Special Forces in Iraq; Boehner to Sue Obama; Courts Rule on Phones, Aereo, and Gay Marriage: P.M. Links


  • National Congress on American Indians

    The Syrian government conducted airstrikes in Iraq today, killing 57 civilians. Instead of backing away slowly and mumbling about leaving the stove on, the U.S. sent in special forces.

  • "The Constitution makes it clear that a president's job is to faithfully execute the laws. In my view, the president has not faithfully executed the laws," said House Speaker John Boehner, confirming today that he intends to sue President Obama for overstepping his executive authority.
  • It's been a busy day in a couple of courts. The Supreme Court ruled that police need a warrant to search a cell phone and that tech company Aereo's television streaming business is illegal. A federal appeals court upheld gay marriage in Utah, while another federal court struck down Indiana's ban on gay marriage.
  • A Commerce Department report released today says that the U.S. economy shrank 2.9 percent in the first quarter of 2014. It's just shrinkage from the cold weather, I swear.
  • The Chicago City Council voted to severely restrict potential locations for gun stores and will require every firearm transaction to be recorded on video.
  • The Cleveland Indians could get hit with $9 billion lawsuit over their name and mascot if Robert Roche of the American Indian Education Center follows through with a threat he made today.

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  2. The Cleveland Indians could get hit with $9 billion lawsuit over their name and mascot if Robert Roche of the American Indian Education Center follows through with a threat he made today.

    The first time I saw a guy wearing a shirt with the old version of Chief Wahoo, I assumed some clever artist had combined Chief Wahoo with a nasty anti-Jew caricature in order to convince people that the logo and name needed to be changed. And it worked on me. But, no, that’s the real old timey logo.

    1. I like how they stereotype Chinese people as living in San Fran and Jews in NYC. Those teams could just as easily be located in, say, Seattle and Boca Raton respectively.

      1. I’m still voting for the Washington name change to become the Washington Thinskins.

        Cleveland’s mascot should be changed to a woman with her face attached to the old mascot’s pants: The Cleveland Blow Me.

  3. OK, let me just state that as a Scandinavian-American, I deem the name and the logo of the Minnesota Vikings to be offensive, in poor taste, and an affront to my heritage.

    1. Are you sure it’s the logo that’s an affront and not simply the entire football team itself?

    2. What if the Viking is ravishing a beautiful Irish woman and burning down a religious building? Would you like it more then?

      1. Oo hells yah.

    3. And don’t get me started on Nordstrom.

      1. Hey — you don’t see me getting all mad when people talk about sauerkraut. We Krauts are virtually never sour.

    4. Aye there’s the rub. Ya see, we murkins LIKE Vikings and Injuns because they can kill good. Jews and chinamen? Not so much.

      (BTW I would buy a NY Jews hat in a heartbeat)

    5. As a fellow Scandinavian-American and descendent of Vikings, I love the name and logo of the football team. I just wish they would play like it.

      1. Im Irish and I cant sleep at night because of Notre Dames leprechan logo.

  4. Cargo cult science regarding arson sent hundreds of innocent people to jail and maybe one to his death.


    1. “Over the past two decades, there has been a revolution in fire science,”

      Shouldn’t fire science be like, 100-1,000 times as old as AGW and pretty much settle?

      They must not have done enough modeling and didn’t believed hard enough in the power of consensus. If only they had had an Al Gore Fire Science Documentary&8482; to rally behind they could’ve wrongly-imprisoned “arsonists” more sustainably.

    1. A long-lost joke about Christa McAuliffe, her gender, and “What does this button do?” springs to mind.

      1. I always went for the inclusive jokes about that “NASA = Need Another Seven Astronauts”

        1. 2 in front 2 in back and 7 in the ash tray.

  5. You know who else sent advisers to a country without committing troops?

    /damn this cheap Aldi wine isn’t half bad

    1. Krang?

  6. WTF Reason? Kill the damn squirrels already!

    1. Squirrel for dinner if this keeps up.

  7. Where can I get those hats?

    Also, I honestly believe today’s progressives would be upset about the Atlanta Black Crackers.

    1. I think every team should change their name and logo to a racist sterotype.

      1. Are there enough racist stereotype names to go around? I like the idea, but I do NOT want to see a racist American version of the CFL’s Rough Riders vs Roughriders.

      1. Totally blew the link, dude.

    2. OK seriously – how can people breezily dismiss the Notre Dame Fighting Irish counterpoint? It’s negatively stereotyping (ie disparaging) a specific group of people, including a IMO highly offensive caricature for a mascot.

      1. Paddy wagon, slander of the cops driving it or the folks being driven?

        1. Both

      2. Topical: Catholics v. Criminoles. I’m getting a shirt made in garnet and gold that says “God helps those who ‘help themselves’ — St. Jameis”.

        1. “Catholics vs Criminoles”

          Check Your Redundancy, sir.

      3. If you tried to change the Fighting Irish name you would have a bunch of Irishmen trying to kick your arse.

  8. No Evidence of Misconduct by Bergdahl While Captive, Army Says


    Well, fuck. There goes another wingnut myth. Bergdahl as worthless deserter.

    John, do you ever tire of being wrong?

    1. What part of “while captive” don’t you understand, you fucking mongoloid? They’ve not determined yet if he deserted or not.

      Nice try posting to a WSJ article where you need a subscription to see the article too.

      Christ, you’re a piece of shit.

    2. Heh. You think I would believe anything at all that anyone under obumbles has to say at this point? They are proven liars, as are you.

      Go snort some drano.

    3. Is/Was Bergy the only POW out there? I’m sadly ignorant about our POW situation in the mid East, but I can’t shake the feeling that we Cleveland up this swap.

    4. No Evidence of Intelligence by Buttplug While Poasting

  9. The Cleveland Indians could get hit with $9 billion lawsuit over their name and mascot if Robert Roche of the American Indian Education Center follows through with a threat he made today.

    Well, we’ll always have the Major League movies, I guess.

    1. One. There was only one Major League movie.

      1. There were 2 sequels.

        1. Sure, buddy. And there were four Indiana Jones movies too, right?

          1. I heard George Lucas even made 3 Star Wars prequels.

            1. Only fucking loonies believe that kind of shit.

      2. You want me to take him out back and beat the shit out of him?

        1. +1 vego-matic

  10. Have we yet gotten some kind of explanation on what is fucking up the comment system?

    Not that you owe us anything, reason (except that we (theoretically) evangelize for you and donate). But damn, it’d be nice to know you guys are aware of this and Doing Something. For the Children, and all.

    1. Reason’s promise of a fix is about as worthless as a Snowden/Assange promise of a “major” leak…tomorrow!

    2. I have a theory. If I’m right, I understand why Reason wouldn’t say anything.

      1. Implementing the ability to “lose” emails and comments in case of Congressional subpoena.

        1. Yes sir, we would like to cooperate to the fullest. Just go ahead and log in using that large red button that looks suspiciously like it used to say “Panic!” but has been whited out and replaced with “Log in.”

      2. It may be similar to my.theory which involves/resembles a recent event involving a company I won’t name also using a service I won’t name.

    3. I think every other attempted comment is being used to feed the squirrels.

  11. Issa Threatens EPA With Contempt as Team Obama Celebrates Its Climate Anniversary
    …The hearing also included a bit of deja vu for the committee when members grilled McCarthy on lost emails from a hard-drive crash (the same issue that wiped out emails from IRS employee Lois Lerner). In this case, the emails in question were from retired EPA employee Philip North, who was involved in the agency’s decision to begin the process of preemptively vetoing the Pebble Mine project in Alaska.

    North, who declined an interview request by the committee, is retired, and committee staff say they have been unable to track him down. According to a committee aide, North’s hard drive crashed in 2010?which was around the same time that the committee is investigating the agency’s discussions of a potential veto?and the emails were not backed up.

    McCarthy said it appeared there were some emails the agency could not produce that should have been kept, but she was still working to see if they could be recovered. McCarthy made it clear that it was a small set of emails and that the agency had notified the National Archives of the problem Tuesday, though had told Oversight Committee staff earlier….

    1. Let me be clear: not a smidgen of honesty in this administration.

    2. Here’s what the House needs to do. Every agency who fails to comply with the Federal government’s retention policies will have their travel and training budget zeroed out until the data is found and all members of the chain of command who failed to guarantee compliance shall be fired, prohibited from lobbying Congress on behalf of any persons but themselves, and prohibited from working for the Federal government again.

      1. Fuck that. They should all be imprisoned by the House Sergeant At Arms until they comply with the order. And if they don’t, they can rot. They pull that shit in a criminal and even in civil proceedings where parties or witnesses refuse to testify.

        Of course, what’s good for “civilians” isn’t always good for government bureaucrats.

  12. Scientist Offers $10,000 To Anyone Who Can Disprove Climate Change

    Outraged by the unsavory tactics of climate change deniers, physicist Christopher Keating says he’ll give $10,000 to anyone who can use the scientific method to prove that human-instigated climate change isn’t real.

    1. Nice misunderstanding (or misrepresentation) of the scientific method. And basic statistical rules.

    2. Yet another AGW proponent who doesn’t understand how science works. You can’t prove a negative, dickhead.

    3. I think they need scare quotes around “scientist” in this case.

    4. Should be fairly easy to show that the recent lull in warming is not predicted by models presuming AGW.

      1. Huh. If I were to present a theory, it would be part of my job to come up with falsifiable hypotheses and test them against the data. Take, for example the new “gravity wave” data in cosmology. Big fight over whether the affirmative team accounted for new data that affected their sources of error. Do you think if their models were diverging in one direction towards uncertainty, they would be handwaving? A statistically valid set of deviations should have a set of points randomly distributed between them. If the points are all on one side of the projection beyond a certain amount, that’s a problem.

        (I know you know this, just venting.)

    5. Holy shit. This guy is one more reason to doubt the whole canard.

      Keating wants someone to use the scientific method to prove a negative. He clearly has no idea what the scientific method, or simple logic, is. If he worked for me he would be fired. What an imbecile.

      1. Whatever denier. If he worked for you, prove that he wouldn’t quit before you fired him.


    6. Hard to find a resume/c.v. for this guy. Apparently he has taught at a lot of places and has “several” scientific papers. His Amazon.com bio from a Kindle publication of his:

      Dr. Christopher Keating is a professor of physics with 20 years experience conducting research in space physics with several published scientific papers. His experience as a teacher includes nearly all topics in undergraduate physics, space science and astronomy. He has also served for over 30 years in the Navy and Navy Reserve working principally as an analyst in naval intelligence. His years of duty include tours on a destroyer, an intelligence command, an admiral’s staff serving onboard aircraft carriers, numerous Navy Reserve units, the Physics Department at the U.S. Naval Academy, and mobilizations for Operations Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom. This is his first book for popular reading.

    7. Here’s his site

      Check out the comments. Beautiful.

  13. If team nicknames are supposed to throw fear into the hearts of opponents, then “Washington Kleptocrats” seems like a terrific new name for their NFL team.

    1. Washington SWAT.

      Teams will shit their pants when confronted with their ground and air attacks.

      1. How about the “Washington FYTing W”

      2. Washington Carvers. Make the mascot a maniacal husband with a carving knife and fork. Bonus side-reference to oft-ignored African American Renaissance man.

    2. Washington Taliban

    3. Washington Muhammads

      There is already a logo

      1. Is that forbidden link a side reference to the NSA?

    4. Not bad, but I prefer the “Washington Parasites”, with the bloodsucking leech as the mascot.

  14. Has Reason gone socialist on us? What is with the comment rationing?

    1. What next? Comment trading?

    2. I’ll sell my excess comment capacity to the highest bidder.

  15. House Speaker John Boehner, confirming today that he intends to sue President Obama for overstepping his executive authority.

    The more appropriate thing to do begins with an ‘I’ and ends with an ‘mpeach’.

  16. I’ll be in my bunk. Sadly, Emily Ratajkowski will not.

  17. Apparently Native Americans are incapable of smiling.

    Perhaps a weeping indian is appropriate.

      1. Only if it’s cartoon-y.

        1. Cartoon-y racism is doubly evil because it is targeted at THE CHILDREN and obviously an attempt to lure them into a lifelong addiction to RACISM!

  18. The Chicago City Council voted to severely restrict potential locations for gun stores and will require every firearm transaction to be recorded on video.

    The horse isn’t really dead, we’re just not hitting it hard enough!

    1. I’d make sure to get a kinescope recorder.

    2. See the reaction from CPD when suggesting all police-involved shootings should be recorded on video.

  19. The case of the woman in Sudan who was sentenced to death, and then got her conviction overturned, for allegedly renouncing Islam for Christianity: It seems she faces new charges – this time because she tried to leave the country (for some reason). Apparently the charge is using false travel documents.

    Lawyer: “Her husband Daniel and the children are with her in the same cell. Any reports suggesting she has been released are wrong. We need to highlight her plight.”

    (From the Daily Mail)


    (Trigger warning: Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council supports her release.)

    1. Ugh, I can’t believe you’re going to make me agree with the execrable Tony Perkins. Sudanese officials should be lined up and kicked repeatedly in the nuts over this.

      I still stand by my past assessment of this issue:

      Dear Sudan: fuck you.

      Dear US Gov: Fuck Sudan, cut aid.

  20. Full contact skydiving is apparently a thing now.

    “I’m a pretty nice guy, but you get me in the air and I’m like a caged animal on the loose.”

    Can we take up a collection to get Warty involved in this?

    1. Warty tandem jumping with George HW Bush vs Epi tied to a panther.

      Kickstarter time!

      1. Is it a surly panther?

        Will Epi be tied back to back with the panther or will the panther be tied to Epi in a way that increases the likelihood of mauling? I’ll contribute either way, but one answer will get way more funding.

        1. Although I’d pay to watch that, my wife would be pretty upset seeing Epi maul a panther. Can’t we tie him to Rosie O’Donnell?

    2. Meh, wake me when they have dolphin sex skydiving charters.

      1. Hmm, so what about a Viking ravishing a beautiful dolphin while SeaWorld burns in the background?

        1. needs more narwhal!

          1. Well aren’t you a filthy pervert!

        2. Yeah! It’d be just like that scene where Brock Samson takes the spirit journey with Dr. Orpheus!

      2. They can’t afford the dolphin rape insurance

    3. I am gonna say that there is some seriously bad judgement involved with that.

    4. Full contact skydiving? Is that when your chute fails to deploy correctly?

  21. The Chicago City Council voted to severely restrict potential locations for gun stores and will require every firearm transaction to be recorded on video.

    Imagine if they did that for, say, sugar-laden cereal. For the kids, you know.

  22. Already covered? Interview with ReasonTV girl Naomi Brockwell:


    1. Holy shit, the interview is headlined ‘Red Scare.’

      That’s a terrible pun.

      1. Yeah, that was my thought. I think Hunt for Red Naomi would have been better.

  23. Giant stone vaginas are dangerous (site may be NSFW, I have ads blocked)

    when emergency services in T?bingen, Germany got a call about a dude trapped in a gigantic chocha, they found an American exchange student stuck in Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara’s marble sculpture of a vulva in front of T?bingen University Institute of Microbiology.

    SFW Pic

  24. An Egyptian journalist who converted from Islam to Christianity accused the government of persecuting Christians. Now he’s got a 5-year prison sentence, appearently for “transmitting a false image of persecution.”


    1. So since they’re obviously persecuting him by charging him, that means his accusations of persecution were true, which means the charges should be dropped. But if the charges are dropped, then they’re not persecuting him, which means his accusations are untrue, so he should be charged.

      But if they charge him…

  25. Full scale brawl breaks out at Greek restaurant.

    One of the guys does an impressive job of taking a chair to the back, repeatedly.

    1. And they had a German guy pay the bill.

      1. +1B euros

  26. Since links are at a premium today: Fourth grade Florida teacher charged with sending nude pics to 17 year old

    Lesley Brown, 45, a married mother from Largo, Florida, was caught entering a unisex bathroom inside the Highland Recreation Center with a teenage boy Monday, according to police.

    Witnesses said the pair stayed inside the restroom for 10 minutes behind a closed door, raising suspicions of inappropriate behavior.

    Police officers who were called to the scene questioned Brown and the teen, who both told them the 17-year-old was acting as the woman’s workout partner and spotter, the station Fox 13 reported.

    Brown and her young companion insisted that nothing had happened between them in the bathroom, but Brown was issued a trespass warning by gym staffers.

    Later that night, however, investigators obtained naked pictures of the married elementary school teacher from the teenager’s phone, as well as X-rated text messages from her.

    Mrs Brown was taken into custody Tuesday and charged with felony transmission of material harmful to minors. She was released from jail this morning after posting $5,000 bond.

    I’m a bit puzzled how nudes are harmful to a 17 year old.

    1. They do increase the probability of repetitive-motion injuries to the lad’s shoulder. In two possible ways.

    2. Obviously the obtaining of those pictures was unconstitutional and now the whole thing should be thrown out.

    3. “Later that night, however, investigators obtained naked pictures of the married elementary school teacher from the teenager’s phone, as well as X-rated text messages from her.”

      Oh? How so?

  27. I was incorrect earlier when I said one of the goodies at Google I/O was a cardboard tablet case.

    It is actually a cardboard VR-goggle doohicky.

  28. The Cleveland Indians could get hit with $9 billion lawsuit over their name and mascot if Robert Roche of the American Indian Education Center follows through with a threat he made today.

    Does being offended count as damage now? If I were the Indians, I’d say bring it on, you bottom-feeding cunt.

  29. Report: Lois Lerner Tried to Get a Sitting GOP Senator in IRS Trouble (Update: Email Added)
    …Ways and Means has provided the email in question. In the exchange, Lerner mistakenly receives an invitation to an event that includes Grassley. She leaps to the conclusion that travel expenses were “inappropriately” offered for Mrs. Grassley. So she suggests referring the senator for an audit….

    1. Lerner is a terrible combination of vindictive and incompetent. IOW, the perfect government employee.

      1. John Hiatt wrote the best lyrics:

        I gotta sister who’s a thief and she’s filled with hate

        Now she’s gotta job working for the state

    2. She better hope the statute of limitations on whatever she did expires before February of 2015.

    3. I don’t know, I think it should of course be questionable if a lobbying group pays expenses for a legislator’s spouse.

  30. If this comment is posted in the P.M. links, it means the squirrels are friendly and nice.

    If this is posted in some other thread despite my specific attempt to put it in the P.M. links, then the squirrels are admitting that they are dirty unshaven rats with tiny nuts.

    1. Nice squirrels!

  31. I demand New York be renamed because it takes its name from a papist aristocrat slave trader.

    1. And the Isle of Jersey should be renamed because it’s named after a smelly Guido paradise.

      1. And the District of Columbia be shut down and boarded up, because it’s named after Columbus.

  32. Too many comments my butt.

    I suppose that when we can’t post at all, that’s because you think we *might* post too many comments?

  33. “Some consider squirrel to be the best meat in the woods. On my journey as a chef, I have come to think that it may be the best meat period.”


  34. The Chicago Reader on eating “Chicken of the Trees” (squirrels)


    1. I thought they were tree rats, not tree chickens.

  35. Cleveland should threaten to keep the image and just change the team name to the “whiney little bitches”. Watch people’s heads explode.

    1. If I was an 80-something owner was too old for this shit, I’d certainly have me some fun with it Gary Oldman style.

  36. I presume those caps are up there to illustrate how naming sports teams after ethnic groups is obviously offensive, and that we know that intuitively as long as it’s non-Indian groups at issue. We should add a cap labeled “Boston Celtics,” perhaps accompanied by a picture of a stereotypical leprechaun carrying a shillelagh, so we all can see how thoroughly offensive that is.

      1. Is that Jerry Springer?

  37. We should wipe out all popular references to ancient cultures so they can quickly be forgotten by everyone.

    1. The Hittite Chariot Riders!!!

  38. When I was in High School, we played against other church schools. One of them was “Frayser Assembly of God Schools”. Poor kids.

    1. Trying to decipher what the hell is happening in the action scenes is difficult enough.

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