Ukraine Says Russian Tanks Have Crossed the Border



The Ukrainian government says that the Russian military has crossed the nation's border with three tanks.

From Reuters:

"We have observed columns passing with armoured personnel carriers, other armoured vehicles and artillery pieces, and tanks which, according to our information, came across the border and this morning were in Snizhnye," Ukrainian Interior Minister Arseny Avakov told reporters in Kiev.

He said Ukrainian forces had destroyed part of the column and fighting was still under way, but gave no further details. …

He said the columns had come across the border at checkpoints seized by the rebels "despite the Russian Federation's statements that it welcomes the peace process and that the order has been given to strengthen border controls".

In a phone call between Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov yesterday, the latter "underscored the need for the swiftest halt by Kiev of its military operation … agreement on terms of a ceasefire, a solution to acute humanitarian issues and … real national dialogue on Ukraine's future structure," according to another Reuters report.

As The Washington Post highlights, Lavrov yesterday also "acknowledged for the first time an official relationship with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine" by which the latter group is receiving humanitarian aid. The Post also notes that one of the separatist leaders met with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, one of Russia's most notorious, authoritarian political leaders who has throughout the years called for a takeover of Ukraine.

Ukraine's new president, Petro Poroshenko, has not yet commented on the Russian tanks, but earlier stated that the "terrorists must lay down their weapons" for peace talks to proceed. "We do not need negotiations for the sake of negotiations. Our peace plan must become the basis for further de-escalation of the conflict." 

Below is a video purported to be of one of the tanks. Another video is here

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  1. He said the columns had come across the border at checkpoints seized by the rebels “despite the Russian Federation’s statements that it welcomes the peace process and that the order has been given to strengthen border controls

    Of course they wanted stronger control of the border. They can’t have the Unionists retaking any of the border crossings before the army gets through.

  2. A single tank driving down a street? Very odd. Armored units don’t work solo like it’s a mission in GTA5. You at least have a wingman or some kind of infantry support or something. Makes me think “plant.” Not that it’s beyond the realm of possibility, I suppose, but I definitely need to see more.

    1. Eh, now that I think on it a few minutes I guess I could come up with a number of scenarios for why it might happen, but it leads me to believe that the command in that area at least is not expecting any opposition.

      1. I personally love how every car on that road automatically gives the tank right of way. They know they’re not going to win that one, but none of them do anything even remotely showing fear or panic like you’d see here if a tank came down the road.

        1. Mostly they just freeze when they see you coming. That’s fine. It’s the assholes that slam on the accelerator and try to 1) escape by swerving directly into your path and 2) (worse) try to maneuver around you like you are another automobile (I almost machine-gunned one of these fuckers once.) that really give you a heart-stopping moment.

    2. Yeah, i’m a bit skeptical. Besides, it seems like that tank wasn’t in particularly good repair by the noise and amount of oil smoke.

      1. It’s a Red Army Surplus T-72, why would any og them be in a good state of repair?

        1. So Russia invades the Ukraine with a tank made in the 1970s…

          Or Ukraine separatists raid the armory and drive a tank they found there through town.

        2. The Russian Army still uses T-72s:


          1. and so they use them without air support in the sword tip of an invasion?

            and then drive them solo around town while Ukrainian forces are destroying “part of the column and fighting”?

          2. The Russian Army still uses T-72s:

            The Russian Army is Red Army surplus.

      2. Noise and oil smoke are two inescapable facts of life for a tanker. Looked fine to me in the few seconds I got to see it.

        1. How about grinding gears?

          and bad steering by the pilot on an open road?

          1. um.. you ever spent any time around tanks?

            1. I have spent time around D-6 cats and excavators and tractors.

              A bad inexperienced operator is not hard to spot.

              Seriously the pilot turns into that black car then away from it. Obviously had the steering controls reversed in his head.

              1. Well, I’m a former 19K (tanker), and they are emphatically not the same thing. Try driving without really being able to see where you are going (beyond a tiny vision block) and relying almost exclusively on voice commands from your TC and you might get a better picture. Nothing in the brief clip there seemed outside of typical considering the speed at which they were moving when and the restricted space (in fact he got around that car at the curve rather neatly) beyond the fact that the tank was unaccompanied.

    3. They’re still in the part of Ukraine that is under their control, so I can see how single tanks could be detailed out.

  3. This is totally the House Republican’s fault.

    1. With those ISIS Teabaggers marching to Baghdad, the sea of racism is rising.

      1. Mallory Archer has gone too far this time!

  4. Everybody just calm down. John Kerry has it under control.

  5. Maybe we oughta stop posting all these articles about how peaceful and great the world is these days, as in let’s not jinx it.

  6. Well, the world’s really going to shit today, isn’t it?

    1. The World Cup starts in 2 hours. It is the perfect time to invade a neighboring country.

      1. Yeah. Invading anywhere but Brazil is probably a good bet.

      2. Have bets already been placed over whether Brazil will end up under martial law or some other state of emergency?

        How many on-field beheadings will there be?

        Has anyone seen this surprisingly entertaining McDonald’s commercial for the World Cup?

        Yes, 3, and “now you have” are my answers

        1. I still think the refs are going to either have to call more of Brazil’s dives than they have in previous years, or need air support to get off the field alive. So Brazil will win the World Cup.

          1. A friend of mine is down there. A few of her friends are getting together to get her something big for her birthday (a week after she gets back) but we’re holding off on buying it until we know she’s in the air headed back to the US.

  7. Iragi rebel Islamists steal American military equipment and send it off to Syria…no one blinks.

    Ukrainian separatists (many of them are ex-military who served under the more Russian friendly regime of the past) steal military equipment in unstable Ukraine…THE RUSSIANS ARE INVADING!!!!!!

    1. Um, lots of people are blinking about what’s going on in Iraq.

      1. Not even republicans are asking how the fuck Islamist got a hold of US military equipment.

        That lack of blinking i am referring to is that the equipment was mostly in the hands of the Iraqi military so its insecurity does not bat an eye.

        Why the fuck would should we think military equipment in separatist controlled areas in Ukraine would be secure?

        1. I don’t know about “Republicans,” if by that you mean politicians, but there’s lots of upset in the conservative blogs I’ve seen about US equipment being captured by ISIS.

  8. He said Ukrainian forces had destroyed part of the column and fighting was still under way, but gave no further details. ?

    So the brand spanking new pro-EU Ukrainian lead military is shredding a airsupportless Russian Invasion…

    yeah this line alone should tell you how much bullshit this is.

  9. YouTube acc’t’s been terminated, so I guess it was bogus.

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