Iraq Requests U.S. Airstrikes, Patent Office Won't Renew 'Redskins' Name, 'Bitcoin Bowl' Comes to College Football: P.M. Links


  • Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl

    Iraq has formally requested that the U.S. launch airstrikes against the insurgents in the country, but President Obama isn't so sure about that tactic anymore.

  • The White House intends to try Ahmed Abu Khattala, who allegedly led the 2012 Benghazi attack, as a civilian in the U.S. court system.  
  • The Federal Reserve today lowered its projection for economic growth this year from 3 percent to between 2.1 percent and 2.3 percent.
  • The Patent and Trademark Office is cancelling six trademarks associated with the Washington Redskins football team, saying that the name is "disparaging to Native Americans."
  • Sens. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) (Bipartisanship! Whoo!) want to raise the federal gas and diesel taxes by 12 cents
  • For the next four years, the collegiate football bowl game in St. Petersburg, Florida, will be known as the Bitcoin Bowl—which, if nothing else, sounds better than its previous names: The Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl and The magicJack Bowl. 

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  1. Iraq has formally requested that the U.S. launch airstrikes against the insurgents in the country, but President Obama isn’t so sure about that tactic anymore.

    Who keeps moving his red line?

    1. I’m sure he keeps a nice big whiteboard in his office. That makes it super easy to move red lines.

      1. Why not a blackboard?

        /Captain Obvious

        1. It’s either because of racism, or he read the story yesterday here about bullet resistant whiteboards.

    2. We spend all this money on a military and then just give it away to other countries at nothing more than a formal request.

      1. This is when “we” becomes a weasel word. It’s more like the Obama administration sends other people’s kids to fight other governments’ wars, and gives away stuff bought with other people’s money.

    3. Hello.

      And gooooood-bye Espana.

      It was a good run while it lasted.

      1. Geiger is an excellent ref.

      2. Glad I was in Madrid the day last month that Madrid Atletico won La Liga, and the city was a monster party, rather than today, which is likely as fun as a dirge.

        1. I was in Paris within sight of Arc de Triomphe when Italy beat France in the 2006 World Cup. I was hoping for either a riot or a party when it ended. After the final score was announced, literally nothing of note happened. Everyone in the streets just groaned slightly, finished their drinks, and went home. It was so lame.

          1. I was there too. Lots of Italians throwing fireworks…. And they had Zidane’s face projected on the arch after he cost them the game. It was all weird.

    4. And once again we’re left with the bar spectacle of supposed libertarians wondering why Obama isn’t manly enough to drag us into a pointless and unecessary war.

      1. Ummm, no, I think those are the voices in your head.

        1. No shit. I’m probably one of the few around here carrying a military (reservist) ID card. I would just as soon let the Iranians have Iraq.

          I fully expect that the third time will not be a charm.

  2. The White House intends to try Ahmed Abu Khattala, who allegedly led the 2012 Benghazi attack, as a civilian in the U.S. court system.

    He spontaneously lead an attack based on a video but also masterminded the whole thing. It makes sense so shut up!

  3. Sens. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) (Bipartisanship! Whoo!) want to raise the federal gas and diesel taxes by 12 cents.

    I assume neither is up for re-election this year.

    1. What a wise idea when we’re looking down the barrel of a increase in gas prices.

      1. Well, Lyin Lord Bammy did say that energy prices are going to necessarily skyrocket, so they’re just trying to help.

    2. I assume neither is up for re-election this year.

      You are correct, sir.

    3. What a great idea! A real corker, I say!

  4. The Patent and Trademark Office is cancelling six trademarks associated with the Washington Redskins football team, saying that the name is “disparaging to Native Americans.”

    Fight on, Washington Concern Trolls!

    1. I had no idea that congress mandated that the PTO do such things.

      1. probably just a rogue agent.

        1. Good luck finding the emails though.

    2. Oklahoma gets to keep it’s name though.

      The state’s name is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning “red people”.

      1. Bah, misused apostrophe.

      2. Redskins get to keep their name.

        Maybe the state of Oklahoma will lose trademarks?

      3. Fortunately, now “humma” has a completely different meaning, which is not disparaging to Indians at all.

        In fact, I’d bet most Native Americans would appreciate being the receiva of a humma.

      4. This does make the musical rather bizarre when you realize the big number is a chorus of white settlers singing o/~ Red people, red people, read people! o/~

      5. So new name:

        Washington Cronies?

        DC Corrupted?

        1. I’m partial to “Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons”. Gregg Easterbrook has been calling them that for years.

    3. “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed, will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten.”

      1. I’m pretty sure we’ll make do without “redskins” as a word.

        1. How?

  5. The Federal Reserve today lowered its projection for economic growth this year from 3 percent to between 2.1 percent and 2.3 percent.

    Janet Yellen: The best sharpshooter in Texas!

    1. Does anyone check the government on these figures? I mean, we know they’re flat-out lying about unemployment–I’ve even heard lefties admit that, it’s so obvious–why not about growth?

      1. I believe there’s a neat website called Shadowstats that checks the gov everything they put out.

        1. That’s got to be somewhat challenging, since some of the data is compiled and reported on by government agencies. Jesus, how did we let these scumbags get control of the hen house?

          1. Last time a looked, they were mainly focused on economic data. There was a neat article talking about how LBJ was the first administration to really start playing with the economics numbers before elections.

            They had charts plotting the current GDP, inflation rates, etc as they were calculated now vs as they were calculated during the LBJ admin.

            1. You know what other numbers LBJ gamed in 1964?

    2. So-called “experts” fuck up yet again.

  6. The White House intends to try Ahmed Abu Khattala, who allegedly led the 2012 Benghazi attack, as a civilian in the U.S. court system.

    Who also blamed “the video” – backing up Susan Rice. This fucker just tap-danced all over Trey Gowdy’s face.


    1. Serious question: Do you actually believe that? Do you actually believe that Khattala was one of the 314 hits on YouTube for that video before the attacks?

      Yes or No will suffice.

      1. No, I don’t believe much of anything. He could have lied. I never thought their motive was important anyway.

      2. Playa: Do you actually believe he cares? Your question only makes sense if you assume you’re talking to someone interested in discussing issues in good faith. PB isn’t a hack, he’s just a troll–every single post he writes is deliberately calculated to annoy and anger people, and derail attempts at discussing anything else. On any issue, he will post not what he believes, but whatever he thinks will get the biggest rise out of people and get attention focused on himself.

        The only reason he keeps doing it is because people keep trying to argue back like it’s possible to get through to him.

        1. Shorter Marvin: Scroll wheel, baby.

    2. Hey Shreeky, have you seen anyone lose an entire 2 years of emails lately? You know, because emails are only stored on hard drives? Did you know that? I am sure that someone as smart as you can explain it.

    3. “BLOOP! DERP!” is a pretty good summary of your entire output on this site, shrieky.

  7. For the next four years, the collegiate football bowl game in St. Petersburg, Florida, will be known as the Bitcoin Bowl…

    I was hoping for the Susan B. Anthony Bowl.

    1. Favorite joke of our nursing staff:

      Did you see they made a dollar coin out of a famous Ebonics transsexual?

      Susan be Anthony.

    2. Will the ticket prices change drastically every few minutes?

  8. Sens. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) (Bipartisanship! Whoo!) want to raise the federal gas and diesel taxes by 12 cents.

    Go ahead. Honestly, this summer may just be some sort of tipping point in history where people just sigh “fuckit” and walk away.

    1. Corker isn’t up for re-election until 2018. He is thus free to be a complete crap weasel. Go fuck yourself Corker.

      1. Go fuck yourself Corker.

        In other words, cork your own a$$, corker.

  9. So I heard the other day that Scarlett Johanson did a full frontal nude seen in a movie called Under the Skin IN 2013 and I hadn’t heard about it. I depend on this board for news about such things and none of you homos ever mentioned it. Reason, you disappoint me.

    1. Saw it. She has slipped way down the rankings.

    2. BRB, need to do some research.

    3. Oh yeah, look at that. NSFW

      She looks fertile.

      1. She does. You have to admit, she looks as good as you would think she would.

        1. Apparently she partied at some of the shitty dive bars when she was here filming Captain America 2 or the Avengers 2 or whatever stupid superhero movie it was. I missed my chance.

          1. You did. She looks like she could do a few squats. You could have invited her for a workout. She looks worthy.


      1. I saw those. Of course it was never admitted it was her, though, it sure looks like her.

    4. trying so very hard to not feed the troll.

      1. Since I don’t see WTF here –

        Don’t lock eyes with them. don’t do it.

        It puts them on edge, they might go into berserker mode and they’ll Come at you like a whirling dervish, all fists and elbows. You might be screaming “no no no”, but all they hear is ‘who wants cake?’

        Let me tell you something, they all do. They all want cake.

    5. I actually got a copy of that film a few months ago through work, and obviously scanned for such scenes asap. But I get off on withholding.

  10. The Patent and Trademark Office is cancelling six trademarks associated with the Washington Redskins football team, saying that the name is “disparaging to Native Americans.”

    Funny how those oh-so-polite letters from the nice congressmen that were not in any way threatening, oh no, turned out to be a threat.

    1. They should move to another city and watch the politicans cry.

      1. There is an opening in Los Angeles, even though it is a shitty football town.

        Which makes a Dan Snyder team the perfect fit.

  11. Chile’s up on Spain 2-0 with about 20 minutes to play. Adios, La Roja.

    1. I’m totally shocked at Spain’s collapse. Wow.

      For a moment, I thought Australia might beat the Dutch, which would be an upset of biblical proportions. Dogs and cats living together, real wrath of God stuff.

      1. Yeah, much better than expected from Australia but then disappointing at the same time.

        1. It would’ve been a massive upset.

      2. Was Australia really that close? The score indicates they played well, and Cahill’s goal was nice, but I assumed the Dutch still had it under control for most of the game.

        1. Aussies were up 2-1.

          1. For 4 minutes…

            I didn’t get to watch, so maybe they did play great, I was just wondering if it really was a shocker or just a nice didn’t get blown out type of game.

            1. There were times when the Dutch looked like they were going to run away. But at 2-2, Australia had a golden chance to score but the winger decided to try and chest it in instead of heading it.

              Once it got to 3-2, the Netherlands didn’t really look threatened.

    2. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group.

      1. Really? I hadn’t heard about them being scumbags.

        Anyway, it’s official now. Chile 2, Spain 0.

        1. Chile didnt help their rep with the time wasting BS.

          I think the ref got it all back with 6 extra minutes, good for him.

      1. Hunter-seeker strike, clearly. That’s what everyone in Portugal is going to say if the U.S. wins, anyway.

  12. Sens. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) (Bipartisanship! Whoo!) want to raise the federal gas and diesel taxes by 12 cents.

    Thieves. Lying, conniving, thieves.

  13. As expected, Amazon has announced its phone.

    The many outlets that uncritically repeated that it would have a groundbreaking 3D, hologram-esque screen are curiously silent about that.

    Also, somewhat surprisingly, it’s not really a very good deal. $649 for a phone with a 720p screen and an Snapdragon 800 isn’t highway robbery, but it isn’t a steal, either, as opposed to the Kindle Fire tablets.

    1. Agreed on the pricing. They should’ve gone with a 349/399 pricing and just not dealt with contracts, like Google with the Nexus.

      1. Seriously. I’d pay $50 more and get the HTC One M8 any day. Or pay $150 less and get an LG G2, with the same processor and a 1080p screen.

        1. The LG G2 is awesome. This processor rocks and I refuse to buy a new tablet until there that can equal.the.performance

          1. The LG G2 is awesome.

            1. Shit, post got eaten. Must have mistyped a tag.

              The LG G2 is awesome.

              My mom likes hers a lot, and it’s definitely in the running for my next phone.

              This processor rocks and I refuse to buy a new tablet until there that can equal.the.performance

              The G2 was one of the first mainstream phones to use the Snapdragon 800 but nowadays it’s fairly common. And it has been superseded by the 801, which is in many devices, and the 805, which, granted, is only currently in the just-announced, Korea-only Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A.

              1. If the LG GPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab had the Snapdragon 800 or higher I would buy one. Sadly no tablet has.better than the 600 yet.

                1. That’s not true. The Kindle Fire HDX and a few Samsung tablets have the 800.

          2. Here here. I love my G2.

        2. I just got the HTC One M8 and it’s great, I’m on Verizon so no stock android for me but it’s not all that different.

          1. One M8 here too. Only had it a week but couldn’t be happier.

            I’m pretty lazy about tech stuff but also get pissed at excessive walling of gardens. So I had an android years ago and got frustrated with needing to geek out to do something simple like loading music. Went to iStuff for a few years and it was fine. Easy. Got a Fire 8.9 (pre-HDX version) solely as a media consumption tablet and it’s good for that, and cheap. But the Fire ecosystem is even more restrictive than Apple, so I’d never go for an Amazon phone until I hear that gets loosened waaaaay up.

            I was pretty sure many of the early Android kinks had been worked out so I jumped back with the One M8 and it’s pretty sweet, even for a decided non-geek.

          2. From what I’ve read, HTC Sense is probably the best OEM skin among the majors.

            On Verizon the other good option skin-wise is Motorola, considering they don’t really have a skin anymore.

    2. The many outlets that uncritically repeated that it would have a groundbreaking 3D, hologram-esque screen are curiously silent about that.

      They hadn’t learned from It/Ginger?

      1. What?

        1. I think it’s a creepy clown character from some horror film.

        2. Here, “It” or “Ginger” were the code-names for the Segway, of which Bezos was semi-involved. The media went nuts speculating about the thing, going only one step before stating it was a perpetual motion machine run on cold fusion.

  14. Have any of you been unfortunate enough to find yourselves in /r/libertarian on Reddit? Friggin A, that place annoys me. It’s like a forum of American clones sometimes. And it gives the usual Reddit political posters an excuse to hate libertarians even more than Slate and Salon already tell them to.

    1. Why would anyone take part in reddit?

      1. Because if you unsubscribe from the default subreddits, there are plenty of great subreddits.

        1. Honestly I don’t know what a reddit is and have no idea why participation in one would be rewarding.

          1. The site reddit is divided up into thousands of sub-reddits, which anyone can create.

            Although your single reddit account works on all of them, each subreddit has its own moderators and can have rules stricter than reddit’s fairly loose sitewide ones.

            1. So it’s a discussion.board? I like it here. I have so little patience anymore for online crap. I abandoned my Facebook.account, never check Twitter, left all my old gun boards by the.side of the.road. basically all I do online now is purchase some shit, pay bills, and hitch like a grumpy old man at you folks here.

              1. That’s fine. However, reddit can be good for niche communities.

        2. I frequent /r/progmetal and /r/stoicism.

          Found a lot of neat music and books.

    2. Like any political subreddit, it’s an infuriating echo chamber.

  15. Think-tank: The British NHS is the best healthcare system in the world!

    The report has been produced by the Commonwealth Fund, a Washington-based foundation which is respected around the world for its analysis of the performance of different countries’ health systems. It examined an array of evidence about performance in 11 countries, including detailed data from patients, doctors and the World Health Organisation.

    “The United Kingdom ranks first overall, scoring highest on quality, access and efficiency,” the fund’s researchers conclude in their 30-page report. Their findings amount to a huge endorsement of the health service, especially as it spends the second-lowest amount on healthcare among the 11 ? just ?2,008 per head, less than half the ?5,017 in the US. Only New Zealand, with ?1,876, spent less.

    In the Commonwealth Fund study the UK came first out of the 11 countries in eight of the 11 measures of care the authors looked at. It got top place on measures including providing effective care, safe care, co-ordinated care and patient-centred care. The fund also rated the NHS as the best for giving access to care and for efficient use of resources.

    But get ready for a whopper of a case of burying the lede:

    1. The only serious black mark against the NHS was its poor record on keeping people alive.

      That made me laugh out loud. Something you’d see in a satirical essay on socialized medicine.

      On a composite “healthy lives” score, which includes deaths among infants and patients who would have survived had they received timely and effective healthcare, the UK came 10th. The authors say that the healthcare system cannot be solely blamed for this issue, which is strongly influenced by social and economic factors.

      Confounding variables: only important when they explain away inconvenient facts.

      Although the NHS came third overall for the timeliness of care, its “short waiting times” were praised. “There is a frequent misperception that trade-offs between universal coverage and timely access to specialised services are inevitable. However, the Netherlands, UK and Germany provide universal coverage with low out-of-pocket costs while maintaining quick access to speciality services,”, the report added.

      I’m totally sure this think-tank has no agenda.

      1. I would think that category might have had a higher weight than the others, but call me crazy.

        And my answer for who has the best health care is simple: If you cut off your fingers while working at a Kibbutz in Israel, where do you go to get them reattached?

        Louisville, Kentucky.

        Game. Set. Match.

        Suck it NHS.

    2. Wow, there’s some credibility.

    3. A combination of rising patient demand, staff shortages and falling funding is undermining the very foundations of the NHS, as is the constant short-term interference from politicians of all colours.”

      The whole thing would work great if those damned patients would just stop demanding care.

      And then of course there is this

      The only serious black mark against the NHS was its poor record on keeping people alive. On a composite “healthy lives” score, which includes deaths among infants and patients who would have survived had they received timely and effective healthcare, the UK came 10th.

      It is the best in the world as long as you are not sick or an infant. Well that settles it I guess.

      1. Who runs it, Basil Fawlty?

        1. They’d be lucky to get Gordon Brittas.

    4. The word “Fuckwit” gets thrown around a lot these days…

    5. Weird how their 5-year cancer survival rates are so low.

    6. And the USA was ranked low, mainly because of our infant mortality numbers. But do you know why that is? In our country they will do their damndest to bring a high-risk infant to term. And once they are born, do everything they can to keep the babies alive. And we have the top technology and clinicians in the world for this.

      So yeah, that’s why the infant mortality rate is so high, you have babies who are given a shot who never get that far anywhere else. Of course a lot won’t make it, but at least they tried.

      We could be like other countries, many of whom describe any baby that dies in the first week after delivery as “stillborn” and therefore doesn’t even count in infant mortality totals!

      Or, any baby seen in the gestation to be high-risk could be forcibly terminated, as happens in so many countries with “good” infant mortality numbers.

      I heartily invite the authors of this study to subject themselves to the “wonderful health care” in such places as Cuba rather than the hellhole that is the USA.

      1. Ask yourself why, if the NHS is so wonderful, are increasing numbers of Brits buying supplemental private health insurance?

  16. The Patent and Trademark Office is cancelling six trademarks associated with the Washington Redskins football team, saying that the name is “disparaging to Native Americans.”

    PTO’s Indian giving is even *more* disparaging.

    1. They should file for the Washington Queers and daring the PTO say it’s disparaging for a team to be called ‘Queers’ or that ‘Queers’ otherwise can’t play football, etc.

      And sign it;

      Fuck You,

      *THE* Washington Redskins

  17. The civil war in Syria is due to Climate Change!!!

    1. EVERYTHING is caused by Climate Change/Global Warming:

    2. Don’t you love Progressive racism? See, the war in Syria can’t be about ideology; only civilized Europeans are capable of fighting over ideas! The animalistic brown people of Syria must be fighting over some outside natural stimulus that has overexcited their limbic systems, like hippos and alligators fighting at a waterhole.

    3. And now global shipping (i.e. trade) needs to re-think:…..210346.htm


      Wind-assisted propulsion, in conjunction with other technologies, is one option that offers scope for addressing both CO2 and sulphur, but that has little traction in the current debate

      1. If global shipping is to make its fair contribution

        Ah, the new f word.

        I know a way they could eliminate CO2 production. Don’t think it would be too popular, though.

        1. Yeah good luck.

          I can’t remember where I first heard it, but someone made the very good point that all “green” technologies are 19th century throwbacks – wind, rail, even solar in some ways.

          1. Doesn’t surprise me, Marxism is a 19th century throwback, too.

            1. I think it’s straight-up 18th century Malthusianism.

          2. All green-approved transporation is 19th-Century as well — bicycles and trains.

  18. Terrible XBox One numbers for MS

    According to the NPD Group, the Nintendo 3DS outsold the Xbox One (let that one sink in, for a moment), earning the ranking of second best selling system for the month (behind only the PS4).

    A 3-year-old console marketed towards children beat the XBox One this month. Congrats, Microsoft.

    1. Hasn’t Nintendo’s game boy line (outside of maybe the PS2 era) always outsold the consoles?

    2. is a PS4 worth it anymore? I remember the PS1 and 2. I was in line for the PS2.
      (and for you young fuckers [i’m lookin at you jesse and Bret] I was also in line for a TuboGraphix 16, plus I got a new Atari when I was a kid so shit it)
      I just can’t get exited about consoles anymore. Not sure why. I used to be a console evangelist.

      1. I used to be a big console fanboy too, but then I saw the light and became a PC gamer, and never looked back.

        The fact that Bloodborn, the next game from the director of the Dark Souls series, is only going to be on PS4 has me pretty strongly tempted to get one, though…

        1. I think a lot for me has to do with SquareSoft. They are one of the few good story tellers. Westwood Studios was great too and for those you needed a console.

          Now, ever since I started playing WoW (and since recovered…about 5 years ago), consoles only hold a nostalgic romanticism. I still play Warhammer, FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFTactics, Chrono Trigger, etc. from time to time.

          1. RPGs, and the occasional Rockstar game, are the only reasons for buying a console any more. Unless you’re really into playing sports and racing games with your friends in the same room. I only got a PS3 last August.

        2. Consoles are appliances. There is a lot said for a device that does one thing very well with a simple and consistent interface. Video games, are not like making toast, however. Imagine that your bread got progressively harder to toast and your toast progressively less satisfying the older your toaster got.

          PC is the way to go especially because mouse and keyboard control is superior in all ways to any type of console controller.

          1. PC is the way to go especially because mouse and keyboard control is superior in all ways to any type of console controller.

            Keyboard; yes.

            Mouse; could not die at the hands of capacitative touch, motion capture, and IR tracking fast enough. It’s like trying to make a computer work by fondling it’s genitals.

            1. “make a computer work by fondling it’s genitals.”

              It’s always worked for me.

              1. I’m pretty sure if I grabbed my local bartender by the nuts, dragged him around until his nose was on the bottle, squeezed until he picked up a glass and filled it. I would end up with a drink.

                I’d much prefer to point and say, “Drink please!”

            2. I have an IR head tracker that I use for flight sims but I stick with the.mouse for directional control and actions. I have one.of the.ones with a little keypad on the.side that you work.with your.thumb, which.adds a lot of capability.

      2. I might’ve acquired a PS4 if it had been backwards compatible with the PS3. But it’s not, so screw it.

        Philosophically, I’m with the PC-gaming crowd, though the console is nice for some things. I also use it for apps on my not-smart TV–Amazon Instant Video, etc., and, of course, it’s a Blu-ray player.

        1. I like strategy games, so it’s PC for me. I don’t think I’ve had a console since Atari was a major player in the market.

          1. As do I, though I don’t play them as much as I used to.

            I have many complaints about games in general, but for the consoles, two things I’d like to see are strategy games and space-war games. Like Wing Commander for the latter.

      3. Another member of the PC Gaming Master Race checking in.

      4. I’m 31. Serious is like a decade younger than I am.

        1. My first gaming system was the Nintendo 64. Then a PS2, then a PS3. My brother took the PS3 when he moved out so I haven’t played video games (outside an occasional Wii game) for a few years now.

          And am I really the youngest regular here?


          2. You’re what, early 20s? I’m only 25, I still get taken aback by how many people here have stories that start with “Well, back in the 70s…”

            1. ***scratches jesse off list…adds Serious and android***

            2. Some have a “well, back in the 60s” stories. I dont, was born in the 60s but dont remember it. You know, all that acid I took.

              1. Didn’t we just have a my fist news memories discussion?

                Yours was Princess Diana, no?

                1. Pretty much, yes. Elton John is memorable like that.

                2. we don’t *all* have fist memories. Don’t other us.

              2. have me beat by a year 23.

            3. I had to check myself in my freshman class in the spring when I started to say, “you remember how people felt on 9/11” when I realized most of them had been like 5 and wouldn’t remember details.

          3. And am I really the youngest regular here?

            I don’t believe so, isn’t RannedPall/Los Doyers younger than you?

            I had a first-gen gameboy, then a sega genesis, a used PS1, an N64 (which got stolen by my sister’s friend’s friend), a PS2 (that got stolen by movers after I’d only played one game on it) and a Wii that a stole from my entitled younger brother who never used it but wanted it because he knew my parents would buy him anything.

            Mostly a PC gamer although not playing The Last of Us made me sad.

            1. The 2600 was my last console.

          4. My first console was some lost brand that made a Pong platform. Pong, hockey, squash. All bouncing pixels. The controls were built into the console and were basically sliders.

              1. Okay, I actually found a picture of it, but I can’t make out the brand.

                Make no mistake–my brother and I were thrilled to get this game. Prior to that, we’d have to pay a quarter to play it at a restaurant. This is in the 70s, when a quarter would buy a comic book.

                1. Pong was pretty cool at first, but I still liked pinball better. Still would if you could find it anywhere, those machines are pretty rare these days.

                  As a teenager in the 70s, Pong was about as far as I ever got. I never really understand the passion people have for video games, but I know that I was just not born at the right time for them, so certainly would never judge.

                  1. I got into them, but I’d say the peak of my interest was in the 90s, during law school. All PC-based games. Since then, I play much less, with periods where I don’t play at all.

                    Right now, I’m replaying Skyrim.

                2. We had this contraption in my house. Kinda’ wish I still ad it.

                  1. Actually it was the Radio Shack system. With an alarmingly realistic looking pistol!

        2. You sound younger…plus that puts you a decade behind me anyway.

          I bet you aren’t even fat. bastard

      5. Both of the new consoles are running commodity PC hardware anyways. I wouldn’t be suprised if in 6 months – 1 year from now, someone doesn’t figure out how to get the console “OSs” to run on a PC.

    3. How can that be? Everyone with a working brain knows that Bill Gates has a magical superpower to turn everything he touches into a monopoly. My statist acquaintances keep telling me so.

    4. A 3-year-old console marketed towards children

      The 3DS is not a console, it is a hand held. It also costs $180 not $500.

      I bet iPhones beat the Xbox One as well.

  19. So now you can just order airstrikes from or something? What’s the going rate? I have some annoying neighbors that are just asking to be murderdroned and everyone could be a terrorist these days so why not just be sure?

    1. Yes you can. But you don’t do it through Drone strike requests are handled exclusively through Obama for America. They are very responsive and user friendly I am told. But you better have your checkbook ready. They don’t work cheap.

    2. You can’t just order one. Don’t be silly. You have to do one of those White House petitions. Get a hundred thousand signatures, and, by law, they have to drone whoever you request.

      1. That actually might be a good idea. Thanks to partisanship, we’d be done with politicians.

        1. I hope you’re ready for an FBI raid.

      2. Or just take Barry golfing

  20. The White House intends to try Ahmed Abu Khattala, who allegedly led the 2012 Benghazi attack, as a civilian in the U.S. court system.

    Are we “at War with Terror” or not? Why waste time and money and further endanger The American People by not blowing this clown away in situ? Sheesh, why not “try as a civilian in the U.S. court system” anyone going through the TSA line?

    1. Funny how President Drone strike went to the trouble of capturing this guy.

      1. Funny peculiar, or funny ha-ha?

          1. Right, peculiar how a spontaneous protest turned into a planned attack and a leader that we captured rather than murderdroning corroborates the (current) narrative.

            Capturing the leader after the attack, in no way, represents a broader policy/intelligence failure.

  21. The Patent and Trademark Office is cancelling six trademarks associated with the Washington Redskins football team, saying that the name is “disparaging to Native Americans.”

    Now, what about all the trademarks that are disparaging to people who don’t believe in IP?

    1. Just find a minority person who doesn’t believe in IP to object, and you’re golden.

      1. I’m a woman!

        1. The worst!

    2. Communists?

      1. Communists are strong enforcers of copyrights.

        Claiming a Copyright on Marx? How Uncomradely

        NYT article about how communist publisher Lawrence & Wishart demanded that take down hundreds of works by Marx and Engels.

  22. Slate imagines Rand Paul’s America

    Deep divisions notwithstanding, there are a number of principles that unite the movement. The most important of them is a devotion to subsidiarity, which holds that power should rest as close to ordinary people as possible. In practice, this leads Tea Party conservatives to favor voluntary cooperation among free individuals over local government, local government over state government, and state government over the federal government. Teatopia would in some respects look much like our own America, only the contrasts would be heightened. California and New York, with their dense populations and liberal electorates, would have even bigger state governments that provide universal pre-K, a public option for health insurance, and generous funding for mass transit. They might even have their own immigration policies, which would be more welcoming toward immigrants than the policies the country as a whole would accept.

    Traditional urban school districts [in conservative states] would become charter districts…Parents would be given K?12 spending accounts, which could be spent on the services provided by local public schools and on a range of other educational services, from online tutoring to apprenticeships designed to provide young people with marketable skills.

    1. Hot damn, I’m voting for him.

    2. There has to be a punch line. What is it? Are the denizens of Slate just so far gone that all of that is self evidently horrible? I am not seeing a downside to any of that.

      1. For some reason my laptop browser does not let me open the comments tab, but after looking on my phone it appears that, yes, all of that is self-evidently horrible to the liberals of Slate.

        They simply cannot conceive of an America not governed with an iron fist by Washington.

        1. Our own wareagle got in a good jab to that effect.

        2. I don’t have the strength today for Slate comments. Sorry. I’ll stick needles into my balls instead or something.

          1. Oh right, like you weren’t already planning that.

      2. I’m failing to see why any of it is bad myself.

        But this is Slate, so there’s no punch line. They’re just stupid.

      3. Yeah, this article seems like it is fairly written.


      4. I thought the progs didn’t like Public Schools? Or is it now that they control them and their enemies don’t like Public Schools that they love them?

    3. I’m teh disappoint at the lack of chilluns dying in the streetz (which shouldn’t exist since libertarians hate ROADZ!) and all gays and blacks hanging from the trees which haven’t been cut down and corporate death squads roaming round killing everyone who doesn’t shop at Wal-Mart.

      1. I know! It’s like they’re not even trying anymore!

    4. And for better or for worse, Teatopia would be far less bellicose than our own America.


    5. Top Comment:

      Leif Leifnephewson 3 hours ago
      I’m not sure why anyone who claims not to be a teapartier would cherry-pick the least-offensive views of teapartiers and put together an article like this. Let’s try the opposite.

      Libertarians want to disband NASA, FDA, EPA, and all state research funding. You like space exploration and safe food? Too bad.

      Libertarians are opposed to ALL environmental protection laws — not just CO2 emissions, but also anything to do with pollution, and want to sell off all federal land. You wanted to visit Yosemite? It’s been converted to a golf course.

      “Less bellicose” is certainly true. Libertarians want the US to withdraw from all foreign bases and drastically reduce the army to the bare minimum needed to defend US territory from invasion. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Yeah, who needs raw materials and secure trading routes. And those 3 million unemployed can no doubt find jobs clear-cutting former national parks.

      The gold standard. Libertarians love gold. They’ve spent the last 30 years warning for hyperinflation, and of course the only way to avoid hyperinflation is to lock the value of the currency to gold. That no hyperinflation has ever materialized, and that the gold standard was abandoned because it made recessions more frequent, deeper, and longer, doesn’t matter.

      1. And the State’s rights thing. The article makes a lot of noise about how it would allow California to go full social-democrat, but that’s not what the libertarians of the tea party fight for. They fight for (fundamentalist protestant) religion in school and courthouse, they fight for bans on abortion and atheism, they fight for right to descriminate on race, and making sodomy illegal. They want state’s rights not because it’s closer to the people, but because it’s too hard to implement these things at the federal level. That it effectively is the destruction of the union is just icing on the religious-right cake.

  23. So when did the Patent and Trademark Office get the authority to cancel trademarks because they don’t like them?

    1. Since they got a “polite suggestion” from Harry Reid?

  24. Here are some trademarks the PTO does *not* consider offensive.


    1. Oh, yeah? That link is “Expired”.

      1. See below for the search page.


  26. Well, just take my word for it or search at…..h65tlk.1.1

    1. I saw that earlier, but continue to be disappointed by the headline.

    2. I once surprised a Kodiak bear that was masturbating in a cage at a small zoo in rural PA. It stopped, looked at me with a resigned stare, sighed, and began whacking off again. It was really sad.

  27. SUCKIT.

  28. Adios, Espa?a.

  29. Why was Casillas in goal today?

    Did they not see his last game?

  30. Why was Casillas in goal today?

    Did they not see his last game?

  31. A List of Countries with the Sexiest People in the World

    Travel dating website MissTravel asked members — both men and women — to rate the nationalities they find sexiest in a dating partner. The answers revealed a preference for women from South America (Brazil’s got more than just hot soccer) and men from Down Under, with sexiness found in countries everywhere between.

    Are YOU headed to one of the sexiest places on Earth this summer?

    The sexiest nationalities for men:
    10. Dutch
    9. Canadian
    8. Brazilian
    7. Irish
    6. American
    5. Spanish
    4. Scottish
    3. British
    2. Italian
    1. Australian

    The sexiest nationalities for women:
    10. Canadian
    9. South African
    8. Bulgarian
    7. Australian
    6. Spanish
    5. Filipina
    4. British
    3. Colombian
    2. Russian
    1. Brazilian

    But it’s HuffPo, so the first comment:

    Ian Goss ? University of Oregon
    This is really a list of where the sexiest white people come from. Lame.

    Because everything is about politics and race.

    1. I laugh of any list of sexiest with British on it.

      1. Also, Bulgarian women.

        They might be hot, but it just doesn’t sound good.

      2. The scene in Love Actually, where the three American girls are so turned on by the Brit guy’s accent is believable. And whoa! Them chicks is hot!

      3. Poppy Rivers, Charlene Sweeney. (SFW)

        Emily Shaw, Kelly Brook, Hayley Coppin, Holly Peers, Lacey Banghard (now there’s a name), Sophie Howard, Rosie Jones. I could go on. “English girls are dogs” is one of the silliest tropes ever.

        1. English birds are often hot. The men however…

          1. Fair enough. Who cares if Nicole and jesse get shafted?

            1. Who cares if Nicole and jesse get shafted?

              That’s usually my goal when dealing with English men.

              British men are a personal weakness, but I realize they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. I think their men are more attractive than their women. If you want hot women go to Spain.

        2. Not even a dozen examples? Lame.

          You do realize what statistics are, yeah?

    2. That is hilarious because it implies that non-whites of the same nationality aren’t really that nationality at all.

    3. 1. Australian

      Cate Blanchett isn’t that hot.

      1. For a man?

    4. I count 1-2 nonwhite for the men, and 3-4 nonwhite for the women, if I want to. But whatevs, it’s not like race is socially constructed and I can make those categories or something.

    5. This list is incorrect, because my tastes are more valid than yours.

      Lemme see:
      1. South Korea
      2. Japan
      3. Taiwan
      4. Hong Kong
      5. China
      6. Macau
      7. Singapore
      8. Vietnam
      9. Malaysia
      10. Indonesia

      You get the idea.

      1. While I can see Macau as separate due to the massive amount of Portuguese blood floating around there, but separating Taiwan, HK, and China is shenanigans!

        1. It was partly a geopolitical/philosophical decision to separate them, partly a cultural one, and partly I-need-to-fill-up-ten-spots-one.

          Though in conversation, I always distinguish Taiwan and China, and usually Hong Kong and China. And I never really have much reason to talk about Macau.

          And if you really want to get neurotic about it, the last 4 countries on the list are only there for their ethnic Chinese populations.

      2. 7. Singapore

        Fuck no.

        1. Why not?

      3. Ahh, Malaysia.

        A highly recommended vacation spot for a single man, provided you’re not light brown in complexion. It’s all about the variety. Pasty white dudes and dark-skinned brothers clean up there.

      4. Yeah, they definitely missed the first 3.

    6. Methinks Mr. Goss has never stepped foot in Brazil if that’s what he has to say about it.

        1. The only hot thing you get from them is when you urinate afterwards.

        2. Stop othering the GILF fetishists on here.

      1. Black Brazilians and their massive contribution to Brazilian history are a myth created by white Brazilians to reinforce their privilege.



    Registration Date August 4, 2009


    Registration Date November 15, 2011

    1. I recommend “Clone a Willy.”

      1. It still awaits registration.

  35. To whoever recommended Voltaire’s “Candide” — there was a fifty cent copy of it at the thrift store, so I’ll likely be reading it this weekend when I am internetless.

    1. When you’re done, listen to Rush’s “Clockwork Angels” album.

      1. That will most definitely not be happening, sorry.

    2. I believe GILMORE made the recommendation.

      I’m about half-way through. It’s entertaining.

      1. One of the most hilarious books I ever read. Really shows you that a genius like Voltaire saw the humor in the world, unlike so many people who think intelligence is demonstrated by being very serious about everything.

        1. Leibniz still gets a bad rap. Sure, he was an optimistic fool, but he gave us d/dx notation. On the other hand, fluxions is much better than calculus.

    3. There have been several times when I’ve tried to make a reference to the woman with only one buttock. I only get really weird looks because people apparently don’t read this book anymore.

      1. I don’t remember that part either, but this is the best of all possible worlds.

    4. VS Naipaul, “The Enigma of Arrival”

  36. Word Mark DEMON DEACONS
    Goods and Services IC 025. US 039. G & S: clothing; namely, short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets. FIRST USE: 19740101. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19740101

    Registration Date October 8, 1991


    Goods and Services IC 025. US 022 039. G & S: Bottoms; Boxer shorts; Caps; Coats; Footwear; Hats; Headwear; Jackets; Pants; Shirts; Socks; Sweat shirts; Swim suits; Swimwear; T-shirts; Tops. FIRST USE: 20111203. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20111203

    Registration Date March 20, 2012

  38. Word Mark TITTY’S BEER

    Goods and Services IC 021. US 002 013 023 029 030 033 040 050. G & S: Beer mugs. FIRST USE: 20130208. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20130208
    IC 025. US 022 039. G & S: T-shirts. FIRST USE: 20130208. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20130208

    Registration Date December 24, 2013

  39. So we haven’t seen any Tulpa sightings lately, have we? Just curious.

  40. Word Mark COED NAKED

    Goods and Services IC 025. US 022 039. G & S: clothing; namely, T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, boxer shorts [ and gym shorts ]. FIRST USE: 19851025. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19851025

    Registration Date November 30, 1993

    [to be fair, that *was* in the Clinton administration]

    1. None of this shit is offensive, you idiot.

      1. And “Redskins” *is*?

      2. Nothing affiliated with Wake Forest isnt offensive.

      3. Missing the point, hoooo

  41. Word Mark GIRLS GONE WILD

    Goods and Services IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment services, namely, providing a web site featuring adult entertainment, adult content videos, related film clips, photographs, and other multimedia materials, featuring adult entertainment, webcasts in the field of adult entertainment, events, namely, promotional parties for various venues and vendors. FIRST USE: 19981201. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19990101

    Registration Date August 16, 2011

      1. That was my first thought, but I didn’t think they had wrong steering wheels there, and I thought maybe some Burmese use that goofy Thai alphabet. Oh well. That’s the first time I’ve ever been wrong.

        1. Thais drive on the right (that is the wrong) side of the road. I understood every word the man was saying in the video, which was basically what any of us would be saying if a horde of ducks entered the road (i.e., holy shit that’s a lot of ducks!).

          1. The Thais used to drive on the left, and did when I went to Koh Samui back in February. I did read that they were planning to change to the right side of the road effective January 2014. I don’t know whether they pulled that off on the mainland as planned. Wikipedia still lists Thailand as left.

            1. Still driving on the wrong side when I was there in April and both in the north and Bangkok.

      2. In that case, no need to worry, because the giant fucking snakes will just swallow them whole.

        1. Hehe. I saw a giant fucking snake at HotMale in Bangkok.

    1. The steering wheel is wrong. That would make it Burma, I think.

    2. Thailand or Cambodia?

    3. I guess Thailand from the writing.

    4. nom nom nom

  42. Word Mark SNEAKER PIMPS

    Goods and Services IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Organization of events, exhibitions, fairs and shows for commercial, promotional and advertising purposes. FIRST USE: 20030105. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20030105

    Registration Date March 4, 2014

    1. The fact that you didn’t link “6 Underground” is what’s offensive here.

  43. Ladies and Gentleman: New Jersey!

    The Situation got 2 things today … arrested and what’s gonna be a nasty black eye — both after brawling with his brother in the tanning salon they co-own … TMZ has learned.

    Mike “Situation” Sorrentino was busted at Boca Tanning Salon in Middletown, NJ … according to law enforcement sources.

  44. Word Mark HIPPIE CRACK

    Goods and Services IC 030. US 046. G & S: granola. FIRST USE: 20060801. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20060801

    Registration Date April 7, 2009

  45. Former porn star running for Florida school board, promises more comprehensive sex-ed

    David Benoit Mech, 38, of Boca Raton, qualified Monday to run against incumbent Karen Brill for the Palm Beach County School Board District 3 seat in the Aug. 26 primary.

    “I am running for the Palm Beach County School Board (District 3) to bring about fundamental change in areas where the current board is deficient. Once again, these areas include technology, innovation, equality, sex education, and secular values,” Mech said on his campaign Web site,

    Mech, who runs the Happy/Fun Math Tutor company, is better known for his former career as adult film actor Dave Pounder. In about 2010, Mech stopped performing in porn movies and started his math tutoring business but continued to own part of an adult movie production company called Dave Pounder Productions.

    1. Dave Pounders, how very droll.

      *google image search: dave pounders*
      *google image search: dave pounders naked*

      Thank god for incognito mode at work.

      1. So I’m guessing he was a bottom then? Cause if he was in straight porn or a top he’d be more impressive without pants.

        1. No, he’s in straight porn.

          I’m frequently confused by how impressively endowed many bottoms are. It’s a terrible allocation of natural resources. I assume it has to do with how frustrating getting a big dick into a tiny asshole is on the first try.

          1. It’s a terrible allocation of natural resources.

            Maybe it just makes a good handle.

            I assume it has to do with how frustrating getting a big dick into a tiny asshole is on the first try.

            That’s why god invented buttplugs.

            Got a question for you, you ever used poppers? I’m seeing someone now who, no matter how much time I spend prepping the area, she gets nervous and clamps down at the last second. She keeps wanting to try and I’m getting annoyed at the time spent for no payoff. Figured poppers would work.

            1. Yeah, I’ve used poppers. They help a little, but it’s a bit like being really drunk for a very brief period of time and then getting a quick hangover and going back to normal. It might be enough to get her to relax enough to put it in and start with some gentle thrusting, but it won’t necessarily overcome her clamping down.

              Different brands provide a different sensation from jaggy and harsh to smooth and rolling. A fellow I know had some amazing ones, but couldn’t recall the name and didn’t get back to me about it. “Rush” is the basic brand, it’s a bit on the jaggy side but not the worst I’ve had.

              Nicole has opinions on chemical solutions that go further than poppers, but also include “find some fucking ‘ludes” which might be difficult.

              1. It might be enough to get her to relax enough to put it in and start with some gentle thrusting, but it won’t necessarily overcome her clamping down.

                Just getting it in would solve the problem. It’s a totally psychological block on the initial penetration. Toys are fine.

                And we’ve tried drunk and stoned (not as a test, we just happened to be those things at the time) and benzos make it impossible to orgasm. How long is the headache?

                1. Yeah, I figured it was more mental than anything if you’ve done the prep work. I’m guessing she’s had a “oops wrong hole” moment or maybe had friends who have had them?

                  Personal biochemistry and the formula/strength of the poppers all play a role. An ex of mine hated them because they gave him a prolonged low-grade headache. For me they last a few minutes and aren’t particularly bad. You’ll find the best selection of them in adult stores in the heart of your local gay ghetto. The quality goes up markedly if you can get them on vacation in a gay ghetto in a liberal European country. Americans get a sub-par analogue because amyl nitrate proper is banned here. German and English seem to be the best.

                  1. Thanks. I’ve never seen any sex shops in Montrose*, though. I just figured I’d buy ’em off the internet.

                    *is it more or less gay if I explain that I’m there because I sometimes meet friends there for brunch? More, definitely.

                    1. I’m assuming you don’t mean Montrose outside of Los Angeles, then?

                      I’ve never ordered them online so I don’t have a source for you.

                    2. Houston. I found some the online the other day (can’t link at work). Just held off on the purchase until I asked someone who’s used them about them.

    2. A former porn star with the name “Mech”?

      If he doesn’t make his campaign theme song “Sex Machine” I give up on this country.

  46. Finally, here is the most offensive trademark of all –


    Goods and Services IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Lobbying services, namely, promoting the interests of international, real estate and nonprofit companies in the fields of politics, legislation, and regulation. FIRST USE: 20050601. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20050601

    Registration Date May 20, 2008

  47. Grambling, Green Bay Packers, and U of Georgia share an interesting story of logo trademark wackiness.

    1. There’s also Heaven’s Gate, although I don’t think a trademark suit against them would have much of a point at this time.

    1. I have a cunning plan. Pay government agencies based on performance. Suck, and lose funding.

  48. Jesus christ.

    In addition, girls who didn’t sext were also described as “goody girls” or “stuck up.” So while the technology is new, the ancient sense of male entitlement to demand sexual favors and then mock those who provide them is the real issue at stake here.

    On top of the utter unfairness of all of this, it’s also hard to imagine that girls have much mental energy left to devote to figuring out what they want when they have to spend so much time trying to strike a balance between pleasing boys and not having boys mock them for trying to be pleasing. That’s why this isn’t a problem that will be fixed simply by discouraging girls from sending sexts. The real issue can’t be solved until we ask why it is, in the 21st century, that so many girls still feel like their sexualities should be constructed around what boys want of them, and encourage girls to realize that it’s far more important to figure out what they want for themselves.

    1. I don’t know how to explain to these women how much of this is hardwired. Perhaps they should change their focus to some sort of eugenics program.

      1. How about you explain that the mocking is the harmful part, and is done almost exclusively to curry favor with other girls? Since they seem to be so into social pressure over personal responsibility.

        1. I’m rather dubious that the social pressure is coming from boys in the first place. Boys are a known quantity for girls, who are hearing about not trusting the little fucks from their parents all day long. Girls, on the other hand, are mocking and treacherous. . .a betrayal waiting to happen.

      2. I think that most of these women writing such pieces can’t understand why anyone would be attracted to a man, period.

        And while they are trying to “ask why”, why not ask why some people like blondes rather than brunettes? Or petite rather than buxom? Or curvy rather than lithe?

        Dammit, everyone should think exactly the same way I do!

      3. Exactly. Boys want to get laid. So do girls. And the process of “figuring out what they want for themselves” sometimes involves sexting. It sometimes means boys and girls regret a sexual encounter. And sometimes it means falling in love, getting married, and raising more little boys and girls.

        It sounds like sex is a trigger word for the author.

      4. I don’t know how to explain to these women how much of this is hardwired.

        Or that the parts that are hardwired are even less desirable (personally and socially) than the social constructs.

        Not to mention that the author is pretty blatantly ignorant of how large parts of the world work anyway. I’m sure ‘do it for yourself’ is a pretty standard approach for getting women into porn and is often targeted at young women who’ve been told they need to figure out what they want for themselves.

        I’m also sure that if we were talking about kids being ridiculed for abstaining from ice cream or e-cigarettes we wouldn’t be talking about it.

        1. What’s interesting is that the older American morality, which had more mainstream girls “holding out” until the boys got serious in one sense or the other, gave the girls more power than they have today.

          1. Which is why they’re trying to bring it back via the legislature. See: California

            1. Yeah, that’s gonna work.

  49. Dude blows off his dick at a Sunoco

    Date: June 12

    Location: Sunoco gas station, 6451 Zebulon Road

    Incident type: Self-inflicted gunshot

    A Macon man was treated at Coliseum Northside hospital Thursday after he accidentally shot himself in the penis.

    The man was parked at the gas station at about 9:30 p.m. when he attempted to holster his .45. Immediately after the gun went off, he drove to a friend’s house in Lake Wildwood. When he got to the friends house, he took off his pants and saw that he had “shot himself in the penis and that the bullet exited out of his buttocks.” The spent round fell onto the floor.

    The man’s friend drove him to Coliseum Northside hospital and he was then transferred to the Medical Center of Central Georgia.

  50. “Stroke ‘selfie’ helps save Canadian woman’s life…

    “Yepes recorded a selfie video of her symptoms after pulling over while driving. The next day, the video would help doctors at Toronto Western Hospital correctly diagnose her with transient ischemic attacks, or “mini-strokes,” due to plaque buildup in her arteries….

    “Two days before the recording, doctors at a local emergency room in Toronto dismissed her face numbness and slurred speech as stress-related. They told her stroke tests had come back negative and counseled the 49-year-old legal secretary on breathing techniques.”…

    1. That article led me down a completely different path than I thought “stroke selfie” would go.

      1. Especially after “Man blows off own dick.”

        1. OK, the PM links are officially over.

    1. “Join us! Join us!”

    2. Yup, that will definitely haunt me when I go to sleep. Thanks tons.

      1. I put a warning label on it. You have no one to blame but yourself and Walt Disney.

    3. They’re like old-timey juggalos.

  51. SF ‘Anti-Going Out of Business’ bill can’t even get enough brain-dead Dems to vote for it:

    “Anti-Ellis Act bill dealt major blow in Assembly”…..-assembly/

    1. Holy cow. I’m amazed anyone continues to do business out of California.

      1. The proggies point to the Valley, but those are headquarters; already high pay, no waste to run into the enviro-whackos. Not even Musk is stupid enough to try to mfg in CA.

    2. Defeated 4-3.

      Man, that’s depressing that they got three votes.

  52. Under US patent law, racial slurs and other terms found offensive to large portions of particular groups cannot be registered as trademarks.

    Filing Date October 31, 2012
    Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

      Filing Date May 30, 2012
      Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

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