Journalists and Filmmakers: Win Big $$ at the Reason Media Awards!



Attention writers and filmmakers of distinction! Enter to win $$ at the 2014 Reason Media Awards!

  • The Bastiat Prize for Journalism  honors writers from around the globe who explain the importance of freedom with originality, wit, and eloquence.
  • The Reason Video Prize honors short-form video and film that explores, investigates, or enriches our appreciation of individual rights, limited government, and the free market.

First place for each prize is $10,000. The deadline to enter is July 31, 2014.

Find out more and enter at

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  1. Does anybody really think that a Rothbardian brutalist stands a chance to win?


  2. Here are some entries:

    Atlas Shrugged – Fewer Speeches, More Nudity.

    On Gold(en) Standard

    The Wealth of Nations, the Musical, starring Jessica Alba as the Invisible Hand

  3. At the awards show, does everyone sit around smoking clove smogs in a dimly lit room, and snap their fingers for the “winners”….?

    I foresee a lot of sweaters and sunglasses at night.

    1. How else am I supposed to the see the light right before my eyes?

      1. You RUN to the light, SF…..RUN….man….run…..

        *takes long drag on clove smog…coughs hard*

        1. I could dress in black and read Camus
          Smoke clove cigarettes and drink vermouth
          Like I was seventeen
          That would be a scream

          1. *snap, snapsnapsnap…*

            “Coooool, daddy oh!”


            1. Oh good. You’re still here. I was worried you’d been redacted during Friday’s Squirrelmaggedon. Your comment “good!” was one of the few things not eventually restored.

              1. good!

          2. You really shouldn’t expose your true hipster nature like that. The Magnetic Fields?

            (prepares to give NutraSweet a swirlie)

            1. Merritt has a posse.

  4. The Reason Video Prize honors short-form video and film that explores, investigates, or enriches our appreciation of individual rights, limited government, and the free market.

    Something only vaguely like a human face filled the screens, its features stretched across asymmetrical expanses of bone like some obscene Mercator projection. Blue lips parted wetly as the twisted, elongated jaw moved. Something, perhaps a hand, a thing like a reddish clump of gnarled roots, fumbled toward the camera, blurred, and vanished. Subliminally rapid images of contamination: graphics of the building’s water supply system, gloved hands manipulating laboratory glassware, something tumbling down into darkness, a pale splash… The audio track, its pitch adjusted to run at just less than twice the standard playback speed, was part of a month-old newscast detailing potential military uses of a substance known as HsG, a biochemical governing the human skeletal growth factor. Overdoses of HsG threw certain bone cells into overdrive, accelerating growth by factors as high as one thousand percent.

    1. SF is angling to get a prize named after him. The SugarFree prize for excellence in short film, category: libertarian existential horror with revolting sexual overtones.

      1. That’s from Neuromancer, jesse. Try and keep up.

        1. I’ve been bad at cultural references for as long as I can remember and I’m hardly going to change for you, Episiarch.

          1. “I’ve changed. People change. Changes…I’m not the same Jerri Blank who informed on those blind orphans. I’m not the same Jerri Blank who revealed the hiding place of those Guatemalans…such as yourself. And I’m not the same Jerri Blank who took a crap in the Fleishmanns’ holly bushes…last night.”

            1. Ok, I’m actually familiar with Strangers With Candy, but don’t let that get your hopes up.

              1. “It must be nice to hope for the thing you wish to want. Sure beats doing it!”

      2. It was a good attempt, but the unspeakable non-Euclidean geometry of the Hugeman statues that were presented to the awardees drove a distressing number of them to coprophagic madness.

        1. Eew, gross! And I mean that in the strictly non-Euclidean sense.

  5. You know who made some award-winning films in their day….

    1. Ron Jeremy?

      1. Your thinking intrigues me, and I am interested in subscribing to any…..newsletters you may publish…

        1. While I’ve seen my share of porn, I’ll admit to never having seen a Ron Jeremy. I just assume he’s won a ton of AVN awards.

          1. Ron de Jeremy rum

            I’ve actually only ever seen him in self-deprecating non-porn roles like Orgazmo.

            1. I need that rum, stat.

              I saw him on The Surreal Life (pretty cool show) and he seemed like a great guy. But I do not want to watch him suck his own dick. Do. Not.

              1. Aww. I know an adorable, scrawny adjunct polisci professor from the east coast who can do that.

                1. I wouldn’t object to watching, say, Russell Crowe suck himself. But just not Ron Jeremy. Not ever.

                  And yes, I’m a shallow, judgmental, microagressing beyotch who only sees men’s looks!

                  1. Keep up your righteous fight against the patriachy, KK!

                  2. What about their bitcoin portfolios?

              2. Little known fact: Ron Jeremy started his career in a touring Shakespeare company. He specialized in playing King Lear.

    2. I was thinking “Leni Riefenstahl”, but….Ron Jeremy works, too.

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