAT medic has invented a device that he says could save lives in the event of a school or other active shooter situation inside a building. 

Troy Lowe teaches shooter response training programs but over the years he noticed similar reactions from people involved. …

"The idea is to secure yourself inside the room without opening the door," Lowe said. 

hen they were tested in the factory, the door failed before the devices did," Lowe said. "There's potential to save a lot of lives."There are a few different designs of the steel-based product, so you can apply it to an inward-facing door and an outward-facing door. And Lowe says the braces are strong.

Less easy to understand is why a school would buy these if their doors already happen to have a built-in security device sometimes called a "lock."

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  1. Man those products are fucking ripoffs. I have a rock in my backyard that keeps gun-toting maniacs away, and I will gladly sell it to any school for a mere $100. It may seem like a lot for a rock, but can you really put a price on your child’s safety?

    1. Does it also keep alt-text away? Because if so, I would like to purchase your rock. (And then make it very, very high up)

  2. Sounds like a pretty solid deal to me dude. Wow.

    1. I love when RishJoMo is in on the plan

      1. It’s only $1,500 total for pure safety.

      2. Is it just me or did everyone kind of miss anonbot. He is 50% better than our trolls and 100% less griefer.

        1. anonbot made things a little awkward after it revealed itself to be a pedophile.

  3. How about a wedge under the door? The rubber ones are near-impossible to kick the door in – much better than the ten-cent wood ones. They cost – I dunno – a couple bucks.

    Just a thought…

    PS This assumes the classroom doors open in. If they open out – how about you have Mr. Maintenance Custodian turn them to open in?

  4. Is are schools spending enough?

  5. “Everything you see in this classroom is a potential hazard“….

  6. I think we need to build a moat around every school in America and fill them with alligators.

    During school hours the drawbridge will be up and all who approach must know the secret password to enter the hall of murder holes and arrow loops before proceeding to the actual campus.

    1. Yeah that would probably do it. If a picture of a gun can trigger a pants-shitting reaction in teachers and school administrators, just imagine what it could do against a potential mass murderer.

      1. “Stop or I’ll show you a picture of me shooting you!”

      2. Hell, holding a squirt gun would probably be more effective than what we have now…

        “Hey! Stop right there Mr. Shooter! This is a gun free zone!”

  7. So when some guy enters the room, activates the locking mechanism while the teacher says “Excuse sir, what are you doing?” and then the gunman pulls out a weapon, then what?

  8. Are the locking mechanisms suitable for home use? Never know when the no-knockers might show up.

    1. Except if they can’t get in to shoot you they’ll just burn your place down with you inside.

  9. Less easy to understand is why a school would buy these if their doors already happen to have a built-in security device sometimes called a “lock.”

    Haven’t you ever seen a movie? All he has to do is shoot the lock once and it will automatically fail!

  10. The LOCKAIDE device activates instantly in ONE step. It is a key less anti-latching device that allows any classroom/office occupant to secure the room without ever stepping outside and face the intruder. One universal model used for multi directional opening; permanently installed on edge of door; allows occupant to immediately exit the room in the event of an internal emergency. Fire codes in many states, if not all, require occupants to be able to egress a room without restrictions. LOCKAIDE is activated in ONE EASY step.
    YOUTUBE search: LOCKAIDE for more information. SLIDE it and hear it CLICK!

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