Robby Soave on Why the Populist Uprising Against Common Core Is Libertarian and Winning


Rebekah Lampman / Wikimedia Commons

When Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) announced last week that he would pull his state out of Common Core, he may have been sounding the death knell of the national education standards. Though a confluence of pushy and powerful interest groups have promised that they invented the solution to the American education crisis, people just aren't buying that more top-down standardization is the answer, writes Robby Soave.

Fierce opposition to the standards is remarkably nonpartisan. Both conservative grassroots organizations and teachers unions are urging state legislatures to resist Core implementation. Thousands of parents and teachers have shown up to townhall meetings to demand that their school boards don't hand over curriculum sovereignty to regional or federal education authorities.

The opponents are winning, and if Jindal's flip flop is any indication, the momentum seems to be shifting against Common Core. Libertarians should see this as a triumph, according to Soave.