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Angelenos Can Go Directly to the Growers at Marijuana Farmer's Market


They should also have a regular farmer's market there because [joke about the munchies].
Credit: lachshand / photo on flickr

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by combining community marketplaces with the slowly (begrudgingly) ending drug war? On Independence Day weekend (July 4-6), what is being called the first medical marijuana farmer's market in Los Angeles will give users the chance to ask growers and vendors about their products without having to go through dispensaries. It will take place at a dispensary, though, in East Los Angeles, and the organizers are expecting between 25 and 50 different vendors. From the LAist:

Executive Director Paizley Bradbury says the market's ultimate goal is to help educate patients as to what medication is available to them.

"For a long time, the only access patients had, especially in L.A., was to go to a dispensary," she told LAist. "We see a lot of problems with having that power over patients' access to medicine whether that be price or vendors and who they choose. I feel like a lot of the power should be shifted to those who are actually growing so that first-time patients can talk to the growers and the growers can cut out the broker price."

Bradbury also sees the market as an opportunity for smaller vendors without the resources to advertise to meet future patients in person, and for patients to learn about growing themselves.

It could also be a potential way to deal with the city's insistence on trying to shut down hundreds of pot dispensaries other than the few that are covered under a local ballot initiative passed last year. The medical marijuana industry is not immune to protectionist tendencies (especially since unions have gotten involved), and concepts like farmer's markets will help provide additional options.

Reason magazine columnist Greg Beato noted in the January issue that the "failure" of California to establish a strict set of rules for medical marijuana sales has resulted in all sorts of interesting consumer-oriented experiments on testing, labeling, and marketing. Read what he had to say here.

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  1. Now if we could all just buy fresh, local, *UNFROZEN* meat at the farmers’ markets, that would be a victory! But, not if the USDA has their way.

    1. I once worked on a technology that tested substance composition through an electric pulse. The company that eventually adopted the technology used it in a device that tested whether a piece of meat had been frozen and then thawed. Apparently almost half of all “unfrozen” fish hasn’t always been that way.

      1. True though that may be, I can guarantee that a piece of meat that I purchase frozen has indeed been frozen, with all of the loss of taste and texture that causes.

      2. Unfrozen and never frozen are not the same thing but not a lot of people snap to that when buying seafood.

        I live on the Gulf Coast and get all my shrimp that I don’t cast net myself direct from the boat.

        When buying salmon it’s funny to watch the Asian fishmongers suddenly forget English when I hammer them about fresh never frozen or freshly unfrozen .

        I’ve got a little secret oyster reef where I can fill my freezer for the summer in just a few hours.

  2. So, I realize it’s not just about what I’m interested in, and I’m not asking Reason to change what it covers, but:

    Am I the only one who’s not interested in hearing every excruciating detail about pot legalization?

    1. Judging by the lack of comments these pieces generate, no.

    2. seconded!

      1. Can you second a question?

        I guess you just did.

    3. Its a pretty big win to document. If an when libertarianism becomes ascendant, we should probably have watched pretty closely to see:
      1) How people’s minds got changed
      2) How the antis attempted to thwart change
      3) What worked and what didn’t from the first two
      4) Which consequences we may not have seen that will be visible in hindsight

      1. Or, Scott is mailing in his Friday deliverable and enjoying his weekend.

        1. I drag my ass into the office at 6 a.m. for you people! I’m about to get all passive-aggressive mom in here. “No, it’s okay that you didn’t like it. It didn’t take all that long to write or anything. Would you like hot dogs instead?”

          1. I drag my ass into the office at 6 a.m. for you people!

            Oh, BS.

            “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.”

            -Adam Smith

            1. Don’t mess with him, sarc. He’s armed with wooden spoons.

            2. Okay, fine. I do it so that I can stay competitive with East Coast bloggers for the morning news cycle.

              1. Now you’re just begging to be mocked.

          2. Scott, buddy. I still love you. “Mailing it in” was the wrong phrase to use. I meant to ascribe a different motive. Whatever the one is where you were researching this for personal reasons and thought, “hey, this is totally something that fills my reason quota.” Which, let’s be honest, they’ll throw you out of the journalism guild if you didn’t do.

    4. Carl, just think of these threads as an excuse to talk about soccer, Game of Thrones, circumcision, deep dish pizza…

    5. Am I the only one who’s not interested in hearing every excruciating detail about pot legalization?

      That and gay marriage.

      1. Now you’re just trying to make me cry. I won’t cry! I won’t!

        1. Don’t cry! If you start crying, I’ll start crying!



          *runs off sobbing*

    6. Given a choice between OCD coverage of pot legalization and OCD coverage of gay marriage, I’ll take pot every time.

      1. And fortunately it is perfectly possible not to read articles you are not interested in. So everyone wins.

      2. Either one is better than murdered dogs.

    7. This is an absolutely monumental event. It’s like the fall of the Berlin Wall…in extremely slow motion.

      Personally, I don’t give a shit every time someone’s family pet gets put down in a shower of hot lead. (Not a dog person.) You know how I register my protest? By clicking on a different link.

      I like the mainstreaming of marijuana and dislike every story about an unjust school suspension. So I CHOOSE.

      Stop trying to get my favored content banned. Jerk.

      1. Stop trying to get my favored content banned. Jerk.

        Reading comprehension is apparently not your strong suit:

        I’m not asking Reason to change what it covers

  3. OT: American Heart Association warns people who watch more than two hours of TV/day:…..184853.htm

    Coming soon, calls for government to regulate television watching.

    And, let’s not discuss the “yesterday-ness” of considering only TV as sedentary activity.

    1. They did also look at driving and using a computer as sedentary activities.

      1. Hmm, so I should have read the WHOLE article?

      2. The American Heart Association says it’s vital I only work 2 hours per day. I’m going to assume they mean at full pay for 8-hour days, of course.

        1. Perhaps if they get funding from Big Computer, they might recommend computer use as a way to improve heart health.


          1. I went up to the butcher counter in my local store to ask for lard and the guy looked at me like I was an alien.

            Crisco freaks me the fuck out.

            1. Dude. The Mexican grocery by your house will have it. How else can you make carnitas?

              1. The meat market that Ranned Pall is always mocking Playa and I for not going to will have it AND goose fat, but I’m lazy and wanted to one-stop-shop at my local not-quite-whole-foods.

      3. Driving may be a sedentary activity in the US, in many other nations, it is a contact sport.

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