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School District Made Kids Clean the Restrooms If Caught 'Bullying'

'He was compromised. He was touching pee pee for a week,' she said. "And now he's sick!'


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Should misbehaving kids who attend Berkeley, California, schools be forced to scrub public restrooms as punishment? The parent of an 11-year-old boy who was given such a punishment says no.

Ishmael Perry was accused of using "bullying" language at an after school program, although the boy claimed he was merely an innocent bystander and it was a different child who made the remark. Nevertheless, Perry was given the choice of suspension or bathroom–cleaning duty.

Now, his mother is claiming that the punishment was inappropriate and made the boy sick. According to KCBS:

"Why is cleaning bathrooms an option? It should never happen," said Magdalene Kingori, Ishmael's mom.

Kingori said her son came down with whooping cough and missed four days of school.

"He was compromised. He was touching pee pee for a week," she said. "And now he's sick!"

She took her case all the way to the district superintendent, who said that discipline was inappropriate, and students will no longer be punished that way. But the district refuses to discuss the case with KCBS and considers the matter closed.

In fairness to the district, another parent disputed Kingori's account, telling local reporters that Perry was only made to pick up trash in the bathroom, not scrub it.

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  1. He was compromised. He was touching pee pee for a week

    “Pee pee” is mostly sterile, genius.

    1. Yeah, this. My nurses at work always talk about how vomit is the real killer. Lots of bad stuff in puke.

      Piss? “Urine in sterile. It doesn’t bother me….”

      Still…fuck this school. And this kid’s mom. AND THIS WHOLE COURT!

      1. It’s not just sterile, most of the stuff in it is actively biocidal (which is whole reason your body is willing to waste huge amounts of water to get rid of it).

        1. It’s not just sterile

          about that…

          1. whatever – not like I’m sticking MY hands in it!

            I have *staff* for that…

          2. That’s why I used the qualifier “mostly”. Now I’m going to go pee pee.

          3. Researchers have determined that bacteria are present in the bladders of some healthy women, which discredits the common belief that normal urine is sterile.

            This study evaluated urine specimens of women who had symptoms consistent with a urinary tract infection (UTI)

            That is an extremly odd definition of “healthy women”.

            1. If there wasn’t a control group, it wouldn’t have passed peer review. This ain’t climate science.

            2. Let me make sure I read that right.

              “Women who have an infection in their bladders have bacteria in their bladders. We have therefore decided that all women have bacteria in their bladders, and all evidence to the contrary is wrong.”


  2. “He was touching pee pee for a week,” she said. “And now he’s sick!”

    You think THAT’s a problem, mom, wait until he’s old enough to beat off. He’ll be “touching his pee pee” EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE.

    1. Attending California puplic schools, he’ll probably be cleaning toilets for the rest of his life. In fact, they probably ought to make this part of the curriculum.

  3. My sympathy for the lady and her kid is equivalent to the mass of an electron.

    1. But what if that electron was moving at light speed?

      You’d have infinite sympathy!

    2. Maybe it’s because an adult using the term pee pee threw me off, but I keep reading this as “the mass of an erection.”


    1. Way to makes us all victims having to listen to Adam Sandler.

  4. I kept seeing Cartman in my mind as I read this story. God forbid the punishment is, GASP, unpleasant.

    1. But…but….meeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooOOOOOOOM!


  5. Why is my child cleaning bathrooms like some lower class subhuman? Don’t we have an illegal for that?

  6. It puts the Loco in Parentis!

  7. I’d be hauling the principal down to the bus station and make him clean their toilets.

    1. You should do this just because he’s an administrator.

      Cleaning restrooms seems like an excellent punishment for children who are bad.

  8. I am not sure what the connection is between whooping cough and pee pee.

    1. The connection is that the mom isn’t a very informed liar.

    2. Why don’t you go down to Grand Central Station and clean every bathroom with your tongue*. Maybe you can find out.

      * someone please get this reference

      1. Ghostbusters? (guessing)

      2. Weird Al.

        Jesus, Epi. One day you’ll be dead, and so much important history will be lost.

        1. Not once I get my clones up and running.

          1. My “Things Episiarch might due, which terrify my” file is getting overly full. Can you cool your jets for a few days?

            1. Maybe if you could spell correctly. I suppose I could start on my Skynet project later.

              1. Correct spelling. Incorrect word choice.

        2. +1 More Minute

    3. Whooping cough is highly contagious, but only from nose/mouth secretions. Sneezing, coughing, that kind of thing.

      No way he caught it cleaning bathrooms. Unless that’s one of them euphemisms.

    4. So mom didn’t get her wittle pwecious his DPT vaccination?

  9. Whooping cough? Really? This is my skeptical face.

    Of all places, I’m surprised that Berkeley schools tried to get away with this.

    1. Someone should’ve given her kid the Tdap booster.

  10. I wish my kids were taught to scrub toilets. I could use some help around the house. Of course I don’t think it helps to teach them it is a punishment. It should be a reward like cleaning erasers.

    1. +1 Tom Sawyer getting friends to paint the fence

  11. This story has more stuff that doesn’t make sense, than stuff that does …

    When I read the article title, my initial reaction was positive -I think this is much more appropriate, and probably more discouraging to bullies, than getting arrested, suspended, etc.


    Mother Jones butt-hurtedness about “ice girls” in NHL. “Conditions similar” to NFL cheerwhiners who sued.

    I don’t think the Wings have them…not that I ever noticed….but other teams do! HAWT!

    1. The comments are pretty reasonable.

    2. It’s interesting how the envy and hatred crowd went from denigrating and hating cheerleaders to trying to portray them all as victims.

      1. Blaming the victim is def one of those proggy tropes. Hot women? Gonna get blamed.

        Do they need to be victims to advance the Narrative? Sure. No prob. Yeah, we were just blaming them, but internal contradiction is no threat to the Narrative.

  13. That oughta show the little S.O.B.s

  14. Anyone watching World Cup? Croatia played well, good defense, but they also played dirty.

    1. I suspect bias on your part, meu amigo.

      1. Ok, I’m biased, but you have to watch the game replay. Croatia looked like they were trying to intentionally hurt Neymar, and overall, they were getting away with far too much grabbing and pushing.

        1. I saw a number of cheap shots on Brazils part early on in the game. Gonna give it gonna get it.

          1. I didn’t see it! There was the Neymar tomahawk chop to the guys throat. Isn’t that a legal move? I think it is!

            1. All I know is that the 2 young Brazilian women that live near here were at the pool today in their Brazilian flag thong bikinis.
              Whatever is going on, I support it 100%.

              1. pics?

                1. I’m not that creepy guy. Yet.

            2. Seeing the world through green / yellow glasses, eh? I imagine you think the penalty and the interference calls were totally legit.

    2. Some of us have to work, you know. I could barely watch two innings of the Mariners-Yankees game last night. At least I got to see Ichiro get on base and then have his ex-teammates try and bag him for leading three or four times in a row. But fuck, Tanaka is good.

      1. I worked today, but fortunately, I was home before the game started.

      2. Wait, what time do you wake up?

        1. Around 8AM. Why?

          1. I figured you were like Sudden, who has to be at work just before lunchtime.

            1. I usually get in a little after 10. But then I work until after 6, and then I either lift or play tennis, so by the time I can even begin making dinner it’s anywhere from 8 to 10. And that’s also when I might be able to watch what little of a baseball game is left.

    1. Watching 30 minutes of that shit is insane.

      1. Basically he said the killing of those two Vegas cops was not really wrong because cops in general are killers and who knows how many people the shooters saved by snuffing them.

        For real. Random acts of violence against cops is apparently acceptable to him. Because that totally won’t marginalize libertarians.

        1. Until the system begins punishing the police for their brutal and senseless murders of whoever the hell they please, then yes, the senseless and brutal murder of whatever cops they please seems completely legitimate.

          Like the cops said, it’s war, right?

  15. Why don’t *all* the students take turns cleaning restrooms?

    As for bullies, most of the punishments suitable for them have been abolished.

  16. I’m going to be the local dickhead on this one, but wouldn’t bathroom cleaning (trash pick-up) be exactly the kind of punishment that schools should be implementing? Back in my day, kids got legally HIT by school administrators if they got out of line.

    With all the bullshit zero-tolerance policies, this is the kind of thing that could straighten a bratty kid out (can’t get into who made the “bullying remark” etc., so yes, this punishment may have still been inappropriate). But isn’t this better than just booting him from school?

  17. Im going to assume that the school district paid the kid a “living wage” and made sure to comply with all federal, state, and local child labor laws.

  18. Again, this is not an issue, not a controversy, if all schools are private.

  19. Dudes got a pretty solid point there.

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