Good Riddance Tom Tancredo

The Colorado GOP didn't want Tancredo's tedious, one-note campaign dragging down its entire ticket.


Tom Tancredo/Facebook

On Tuesday night, former Rep. Bob Beauprez beat a slate of Colorado Republicans—including, most notably, former presidential candidate Tom Tancredo—in the GOP primary for governor. Mitt Romney and other hated/beloved GOP establishment types had endorsed Beauprez, who was clearly the most electable candidate available to face current Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper in November. More importantly, the state GOP did not want Tancredo's tedious, one-note campaign dragging down its entire ticket.

Still, this wasn't—though you may hear differently—another Tea Party vs. Old Guard matchup. What was different in Colorado? Where it mattered, the establishment choice was as conservative on issues as any other candidate running. Actually, paleoconservative Tancredo's designation as a "tea party" favorite by the media was more a matter of perception—or more probably lazy shorthand many journalists use to signify "crazy."

Because of his propensity for self-promotion and the media's propensity to blow out every uncompromising statement he makes, the support Tancredo enjoyed among Republicans in the state was always overestimated. Especially by him. For instance, in 2010, conservatives broke out into a three-way battle: Tom Tancredo supporters (and he ran on the American Constitution Party's ticket), the tea party (behind the deeply flawed Dan Maes), and the Colorado GOP establishment. That race had almost nothing to do with issues and everything to do with egos.

That said, though the media continue to treat Colorado as a purple state, it's blue. Democrats have dominated politics there for almost a decade, winning the governorship twice, both Senate seats and controlling the Legislature for years—though, granted, often by a thin margin. It should also be noted that though Beauprez is clearly the more formidable gubernatorial candidate for the GOP—if only because the race won't degenerate into an ugly squabble over immigration alone—he lost to Bill Ritter by 17 points in 2006. And Bill Ritter was perhaps the least inspiring candidate I can remember in my eight years of covering Colorado politics.

So in the end, perhaps the biggest winner in Colorado is Cory Gardner, the congressman running against Mark Udall for the Senate. Without the Tancredo drag on the ticket, Gardner will only have to deal with the standard array of war-on-women attacks, which seemingly every Republican has to repel. In his 2010 race for the Senate, Ivy League-educated Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck, who is basically assured a trip to D.C. after winning the 4th Congressional District Republican primary this time around, was mercilessly and unfairly smeared as a misogynistic barbarian.

But having seen Gardner rise through the Colorado Legislature, I'd say he is a more gifted politician than any statewide candidate the GOP has fielded since Bill Owens. Beating Udall will still be challenging. But without Tancredo hanging around, it will be a bit less so.

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  1. So irrelevant and overblown that Reason had to gloat over his loss.

    U mad bruhs?

    1. Why would they be mad that the guy they don't like lost? You're so pathetic.

  2. This is worth a story because....?

    1. Because David Harsanyi is from Colorado, and the Federalist already had him write about it, so, hey, free article.

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    1. I swear I'll be better at commenting, just give me another chance. 🙂

  5. So I read the entire thing; I'm told he has a single issue and it's not good for the GOP. That's nice.

    1. He's against the invasion of this country by foreigners, that get called "immigrants".
      Very un-libertarian.

  6. heaven forbid that the citizens of each state should have the right to cut back on immigration should they so desire! Why, that would be democracy! The horror, the horror.

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    Diversity is strength...for the corporations and the plutocrats.

    Look, shitferbrains, the war is the majority against the elite, and the majority only has a chance against the elite when the majority has some degree of unity, cohesiveness. The more unified and cohesive, the more well defined the will of the majority, the better able they are to elect politicians that represent that will.

    The less unified and the more ill-defined the will of the people, the less able the people are to elect and hold accountable their politicians.

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  7. "Clearly more formidable" even though he lost by 17 points to "the least inspiring candidate" you can remember? Didn't Tancredo only lose by 15 points to Hickenlooper? And Tancredo was running under a third party banner and had to contend a GOP candidate siphoning off 11% of the vote. Not to mention Tancredo's signature issue has never been more popular than it is right now with the current mess at the border. Anybody else a bit confused by this article?

    1. Tancredo's signature issue has never been more popular than it is right now with the current mess at the border.

      That is almost entirely noise created by the usual hysterics but at greater volume. Even at its peak, now, that's not enough to close the border.

    2. Yes, but the GOP establishment knows who is "electable" - AKA a loser.

  8. "The Colorado GOP didn't want Tancredo's tedious, one-note campaign dragging down its entire ticket."

    One note?!!! More like a full fucking symphony performing to a deaf, dumb and blind audience with no mean pinball.

  9. This article is useless to anybody who didn't already know all about the subject matter. Which means it's useless, period. It looks like the concluding paras. of analysis at the end of a piece of in-depth research that got edited out.

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