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Harry Reid Won't Go To a Redskins Game Till They Change Their Name—What About the Nevada Rebels? The Las Vegas 51s?


hi how are ya?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) rejected an invitation by the president of the Washington Redskins to come to a home game, an attempt to ease tensions, and in a letter to him said the name of the team was offensive and "disparaged the American people." The owner of the Redskins has vowed not to change the name of Washington's football team, even as the demand to change the name becomes the cause du jour for Washington liberals.

Reid, who rarely misses an opportunity to crassly demonize his political opponents, should know all about being offensive to the American people. As a senior senator who knows how to bring home the proverbial bacon, Reid's got quite a few things named after him, including a research facility at the University of Nevada–Las Vegas. Why isn't Harry Reid and the grievance train he came in on offended that he has a facility named after him at a school that uses a caricature of a Confederate soldier, the "Rebel," as its mascot?* Have symbols of the Confederacy stopped being offensive? Is the ego stroke that comes from having a facility named after him strong enough to inhibit his urge to be offended? Is Reid uninterested in picking a fight with a popular local institution where he has to keep winning elections?

For that matter, what about Las Vegas' Triple-A minor league baseball team? They're named the 51s, a reference to the government site Area 51 in Nevada. Their mascot is an alien, playing on the idea that the government is hiding the truth from Americans. Shouldn't Harry be offended? After all, he has lamented that the notion the government could lie or mislead the people makes his job (read: pushing his agenda) harder.

* Yes, in the 1970s the school officially disassociated the "Rebels" label from the Confederacy. Yet the school's "Hey Reb" mascot, created in 1983, wears a gray-colored hat and sports a mustache that looks kind of Confederate to me. He's still a rebel, anyway, so for Harry Reid the "independent mountain man" might as well be a Tea Party anarchist.

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  1. Shady Land Deals?

  2. DC Grifters?

    No, his swindles aren’t petty.

  3. The Redskins should probably change their name. Or at least do something about the scalpers.

    Also, Harry Reid is the reigning douchelord of the western US.

  4. The Shitweasels?

  5. Whatever happens, I know I’m going to enjoy watching him in a minority position, acting like he never did anything to give a bare majority total control of the Senate.

  6. Someone suggested the Washington Potomacs.

    1. Why not the Washington Washingtonians? Or, better yet, why not license the Borg from Paramount? That would be pretty badass, to be honest.

      1. Or, better yet, why not license the Borg from Paramount?

        Or the Zerg from Blizzard. Matter of fact, somebody needs to attempt the XFL again so that we can end up with the The Space Marines vs. the Zerg and The Empire vs. The Federation.

        Finally make the Rebels legit.

        1. I’m mildly surprised more licensed names aren’t out there. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is the Ducks.

          1. NY Red Bulls

            1. Also, I think that Anaheim was licensed as The Mighty Ducks. Pretty sure they’re not Disney anymore so Ducks is just a name.

              1. Yes, I was wondering if that had all been dropped with the name change.

                1. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim was a seriously pretentious name. Then there’s the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Common Core Geography?

                  The NJ Devils of New York?

                  1. Orlando vaguely touched on Disney with “Magic,” but I don’t think there’s any direct connection.

                    There are lots of very cool fictional characters, races, whatever that could be used in sports. Frankly, if I were an owner, I’d consider selling the naming rights of the team, within certain limits. Tampa Bay Strippers might be the result, but so be it.

                    1. “The Tampa Bay Gungans”

                    2. “The Seattle Vogons.”

                  2. The NY Jets and Giants of New Jersey?

        2. Space Marines vs the motherfucking tyrranids.

          Fuck that zerg shit.

          1. You realize that Blizzard approached Games Workshop about making a game set in the Warhammer universe. The deal fell through. So Blizzard created their ‘own’ game and the rest is history.

            Also, by all accounts Games Workshop is run by complete assholes. Which is probably why, the despite the fact that they have some amazing IP, the whole company is less than Blizzard makes off an average game.

            1. Wow, sorry about the mangled syntax above.

            2. Also, by all accounts Games Workshop is run by complete assholes

              Well, to be fair, they ARE Brits.

      2. The Washington Foggy Bottoms.

  7. Since HR looks petrified, and we’re naming the team after him, we could call them The Shriveled Foreskins.

  8. If Reid were a character in a novel, Ayn Rand would have dismissed the novel as unrealistic and too over the top.

    1. ouch

  9. Their mascot is an alien, playing on the idea that the government is hiding the truth from Americans. Shouldn’t Harry be offended?

    Congressmen are proud of it.

  10. I suggest naming them the Washington Parasites, in honor of Reid and his fellow politicians. Their mascot can be Fluke, the intestinal tapeworm.

    1. How about something more specific?

      Leocochloridium Paradoxum

      Leucochloridium paradoxum is a parasite that has an impossible dream. Luey, as it shall henceforth be known, begins life literally in a puddle of shit. But Luey dreams of flight, and the method by which it achieves it is both complicated and fucked-up beyond comprehension.

      First, knowing how much some animals love to eat shit, Luey lies in wait in his fecal puddle until the vacuum cleaner of nature, more commonly known as the snail, comes around to slurp it up.

      Once inside the snail, Luey enacts the next part of his ingenious plan. Knowing that birds aren’t too fond of eating slimy snails, he migrates to the snail’s eyestalks and begins to stretch and change them into something that looks much more appetizing to birds: caterpillars.

      * * *

      Now is when Luey hacks into the snail’s brain. It takes complete control, driving it like a little, slimy car out into the open so all of the hungry birds in the sky can see and swoop down on the irresistible caterpillar-like eyestalks.

      Once inside the luxuriously spacious and soaring bird, Luey is free to feed on its insides, grow into an adult and reproduce knowing that soon, his babies will be shat out of the bird like he was, to start their own rags-to-riches lives. Meanwhile, the poor and confused snail is less one eyestalk, but has learned the hard way that eating shit is always a bad idea.

      1. That’s a lot of words to say “Harry Reid”.

        1. Harry Reid longs for the day he is flexible enough to have his mouth sewn to his own asshole.

          1. Touchdown! Leocochloridium Paradoxum!

      2. Saw that thing in action on a nature show – it was *highly* disturbing.

        1. And, thus, perfect for a team based in or near the District of Columbia.

    2. I nominate this as the mascot.

      1. You want the mascot to be a 403 error page?

        1. Appropriate given recent government problems with technology.

      2. I dunno why you can’t see that pic (i can see it fine), but how about this view of it?

  11. Yes, in the 1970s the school officially disassociated the “Rebels” label from the Confederacy.

    And all the football team has to do is change their logo to a peanut.

  12. Harry Reid Won’t Go To a Redskins Game Till They Change Their Name

    FAKE SCANDLE!!!!11!1!1!!!!!!!11!1

  13. Maybe they can resurrect the Washington Bullets name/logos.

  14. Congress never saw a Redskin they didn’t want to swindle.

  15. Change the name over the door to the Senate to “Redskin fans”.

  16. Why should I give a fuck what Harry Reid thinks or does? He’s a corrupt despicable old piece of crap.

  17. OT:
    Morons making the news:
    SALEM, N.H. (WGGB) ? Five family members have been arrested after police say they allegedly caused a melee at a New Hampshire amusement park.


    1. “Several of the family members then attacked both Officers, including jumping on the backs of the Officers, punching and kicking them, and grabbing for their weapons. During the attack and fight, other family members were yelling profanities at the officers,” Patten explains.

      Surprised no one was shot.

    2. “Happy families look all alike; every white trash family is ugly in its own way.”


      1. NutraSweet speaks from experience. Aren’t you your own grandpa?

        1. Look at those mug shots, it’s like the same dude made up differently.

        2. Aren’t you your own grandpa?

          You completely misunderstood that entire story.

        3. Verily. And that past nastification is what shields him from the brains. He is the last hope of the universe

    3. Ha. I used to work about a mile away from Canobie Lake.

  18. You want the mascot to be a 403 error page?

    I have no problem with that.

    I find it rather poetic.


    No more getting up @5:30 to drive my youngest to school! No more Charles Oliver Bric Brac!

  20. The logic here is stupid. Reid is exercising his right to not go to a game with a mascot he sees as offensive. He’s not writing a law banning the team name.

    1. The logic shitty, faux-moral outrage here is stupid.


  21. . . . and sports a mustache that looks kind of Confederate to me

    Eh, you say ‘confederatty’, I say ‘pornstache’.

  22. OT – IRS ‘Loses’ Emails From 6 More Involved in Targeting

    It’s not just Lois Lerner’s e-mails. The Internal Revenue Service says it can’t produce e-mails from six more employees involved in the targeting of conservative groups, according to two Republicans investigating the scandal.

    The IRS recently informed Ways and Means chairman Dave Camp and subcommittee chairman Charles Boustany that computer crashes resulted in additional lost e-mails, including from Nikole Flax, the chief of staff to former IRS commissioner Steven Miller, who was fired in the wake of the targeting scandal.

    The revelation about Lerner’s e-mails rekindled the targeting scandal and today’s news has further inflamed Republicans. Camp and Boustany are now demanding a special prosecutor to investigate “every angle” of the events that led to Lois Lerner’s revelation in May 2013 that the agency had used inappropriate criteria to review the applications for tax exemption.

    1. That’s some server. Does it only fail to capture e-mails of those suspected of wrongdoing? That’s impressive, really.

      1. Really good Sheryl Attkisson interview on the topic:


        1. That jibes with what I’ve been thinking–once again, the cover-up will be what gets people tossed from office and even prosecuted. There will be non-political people involved and a very obvious trail, once they start looking for it.

    2. Yes, the documented crashes that occurred in 2010 and 2011, were planned for the kangaroo court hysteria events that began transpiring in 2012! Because the government is just that smart!

      Seriously, the level of insanity over BOLO lists that covered Conservative Groups, Liberal Groups, Consumer Credit groups and numerous other groups that SHOULD be vetted before being granted Tax free status, is amazing.

  23. Take all the.money and time that.has been spent discussing Harry Reid’s weird obsession.with the Redskins, spend.it on making the ownership a.deal they’d be.stupid to.refuse, and then change the fucking name already.

    I’ll bet Harry, if he could even.conceive of such a thing as voluntary consensual business transactions, would be scratching his head.wondering why none of.his.biggest donors think it isn’t worth doing.

    1. You underestimate Daniel Snyder’s stupidity.

    2. There’s always a face-saving compromise, like using an anagram of Redskins. Such as Reds Inks or Ski Nerds.

      1. Send Risk?
        End Risks?
        Nerd Kiss?

  24. Washington Wartys. Granted the logo won’t be SWF. SugarFree, want to get on the fight song?

    1. I should hope the logo won’t be a single white female.

      1. I might be able to get on board with that logo…

      2. More like *solitary*

  25. “Harry Reid Won’t Go To a Redskins Game Till They Change Their Name”

    Can we get the US Senate renamed to the Senatorial Redskins?

  26. Maybe he would prefer that they change their name to the Lamanites?

  27. Don’t forget the city’s minor league hockey team the Las Vegas Wranglers. Harry must not have an issue with glorifying a profession that is essentially ritualized animal abuse. And there’s always the National Finals Rodeo held in Las Vegas every year…..

  28. Harry to boycott Redskins game unless they change their name?
    Redskins fans are ecstatic – they say he smells as bad as those Capitol visitors he’s been known to complain about.

  29. Keep the nickname – ditch the city.

  30. and sports a mustache that looks kind of Confederate to me


    A rebel mustache?


  31. Really??? You trying that big of a leap? Now if they were called the UNLV Honkies or The UNLV Runnin’ Crackers, I’d say you have an argument. This is just more of the typical create an issue that doesn’t exist.

    BTW, throughout the South the term Rebel is EMBRACED and considered endearing. Are you saying Native Americans consider Redskin endearing? OK.

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